Nigerian Universities Offering Accounting Technology

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Accounting Technology

Accounting Technology

Welcome to a.k.a Nigeria Students Media, the number one (1) academic media in Nigeria. This page is mainly for aspirants, those hoping to study Accounting Technology in any of the Universities in Nigeria.

This page contains the complete list of universities in Nigeria offering Accounting Technology.

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Complete list of Universities in Nigeria that Offers Accounting Technology

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If you are an aspirant and wants to know the complete list of Universities that offers Accounting Technology as a course, you are in the right place as we have listed the updated and comprehensive list of Universities offering Accounting Technology in Nigeria.

I do get some questions consigning the best University to study Accounting Technology in Nigeria. There is a good number of Universities offering Accounting Technology in Nigeria. If you don’t know what University to study Accounting Technology and you are asking “what are the best Universities for this courses” this full list below will help you as it contains the official list of Universities that has been accredited by NUC (National University Commission) for Accounting Technology.

Things to know before choosing a University

Please before you finally choose a University, ensure you understand what the University is all about. Specifically, you must know the Location of the university and the courses they offer. It is also paramount to know the type of university if it is a Federal, State or Private University. You should as well know the tuition fees of the University before consideration in other to budget well and plan ahead. That is why i will be giving you the aforementioned information before giving you the list of Universities Offering Accounting Technology in Nigeria

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Accounting technology prepares students for entry-level employment in accounting-related occupations. Potential places of employment for graduates include accounting firms, retail stores, hospitals, commercial industries, and other entities that need employees with basic finance and accounting skills.

Direct Entry Requirements:

Two (2) A Level passes in Economics, Accountancy, Business Management, Government and Geography. Candidate must have Science background at O Level.

UTME Requirements:

Five (5) SSC credit passes to include, English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any other two (2) science subjects from Chemistry,  Physics, Biology, Geography, Health Science, Metal Works, Wood Work, Agricultural Science, Technical Drawing, Nutrition and Food Science.

UTME Subjects:

Mathematics, Economics and any one of Chemistry, Physics or Biology.

Reasons to Study Accounting Technology

Job Prospects:

Students of Accounting Technology stand a decent chance of being professionally employed within 6 months of leaving university.

Graduate schemes

Many graduates are employed by financial services firms like KPMG, Deloitte, and PwC, numbering just a few. These firms are always on the lookout for outstanding Accounting students to fill the places on their graduate schemes.

The world needs Accountants

As long as money makes it go round, the world will need its accountants.

You could work in any industry

Accountants record, classify, summarise, interpret and communicate the financial information about a business. You can apply this to any company, in any field, industry, sector.

Career Opportunities for Accounting Technology Graduates

A career in Accounting Technology  means you will have the opportunity to work within almost any industry imaginable. Compensation varies according to level of education, certification and specializations, but in general, accountants are well paid. With the field experiencing rapid growth, now is an excellent time to beginning planning for your career in accounting.

Accounting Officer

It is an accounts officer’s responsibility to take care of a particular firm or company’s finances.


An auditor is an official whose job it is to carefully check the accuracy of business records.

Procurement Officer / Manager

They perform market research to identify supplier best practice and capabilities, develop evaluation plans and look after complex contracts.

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for keeping an organisation financially healthy. This means analysing data, presenting reports and creating strategies for success

Forensic Accountant

The detectives of the finance world. They track and analyse data to find missing funds, trace illegal business activities and identify fraud.

Counter-Terrorism Financial Investigator

Works with the police on financial matters relating to persons of interest in ongoing investigations.

Environmental Accountant

Takes a ‘green’ approach to making money and finds ways to ensure a company is environmentally responsible and profitable.

International accounting specialist

Part of a network of professionals helping manage cross-border transactions, global trade agreements and overseas investments.

Accounting risk analyst

Risk analysts identify any strategic and operational risks.

Accounting Clerk

An accounting clerk produces and maintains financial records for a company.


A controller (sometimes called a “comptroller”) is responsible for accounting activities for a particular company. He or she might prepare financial statements and budgets, process data, and prepare taxes.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst evaluates businesses and projects to see if an entity is a good candidate to invest in.

Approved Universities in Nigeria where you can study Accountancy / Accounting

Note that each of this Universities has there special requirements. You will find it after this list of Universities offering Accounting Technology

Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola (MAUTECH)

Modibbo Adama University of Technology is a Federal University located at Yola in Adamawa State, Nigeria and founded in 1981

See the Complete List of Courses Offered in Modibbo Adama University of Technology (MAUTECH)

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso (LAUTECH)

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology is a State University located at Ogbomoso in Oyo State, Nigeria and founded in 1990

See the Complete List of Courses Offered in Ladoke Akintola University of Technology (LAUTECH)

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU)

Abubakar Tafawa Belewa University is a Federal University located at Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria and founded in 1988

See the Complete List of Courses Offered in Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU)

Bauchi State University, Gadau (BASUG)

Bauchi State University is a State University located at Gadau in Bauchi State, Nigeria and founded in 2011

See the Complete List of Courses Offered in Bauchi State University, Gadau (BASUG)

Special Requirements (Waiver) Remarks For O’Level

BAUCHI requires five (5) ‘O’ level credit passes to include English Language, Mathematics, one Science subject and two (2) Commercial subjects.

LAUTECH requires any two (2) Science subjects from Physics, Chemistry Biology and Agricultural Science

Special Requirements (Waiver) Remarks For Direct Entry

BAUCHI accepts:

  • Two (2) ‘A’ level passes in any of Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Agricultural
  • ND/HND lower credit and above

LAUTECH accepts two (2) ‘A’ level passes in Economics, Accountancy, Business management, Government and Geography OR ND upper credit/HND in relevant programmes



Samuel Obiora Blessed is the CEO and founder of Samphina Academy ( a.k.a Nigeria Students Media, the youngest engineering graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede in 2017 and the engine brain behind this great platform. He is the man behind the scene, filled with many potentials, a musician as well as a pro developer with the interest of Nigerian students at heart.

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