The Factor Affecting Academic Achievement Of Computer Science Students In Computer Programming

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Project and Seminar Material for Computer Science and Computer Engineering

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

Computers are becoming and increasingly common part of everyday life and producing compute literature graduation is a key concern in any modern university. Compute is an essential tool in many areas including business, industry, government, science and education, indeed, it has touched nearly every aspect of our lives. It is used in terms of solving problem, generating new problem to be solving and satisfy the acquisitive nature of man.

According to Akeju (1995) the idea of computer came into existence some 300 years ago, when certain machine was invented to use mechanical power from the user of the machine. The machine was still in use till late 1970. But the invention of electronic calculators rendered the machine to be useless. Later in 164 Pascal produced first machine, which could both add and subtract high technological device was later invented which are the new generations of computer presently 4th and 5th generation are being used.

Computer science as a discipline has been generally recognized as the bedrock of technological development in every society. Hence man thus benefit from the many advantage of introducing computers and making its functions understandable to students and the general society at large.

The employment of more computer programmers will catalyzed seriousness in terms of the teachers commitment on disseminating the basic information needed by computer science students in becoming an effective programmer.

Countries all over the world are rated developing or undeveloped as the case may be in accordance with their technological acquisition. Also sorunke (1991) said, “Nigeria cannot increase her productivity on farm, industries and factories, schools etc without sciences and technological’’.

Thus during the 32nd ministerial council meeting of the national council education the Federal Government of Nigeria decided to introduce computer education into the nations university system. The policy of the government to introduce computer education into the Nigeria school came with inauguration of the National Committee on computer education under the leadership of various units regencies, notably the Nigeria Education Research Council (NERC), the planning and development division of the Federal Ministry of Education, State Ministries of Education, the Representation of Facilities and Institution of Education, etc.

According to the National Computer Policy (1998), the first objective is to ensure that the general populace appreciate the impact of information and computer technology in today’s society, the importance of its effective use, and the technologies that process manage and communicate the information. The second objective is to ensure that the people of Nigeria know how to use and programme computer ( which is the work of a programme ), develop software packages, under the structure and operation of computer and to appreciate the economics social and psychological impact of the computer.

On the point of academic achievement or excellence, Tuckman (1975) posited that, ‘’achievement is used to label the observable manifestation of knowledge, skills, concepts and understand on ideas”. Hence what is happening to our students who have sat and will continue to write computer exams in programming? If achievement is the accomplishment of set tasks in a course objective in order to meet the requirement of examination syllabus, what explain the difference in achievement of computer science student? Therefore, achievement is the application of a learning product that at the end of process provides mastery. According to Brunner (1997:98), it was reported that it is widely knows from the research as well a from anecdotal evidence that the productivity or achievement of students in computer programming differ. If the factors, which contribute to increase programming performance of computer science students, are widely known, it will greatly benefit managers and improves management practices.

The university of made up of student from different home, background, religion background and psychological background as such, the under graduates achievement (academically ) can be closely related to how is able to utilize the resources available.

It contemporary times, it has become fashionable for students to attain University education which has actually been responsible for their wanting to gain admission into the ivory tower of one discipline or the others.

Some psychologists like Hull et al (1943) maintained that generally all behaviour is dependent upon the needs of the individual and that academic achievement depends upon whether individuals needs are satisfied and tension thereby reduced.

1.2 Statement Of Problem

Research works in the past have shown that the perceived factors influencing student achievement has been of great concern to many individual, parent, teachers and government and even the student. It has been observed that over the years there has been great declined of student academic performance in computer programming. These may be attributed to social factor (i.e class attendance completion of assignment, psychological and environmental factors and physical factor (diet, exercise and health) or acquisition appropriate skills of learning.

Studies shows how the above are directly affecting the knowledge base, skills level and competencies of student who will continue to write examinations in computer programming.,

The followings adversely affect students level of achievement in computer programming:

  1. Lack of qualified teachers.
  2. Adverse effect of the individual environment
  3. Student attitude towards computer programming
  4. Lack of appropriate instructional materials
  5. Lack of practical session.

1.3 Purpose Of Study

This study is designed to assess the factor affecting academic achievement of computer science students in computer programming using university of Benin, Benin city as a case of study.

The specific objectives includes:

  1. To ascertain if the availability of instructional materials affect academic achievement
  2. To find out if learning environment affects academic achievement.
  3. To ascertain if attitude of students towards computer programming affects achievement.
  4. To determined is the use of instructional materials affects academic achievement.
  5. To find out if parasitical sessions aid achievement in computer programming.

1.4 Research Question

Five (5) research question have been asked to guide this study:.

  1. Does teacher qualification affect students academic achievement in compute programming?
  2. Does learning environment have any effect on students academic achievement in computer programming?
  3. What is the attitude of students towards computer programming.
  4. Dose the use of instructional materials affect students in learning programming abilities.
  5. Do practical sessions aid achievements in computer programming.

1.5 Hypothesis

  1. The qualification of teachers and student level of achievement in computer.
  2. Learning environment have any effect on students academic achievement in computer science.
  3. Student have a right attitude towards the study of computer programming.
  4. The use of instructional materials and students programming abilities.
  5. Practical sessions aid students achievement in computer programming.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

This research work will provide useful information of the academic achievement of computer science student in programming. It will reveal the academic standards of the students in computer science department in programming in the University of Benin, Benin city and the extent to which they have performed.

It will help us know the interest of student in computer science and the finding will also benefit students in term of providing information and suggestive measure to improve of their programming skills.

The research will bring to the notice of the teacher in terms of bringing new ideas, method for the improvement of teaching and learning of computer.

Finally, this will help university of Benin administration to solve problem of programming by providing appropriate instructional materials, enough tools for programming and ensure old ones being replaced with new ones.

1.7 Delimitation Of The Study.

The research work in restricted to University of Benin, Benin city, Edo state. As it is one of the best federal school in Nigeria where computer science is studied ( With awards ).

In this study, the researcher would concentrate on computer sciences students.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

One of the main constraints in the course of this project work has actually been in the area of data collection. Owning to the nature of the study, few literatures were seen in faculty, library and this in turn hampered the researcher into going to the internet for browsing, borrowing books from other tertiary institution libraries.

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