Strategies Of Promoting Productivity In Civil Service (A Case Of Imo State Civil Service)

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Strategies Of Promoting Productivity In Civil Service (A Case Of Imo State Civil Service)


This study is a research of the Imo state civil service commission, the purpose of the study is to find out whether civil servants are actually performing below standard and also find out whether the productivity is really decline. The duties collection method adopted was the questionnaire the statistical tool used was chi-square. A total of one hundred questionnaire where distributed act of twenty worse. Reference of finding from the knowledge of job requirement of motivation and use of official working hard in the civil service.

Table Of Content

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of content

Chapter One

1.0. Introduction

  • 1.1. Background of study
  • 1.2. Statement of the problem
  • 1.3 objective of the study
  • 1.4 research questions
  • 1.5. Significance of the study
  • 1.6. Scope of the study
  • 1.7 limitation of the study
  • 1.8. Definitions of terms

Chapter Two

2.0. Literature review

  • 2.1. Introduction
  • 2.2. Meaning
  • 2.3. Function of civil service
  • 2.4. Meaning of productivity
  • 2.5. Productivity decline in the civil service
  • 2.6 Causes of productivity decline in civil service
  • 2.7. Conditions for promoting productivity in the civil service
  • References

Chapter Three

3.0. Research Design and Methodology

  • 3.1. Introduction
  • 3.2. Research design
  • 3.3. Sources/method of data collection
  • 3.4. Population and sample size
  • 3.5. Sampling technique
  • 3.6. Validity / reliability of measuring instrument
  • 3.7. Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

4.0. Presentation and Analysis of Data

  • 4.1. Introduction
  • 4.2. Presentation of data
  • 4.3. Analysis of data
  • 4.4. Interpretation of result

Chapter Five

5.0. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

  • 5.1. Introduction
  • 5.2. Summary of findings
  • 5.3. Conclusion
  • 5.4. Recommendation
  • References
  • Appendix
  • Questionnaire

Chapter One

1.0. Introduction

1.1. Background Of The Study

With the emergence of modern states and the development of the organs of government the legislature, judiciary and executive arm of the state. The term civil service is used to describe those public servants who are direct employee of the federal and state government. Other than the public, the arm force personnel, the judicial personnel and the teachers. Its usage excludes also employees of statutory cooperation and board (Nwosu 1977).

According to Adebeyo (1980) the civil servants comprises all servants of the state other that those holding political appointments, who are employed in a civil capacity and whose remuneration are paid out of money voted by the legislature. Adamolekum (1983) sees the regard civil service as the body of permanent officials appointed to assist the political executives in formulating and implementing government policies.

The historical background of the civil service dated back to the end of the colonial masters and post independence period.

After the second world war there were about 14 British administration on the cecitation to Nigeria supported staff and one European stenotern the headquarter of the most technical departments was in Ebutometa that of the veterinary service was vow while that agricultural and forestry was in Ibadan field administration was coordination from two creative. Kaduna for the south. In 1939 Southern Nigeria was spitted into two regions Eastern and Western region respectively.

The Richard constitution in 1946 divided the Northern and Eastern regions. The Mcpheson constitution 1951 introduced the apartments of ministers for the regions and at the centre, there was also the suggest, the independence of the civil service between the politicians in office and the authorities of the central government. During the Lord Lugard era, the duties of all administrative offices were just that of maintaining law and order in the district only at the end of world was 2 (two) that effort were made to achieve some social and economic benefit for Nigeria.

It was at that time that such office like the department of marketing and export were established in the western Nigeria. Civil servants were told that policy making was the executive function of the legislature. So the civil servants were to do whatever the legislative wanted them to do on the eastern state, civil service were to give sound advice to the political leaders control the traditional aspects of the government activities and were also to be efficient executive who could manage and treat all the complex operations of modern states.

In the northern Nigeria the duties of administration of local government and finally to facilitate the emergence of an intelligent and responsible public opinion. The system of administration that emerged on independence was British in character, it was used as a medium of communication on the conduct of followed by another six years of oil boom which brought about extreme materialism.

These gave use of great indiscipline; corruption and a total contemplation of order within the whole society including the civil service and its role before and after independence, it is necessary at this state to defined the “productivity” which is the main objective of this research.

Productivity has been defined as the volume of goods and services produced per workers within some specified unit of the year month workday and hour for some years now there has been consistent public notary about continued decline of productivity in the civil service.

1.2 Statement Of The Problems

There has been consistent low productivity in the civil service since Nigeria become independence. This study is set out to asset the knowledge to job motivation and used of official work hours on the civil service in order to promote productivity. The problem are not a shortage of time but to use the time available.

The study will help administrators to discover better ways to as their time in order to produce more satisfying result in productivity. Time is different from other resources in other sense most resources must be purchased, this means they cast the move you value them, time is free many admonition don’t value it very much, this present another relative problem.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The purpose of the present study is too large extent explained by the titles promoting productivity in them. Civil service to be more specific the purpose are as follows.

  1. To identify the things that makes civil servants to performed below standard.
  2. And to determine the measure to be taken in order to arrest the situation.
  3. To find out the main cause of productivity decline in the civil service commission.

1.4 Research Question

The research question of the present study are of prompting productivity in civil service commission specially they are:

  1. What are the thing that makes civil servants to perform below standard?
  2. What are the main causes of productivity decline the civil service commission.
  3. What is the measure to be taken to arrest the situation?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The main significance of this study is to promote productivity in the civil service mainly in the Imo State civil service commission.

If the productivity of Imo state civil service commission is promoting the following people will benefit from it.

  1. The civil servants of the commission they will benefit in the sense that workers on the commission will be young good pay and allowances.
  2. The government will also benefit from the promotion of this case, government will no more be faced with the problems of state and complained that comes from the civil servants of the commission.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The scope of study focus on the strategies of productivity in civil service commission and the objectives of Imo state. Civil service commission in other to carry out research of this nature one would always require adequate provision of finance accurate limitation and time limit.

1.7 Limitation Of The Study

At the time questionnaire were distributed to some members of staff of Imo state civil service commission. Some felt reluctant to receive them on the pretence that they were too busy with office work some workers even complained that because they were every question.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

There are some terms in this research work which need to be defined in other to alert the scholar of the meanings.


It can be defined as the volume of goods and services produced by a worker within some specified unit of the year, month, weeks, days or hours.

Civil Service:

It can be defined as the body of permanent officials appointed to assist the political executive in formulating and implementing government policies.


Is the process of planning something of putting a plan into operations on a skillful way.


It is the ability that encourage people to believe in the values or important of something or that helps something to succeed. It is also the benefit enjoys by the same set of group of individual.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

This chapter is talking about summary, conclusion and recommendation. The researcher made in achieving his aim or purpose on the strategies for promoting productivity in civil service.

5.2 Summary Of Findings

The discussion/finding of this research study can be summarized and obtained from the test and study which clearly indicates the relevance of the factors considered to the promotion for productivity in the civil service. The factors considered include:

  1. Adequate knowledge of job recruitment of the motivation and the use of official working hours in the civil service there findings are consistent with the result of the research undertaken by fabrication new York and on the issue of the impact of detected job description and comprehension of job requirement is not essential for improving productivity. He argues that personal initiative and loyalty are more important consideration for improving efficiency. The relevance of the recruitment of qualified personnels and its impact on efficiency, is also unacceptable to “Chapman” but fabrication agrees with the contention.
  2. On the importance of incentives and motivation to increase efficiency, E.C Amucheasie in Nigeria agreed with the centennial. But Chapman argues that employees commitment to the objective of the organization is not dependent on incentive rather on personal attitude towards work. However the importance of such incentive cannot be under estimated.
  3. The need for regulating working hours as a necessity for improving efficiency is disputed by Chapman and he concluded in his research that flexible working hours tends to improve efficiency more than restricted or regulated working hours as this provides room for workers to discuss on how to improve and agree to regulate working hours tends to improve efficiency as it provides on parameter for objectivity in measuring work performance.

5.3 Conclusion

Productivity can be achieved through incentives and motivation in an organization its place in the organization system employment of the organinsation.

However, these are some constraint on the motivation techniques by the employer and employees of the civil service. The constraint problem borders on the attitude supervision improver planning of payment as at when due evaluations and time constraints are factors militating against effective productivity in organization.

In view of the becomes necessary for the employers to emphasis study in an official area the employed to be directed on what to study and elicit information or collect data that will be of use in the organization. The government regulations on the present contentious assessment should be adored to be the management of any organization in Nigeria especially the civil servant and some others whose management requires modification for effective productivity.

5.4 Recommendations

  1. Management should improve the working condition for the staff that the organization goals will be achieved and without good working condition the staff will not be comfortable to work thereby reducing the effectiveness of their work.
  2. They should try and have a communication link between them because communication is one of the tools that lead to effective management and employ skilled people in order to have an efficient output and to achieve their objectives.
  3. Management should be able to motivate their workers by paying their salaries when due.

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