Training As An Effective Tool For Staff Development In An Organization (A Cases Study Of International Breweries Plc)

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Training As An Effective Tool For Staff Development In An Organization (A Cases Study Of International Breweries Plc)


This project takes a critical look at the training as an effective tools for staff development in an organization with a case study of international breweries plc Ilorin.

For the purpose of this study, training as an effective tool for international breweries will be look into in relations to the training as an effective tool for staff development in an organization. Due to there, the research project is divided into five chapters.

  • The first chapter will be the introduction chapter and it’s statement of the problem the research view of the training as an effective tools for staff development in an organization. It contains the scope and limitation of the study and effectiveness of training. As well as the definition of terms.
  • Chapter two contains the investigation of literature review on the training as an effective tools for staff development in an organization.
  • Chapter three contains the methodology employee in the study and problem in training.
  • Chapter four presents report on the analysis of data and the historical background of international breweries plc.
  • Finally, chapter five presents the summary and conclusion emanating from the study.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Many companies do not regard training as an effective tools and professional activity. And in many cases training officers are not themselves trained. Many courses are held and employees are sent to college without any serious, though being given to the real training needs of a company.

Some organizations or firms have noted the waste of money on external training. Course objective is often defined, these should be determined together with the staffs qualifications and experience. Course literature is more attractive than informative on course. A system of reporting back after each course is essential.

The report should go to the training officer as well as to the departmental head. In addition, individuals must be given an opportunity to use the knowledge gained. When the skill and knowledge required have been noted, a training programme is the need to train instructional progress. These programme should be of course that periodically evaluated. The training officer, therefore, advise the management on the training policy, basing his advise on training needs. He analyses jobs to identify skills, he plans programmes and evaluate cost of training also he must keep abreast with method of training and these include programmed learning.

The organization committee are to ensure that staff get the most form of their job and are able to access personal development opportunities and in order to achieve they will.

  1. Implement key policies to deliver in order to have high quality of staff development and training.
  2. Provide the resources to implement the staff development and training programme.
  3. Ensure efficient communication and staff development and training opportunity.
  4. Developed a learning culture and workers towards becoming a learning organization.
  5. Ensure the investor in people, standard is net in all aspect of people’s management.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

It has been observed that technological change in machinery, method of production materials to be used, product to be introduced, all these pose problem to the organization. All these must be taken into consideration while marking on the training and development of the employees.

Prior to training, wastage of resources was the other of the day, people are not competent because of lacking of technical know how which invariable lead to inefficiency of workers.

More accident on the job was recorded because worker did not know how to handle most of the equipment in the organization. This will substantially affect the workers and the firms as well.

Therefore, adequate training and development programme should be provided for in the organization. This is to prevent the following under listed problems form occurring in the organization i.e.

If employees are not trained in an organization on there will be.

  1. Increase in the number of breakage and spoilage during and after production process.
  2. High rate of labour turnover and absenteeism
  3. Reduction in the number of production procedure
  4. Increase in the number of accidents
  5. Increase wastage of time on a given tasks or job
  6. Low quality of performance
  7. Much more constant and unnecessary supervision.

1.2 Objective of the Study

The importance of training and development can not be overemphasized through, many large manufacturing organization action in Nigeria train and development of their employees.

To ensure that the organization has a skill motivated workforce, which is able to deliver high quality continually improving service to the people.

The following are the objectives.

  1. To explain and analyze the importance of training
  2. To distinguish clearly the difference between training and development
  3. To highlights various method of training and development to explain how to plan for staff development and training.

1.3 Statement of Hypothesis

The validity of this hypothesis will be tested in this research work.

  • Ho = Null hypothesis
  • Hoi = Alternative hypothesis
  1. Ho: = Motivation of Nigerian workers will have no significant difference in improving their performance as expected by management
    Hoi = Motivation of Nigerian workers have significant difference improving their performance as expected by management
  2. Ho: Nigeria workers participation in decision making will have on significant difference in motivating them to higher performance.
    Hoi: Nigeria workers participation in decision making will have a significant difference in motivating them to higher performance.
  3. Ho: Financial reward will have on significant difference in motivating Nigerian workers to perform as expected by management.
    Hoi: Financial reward will have significant difference in motivating Nigerian workers to perform as expected by management.

1.4 Scope and Limitation of the Study

This research work covers all that entails in training and development of employees in any organization, It involves not only the recruitment and selection but the training and development of employees. Aspect like types of training, method of training and other activities will be exposed in this research work.

In the course of this research work, there are some factors which serve as limiting factors during this research work. Such factors include lack of enough textbook, financial constraints which will duely serve as a form of restriction during the research work.

1.5 Definition of Terms

i. Training:

Training can be defined as an experience, discipline or a gradual process which cause people to acquire new skills and knowledge and predetermined behaviours. It can also been define as the acquisition of practical knowledge and skills. It is acquiring more responsibilities at a short period to improve productivity.

ii. Tools:

These are instrument that are implemented for carrying out certain process or work.

iii. Staff:

This refers to group of employees working together in an organization or the workforces of an organization ranging from the newly employed staff of the highest position in the organization hierarchy.

iv. Development:

This is a long term learning process designed to develop officers to acquaint them with changes in technology and management methods. It is, also, the increase and improvement in the quantity and quality physical change which may include output increase, input and their technical efficiency.

v. Management:

This can be defined as planning, organizing, controlling and directing of organizational resources in order to accomplish a specific goals or objective. And it is also the act of getting things done through people or by the people.

vi. Planning:

This is the process of deciding what should be done. It also, involves decision by management above what be do in future, how to do it, when to do it and who is to do it planning in an organization is evitable it gives the ability to forecasting in to the future in order to achieve a specific goals.

vii. Organization:

In a management context means defining the tasks that must be completed in order to achieve corporate goal and the grouping the work into logical and allocating authority and responsibility to carry out the task.

viii. Productivity:

This refers to the result or the output of a given employees in an organization showing efficient he/she has being.

ix. Job:

A job consist of a related set of task that are carried out by a person to fulfill a purposes.

1.6 Plan of the Study

The first chapter of this project work is the introduction chapter and it discusses the statement of the problem; objective of the study and statement of hypothesis will be discussed.

Chapter two which is the literature review chapter comprises the evaluation of training need, the importance of training, resources for staff development and training methods, methods of training and development, impact of training and development in an organization, advantages of training to staff development and the problems in training will be discuss also

Where as, chapter three talks about the research methodology, research design, method of data collection, sample size and data analysis.

In addition chapter four discussed the historical background of international breweries plc, organization chart of international breweries and the interpretation of data

Chapter five comprises of summary, conclusion and recommendation.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

The purpose of this research work is to find out the impact of training and development of staff performance in the organization.

This project work is being carried out to know hoe the training of staff in an organization affect their performance and the attainment of the organization goals.

It is also to know the problem facing organization in terms of training of staff, the problem facing the staff training and development in international breweries plc.

Ilesha when on training and after training and how to solve those problems. The research has shown the purpose of the study, which is to develop new employee knowledge, skill and attitude.

The study also make it clear that effective performance of training function by the development by the department and the achievement of organization goals and also to see how the training of staff in an organ man power, the productivities and effect on the employee performance and kill it conclude selection, replacement of staff, during training staff welfare motivation and stimulation of interest in the organization and job itself.

Training and development as given by different authors shown how important is the training in the organization i.e. it allow the workers to have confidence to carry out responsibility of the job assigned to him respectively.

5.2 Conclusion

In conclusion, one can say that there is great impact in training and development on staff performance in an organization but to be able to achieve this, there method is used in collecting information and fact were adopted. I used secondary source of data to carry out the option of staff in international breweries plc, Ilesha and I also make use of the library to build this data as well.

There is a general feeling that training program improves employee performance motivation and job satisfaction. From the various scholar points of view, there is need to correct evaluation of training program before member of staff in an organization are sent on training program.

In addition, the increase in productivity of the organization has been improved time without numbers: This is simply achieved through the role of the staff training has played in the organization.

Lastly, from the analysis in chapter four above started point, the individual organization should not hesitate in encourage the training and development of staff purposely be encourage increase in the volume of sales and profit margin to the organization. The management should make sure that it employee are well trained and developed and identifying the staff that need training and arrange for it at the right time.

5.2 Recommendations

In view of the above, it his therefore, imperative that training and development be given perioty in all establishments.

Every employee should be given equal opportunity of selected for training and development may not be over emphasized the policy will state the rules involved in selecting and sponsoring employees for training. And also, when there is a separate will be less delay in sending trainees for programmed.

A career guidance and counseling unit should be established with the training and development for free counseling of staff.

The complish should systematically evaluate its training activities because most of the employees pointed that the training given were not continue.

Provision of incentive after training should be made a rule of routing since morning as been noted to a project incentive for worker.

If there is automatic pay increase to officers who want on courses the other staff member who have not benefited who be motivated to go training.

However, the pre-independence period was characterized by an economic based largely on Agriculture and small-scale, one man industries and trading business, training and manpower development were then accorded little recognition as emphasis was place on the job training, infact the government’s main pre-occupation they was the maintenance law and other. The big business owned by the government and some private organization now seen all over the country were then not their. But with the advert of political independent 1960 came draft and transformation in the life style and social needs of the citizens. There emerged an urgent need for conscious and Ni vigorous efforts by government to develop a well framed work fore so that civil servant may be able to serves their follow citizens more effective and opportunity to add to their knowledge, skills and understanding necessary for the successful implementation of the country’s development plans.

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