Telephone Number Portability In GSM Network

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Project and Seminar Material For Electrical Electronics Engineering EEE


Considering the increased competition by Mobile Service Providers in Nigerian telecom markets, and millions being spent on advertisements by carriers to lure consumers, the desire and sometimes need to change to other mobile networks with better services heightens each day.

However most consumers and businesses place value on retaining their telephone numbers, and are as such reluctant to change mobile networks. Imagine the administrative, marketing, and goodwill costs associated with changing telephone numbers for a business, and even for individual phone users.

The above scenarios underscore the vitality and desirability of Mobile Number Portability(MNP) to enhance service quality and promote healthy competition among telecom operators in Nigeria. The wind of the MNP, which started blowing in Europe and America over a decade ago, is now spreading across the African continent and Nigeria cannot be left behind the wheel.

This paper will address the need and challenges surrounding MNP implementation, the roles of Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), the benefits to the users, lesson(s) to learn from Global experiences of MNP implementation among others.

Keywords—Mobile Number, Portability, Mobile Service Provider

Table Of Contents

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title Page
  • Certification Page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table Of Contents

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

Chapter Three

3.0 Concept Of Mobile Number Portability

  • 3.1 Benefit Of Mobile Number Portability
  • 3.2 Telecoms Operators Concerns Of Mnp
  • 3.3 How Mobile Number Portability Work
  • 3.4 Types Of Number Portability
  • 3.5 Number Portibility Implementation
  • 3.6 Challenges Of Implementing Mnp
  • 3.7 Factors Influencing The Success Of Number Portability
  • 3.8 Network Architecture For MNP

Chapter Four

4.0 Conclusion

  • 4.1 Recommendation
  • References

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

There has been rapid growth in the penetration of telephony services in the last few years. But the growth has not been exponential in the quality of service offered or openness of business. Consumers are not satisfied with the operators’ services and schemes. Traditionally, consumers are required to give up their mobile number on changing service providers. As a result, they are hugely inconvenienced by having to inform everyone about the change in their number. Besides there is likelihood of important calls (from people who didn’t have the new number) being missed out, and so on.

The picture has now changed dramatically with the introduction of mobile number portability (MNP). A significant technical aspect of implementing number portability is related to the routing of calls or mobile messages (SMS,MMS) to a number once it is ported to some other network. portability benefits subscribers and increases the level of competition between service providers, rewarding service providers with the best customer service, network coverage, and service quality. Given the growth of telecom services, and enhanced competition in the mobile sector, it is pertinent to deliberate about the issue of mobile number portability at this time.

Operator portability both for fixed and mobile services, and service portability have been implemented in different parts of the world. It might be thought that number portability would have the greatest impact in maturing markets when service demand growth has eased and the market structure has become more rationalized.

August 2001 was a pivotal date in the history of Nigeria in which the first Global System for Mobile (GSM) communications call was made under a democratic government. This event heralded the dawn of a new era ” the era of GSM technology”, which has completely changed the face of doing business in Nigeria. One of the toughest decisions that can be taken by any mobile phone user in Nigeria today will be to discard a line because the user is not enjoying the best quality of service from the operator. It becomes more difficult if you have been using the line for say five to six years and it is your officially recognized line by business associates, family and friends both at home and abroad.

Changing one’s cell number and services provider simply because of an inefficient service delivery from a particular service provider may not guaranty that the new services provider will be efficient in the long run. Besides, the fact that it may require to jettison a previous number with which one can be associated, comes with its own challenges particularly or business minded individuals.

But is it possible to change your service provider and still retain your number for the new service? The common cliché goes: you cannot eat your cake and have it. But this definitely is not the case with Mobile number portability (MNP). Of course, with mobile number portability, you can eat your cake and still have it, which means that you can change your service provider without changing your number.

Chapter Four

4.0 Conclusion

To implement number portability, the best solution is to implement the centralized system, maintain a common number porting database, and use the All Call Query (ACQ) call routing scheme to route the calls to a ported number. A trusted 3rd party, which typically reports to the telecom regulatory authority, can maintain the centralized number porting database. The number portability gives freedom to subscriber to choose best service provider. Also service provider has to be competitive to attract the customer. This will encourage competition among the service providers, and in turn will reduce the tariff. From subscribers point of view it reduces cost, time and money. From service providers point of view specific network maintenance activities need to be done to ensure proper operation of the number portability service over time.

4.1 Recommendation

My recommendation is base on number “database of record”.

Operators must maintain their own local copy of this database, which will be periodically updated and used for call set -up, and routing queries in their networks. International, transit and content service providers which are not assigned Nigerian numbering resources will have controlled access to the ported number data by the NPC administrator who will vet requests for validity and security purposes. Service providers must maintain NP and related routing data in a secure manner and must not re-distribute this data.

➢ NCC will have read-only access capabilities to the NPC to allow monitoring and generating reports to assess processes and industry trends. This is because in extremely dynamic and competitive markets, it is important for the regulator to monitor and control the NP processes for the good of the general consumers.

Telephone Number Portability In GSM Network

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