A Study On The Constrains, Difficulties And Contributions Of Ensepa In Management Of Solid Waste / Refuse

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration


This research project is a very crucial study for the effective management of solid waste in Enugu urban. This study was motivated as a result of the adverse effect of undisposed and improperly managed solid waste on the environment and health of the people.

To solve this problem, both primary and secondary data were collected. The research instrument used in collecting the data were questionnaires, oral interview and persona observation. The respondents comprises of 15 ENSEPA officers and 333 of the various household in the urban city. In organizing and presenting data collected, tables and percentages were used. Various hypothesis were tested using the Z test.

Data analysis and interpretation give the following findings:

  1. Effective management of solid waste needed a lot of money which is beyond the capabilities of ENSEPA.
  2. Also the urban environment regulation control as it affect solid waste management have been more theoretical than substantial.

Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that:

  1. The state government should consider strengthening its law and legislation on environmental abuse with a view to making them well defined and easily enforced.
  2. Since financial is beyond the capacities of the agency, there is therefore need for a joint effect of the state and federal government in terms of finance in tackling this unfriendly issue of solid waste.
  3. It was also recommended that ENSEPA should be privatized to ensure effective and efficient management of solid waste in the urban area of Enugu state.

The conclusion of the study is that there is need for the federal, state and local government to play defined roles in the management of urban solid waste to ensure an evolution of efficient and effective solid waste management system in Nigerian urban cities.

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Enugu urban of 1990 was very different from what it is today. About some decades ago, people dutifully swept the ground outside their environment every morning such that a visitor could not help noticing that everywhere was neat, including the surroundings shops premises and businesses, even the gutters were clean and dry. There seems to be a consciousness for neatness among residents of the city which resulted to a clean and healthy city.

But Enugu, the one time clean and attractive city is almost turning to a city of garbade and slum.

This unhealthy appearance of the city is shocking despite the effort of the government to arouse this consciousness of neatness again among the residents, still the urban city is congested with waste that litters the streets, encroaches on drainages and in the open spaces. To the extent that one way begin to wonder how effective the strategies wrapped out by government towards refuse management are functioning since the environment still presents an ugly sight, litters of rubbish, and refuse round the yards, along the road and some times very close to most offices. This shows that there must be difficulties and constraints to the proper disposal of this waste in the state. Example of the garbage degraded environment include Aaron, Uwani, to mention just a few. This problem of refuse management ie worldwide for example, in April 1972 in Switzerland refuse disposal was one of the 36 items which the world health organization (WHO) technical committee recommended for research with a view to finding the technique of refuse disposal. The national environmental sanitation Authority set up in Nigeria justified the magnitude of the problem by mapping out a way of proper disposal of this refuse. It is interesting to recall that cleanliness caps and prizes were donated by the federal government while launching the cleanliness competition of 1985. The cleanest state was expected to win N 1. m prize. This was promoted throughout the country and in response many states drafted edicts to guide them in the drive to maintain high environmental sanitation. Enugu state was not lift out in this changing era.

ENSEPA – The Enugu state agency in charge of solid waste disposal has also contributed immensely to this problem of refuse disposal management. They did so by organizing seminar and workshops, symposium, even this recent jingles over the ratio thereby urging the public to massively participate in order to ensure that dirty is fully eradicated in our environments. It is on this premises that this work of research is being carried out to view how this agency in change of waste disposal in Enugu state that is Enugu state environmental protection agency

(ENSEPA) has been battling to rid off our streets with the heaps of refuse that now litter our neighbourhood. The study will also look into the difficulties and constraints of this Agency in their pursuit to save the environment from this omen.

1.2 Statement Of Problems

The inefficient and ineffective method of refuse disposal in Enugu Urban has settled in an unsanitary condition in the urban town. A casual observer may not only notice litters along the streets and illegal dumping of waste material but also perceive the harsh odour of polluted air in parts of Enugu as a result of decomposed waste, faces and poorly kept and drained gutter or drainage channels lining the side of the street. Inspite of the various anti – garbage campaigns by the government agencies in the state, yet the aesthetic quality of our city is still being disfigured due to the indiscriminate dumping of refuse by masses. This is a clear proof that there are some obstacle to the efficient and effective management of waste disposal in the state, which the authority – ENSEPA encounters that has hindered them from rising up to the challenges of waste disposal and also mapping out a sustainable programme for effective waste disposal management. It is on this background that has prompted the researcher into this research work, which is aimed at reviewing the current system of refuse disposal in Enugu metropolis: review also what it has contributed, the obstacles and difficulties that ENSEPA encounters in their pursuit to eradicate dirt from our environment.

1.3 Research Question

The management of solid waste in Enugu Urban centers is of great concern to the researcher, government and the general public. This is as a result of the adverse effects of indisposed improperly managed solid waste on the environment and health of the people.

Consequents upon this premises, it is the aim of this research work:-

  1. To identify the existing problems or impediments to the management if solid waste..
  2. To evaluate the efficiency and also asses the effectiveness of ENSEPA in the management of solid waste disposal.
  3. To find out whether ENSEPA provides any statutory body to penalize environmental polluters.
  4. To identify and document the difficulties and constraints that opposes problem to the effective disposal of waste by ENSEPA.
  5. To make recommendation based on the findings of that research that will contribute to the improvement of solid waste management in Enugu Urban.

1.4 Research Question

Weighing the whole environment of Enugu state precisely Enugu Urban, in terms of sanitation.

The questions are:

  1. Are there constraints in the proper management of waste disposal in Enugu Urban?
  2. What difficulties do ENSEPA encounter in the management of waste in Enugu Urban?
  3. What are the contributions of ENSEPA in Enugu Urban especially in proper waste disposal?
  4. Does ENSEPA play their role well in the disposal of waste in Enugu Urban?

1.5 Statement Of Hypothesis

  1. Ho: ENSEPA do not encounter difficulties in waste disposal.
    Hi: ENSEPA encounters difficulties in waste disposal.
  2. HO: ENSEPA do not contribute in management of solid waste disposal in Enugu Urban.
    Hi: ENSEPA contributes in the management of solid waste disposal in Enugu urban.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

This study will be useful to policy maker to take a second look on these problems and difficulties that ENSEPA is encountering in their pursuit to ensure that Enugu urban is attractively clean, and then bring a seemly lasting solution to the problems. Also it is of importance to the researcher for his award of Higher Diploma Certificate in Business Administration and management.

1.7 Scope

This researcher study is centred on the role of that ENSEPA plays in disposing of solid waste in the state. Also the study particularly dealt on solid waste (refuse) disposal. It is not involve with the chemistry of waste treatment, recycling and any other means of waste management.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

This research study was militated by a lot of constraints that made the researcher to skip certain vital and relevant area. These constraints includes:

(1) Financial and time constraint:

Due to lack of finance and time which is not at all at the researchers disposal, this research work was limited to only Enugu metropolis.

(2) Uncooperative attitude of the respondent:

Some of the respondents refused bluntly to be interviewed while others returned their questionnaires bank may be they thought their responses would of its 40,000 teachers serving in the 2,012 primary and 427 post primary school in the state.

He said, that he state schools management board had embarked on an annual appraisal of the performances of school heads to ensure that only competent school administrators were accorded the privilege of heading of school.

“That was the reason why the seminar which theme is continuous professional growth and development was organized, aimed at updating the skills and competences of school heads.

Promotion And Transfer

Although promotion and transfer are used by management as part of an employee development programme and for motivational purposes, they will also have a major bearing upon he succession needs of the organization despite the fact that employee expectations are often tempered by existing practice. It is for management to study pass promotion patterns and try to predict whether or not any changes will affect the internal supply situations. Here again, quantitative information is essential in order to assess potential for promotion at various levels.

An essential part of any external manpower audit is an assessment of the productivity of the labour force. This can be achieved through basic work study techniques and comparisons with other organizations.

The information obtained can then be used as part of the overall planning process and will obviously affect management policies regarding or retaining mechanization etc a part from the human relations aspects and the industrial relations implications.

In Useni (1997, p;2) the minister of federal capital territory (FCT). It gen. Jeremiah Useni, gave directors in the ministry a one month ultimatum to compile the list of redundant workers in their various departments for retrendiment.

Addressing some directors and senior officials of the ministry in Abuja, at the weekend, Useni charged all directors to take inventory of those considered “active and effective” from the “redundant and active” ones.

He expressed regret that the federal capital territory administration spect over N30 million monthly on staff salaries, pointing out that the output of the workers was too low from the huge amount committed to their walfare.

“There is no need to retain this large number of workers who just room about the ministry’s premises doing nothing”.

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