Tax Reforms And Revenue Generation In Nigeria

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Project and Seminar Material for Taxation

Project and Seminar Material for Taxation


The research provides a conceptual and analytical appraisal of tax reforms and revenue generation. The study seek to determine the effectiveness of tax reform policy toward achieving high revenue to government and public utility.It analyses the concept of taxation,types and significance.

Chapter One


The tax system in Nigeria is made up of the tax policy, the tax laws and the tax administration. All of these are expected to work together in order to achieve the economic goal of the nation. According to the Presidential Committee on National tax policy (2008), the central objective of the Nigerian tax system is to contribute to the well being of all Nigerians directly through improved policy formulation and indirectly though appropriate utilization of tax revenue generated for the benefit of the people. In generating revenue to achieve this goal, the tax system is expected to minimize distortion in the economy. Other expectations of the Nigerian tax system according to the Presidential Committee on National tax policy (2008) include;

  1. Encourage economic growth and development.
  2. Generate stable revenue or resources needed by government to accomplish loadable projects and or investment for the benefit of the people
  3. Provide economic stabilization.
  4. To pursue fairness and distributive equity
  5. Correction of market failure and imperfection.

In an attempt to fulfill the above expectation, the national tax policy is expected to be in compliance with the principle of taxation, the lubricant to effective tax system. The Nigerian tax system has been flawed by what is termed multiplicity of tax and collecting entities at the three tiers of government levels โ€“ Federal, State and Local government (Ahunwan, 2009).

Background Of The Study

According to the report of the presidential committee on National Tax policy (2008), Tax policy formulation in Nigeria is the responsibility of the Federal inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Customs, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), National Population Commission (NPC), and other agencies but under the guidance of the National Assembly i.e. the law making body in Nigeria (Presidential committee on National tax policy, 2008). Suffice it to say that if there must be any effective implementation of the Nigerian tax system or attainment of its goal, the use of the national tax policy document remain absolutely essential.

According to the Presidential Committee on tax policy (2008), โ€œNigeria needs a tax policy which does not only describe the set of guiding rules and principles, but also provide a stable point of reference for all the stakeholders in the country and upon which they can be held accountable. James and Nobes (2008) decried the inability of tax policy to meet up with efficiency and equity criteria against which it is being judged.

It was further noted that tax policy is continually subjected to pressure and changes which most time does not guarantee outcome that are in line with the overall goal (James and Nobes 2008). Unfortunately, most policy changes in Nigeria are without adequate consideration of the taxpayers, administrative arrangement and cost plus the existing taxes. This has in no small measure hindered the effective implementation and goal congruence of the nationโ€™s tax system. Citing (Bird and Oldman 1990), James and Nobes (2008) stated as follows โ€œ

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Research Topic: Tax Reforms And Revenue Generation In Nigeria

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