The Role Of Youth In Nation Development

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The Role Of Youth In Nation Development

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

Johnson (1998) viewed that role is the dynamic or behavioural aspect of status or a role is the manner in which an individual fulfils the obligations of status and enjoys it privileges. It is a part on which someone is given to participate on.

Yakine (1999) said youth means young and aspiring person male or female ranging from the age of 18 to 35 years, that is the period of adolescence and early adulthood.

Jacki (2001) viewed that nation is a large body of people united by common decent, culture, language, inhabiting a particular state, or tertiary. A nation could be seems as a group of people with the same language, culture and history, who live in a particular geographical boundary under one government.

Chillegbu (2003) development can be classified into two separate line of definition they are:

First: he said it concerns change in distribution of materials goods and the nature of social relation, this carries the nation social development which focuses attention on the quantities and distribution changes in the structure of the society through the elimination of the benefits of economic growth among the people development should be conceive as a multi-dimensional process involving changing in structures, attitude and institution as well as the acceleration of economic growth the reduction inequality and eradication of absolve poverty and unemployment.

Secondly He viewed that development it is concerned increased production of materials goods and services which carry the nations economics growth, the focus here is quantitative process of production and use of resources.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

This study was concerned with the role of youth in nation development in Katagum local government area of Bauchi state.

The condition of Nigerian youth still leaves a lot to be desired, more needs to be put in place by the government to empower and get them fully involved with the task of nation building and socio-economic development.

1.3 Significance Of The Study

The role of youth has continued to be a major concern by the government and others stake holder who are enable to contribute to the development of the youth in nation building. Successive Nigerian governments have initiated programmes and projects aimed at the youth these range from in-social education programme for physical and metal development of out school programme aimed at shaping the character and behavior of the youth, as well as promoting competitive spirit and national unity and integration include formation of clubs, encouragement of sporting activities, instilling organization such as boys courts, girls guide, and man Oโ€™war and include facilitation of the emergency and development of voluntary self-help association which contribute to community development, skills and vocational training programme competitive activities and cultural festivals.

1.4 Research Question

  1. Does youth constitute Nigerians only real hope for a greater nation?
  2. Does Nigerians and stakeholders in youth affairs achieved their goals?
  3. Can Nigerians government energies youths for overall national development?

1.5 Delimitation Of The Study

At the time of this study there were two hundred and ten (150) staff within the Bauchi North and Katagun Local government area, which all constitute past of the role of youth in nation building. These wee sixty (60) were senior staff, seventy (70) were junior staff and the rest were cleaners, security men, and messengers.

1.6 Limitation Of The Study

  1. The vehicle attached to community development office need repairs, which cannot give me opportunity to go round all over the area.
  2. Some local government in the state was shy to talk about the role of youth in nation building.
  3. Poor weather with slippery condition of the uttered roads made travelling difficult during the study.
  4. Lack of funds posed a constraints to the researcher.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion And Recommendations

5.0 Summary

The Researcher reviewed several studies conducted by prominent scholars on the advantages and disadvantages of the role of youth in nation development hope for 21st century. As earlier stated in the proceeding chapter, the researcher was conducted through the use of questionnaires and interview.

The data collected from the research was analyze and some basic questions was been discussed. These questions includes:

  1. Does youth constitute Nigerians only real hope for a greater nation.
  2. Does Nigerians and stakeholders in youth affairs achieved their goals.
  3. Can Nigerians government energies youths for over all national development
  4. Does youth tends to serve the intended purpose

The study also found out the advantage of youth in nation building are self-confidence, imagination, creativity and pride in the nation heritage, youth who represent hope in the future of their nation. And the disadvantages are the you will engaged into drug above during unemployment, increase of sexually transmitted disease (STDs),HIV/AIDs and also a quite number of the youth will be afflicted by all kind of crimes such as breaking homes, rapes etc. in summary, the study also found that the government of Nigerian are designed to prepare youths to cope with their development task by mobilizing, discipline selfless service and to becomes responsible and health citizens in the future.

5.1 Conclusion

Based on the finding of the study, the researcher made some conclusion, the role of youth in nation building cannot be effective when youths are not give free hand to organize themselves, to initiate and embarking on nation development activities and suggest the ways it would be done and the can only give instructions to youths to come out with their working instruments on such day and start working. This is a primitive ways and idea of planning community development programmed youths should form themselves into youth organizations with the intention of promoting socio economic, cultural condition of the people and social relationship, so that their clubs can get full support from the elders. Also, the local government authority should encourage the youths organization by pushing them to embark on self help and material supports where necessary.

A great variety of self help project and activities can be undertaken youths programmes it is more important to make sure that the community is ready for them and that the activities selected or the programme decide upon, represent not only the felt needs of the young people themselves but also of their nation at large.

5.2 Recommendation

The recommendations are base on the researchers opinion for suggestion, which are possible solution to the attested research questions. Therefore, the following recommendation were made.

  1. Youth self help groups or committee should be formed in every villages and wards ready and willing to undertake youth programmes. The members of the youth organizations may be generally those between the age of 14 to 25; there must be some kind of membership register and signing of a pledge for community service by the members. Every members will be expected to offer at least two day voluntary service month.
  2. Every youth self help group or committee should have at least 25 members. A president and secretary should hold meeting in a suit able place in the community at least one every quarter to discuss and plan its activities.
  3. The youth group may raise a small subscription from its members to maintain its organization it can receive grants, funds and assistance from the village community, village and district council, local government and state government accounts will be maintained regularly by the secretary for receipts and expenditure in the office of the village council.
  4. The youth group must arrange at least one programme or constructive activity every week where members can take part in self help projects, or join a training programme or assist there organizations in improving their village, i.e. the member of the village community development advisory committee either presenting youths or selected by it may be entrusted with the responsibility of guiding and helping the youth groups and activities.
  5. It will also be desirable for the community development advisory committee to nominate advisers to guide the youth groups in specialized activities. For instance, the village school headmasters, the youth adult education organizer for advice, the youth workers social welfare workers) can similarly help in planning social and cultural programme.

The advisers will be entitled to attend youths formal meeting, the advisers selected are:

  1. Village community development advisory committee members.
  2. Village school teachers
  3. Adult educational instructor or organizer
  4. Social welfare worker.
  5. Village level worker in charge of the area.

– The youth groups must arrange a suitable time to remind members of the committee to stop showing political difference during planning, implementing or execution of any development projects of their area, which sometimes cause failure on the objectives and achievement of youth organization programs.

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