Survey Of The Use Of Books For Bibliotherapy By Library And Information Science Students

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Project and Seminar Material for Library and Information Science


The importance of bibliotherapy in survey use of book for library and information science student cannot be emphasized. So the purpose of this study is to find out what bibliotherapy is all about and the extent student at library and information science is making use of it.

In this study the main findings includes the extent they are making use of it, the type of book they use, the patient’s response to bibliotherapy. Whether serving the mentally handicapped patients require special training.

Finally, some problems that confront the practice of bibliotherapy in the survey use of books were identified which include lack of bibliotherapist. Problem of communication due to that some are illiterates and lack of guide in the practice of bibliotherapy.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Historical Background Of Bibliotherapy

According to Jews R.M (1978) the term Bibliotherapy is derived from the Greek words Biblio which simply means book, and therapy meaning, healing on treatment. Tracing the history, one soon notes the vast amount of literature devoted to bibliotherapy. Long before the term was used, there were speculative studies and discussion on the use of reading in the treatment of illness. The quest to know more about what happens to a student when he reads a book has led to studies, dissertations and research projects.

The fundamental concept underlying bibliotherapy is not new; its beginning is well rented in the past historical writings and leaves little doubt that the creative powers of books were well known. It may be assume that from time to time books led to marked success, particularly in the treatment of the emotional disturbed person.

Frequently, the book of the bible is cited as the one which is so used. This relationship of religion to bibliotherapy is evidenced also in the early beginnings of the libraries of the earliest records of books being used for the bibliotherapy in its broadest sense are namely the uses of books in the treatment of the sick in the middle ages (about 13th Century).

Benjamin Rush (1972) was the first know American physician to prescribe books so as to provide entertainment and instruction. He was noted to have recommended reading for the mentally ill. He prescribed also the kind of books materials which would be effective in beguiling the evils of sickness and confinement.

Placing reading on the same level as occupational therapy and other therapies. In summary of the historical background of bibliotherapy. I can say that bibliotherapy is a practice which uses books to help people to overcome mental emotional social and psychological problems.

The promise on which the process rest is that books are dynamics and have the potential to change attitudes habits and skills f people read the pursuit because it brings a reality of delight which moves are from where he is to where he has never been. Bibliotherapy does not served only as therapeutic strategy which brings mentally handicapped persons out at their shells but has come as major sources of relaxation for the mentally handicapped and normal person.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Bibliotherapy by library and information sciences students in (IMSU) and (FPNO) has been a major concern for libraries to fulfil the purpose of existence and to remain a citadel of knowledge.

It is also said that the bibliotherapy is one of the major factors that enhance the growth of libraries materials and assist in establishing a means of communication and reinforcing the therapeutic climate of acceptance.

The study addressed itself to the following problems.

  1. Lack of book materials in the library.
  2. Lack of well equipped facilities and materials for the students.
  3. Problem at communication since inmates are illiterates cannot read and write.
  4. Lack of special guides or procedure in the practice of bibliotherapy.

1.3 Aims / Objectives Of The Study

The general aim of this study is to find out the uses of book for bibliotherapy by library and information science student of federal polytechnic Nekede library and Imo State University library. The specific hopes to accomplish are:

  1. To identify the services available to the library users.
  2. To find out whether those service are meeting up with the users needs.
  3. To determine the adequacy of the holdings of the library e.g. physical facilities and staff effectiveness of the library in meeting up with the users need.
  4. Social Welfare unit.

1.4 Scope And Limitation

Ordinarily the scope of this study would have taken the uses of book for bibliotherapy in library and information science student as the research population but owing to the specific requirement for this research project work, the student particularly is paying attention on the uses of book for bibliotherapy by library and information science student a comparative study of IMSU library and FPNO library and also to identify the inhabiting factors to effective bibliotherapy by library and information science students and proffer solutions to them.

The study in this literature reviews will cover a good number of opinions of various authors on the availability of current primary and secondary information source. It is natural to encounter problems in a study like this. As a final year student the time in my disposal is limited, and coupled with scarcity of literature.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

This study is meant to extend the frontiers of human knowledge in dealing with discussion on the use of reading in the treatment of the ill and quest to know more about what happens to a student they read a book that has led to studies dissertations and research projects in particularly to the student of library and information science. I will also provide them with the ready reference document with which they will know the procedures of book for bibliotherapy in IMSU library and FPNO library.

1.6 Definition Of Terms

The word bibliotherapy is defined in many ways. According to the perceptive of the individuals view of the subject, many definition as well as statements have been made concerning the effectiveness at reading as therapy. The word bibliotherapy itself was associated with psychiatry by early 1950 when many articles have been written on bibliotherapy most of them were written by librarians.

Encyclopaedia of library and information science vol 2 1969 has also seen or interpreted bibliotherapy as a model of communication they noted that books and other related materials are medically used to assist in establishing a means of communication and in reinforcing the therapeutic climate of acceptance.

Jones Webster (1971) on his own view sees bibliotherapy as the use of selected reading materials and he also added that it is the guidance in the solution of personal problems.

1.7 Research Questions

The following research question will guide the study.

  1. Does serving the psychiatric patients require special professional trainings?
  2. Does the hospital have enough professional staff to provide special services for the hospital patients?
  3. To what extent is the hospital making use of bibliotherapy to serve its patients.
  4. What problems confront the hospital in its bid to practice bibliotherapy?
  5. What types of material do they use?
  6. How do they respond to the therapy?
  7. What are the classes of students?
  8. What is the literacy level of the student

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