A Study Of The Factors Affecting Secretaries Productivity In Selected Modern Business Organization

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A Study Of The Factors Affecting Secretaries Productivity In Selected Modern Business Organization


This research is an investigation into the problems affecting secretarys product with the some selected business organization.

In pursuance of this investigation, four research objectives were used. The researcher utilized survey method. The data were gathered mainly though questionnaire. Thirty (30) copies of questionnaire were given to six organizations and the number returned was twenty 920) duly comoleted. The data generated were then presented, analysed and interpreted using simple percentage table.

Finding based on the finding above, the following recommendation were made, that the secretaries should be given the opportunity to perform their duties that should make them their mutative, modern office equipment should be made available to secretaries to influence their productivity and the working evolvement should be conducive for secretaries in order to enhance their performance.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

Hornby 1984, stated that the word “secretary” is derived from a latin word “secretaries” meaning something known only to one or few and kept secret or hidden from the views of things.

Amaefula 1986 stated that a secretary is the office worker who combine the major skills of shorthand and typewriting with other competence of filling, reprography and telephone technique in the performance of her duties.

Hanna, pophan and tilton 1974 a secretary is an executive assistant who possesses a mastery of office skills without direct supervision, exercise initiative and judgement and makes decision within the scope of assigned authority. He also stated that considering the position of the secretary in business organizations every effort should be made to tackle the problems facing her to ensure increased productivity.

A secretary may be regarded as an employee in an office who deals with correspondence, keeps records, makes arrangement and appointment for a particular member of staff or the boss. Seguel to the definition above one can see that the profession is a noble one and that the secretary plays a toemendous role in an organization. The issue of in efficient performance of secretaries has in recent years been a matter o fgreat concern to modern business organizations.

Riggs 1981 stated, it productivity is the quality that indicates how well labour, capital, material and energy are utilized it is the output resulting from a given resources – input at a given time. It is the concept that guides the management of a production system and then measure its success. Mcbeth 91974) added that it is the measure of production efficiency, a ratio between input and output, input is frequently limited to input of labour.

Low productivity when applied to secretarial in selected modern business organizations measure in the degree of quantitative and qualitative inadequacies in the output of workers. It can be been as inadequate production. According to Riggs (1981), low productivity is the way by which productivity can fall short of the high standards that are less than perfect in the working situation are not identified, the result is low productivity.

In view of the above facts, one may quinines ask, why is the secretary characterized by low productivity? Agbese (1987) pointed out that the low productivity rate compled with sub-standard quality of secretaries job is a constant source of anxiety to government and their bodies which utilize them. He emphasized more that need therefore, for high productivity level in any organizational set up whether private or public cannot be over emphasized since high productive potential in both the organizational man power utilization and output levels help to cpe with exigieuces according to him, the center of any organization is the office which is managed by the secretary who plans, budget, organizes, controls, supervises bodinates to achieve efficiency.

A well motivated, trained and remunerated secretary is capable of achieving her productivity through experince acquired on the knowledge of technological advancement (Edum & Ajetunbok 86).

This research is therefore intended to find out the problems responsible for low productivity of secretaries in selected modern business organizations, and suggest ways of improving secretaries productivity.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Secretaries in modern business organizations especially the qualified ones do their jobs with the aim of producing a good work with adequate speed and accuracy. But some secretaries failed to avail themselves of the opportunities given to them. This has created a gap between most executives and their secretaries. Most of the secretaries complain that frige benefits, inadequate modern machines, environmental factor, lack of training and Door relationship with others affect the productivity of secretary. The inability of employers in modern business organizations to remunerate and motivate their secretaries accurately in line with exportations of the present changing work environments in another pain or problem. This has led to low morale, poor standard of living, lateness and absenteeism on the part of the secretary.

1.3 Objective of the Study

the following are the objective of this study:

  1. To determine the problems affecting secretaries productivity in some secreted business organizations.
  2. To examine the types of equipment use by secretaries
  3. To identity whether or not secretaries have the required skills
  4. To determine the specific duties of secretaries

1.4 Significant of the Study

The study will benefit the secretaries in modern business organization in Enugu metropolis, managers, lecturers and students as it will take care of the factors problems that lead to low productivity.

It will also widen and increase the knowledge of the researcher and act as a source of reference material to those intending members of secretarial studies.

1.5 Research Question

This study will answered the following research questions:

  1. What are the problems affecting secretaries productivity in modern business organization?
  2. Do the secretaries have the required skills to perform their functions?
  3. What are the functions of secretary in business organization?
  4. What are the office equipments needed by secretaries in an organization?

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study is meant to cover only the secretaries in first Bank Plc, Union Bank: Agric Bank, ACB Transport, Anammco Nigerian Ltd, Department of petroleum Resource (DPR) all in Enugu state.

The study will therefore be based on the data and facts collected from the secretaries in the above listed business organizations.

1.7 Definition of Terms

In the context of this research the following words have these meanings.


Employee in the office who deals with correspondence, keed records, makes arrangement of a particular member of staff.


A place where the administrative work are done.


Something currently in use i.e latest one


This is the ratio between out put and all the resources used in production.


Facts or circumstance that aids one to bring about a result

Boss / Manager

One who controls a business and gives order to workers.


Refers to all the resources used in production


The product tealized out of the utlication of input


Systematical application of knowledge to practical task in industry.


Larse improtemt city coften the capital city of a country or region

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

From the above discussion, the study concludes by saying that secretaries s and other similar organizations are facing poor employee productivity as a result of four factors working together. Though they have highly educated employees, they are not training them regularly and as such their level of skill remains low. For this reason, their productivity hardly rises but more often it goes down. This translates to poor service delivery. Skills acquisition and upgrading is thus important in ensuring a rise in productivity. This answers the research question “what are the effects of skills on productivity” by saying that the level of skills has a positive and direct relationship with productivity in that the higher the level of skills and the more they are upgraded, the more we can expect productivity to rise.

On the other hand, motivation is very important in determining the level of productivity. Less motivated employees have low productivity. The research question on what the effects of motivation are on productivity is addressed, thus answered in that motivation would increase productivity of the individual employees and the organization as a whole.

Leadership effects productivity. For productivity to rise, the leaders have to inspire their followers to higher levels of service delivery. Good leadership that inspires individuals must be cultivated. The research question on the effects of leadership on productivity can be addressed thus good leadership that inspires individuals’ raises productivity.
Performance appraisal is another factor that significantly influences productivity. The relationship is that with a given system of appraisal, individuals may end up being demoralized and therefore less productive. The available evidence supports this assertion but cannot be conclusive given that there several employee performance appraisal methods. However, the important thing is that the method used should resonate with the individual employee and the results should be acceptable to the individual. Without this, there is danger that any performance appraisal could have negative effect(s) on the productivity.

5.2 Recommendations

From the study, several recommendations may be made. For one, there is poor leadership that is uninspiring to the majority of employees. For this reason, the management needs to change its leadership style and adopt a leadership style that inspires the employees to reach higher in their service delivery. This if adopted will raise productivity of the employees. This is because there is a direct relationship between the type of leadership and productivity as established in the analysis. This applies to all other similar organizations (secretaries). They need to have inspiring leadership if the level of productivity is to rise.

Motivation is a factor of productivity as demonstrated by the findings of this study. However, employees are motivated by different things. Top among them is remuneration and management of every organization needs to recognize this and provide it. Should this happen, level of productivity will rise accordingly. It is recommended that the management should go out of its way to motivate employees for productivity to rise. Again, employee should feel supported by their superiors for productivity to rise.

Performance appraisal should be relooked as there is evidence that it could demoralize employees with the consequent drop in productivity. It is recommended that the organization should adopt an appraisal system that gives results acceptable to employees at least. Again, employees should feel that the results reflect what they expect.
Education attainment is important for basic skills. However, this must be complemented by professional trainings which should be regular for all employees. It is recommended that this particular organization and other similar organizations should scout for the employees with professional skills in the jobs they are assigned to and not just that but also institute trainings regularly to enhance the skills as the work environment is continuously changing for productivity to improve. There is ample evidence that with professional qualifications coupled with regular trainings, the level of productivity would improve to very great extent.

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