Survey Of Opinion On Marital Conflict And Academic Achievements Of Christian Religious Studies Students In Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State

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Survey Of Opinion On Marital Conflict And Academic Achievements Of Christian Religious Studies Students In Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State


This study examines a survey on the opinion of marital conflicts as it affects academic performances of Christian Religious Studies Students in Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State. The study was specifically designed to determine the rate at which Christian Religious Studies Students academic performance are affected by parental/marital conflict in individual homes. To achieve this, six research questions were quoted from the study, the study was delimited to only 100 Christian Religious Studies Students in Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin, Oyo State. Questionnaire was developed as the main instrument for the collection of data; findings established the fact that the marital or parental conflict determines the variation in Christian Religious Studies Students academic performances. It is recommended that the responsibility of solving the problem of parental on Christian Religious Studies Student’s Academic achievement is a collective one, and the burden is majorly on parents.

Chapter One


Iseyin is a city located in the Nigerian state of Oyo. It is approximately 100 kilometers North of Ibadan. The city is estimated to have a population commission of Nigeria (web). The primary industry of the area is cotton-based textiles. Iseyin city is the Third largest city in Oyo State after Ibadan, Ogbomoso and Oyo cities respectively. It is also known as the Home of ‘Aso Oke’. Aso Oke is a popular local fabric material mostly used for ceremonies in Nigeria, Tobacco is grown there and it is a result of this that one of the biggest tobacco owned by the British and Americans had an office in the city. Frieslam Campina (Wamco) also has a milk center in the city. There is Ikere Gorge dam located in the city. It was said to be the second largest dam when it was discovered alongside, Kanji dam during Obasanjo regime(military) Iseyin has a Technical college and the Oyo State NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) permanent orientation camp was also sited in the city. There are massive of land which can be used for industries and school purposes. Iseyin city which is also known as EBEDI City is centrally located with road networks accessible from Ibadan, Oyo, Abeokuta and Ogbomoso. The title of the monarch of Iseyin City is ‘The Aseyin of Iseyin Land’.

1.1 Background to the Study

Iseyin District Grammar School was established on the 24th of January, (1964), by the Anglican and Methodist mission. The school was later handed over to the Iseyin and its district comprising Ipapo, Ojaja, Otu, Komu, Igbojaye, Okeamu and Baba-ode. The school then was named Iseyin Grammar School later became Iseyin District Grammar School, Iseyin. The Anglican mission produced and pay the principal and staff while the Iseyin Community provided the infrastructure. The pioneer principal is Venerable Adesina G.O. The school now has closed to two thousand students and a staff strength of thirty one. The immediate past principal of the school is Chief Adeniyi Falade who is at present a permanent secretary school administration. Mrs Siyanbola Florence Omoniyi is the incumbent principal and of course the first woman to head the school since inception.

Marital relationships exist between a man and a woman when the two of them agree to live together and to establish their own family and live together until the end of their lives or till death separates them. Horny (1978) said that marriage is a union of man and a woman as husband and wife, most societies establish certain procedure and activities that must be followed before a marital relationship between a man and a woman can take place. These procedures include a period of courtship, the introduction of the man to the woman and vice versa. There will be marital dowry. All these are done to make the marital relationship a lasting and happy one. But all these notwithstanding, one finds that some marital relationships do not go along well with each other. Even though they had made a serious vow to live happily together either by the church or the traditional rite.

Conflict occurs in all human societies but, it occurs in various degrees, marital conflict is that situation between man and woman. This is where husband and wife have different opinion about issues, events or activities which cannot be mutually resolved. Marital conflict usually arises mostly due to lack of understanding between the man and the woman. This comes in different ways such as difference in education and social backgrounds, physical maintenance, love making, extra marital affairs. As people become more educated and society becomes more enlightened, one expects the frequency of marital conflicts to reduce but ironically, the reverse has been the case. The divorce rate has been on the increase, this project work attempts to examine conflicts, and suggest ways of reducing their rate of occurrence.

1.2 Statement of Problem

One wonders why our society has remained passively perplexed and helpless to the high increase of divorce rate which is a result and effect of marital conflicts in most societies, it was still in the tradition for parents to choose marital partners for their children. This has been one of the major causes of marital conflict and possibly divorce because the spouses are not opportuned to know and understand themselves before getting married. The rate of divorce in our locality is increasing because many get into marriage without been matured enough for it. This again is another factor of marital conflict in the society. In this, they have no experiences that guides them in the marriage institution. This study will look into the influence that marital conflicts seems to have on the academic performances of children (students) in schools.

In Nigeria, people hardly spare the thought for the role of parents on effective influence in the child academic performance. For instance, most parents are observed to rarely bother about their children’s progress at school. They feel they have fulfilled their responsibilities by paying their children school fees and providing them with school materials. They seems quite obvious of the fact that their children’s performance at school will contribute a lot to the achievement of their children. Most parents now-a-days are too pre-occupied to take interest in their children academic progress. They now feel it is the duty of the teacher to ensure that the children do well in the school. After all, that is what they are paid for. Consequently, it cannot be over emphasized in this study that parents of a child(student) must play the greatest role and impact in the process of influencing the child’s / student’s high academic performance in the school particularly at the first stage of development.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The objectives of this study are:

  1. To examine the influence of social influence, taste and competitive living
  2. To find out the serve consequences of early marriage as it leads to divorce and separation (man and woman going into it unprepared).
  3. To find out whether pressure from family members can lead to marital conflict
  4. To find out the effect of marital conflicts on the child academic performance
  5. To investigate into the areas of conflicts among married couple or people to be able to solve its sources of conflict.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The importance of this study is that the society as a whole will stand to benefit greatly in the sense that, it will aim at bringing out the effects, marital conflict people in the society will have less marital and psychological problems and as such, they will be able to contribute their maximum potential to the benefit of the community. This research will help the members of the society to know those things that bring about marital conflicts between married people so as to avoid divorce and also quest to keep a simple eye and avoid competitive living. The exposure in this area of study would serve as a pointer towards remediating poor academic performance. This would pave way for Nigeria’s technological development and social harmony and stability of student’s concept.

The findings of this study would also add to the relationship between marital conflicts and academic achievement of Christian religious studies students in Iseyin, Oyo State since their attitude to learning determines their success or failure. It is also hoped that this study would be of great value to other researchers who would live to manipulate other variables affecting academic achievement of their students in schools. Above all, it would assist teacher’s educational psychologists, school administrators and guidance counselors to affect a positive and dynamic change in them when their parental influence as a result of marital conflict are understood.

1.5 Research Questions

The following research questions are therefore formulated

  1. Do marital conflicts bring about broken homes?
  2. Does inability of family head to meet up with assumed social status may affect the child’s academic performance?
  3. Does immaturity of couple’s cause marital conflict?
  4. Do students from divorced home often isolate themselves from children of stable home?
  5. Does marital conflict has any effect in families?
  6. Does marital conflict expose the children to bad influence?

1.6 Scope of Study

The study focuses on a survey of opinion on marital conflicts and academic achievement of Christian religious studies students in Iseyin District Grammar School, Oyo State. However, for the purpose of simplicity and effectiveness, this study was limited to Christian religious studies students in Iseyin and specifically, Iseyin District Grammar School, Oyo State is put into consideration. In like manner, Christian religious studies students in the school shall be considered alongside since their impacts towards the effect of marital conflict cannot be over emphasize. Consequently, questionnaire aires bothering on the earlier stated research question were developed to elicit responses from the students under study. The same were administered to the students and collected for analysis

1.7 Definition of Terms

These are some terms used in the report which needs to be explained so that readers will not be at sea when reading it. Such terms are hereby defined connotatively:


Connected with marriage or with the relationship between a husband and wife.


Coming together of a man and a woman to become husband and the legal relationship between a husband and a wife.


This refers to a disagreement or argument or lack of cooperation.


Facts of details about somebody or something.


A separation, the ending of a relationship.


People in general living together in communities.


Two people who are seen together especially if they are married or in a romantic or sexual relationship.


Connected with education especially studying in school and universities.


How well or badly you do something or work.


A group consisting of one or two parents their children and close relatives. (relations)


It means what someone has succeeded in doing especially after a lot of efforts and skills have been added.

Polygamous Family:

This is a type of family where a man married more than one wife at a time and they all live together under one roof and give directive over the household.

Literate or Educate Home:

This is a home where most members cannot read and write. Most parents in this category show negative attitude towards literacy.


This is an institution where learning takes place. It is a place where students are taught how to read and write.

1.8 Limitation

There is limitation to this study in the sense that the study is carried out in Iseyin due to the following factors:


The researcher has limited time to go to many places to do the research for the study.


The financial background of the researcher is not good enough to purchase books or travel to other parts of the country for the study.


And lastly, transportation to different people who wrote books on the importance of academic achievement to Christian religious studies students is impossible for the researcher is not mobile.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusions and Recommendations

5.1 Introduction

This chapter presents summary, conclusions and recommendations of the study. The recommendations are proposed as a means of uplifting educational achievements to Students from marital conflict families in primary schools. Recommendations also have shown ways forward in reducing if not eliminating parents‟ quarrels and allow effective parenting to children for the fulfillment of Students‟ school needs. Effective parenting will consequently improve Students‟ schooling and improve Students‟ academic performance. Summary and conclusions on the other hand, involve salient issues found out in the study.

5.2 Summary of the Study

This study sought to investigate the effects of marital conflicts on academic performance among primary school Students. Specifically the study sought to:

Chapter one concentrated on background of the study focusing on marital conflicts issues in relation to students‟ academic performance.

Chapter two dwelt more on the literatures and studies on the effects of marital conflicts on academic performance among school Students. The literature discussion has been based on different issues including, problem facing marital conflict children, marital conflict and Students‟ academic performance and coping strategies adopted by children from marital conflict families. The researcher exposed what was known from the reviewed literature and therefore the research gap was established. The study was guided by the theory and the conceptual framework. The study adopted attachment theory by Ainsworth and Bowlby (1991) that develops between the child and his/her primary care-givers.

Chapter three, research methodology presented the research design and approach for this study. The study has been conducted in Iseyin Oyo state involving a sample of 156 participants. Purposive and simple random techniques were used to select the study sample. Questionnaires and semi-structured interview guide were employed to collect relevant data. The mixed method research approach was used, where quantitative and qualitative data were collected and analyzed.

Chapter four is confined in data presentation, analysis and discussion. Data collected have mostly been analyzed descriptively and presented in figures and tables. Little qualitative information from head teachers in some areas has been descriptively presented to nourish quantitative data.

5.3 Conclusions

Findings revealed that the kind of family relationship between parents may have positive or negative influence towards children education development. Significantly, the study revealed that parent‟ quarrels and single parenting affects negatively children‟s academic achievement as well as child’s physical and psychological development. Results showed that parents‟ quarrels distressed Students as they lacked parents‟ love, lacked basic school needs, seemed unconfident before others, being passive in class activities, felt lonely, anxious and isolated at school, had poor concentration in studies, poor school attendance.

Moreover, the study findings identified that, children whose families experienced marital conflicts were perceived to perform poorly in their studies compared to those with good parenting at home. However, it should be noted that children from marital conflict families are worse off than those from intact marriage, because some may be experiencing violence, which has more negative effect than living peacefully with one parent.

Findings also exposed the strategies employed by respondents in assisting Students from marital conflict families cope with the situation. Students themselves showed that they used pray for God to assist them, a few consulted their teachers for help, some made their problems a secret, while most of them involved in petty business in order to get funds for their life and for school needs. According to the findings, teachers and the school management also assisted the victim through guidance and counseling, Students were also said to be assisted materially by teachers or by donors, like NGO‟s, which were requested by the school management.

Generally, it was affirmed by 97% of the teachers that, the most affected group by the impact of parents‟ quarrels was the girls than boys. Based on the findings that parents‟ quarrels distressed Students as they lacked parents‟ love, lacked basic school needs, seemed unconfident before others, being passive in class activities, felt lonely, anxious and isolated at school, had poor concentration in studies, poor school attendance; there should be purposeful efforts of creating strategies in primary schools how to guide and assist children from marital conflict families especially girls, so that they can attain their educational dreams. This will reduce street children, prostitution at a very early age and other social crimes like drug abuse and trafficking.

5.4 Recommendations

Basing on the findings and conclusions of the study, recommendations suggested have been divided into two parts, recommendations for action and recommendations for further studies.

The following recommendations are directed to the government, teachers, management of schools, the community, parents and other social agencies for action as follows:

  1. It is recommended that schools should have counseling and guidance services whereby Students from marital conflict homes and other family related problems will be assisted with advice. School management should establish guidance and counseling unit, with professional personnel who will be there to assist Students and parents with family conflict problems. Personal social, group counseling and individual counseling in schools is highly recommended where Students with challenged homes can be counseled to develop positive self-concept.
  2. It is recommended that the Government should educate its agencies on the need and ways to influencing parents stay in their families and assist their children acquire education. The government and religious leaders should promote family responsibility among parents, and educate the community the need to maintain harmonious relationship in families. In so doing, children will be cared well at home and supported with the community wherever they will be.
  3. The government should sensitize campaigns to increase community awareness on the parents to care their children and provide all needs including education. The government should also formulate policies concerning the problems of marital conflicts children so as to control and fine parents who are irresponsible in their families.
  4. The government should raise the financial status to schools. Schools with sufficient funds will be able to assist any children with difficulties in attaining
    educational materials for study. School management should also effectively and efficiently utilize the available limited funds so that children with difficulties can be assisted.
  5. Cooperation among all stakeholders including the communities, charity organizations, NGO‟s and donors to support vulnerable children in schools, is highly recommended.

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