Study Of The Role And Performance Effectiveness Of Professional Secretaries In Selected Government Metropolis

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Study Of The Role And Performance Effectiveness Of Professional Secretaries In Selected Government Metropolis


This study identified relevant role and performance effectiveness of professional secretaries in selected Government parastatal in Enugu metropolis.

The study looked of issues like professional performance, rewards, training and other they experience in the course professional hazardous of their activities.

Questionnaires were used in collecting data which were analyzed using percentage formular.

The some findings showed that professional secretaries engage themselves in Regular reading of professional journals, organized Seminar / workshop and / org training do in prove themselves.

Majority of the secretaries are not satisfied with the type of professional performance activities they engage in because of lack of encouragement by the management

Finally, professional secretaries should be encouraged by all means to the management of their various organization to put in their best and take the organization as their own.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

In this world it is known that professions have remarkable features that differentiation them from other professions depending on the effectiveness of the profession.

The layman’s idea about a profession is the nature of the job carried out by the members of the profession and its importance to the society. This is the reason it is mostly agreed that medicine and law are the only professions existing before the advent of the industrial revolution.

In recent past, secretarial profession was not regarded medicine and law irrespective of the indispensability of its service to the survival and growth of any organization.

Secretarial profession requires expertise training education and moral conduct. The position of secretaries then was not something to write home about, in a research carried out by carr-saunders (1964) confirmed the deteriorating social position of secretaries at that period when the issue of whether or not secretaries deserve the more honour to be consulted when matters affecting the conditions of their services are made. Secretaries were then regarded by people as more servant”.

Secretarial profession was the product of commercial school with in that period, those who attended commercial schools, were regarded as secretaries but in actual sense they ware typists.

However curriculum used in training of secretaries at the advent of industrial revolution changed to new techniques and equipment. Carr- Saunders (1964) also stated that the rise of the secretarial profession took place almost in our own time and may be traced down to profound changes which have come over the educational world.

Secretarial profession in Nigeria today is distinguished as one of the profession that exist as a result of its immense contributions to commercial social and political growth of any nation. It is generally conceived as an instrument for achieving national growth, more so now that there is urhant need for it.

However, the main reason for this research is to clearly examine and determine those vital effectiveness that secretaries under toot to ensure continued professional growth witnessed through the efficiency of their continued service to mankind. The excellent performance of secretaries in their fields. Are most needed now that Nigeria has gone computerized like the European countries.

Companies and Ministries require the services of competent personnel like the secretaries to help them achieve their organizational goals. As a result the image of secretaries is coming to receive a great credit in this are and has helped the Nigerian youth to pick interest in secretarial course which labour market. The efficiency and proficiency of these secretaries depend extensively on the quality of grooming they received from their various schools and instillation of higher leaning

1.2 Statement of Problem

Since our institution of higher learning are determined towards producing adequate manpower capable of undertaking secretarial jobs in today’s ministering these secretaries who make organization objective releasable must have to carry out some personal activities meant for and therefore result in the perfection of their performance.

The problem now is what impede the professional growth of the secretarial profession are yet know.

1.3 Purpose of the Study

The main purposes of this study are:

  1. To find out the type of professional growth activities that secretaries engage in to improve their professional effectiveness and efficiency.
  2. To find out how often these secretaries engage in such activities.
  3. To find out who organization and finances these activities.
  4. Determine whether these secretaries within the vicinity of the study are satisfied with the professional growth activities which they had at one time or the other engaged.
  5. Determine alternative suggestions about appropriate development of these secretaries.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The result of the study will help to expose the secretaries and to the type of performance that they would engage in for their professional development. It will be of great help to selected government parastatal particularly in Enugu Metropolis to determine the type of professional development activities they would engage their secretaries in.
Finally it will help carry out research studies on related topics.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. What type of professional growth activities performance effectiveness do secretaries engage in ?
  2. How often do you engage in professional performance effectiveness?
  3. Who organizes and finance these activities?
  4. How does these professional performance affect your activities?
  5. What problem do secretaries encounter from engaging in professional growth effectiveness?

1.6 Definition of Terms Problem

This is a difficult perplexing matter or question raised for an inquiry or consideration.


This is a type of higher grade, non- manual occupation with both subjectivity and objectivity recognized occupational status possessing a well defined area of study or concern, and providing a definite service after attending advance training and education.


This can be defined as behaviour, activities, aims or qualities that characterize a profession.


Things to be done

Selected Government Parastatals

This refers to any chief executive of government parietals in Enugu Metropolis that help the higher institutions of learning to offers secretarial subjects to students of varying abilities, interests and aims.

Chapter Five

Summary, Implication and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings:

From the researcher’s finding secretaries see the professional performance in government parastalals as a right that should be given to them by management. This is because they hope to improve their knowledge and status from such activities.

In the first research question, we found out that so many factors if appropriately used can influence the secretary performance. The observed factors include good condition of service promotion, recognition and rewards
Good working environment regular payment of service training increase in pay packets, the respondent opinion shows that if the factors are employed by the parastatals as it affects their secretaries there will be increased productivity and efficient performance. This therefore confirms the views of Nwankwo (1992) which stated that for an organization to elicit meaningful services and high productivity from their secretarial staff, contain basic motivational technique must be provided. This then boiled down to the fact that motivational technique must be provided. The motivation has good effect on the work performance of the secretaries, and when secretaries are motivated, there is always a corresponding increase in productivity.

It was found that some of the secretaries in Government parietals engage in seminars/ workshop organized and financed by professional organizations and secretaries.

In research question four, the result shows that strategies could be used to stimulate the workers in organizations. Such strategies include; procurement of working equipment, opportunitable to advance, attendance to seminars/ workshops, good wages payment of allowances, study leave with pay, enhancement of status adequate motivation, credit facilities among others. This was in agreement with what Nwonkwo ( 1992) said that for organization to elicit meaningful services from secretaries certain basic devices such as free medical treatment, study leave with pay, enlarged pay packets and procurement working equipment must be provided.

In the light of the above findings, it has become clear why the performance of some secretaries in parastatal are poor when they are not adequately motivated

Often leads to the conflicts with the management, restlessness among others that are costly and disruptive to management.

The study further reveals that good and attractive working condition will change the attitude of secretaries to work; increase their productivity, make them to be punctual, be more dedicated to duty, have good relationship with management and other staff among others.

5.2 Conclusion

In this research work the researcher has made the effort to examine the factors that can influence secretary’s job satisfaction in Government parastatal in Enugu metropolis. We have also determined the level of performance of secretaries when motivated adequately.

In view of this findings it could be concluded that secretaries in Government parastatal are motivated, but. The motivational incentive given to them are very minimal and inadequate for a better performance and more productivity.

Their morale would be sensitized and their working condition and capabilities increased if they are given adequate compensation motivation.

5.3 Recommendations:

Based on the researchers findings, the following recommendations who are made to organization who are interested improving on the professional performance of their secretarial staff for higher productivity.

  1. Promotions should be given to secretaries more rapidly, good office environment provided to enable them grow and advance. They should also be allowed to be promoted to other cadres that will enhance their status.
  2. Attendance to conferences, seminars and workshop should be approved to secretaries in government parastatal. In such programmes, new techniques and innovations in secretarial field are learned.
  3. Good superannuating scheme should be put for secretaries in time of retirement, physical disalyility so that secretaries could put out their best
  4. In service training on their job training should be embarked upon by the government parastatal to up date the skills of secretaries in this modern changing and sohiscated office automation.
  5. Adequate working equipment serves as a good motivation high productivity and high quality of work. This new equipment if procured enable the secretaries execute their duties with less fatigue and minimum delay.
  6. Secretaries in government parastatal should be given adequate recognition by the management and not subject them to an inferior and second class members of staff.
  7. Finally honours should be given to deserved secretaries by recognizing the good job, performed in order to enable them aspire to greater height.

5.4 Suggestion for Further Stuies:

  1. A study on the best motivational technique that should be adopted by organization in order to improve performance and productivity.
  2. A study on the impact of low motivation in human organizational behaviour.
  3. Management and conflict resolutions among dissatisfied workers

5.5 Limitation of the Study

There were many obstacles during the writing of this project. During the distribution of the questionnaires, some of the secretaries were proving difficult and some of the important and useful ones more not on their seats. Due to this the researcher had to make repeated visits to the aforementioned Government paratals so as to be able to the relevant respondents, some also did not complete or loss the questionnaires.

In addition, the several trips needed a lot of finance which constituted as a source of hindrance in the progress of this work.

Finally, the final year examination which is taken along side writing the project was among the problem encountered by the researcher.

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