Strategies Marketing Planning As An Essential Tool For Company Growth (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin)

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Strategies Marketing Planning As An Essential Tool For Company Growth (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin)


This research work aimed and attempt to the diversification as a means of company survival ion the competitive environment, the topic talks about the function, skills or strategy adopt by Nigeria Bottling Company to ensure implementation of justification in the economy theory.

Chapter one of this project background of introduction and historical background of Nigeria bottling company Plc, Ilorin, the organization structure of the Nigeria limited, the organization of the subject matter, chapter two cover strategic marketing planning the essential aspect of strategic marketing planning and limitation of strategy marketing why chapter three deals with sample techniques source of data, data analysis techniques, administration and strategic put in place by Nigerian bottling company, Ilorin Plant while chapter four deals with data presentation analysis, analysis questionnaire, analysis of hypothesis, testing of hypothesis, decision rule and discussion of research finding and chapter five deals with summary of the report, recommendation and conclusion references.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

The evolution of different companies with different products and increase rate of competition brings about the need to develop an approach which will serve as a guide and platform for the company’s.

There must exist within the company effective plan which will effectively ensure steady growth and development of the company especially in the face of depression in a developing country like Nigeria.

The role of strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for company growth can not be over-emphasized as it helps to define long time policy of the company and ways of achieving these effects for the company benefit, it is concerned mainly with the long term planning and related matters such as decisions making and formulation of policies.

Strategic marketing planning means finding alternatives opportunities and developing profitable marketing strategic, marketing strategic specifies a target market and related marketing mix. It is a big picture of what a firm will do in some market, it is a process of developing and maintain strategic plans between the goals of the company the capacities and its change marketing opportunities. It relies on developing a clear company’s objectives.

Hence the company’s management will be saddle with the responsibility of seeing their own plan work effectively as expected.

In conclusion, the function of management is to be seeing what is happening internally.

It marketing activities will be conducted mainly across the boundaries of management of all seeing not only marketing strategists.

1.2 Statement of the Research Problems

The various problems that encountered during the course of this research include whether strategic marketing planning is an essential tools for company growth in the alternative, strategic marketing planning may not be an essential tool for company growth, these two hypothesis must considered to know which of the two is vital and realistic.

Strategic marketing planning is a big picture of what a firm will do in some markets which need two interest parts which are the target market and market. Target market is a fairly homogenous groups of customer to whom a company wishes to appeal.

Marketing mix are the controlling variable the company put together to satisfy the need of their target groups.
Strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for company growth vis-à-vis marketing activities various problems may be encounter in the course of this project work which will be further analyzed subsequently.

  1. Strategic marketing planning can increase sales volume
  2. Marketing plan is a guide to implementation and control.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The research objective of the study which has the aim of examine the important phenomena strategic marketing planning as n essential growth, continuity and attainment of high performance in the company.

Based on the studies and observation, it will be noted that examine objectively of the study will have to be some of the marketing strategic taken up by the company as a policy to achieve its objective.

  1. The objectives of the study are to examine the impact strategic marketing planning in relation to the marketing activities of the company.
  2. Examine the ways and reason for identifying the customers need and want in the target market.
  3. Examine hoe the company needs to adopt an effective strategic marketing planning could with prevailing economic circumstances in order to remain viable in the competition industry.

Most organization in Nigerian has not leveled up to expectation of providing better and adequate goods and services to their customers, especially the rural dwellers, they only concentrate on making abnormal profit to the determent of customers. The study is very important because it will be markets to realize how effective strategic marketing planning is in organization, its development to Nigeria economy by its payment of taxes, duties, levels and payment opportunities.

1.4 Significant of the Study

The researcher is carried out in order to ascertain the impact of strategic management planning as adopted by many organizations, particularly, Nigeria bottling company Ilorin branches to what extent is it important to the social aspect of the company?

Efforts will also be made in this section to look into the problems encountered in the adoption of different strategic marketing planning in Nigeria bottling company. The study will help them to improve their sales to its consumers and all organization in general.

Many people believe that the important of existing company must be felt in its revenue generation and effectiveness in the adoption of strategic marketing planning out in place; to make sure they reach satisfaction stage of customer and even their own target.

This research attempt to dig into area of importance of strategic marketing planning to the growth of accompany” in Nigeria, case study of Nigeria bottling company Plc, Ilorin plant in doing this an attempt will be made to took at the various source of revenue generation through the adopted marketing mix. Above all, the optimum satisfaction of customers and its impact on the growth of the further research in the nearest future.

1.5 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The research will take a careful look at the level in Nigeria bottling company of NBC international, NBC Nigeria and NBC local. But for the purpose of clarity the scope of the study will be limited to Nigeria bottling company Ilorin Branch which covers the period of nine years.

Every research must be limited by some factors and this researcher is of no exemption some of the problems that may be encountered by. Thus researches are:

  1. Unavailability of relevant data which the company may regard as “scare” in the organization
  2. Inadequate information given to the research by respondent through questionnaire
  3. The research having high schedule for lecture and assignment.

Nevertheless the factors do not make the research irrelevant or invalid the questionnaire will be clear so as to make respondents. See clear and give relevant and sensible responses and answer.

However, the limitation of this study did not in anyway invalidate the work the research uses some of the officers to get the needed information for the investigation another problem encountered was that of actual getting respondents answering questions because they are always busy more so, after so many visits to the company, some relevant information to the study were acquired through staff in the marketing, personnel production and customer service manager in the organization as well as customer patronizing the company.

1.6 Historical Background of the Nigerian Bottling Company Plc

The Nigeria bottling company was incorporated in Nigeria in 1951 as a limited liability company while its first plant commercial production in 1993 at Oyingbo Lagos state. In 1953 it self its plant of Oyingbo, Lagos State with the product Cocacola in Nigeria market, this was the beginning of an existing story of growth and development, particularly during the last fifty two year, the sole volume of the Nigeria Bottling Company increased tremendously from the unit l5 million create in 1996 to 895 million creates per day which has brought about development of good number of sister company with all activities centered on the growth of the Nigerian economy.

Coca-cola as a product of Nigerian bottling company can be traced to discover its formula by Ralmertion fairly 1821 in south America who named the product “coke” the product was test marketed and found to be lively accepted in 1972, it went public end was quoted on the Nigerian stock exchange with 60% of its share held by the public and 40% held the parent company worldwide. The company held the Fanta lemon, for the bottling in Nigerian of all Cocacola range of soft drinks such as coke, Fanta orange Fanta lemon tones Fanta sold water Fanta block current sprite crest baiter lemon Limca gold spot Fanta Pancaffle and Schweppes

Nigerian bottling company employed over 7000 Nigerian in all field of operation and quality control remains the key word for which the success of the whole operation is determined the data glass company lightly is a company of operation. The crown product Ijebu Ode and Kano manufacture the crowns seal the bottle. The Benin plastic company makes the plastic creates for housing bottles.

The book ingredient are Carbon, Water, Sugar and critic is the secret of the company while sophistical washing and filling machine have been installed in all plants with high-level standard of product is not different anywhere around the world.

1.7 Definition of Terms

This is defined as the related term in the course of this research:

  • Strategic marketing planning
  • Target market
  • Essential tools
  • Marketing mix
  1. Strategic marketing planning: Are the organization long term or future decision toward finding after native market or opportunity and develop profitable marketing strategy.
  2. Marketing strategy specific a target marketing and related marketing mix. The targets are or are the potential buyer of our product.
  3. The related marketing mix is known as the marketing, it is represented by (PS) i.e. planning, pricing, product, promotion and placement. All these are marketing activities being carried out before the planning has to do with research, to know the need for the target market (component buyers) as to satisfy the need and wants.
  4. It is followed by pricing the product after producing the product.
  5. Promotion also knows as advertisement is creation of awareness about the availability of the market for the buyer.
  6. Placement distribution is market product available at the required place for access of the buyer to the product; it is called an essential tool because it enables the marketers to get the proper decision and plans to put in place to create utility satisfaction to the consumers at a profit.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

This chapter put the whole work in concise form with summary, conclusion and recommendation.

5.2 Summary

The time of this research is strategic marketing planning as essential tools for company growth, a case study of Nigeria Bottling Company Ilorin plant, in order to analyze the effectiveness of strategic marketing planning in the company.

The research divided the study into five chapters which focused on the background information of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study, justification statement of the research problem, literature review, and historic
al background of the company. The strategic put in place by the company, the analytic and interpretation of data.
In this research work, the research focused attention on the importance of strategic marketing planning on the growth of the company, between the time period of 200-2010, from the result gathered through the finding, the distribution of questionnaire and few personal interviews.

Strategic marketing planning of Nigeria Bottling has contributed immensely to the growth of the company, so also is profitability sales volume and the corporate image of the company.

The study also reveals the ability of the company to adopt also environment changes due to its dynamic nature. The study also reveals diagrams which are logical service of activities when completed throughout can lead to increase in the success of the company.

The role of strategic marketing planning was discussed; it helps in identifying the various attractive marketing opportunities available it was also discovers from finding that there exists factors that limit the company from achieving its stated objectives.

5.3 Conclusion

The ability and success to stay in the market with strong competitions depend solely on the interview improvement or strategic marketing planning of the company. Every organization specially the profit oriented ones must have found out the inevitability of the important on strategic marketing planning.

The purpose of this research is to examine the essential of strategic marketing planning as an essential tool for company growth which show the analysis that the focus or the study is a relevant one that an organization must take into consideration, in order to improve on its profit ability growth and development.

The research also success in various area like been able to discover the impact of an effective strategic marketing planning increasing the sales volume of the company the company ability to cope with environmental changes.
In conclusion strategic marketing planning according to the investigation indicated that it is highly essential to market and the company as a whole because a good foundation they say makes a strong building. Good and soli strategic marketing planning activities will surely have a positive impact on the company.

Therefore, a very well planed organization or company will always meet the objectives it sets to achieve, ineffective implementation makes meaningful its objectives, it is observed that organization should not deviate from their marketing plan if they intend meeting the set objectives and standard.

5.4 Recommendation

The researcher would like to make the recommendations to the management of the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) and other organization to improve on putting an end to the problem related to their strategic marketing plans. Adequate and sufficient information is very important in developing a plan in a blessed environment while inadequate information handles the company form achieving its set objectives.

The main reason for strategic marketing planning has been traced to the fact that marketers should not be caught unaware this will help the company involves in marketing activities adopt the policy to avoid their competitors over coming them by gaming larger part of the market share.

The marking manger should always be very well informed about the structure of het Nigeria organization and marketing system so as to improve and period enough information necessary to guide dealing in strategic marketing planning. The marketing department should also beg endue cognition and the importance of their strategic plan should always be acknowledge through devoting a separate unit for marketing activities to enable the company achieve its objectives the company should also be very careful in deciding which strategic marketing planning to formulate by detection which market strategic is the best option for the growth of the company by accessing to close as it being implemented finally the government should establish a business environment and regulate the economy to enable business organization to be very connective in het economic system of the country to avoid depression and dependents of the nation on foreign economy.

Strategies Marketing Planning As An Essential Tool For Company Growth (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin)

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Strategies Marketing Planning As An Essential Tool For Company Growth (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, Ilorin)


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