The Effect Of Industry Conflict On The Performance Of Government Prostates (A Case Study Of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC River State)

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Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project Proposal

Actually the effect of industrial conflict on the performance of government prostates (a case study of the Nigeria national petroleum corporation NNPC) in river state, was thoroughly research by the research to give out her but, why conflict in industrial , why of improves or discourage worker performance in Nigeria national corporation NNPC.

Industrial conflict is defined as, a disagreement between two or more persons contesting for a common goal or interest. It can be group or personal in organization as a matter of fact .

Secondly, centurial conflict can also be defined as a clash of interest among group in an organization.
Therefore, the effect of industrial conflict on the performance of government parastatal in Nigeria national petroleum corporation is to contribute heavily towards the overview or all development in river state.

In writing this project work, the researcher source form different or various means of information which the researcher data was collected. Primary and secondary source were used questionnaires and external material were also used as a method of data collection. Finally, the researcher try as much as possible to reduce cost and minimum ambiguity and delay.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Before introducing industrial conflict as an selective impact or performance of government parastatals,. We should first of all look into Marxist and conflict theory . this theory believe that the workers are always exploited and marginalized by employers. The they believe that employees should be challenge and of possible overthrown management when this is done, the capitalist arrangement should have being dismantled and there will be a classes society. They citizen will become cor owner of these industries and everybody will be equal.

Meanwhile conflict in this contest is inevitable in any organization, be it by implication, it healthy there performance of an organization therefore bring out the best on worker. Some measure of grievances are been raised to ensure that G.W atmosphere or some bad impressions are definitely corrected either it be management or employees. Grievant and dispute in an organization. That is labour ( worker and labour union in any work organization) however workers will always disturb management by telling them what they need to want. Industrials relation came as a result of conflict that exist between management and labour in an organization. Its mainly as wage payment and work condition.

Thus industrial conflict on the performance of government parastatals in Nigeria national petroleum corporation, NNPC, rives state should not be over looked because government regulation on the basis of their production in delivering. It objective is so scaptic and unbelievable. Government parastatals like ministry of petroleum, labour and employment, production had contributed deftly to effect of it’s performance not standing. Government portfolios and parastatals has seen here as the major actor of the economic, therefore proven it not workers able by introducing all manner of problems to those who find themselves non this categories of organization.

In river state NNPC (Nigeria National petroleum corporation) should not be put aside quickly. Sourcing from Onwuchekwa (2002) state it clearly that the effect of Nigeria National Petroleum corporation depends on the impact of the government parastatals, meaning that the efficiency and effectiveness in its performance lies on the hands of this so called potosios of the government.

Convict on this category stigslates from the attitude of governmental parastatals towards workers or labour of this corporation sometime makes it incapacitated to function effectively during to clashed of interest by worker or the officers of this parastatals.

These corporation is located in river state, south region or geo-positional zone of Nigeria. It’s main function is to regulates the act write of petroleum production and it’s utilization in Nigeria monitor and also control the in regularities of officer and government parastatals pertain on petroleum operations. It also serve as a body which collaborate bring all private and public petroleum dealers in Nigeria. Lastly Nigeria national petroleum corporation government activities of patron system in Nigeria.

According Omoubiko (2001) before attainment of independent , oil boom of 1980’s had the role aim of giving ways the Ngiera citizen the revellage to make an excess mney fom oil business while othe sector of the economy was generally left aside.

In this case the researcher will state it’s concern with latent problem or context, which the problem is produced thus, this problem is produced as a result of political power being held by a relatively small wealthy group of people sharing similar privilege background.

Now effort have been made to stop this industrial conflict on the pertromanc of government parastatals by bring the eyes to the knowledge of the effect of this in the counting. It does help in the effectiveness and smooth running of Nigeria national petroleum corporation (NNPC) and the performance process is also not straighten forward. These elates should try to allow this establishment independent to ensure that government programmes and policies are carried out and also to maintain place while minimum industrial conflict is reduced to barest level in Nigeria national petroleum corporation (NNPC).

1.1 Background Of The Study

It is pertinent to mention that, the discovery of oil in Nigeria a mass wealth for the counting at large. Precisely oil was formed in southern part of Nigeria called Oliribiri in current Bayelsa state which has seemed to hold out the promise of rapid development for the ethic minorities. This oil in Nigeria were discovered in the year in 1958 which gave an immediate boom of oil in Nigeria in the year 1980. this parenthesis heighten the rivers umpost welcome acknowledgment in the country disciple they were not compensated adequately by the government of Nigeria.

Perhaps this oil discovery in Niger came up with a lot of conflict in Delta state which some when region of the south started giving more oil well like Akwa ibom Imo state, delta bonny Abia and other ears which oil was formed.
But we will never over emphasis that the presence of the transactional oil companies in joint venture with the Nigeria state?

The Nigeria national petroleum company instead produced enormous environmental dipolation and a crisis of forms of traditional live hood. oil has converted the Niger delta into what the European union called ecological night mare” this foundation of oil discovery in1958 substituted aemergy of other oil venture called NNPC Nigeria National petroleum corporation) and because of the challenger to shell for environmental compensation and the Nigeria state for direct control of their oil.

As that of soil boom of 1980 necessitated the assumption of strictly regulation by the Nigerian goverment ensuring the adequate control are placed by oil producing comaries in Nigeria by an established body called Nigeria national pertorleum corporation. Mush as being done by this so called NNPC due to government parastatals frustration and disbanded in area of their operation.

In Nigeria oil sector tidy more than 2 million barrels of oil are produced each day by the collaborated oil companies in Nigeria and their mount . this country a goat among the other oil producing state which definitely ranked her the 10 best and rich oil producing state. But in Africa they serve as the giant of Africa by ranking as the best oil state in Africa at large. By statement as the country of the world said that this has transit the necessary ideology inference on collusion that Nigeria in a figure piece of strike can be sub-class in the are of the oil boom towns.

Finial river state serves as the center piece of oil producing state in a country which is raised to misplace a the on Niger Delta most Nigeria citizens and otherwise believed that rives is the only area were oil is located ad produced no knowing fully well that some areas like Akwa Ibom and the rest are also oil producing areas in Nigeria with standing on the emphasis laid. River is not supported to be undermined when we are talking about NNPC or oil producing nation because it serves as a factor or mouth piece of oil development in Nigeria.

Its contribution in Nigeria has yielded a more than benefit or development in oil sector today in Nigeria government should endeavor to provide her with all necessary amenities to make the area controtable or conductive for citizens residing such cities like port Harcourt, Bayelsa, AkwIbom, Bonny and other to bring the promise of deviation principles to its fulfillment in such zone.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

The term industrial conflict can be seen in an organization cause of conflict and dispute in an organization is as follows.

Condition of work hour of work shift or holiday. All these are work condition that lead to conflict in an organization of not properly handled by government parastatals in Nigerian national petroleum corporation in river state.

Remuneration:- these has to do wish salaries, , wages level and grade method of payment which actually can lead to conflict if the government parastatals fail to reward employees priestly well in a organization grievance and when emotional drum will being to surface reflecting on the behavior or attitude.

Safety:when safety measure of a worker is not guarantee or ensure on performing his duty then there is bound to be dispute between employer and employees in an organization .it here fore it possible for them not to produce a beastly working environment.

Social security when a worker is sick injure old age fringe benefit maturity , leaves are not assure conflict is bound to arise between group or more person in an organization.

Employee development and promotion when development and promotion process is not well follow up as constituted them there is problem in an organization.

Finally government parastatals should allow the employees to perform the duties in line with the statutory re commendation of the state without interference in its performance. Some of these industrial conflict in Nigeria national petroleum corporation are been called by government officers due to the fight of favoritism or nepotism. As perhaps rive state NNPC should not be understated in this case because most of it’s performance depends on so called position elites not as an existing or established rules and regulation of the government.

most officers in this category has final se it as a place where they can a mass wealth by so doing workers under this cooperation arise with conflict on the performance of the duties.

1.3 Objective Of The Study

Objective is as follows.

  1. To ascertain the factor that effect on the nature of industrial conflict on its performance in Nigeria national petroleum corporation in river state.
  2. To look into if there is any relationship between industrial conflict an. Its performance on government parastatals.
  3. Asses and verify the level of corporation between employees and government parastatals
  4. Review it’s pattern and style of operation of the Nigeria National petroleum corporation in river state.

1.4 Research Questions

1. What are the major factors that effect on industrial conflict on the performance of government parastatals in NNPC rivers ate

2. Is there any relationship between industrial conflict and government parastatals performing?

3. What are the collapse of or pitfalls of employees conflict in an industries?

1.5 Statement Of Hypothesis:

  1. Ho: Low productivity is a result o organization’s or industrial conflict in the Nigeria National Petroleum corporation River State.
    Hi: Low productivity is not as a result or organization’s conflict in the public sector 3NNPCS.
  2. Ho: Performance government prostates has a relationship to poor management of Nigeria National petroleum corporation, Rivers State.
    Hi: Performance of government prostates has no relationship to poor management of NNPC, Nigeria water/ Petroleum corporation.

1.6 Significance Of The Study:

This study is very significant because of will contribute positively to an existing material to academics in Nigeria. This will also overview the effected performance by the government prostates to industrial conflict stimulate further investigation or inquiry on effect of industrial conflict.

It will lead to resolving the issue of effectiveness and efficiency based on a democratized work force-workers have shown that work ethics is fully maintained and observed where there is motivation.

1.7 Scope Of The Study:

The study covers with Nigeria National petroleum corporation (NNPC) in River State. The study within its coverage exposes the effect of industrial conflict in the performances of government parastatals which has direct or indirect effect on the activities of such corporation in public sectors of an economy.

Infact, within it’s scope this work reported the factors responsible for such act in Nigeria then how and why it is so it also exposes on how to curb it.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study:

In pre-determined objectives, there are always obstacles, setbacks that hinders the achievement of such goals and this work are not to be overemphasized against such constraints.

Vividly, he researcher faced with the problem of transportation fare because of it’s distance, in the course of writing this project. timeframe was another problem associated with the writing of this project work. Infact finally year programme were too short to look for more were affair to answer simple and direct questions because of tean that they may loose their jobs.

1.9 Definition Of Terms:

  1. Clashes of interest
  2. Disagreement between two or more
  3. Grievances among set of people
  4. Arise of dispute
  5. Disobedience to duties
  6. Neligidents work
  7. Government interaction or influence.

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How to nail it on the head during your project defence

You are through with writing that project. Now what?

You have found yourself at that point where you have to defend what you have written. Of course you have to stand in front of your supervisor and other literary personalities to prove that you know what you wrote in your project paper. Unfortunately, the more you think about it, the more it looks like you are about to face a legion. It is not a war. But the emotion of dread welling up inside of you makes it look like one. So now you are asking yourself questions.

  • How am I going to start?
  • I hope I will do well enough to get an A.

You really want to nail it, but you need to come to terms with exactly how to get everything in perfect control. Especially your emotions of fear that seem to make a wreck of you every time you think about public speaking.
So here is the deal. I want to help you avoid that feeling that would ruin your precious moment if you dare to let it. And we are going to do it together.

I am going to highlight some very important tips to help you get in control for you to be comfortable enough to move from that feeling of DREAD to CONFIDENT; and making an awesome Impression for that great rating your supervisors should be giving to you so freely.

Consider these tips as you prepare for your defence. We will be taking them one after the other so here we go.

Watch Your Body Language And Keep It Confident:

Can you tell that a person is falling apart if they look confident? … If I can second guess you rightly, am sure you answered no to that question. Remind yourself that you need to come out that way. Now this might seem like a huge big deal when you are dealing with the foreboding. Maintaining a poise of confidence is very important. So find your most comfortable position, sitting or standing and draw up your body. You must exude confidence. It is something you need to do for yourself. People can only see what you allow your body language to show. So you must endeavour to put that out. Remember the story of David and Goliath? … At the end of your defence day, you want to be David.

Dress In Your Most Comfortable And Impressive:

Am sure this one is a no brainer. However I must highlight that you choose comfortable pieces. You don’t want to look so good and yet look like you were forced to wear something that does not belong to you. It’s great to ensure that as impressive as your clothes are on you, that they are also very comfortable.

Speak With Authority:

Going hand to hand with that aura of confidence is your most powerful asset:your words. If you look that confident, your words must not come out like whimpers. To be able to pull this off, you definitely need to speak as deliberately as possible in expressing yourself. Let them also hear what they see.

Use, Your Gestures:

I have often found this to come to my rescue in dealing with shyness and conveying my confidence. Usually it gives you an edge to also drive home your point. You must, however, ensure that you do not over use it. It doesn’t mean that your hands should be flying all over the place. That would be absolutely unnecessary. If you do this well, after a while you will realize that you are not as self-conscious as you used to be at the very start. For most situations, it would have completely disappeared altogether; leaving a really confident you talking.

Have A Good Opening And Closing Line:

Make sure you have perfected a good opening line. You should also be armed with a good closing line too. Try and rehearse it to a friend. If for the first time you presented it, your friend does not say “wow, that’s beautiful” or something like that; just know you need to keep refining it until you get the perfect line. Both opening and closing lines will go a long way in how impressed your panel gets to rate you high.

Make Sure You Know Your Work:

Certainly you should understand how important it is to know your own work from start to finish. Not having in-depth knowledge of your own work is tantamount to a suicide mission. Why should you kill yourself?
When all is said and done, this is what you came to defend in the first place. You should know your work from A to Z.

Prepare For The Questions:

Now this part is truly essential. You must be sure you do not floor all the good work you did on your presentation by not answering correctly. You must pay attention to the questions you are asked to be sure you will give the right answer. Many people get it wrong at this stage and spoil their good presentation. When you do not understand any question do endeavour to ask the person to expatiate what they mean before you answer.

These tips are by no means exhaustive, but applying these tips will give you some necessary advantage you need for a great outcome. Of course that outcome would mean that you eventually earn all your points on this project.

The structure of a good project work

Undergraduate projects in Nigeria is a prerequisite for graduation amongst Nigerian tertiary students who will which to obtain bachelors degree in their respective courses of study such as accounting, banking and finance, business administration and a host of others. Writing an undergraduate project in Nigeria for final year students entails a lot both financially and otherwise. Being able to develop any final year project depends on getting a researchable topic whether it is Accounting Undergraduate project topics, Banking and Finance research topics or banking and finance project topics and materials and it all requires diligent hard work of students who are willing to develop best undergraduate projects in Nigeria and graduate in flying colors.

A typical Undergraduate project in Nigerian tertiary institutions can be said to be divided into five or six chapters depending on the format of the school and course of study which are

1. Introduction

The introduction of an undergraduate project states the main research problem and research argument. What precisely the study is all about and why it is important. It looks at the originality of the research work and how it will fill the gap in other studies. Justification for a research undergraduate topic should not be lengthy before it has been explicitly stated.

Below are the contents in chapter one of an undergraduate research project which includes;

  • Background of the study,
  • Statement of the problem,
  • Objectives or aims of the study,
  • The research questions,
  • Research hypothesis,
  • Significance of the study,
  • Scope of the study,
  • Limitations of the study and
  • Operational definition of terms.

2. Literature review

Literature review of any undergraduate research work, be it business administration project topics or Economics project topics just to mention a few is very critical to securing a high grade in one’s project work. The literature review of a research process uncovers what other writers have written about the student’s topic. A student’s undergraduate research work should include a discussion or review of what is known about the subject and how that knowledge was acquired. The review could conclude with a brief summary of the literature and its implications. The contents of the literature review are the theoretical review, conceptual framework, empirical review and summary of literature review.

3. Research Methodology

This section includes a description of the research methods used in the undergraduate research work such as the sample size, data collection methods, measurement instruments, research data analysis procedures and the population from which the sample was selected.  This section also describes the method used in selecting the sample or samples, validation and reliability of the instruments used in the research work. There are different research statistical techniques used in undergraduate research work such as SPSS, e-views etc.

4. Results & Discussion

This section presents and discusses the data analysis results used in an undergraduate research work, the results of each analysis is being summarized, tabulated, and then discussed for each research question.  Then for each research hypothesis, the statistical test of significance selected and applied to the data is briefly described, followed by a statement indicating whether the hypothesis was supported or not supported.  In presenting the result analyses/summary in an undergraduate project tables and figures and or graph are used to add clarity to the presentation.

5. Summary, Conclusions And Recommendations

This section summarizes the findings of the study in an easy to understand manner.  It also explains the practical implications of those findings, and points to recommended directions for future research in that area.


This is where every source cited in the undergraduate research work is being included. Every undergraduate research work must be properly referenced for its authenticity.

Choosing A Good Project / Research Topic

Students in Nigerian universities these days wish to choose a very simple project topic/material. There is no issue choosing a simple project topic; the only problem is your ability to choose a good project or research topic that your supervisor will easily approve for you.

Most project supervisors really want to see how good his or her project student understands his or her surrounding through the kind of topic he or she chooses for their project work.

There are some project topic that are not reject-able; for instance in Nigeria of today; what do you think is the major issue on ground now?

If a project student can choose or craft a topic on the effect of dollar increment on the economy of Nigeria. Such project topic will be very interesting to write on.

Now what are the qualities of a good project topic?

  1. The materials for the project topic must be easily assessable.
  2. The project topic itself must be meaningful.
  3. The variables must be able to give a clear aim of the project topic.

What do I mean by variable?

Well I am deriving my point from the area of project writing; the variables here are those main words in the project topic.

Like the above project topic; the effect of dollar increment on the economy of Nigeria. You can see the main variables that really define this project topic are:dollar, increment and economy.

Before you present your topic to your project supervisor, first of all understand your project topic, and then secondly try to do some research for your topic to see if at least you can get up to 60% of what you need to write the complete project.

I said that above because you might have a very nice topic that the materials are not available online and there are no books as regard the topic; in this case the project topic becomes difficult for you even though the topic is catchy.

What do I mean by your topic being assessable?

Well what I mean is very simple and easy to understand. Simply pick your project topic, type it on google and see if you will have at least a good background for the topic you are writing on.

If you can have a good background for your project topic and you can understand the problem associated with the project topic, then I believe the aim of the project is not far-fetched.



Samuel Obiora Blessed is the CEO and founder of Samphina Academy ( a.k.a Nigeria Students Media, the youngest engineering graduate of Federal Polytechnic Nekede in 2017 and the engine brain behind this great platform. He is the man behind the scene, filled with many potentials, a musician as well as a pro developer with the interest of Nigerian students at heart.

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