A Time Series Analysis Of Customer Attendance From 2010-2017 (Case Study Of Shoprite Mall Enugu)

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A Time Series Analysis Of Customer Attendance From 2010-2017 (Case Study Of Shoprite Mall Enugu)

Chapter One


1.1. Background of the study

Shoprite holdings are the fastest growing consumer goods (FCMG) retail platform operation on the African continent (especially in the southern African region) with operations in 15 countries (Adams 2007:34). Shoprite has a very simple philosophy: Provide all communities in Africa with food and household items in a first-world shopping environment, at the Group’s lowest possible prices.At Shoprite, their mission statement which entails bringing to their teeming customer base low prices on the best product. Since opening their first store in Lagos in December 2005, they have since then launched an additional twelve stores across eight states in the Federation including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, employing 1860 people, of which 99.5% are Nigerian citizens. Shoprite has built relationship with over 250 leading Nigerian suppliers, small businesses and farmers, securing a wide assortment of local brands( Hazel 2013: 45).

Shoprite is the leading retailer store across Africa and it is one of the famous brand name choices for many product consumers across Nigeria as well as African continent store in Polo Park Amusement Centre, Enugu North, Enugu, Nigeria. They offer the huge range of products with quality and standards of freshness as well as maintaining the lowest prices.

Community upliftmentis of utmost importance to Shoprite and through their “Shoprite Community Network” campaigns; they have been able to enrich the lives of many less privileged children and youths within and outside Nigeria. Since its inception, Shoprite has been able to assist various orphanages and foundations across Nigeria.

1.2. Statement of the general problem

Though ShopRite holdings being noted for its steady rise in the retail sector in Africa, the need for adequate planning and more profitability has necessitated this study. Firms generally in Nigeria pay less attention on the frequency of customer attendance and this has inhibited their growth due to inadequate planning and strategizing.

1.3. Objectives of the study

The following are the aims and objectives of the study

  1. To know if customer attendance influences profitability.
  2. To help enhance adequate planning through customer attendance analysis.
  3. To know if there is a relationship between customer attendance and prices of commodities
  4. To educate the general public on the importance of customer attendance analysis.
  5. To predict future customer attendance from past attendance records.

1.4. Significance of the study

The cardinal significance of this study is to educate firms and companies on the need to take adequate customer attendance and its importance in improving profitability and also to enhanceadequate market research and planning. Another importance of this study is to predict future customer attendance from past customer attendance records.

1.5. Research Questions

  1. Is there a relationship between customer attendance and profitability of a company?
  2. Do adequate customer attendance records enhance adequate market research and planning?
  3. Can future customer attendance be predicted from past and present records of customer attendance?

1.6. Research Hypothesis

  • H0: there is no relationship between customer attendance and adequate market planning.
  • H1: there is a relationship between customer attendance and adequate market planning.

1.7. Scope of the Study

The scope of this study on the statistical analysis of customer attendance using the ShopRite malls Enugu as a case study.

1.8. Definition of Terms


A person or an organization that buys something from a shop/store or business.


The act of being present at a place.

Market Research:

The action or activity of gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences.

Chapter Five

Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 Conclusions

For feedback purposes, staff at the mall could benefit from the availability of daily attendance data such as those summarized here because they reveal where the irregularities lie, business wide daily attendance records and to what extent there are shifts in collective attendance behavior in the course of a business year that it would be helpful to know. The availability of this information enables business to implement a more focused attendance policy than would be possible based on average daily attendance measures, which conceal most of the trends discussed in this paper (see Table 2).

The analysis presented here has several important limitations. From a policy perspective, this information may be highly valuable as well. Ultimately, information of high customers attendance is of interest in the context of establishing a business and fallout prevention efforts.

There are also inherent limitations to the use of single case designs, as they remain particular to the business whose attendance is analyzed. While interesting in their own right, case studies such as these can also be used as a tool to generate hypotheses that can be tested on a larger sample. Such an analysis would involve pooling the time series of the individual Malls to estimate between variability in processes such as those described in this paper.

5.2 Recommendations

Optimize seasonal effect on customers attendance: since the study real that there is a significant effect of season on the attendance of customers, it is recommended that mangers of the Mall should pey extra attention to service an product delivery in other to make more profit

Competitive advantage: Price plays an important role in customers behavior , and recognizing there is a negative relationship between price and demand it is recommended that price level should be at its best competitive level.

Proper records of customer attendance rate: a major challenge faced in this study is collecting accurate data for this analysis , it is recommended that store keepers keep proper records of customers.

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