Need For Staff Training And Development

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Need For Staff Training And Development


Human resources in very important in any economy and as such, manager of these resources need to be well equipped and informed, so as to be able to organize, co-ordinate and effectively managed these resources.
Objective of the staff training and development is generally to improve and modify employee skill and educate them on proper procedure for carrying out tasks in accordance with organizational established standards.

The study is directed towards the evaluation of t he roles and importance of training and development in Ika South local Government Area of Delta-State. The findings of the research will help to identify the inadequacies prevalent in the manpower requirements in the area and offer suggestions as to how those in adequacies can be remedied.

The study is divided into five chapters, chapter one contains the introduction, statement of problems, purpose of the study, hypothesis, scope of the study, significance on the study and definition of the terms. In chapter two, relevant literature relating on staff training and development were reviewed. Chapter three is the research methodology. Chapter four contains the presentation and analysis of data, testing hypothesis and summary of the result while chapter five, is a summary of finding, conclusion and recommendations.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

Ika local government areas under study have a long history, although it cannot be trued specifically to definite period as it date back to ancient times. The area understudy have passed through a lot of stages right from the pre-colonial period when the area was under the ruler ship of the monarch (Obi) to the colonial period when it become known as Ika district council. This status was maintained until the country heard her independence from Britain of 1st October, 1960. it became known as Ika local government area, following the scrapping of the district councils.

The area was to remain as Ika local government area until 1991 except for the administration it witnessed during the second republic when the rampant creation exercise created as new local government area form it which was then call “Agbarawu local government area”.

It is important to note the (1991) census exercise estimate the population of Ika people as one hundred and twenty nine thousand, nine hundred and thirty five (129,935).
Ika south local government tress with its administration head quarter at Agbor consists of two clans namely:-

  1. Agbor clan
  2. Abaro clan

It is located in the northern part of Delta-State geographically. The area are affected by (2) major climatic condition prevalent in the Nigerian federation the rainy season and the dry season.

This very local government can boast of an appreciable number of institution and establishment, but the major ones are mentioned below:

  1. The Ika south local government headquarter Agbor.
  2. The state school of nursing Agbor.
  3. College of education at Agbor.
  4. Carmelite paint and chemical Agbor.
  5. Standard Trust Bank (Plc)
  6. Nigerian telecommunication Limited (NITEL)
  7. Nigeria postal service (NIPOST) Agbor
  8. First Bank of Nigeria, (Plc) Agbor
  9. Deinzs (Obi) palace Agbor.

It is important to not the objective of creating of local government which “Ika” is inclusive, according “Orewa” in his book principle of local government.

  1. To promote grassroots democracy
  2. To promote grassroots development
  3. Provision of social services
  4. To give the various communities as ensure of belong.
  5. To foster government nearer to the people etc.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The local government area is largely seen as the catalyst for industrial development in Nigeria. The possible statement of problems associated with or widely spread out in the local government of Ika south.

  1. The study will try identifying why there is so much inefficiency in the institution present in Ika south local government area.
  2. Determination of low productivity of workers in the area.
  3. Poor standard of service render in the local government (Ika).
  4. Difficulty in to adaptation of the learning, assimilation and proper understanding of the people within the said local government are (Ika).

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

The purpose for research on the need for training of staff in Ika south local government are listed before.

  1. In partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (H.N.D) in Business Administration and Management.
  2. To examine the prevalent inefficiency and effectiveness of workers in institutions located in the area understudy.
  3. To examine various leading theories of staff training and development.
  4. To make recommendation based on its findings, to these in management levels in firms in the locality for a better, more efficient and effective training programme.
  5. For determination of low productivity of worker in Ika south local government area.

1.4 Scope Of The Study

The scope of this study is limited to Ika south local government they are:-

  1. Ika south local government council headquarters, Agbor.
  2. College of education Agbor.
  3. Carmelite paint and chemical Agbor
  4. First Bank of Nigeria, Agbor Branch.
  5. State school of nursing, Agbor

The above mention institution in Ika local government area are the places where research was carried out and the project scope is limited to this research findings in the above mention places in Agbor, Delta-State.

1.5 Research Question

The following are the research question:-

  1. How do you train your staffs?
  2. Has the efficiency and effectiveness of worker of your organisation improves after training?
  3. How has the training and development of your organisation affected promotion.
  4. How is the training programmes of your organisation adequately to meet manpower development needs?
  5. How is this going to be put in place?

1.6 Research Hypothesis

The following research hypotheses are formulated based on the research objectives.
H0 = Null
Hi = Alternative

Hypothesis 1
  • H0: Lack of staff training & development causes poor management of staff.
  • Hi: Lack of staff training & development do not causes poor management of staff.
Hypothesis 2
  • H0: Staff training and development is a sure way for employers climbing organizational ladder.
  • Hi: Staff training and development is not a sure way for employers climbing organizational ladder.
Hypothesis 3
  • H0: Staff training and development is one way of appraising and recomuneration of employees.
  • Hi: Staff training and development is not one way of appraising and recomuneration of employees.

1.7 Significance Of The Study

The fact that quality of employee employed by an organization plays very dominant role on the quality and services that on the organization will not be underscored.

The significance of this study is therefore to enable workers in Ika south local government area appreciate the need for qualified staff and giving due recognition to training and development in order to achieve efficient and effective result.

The will also make us to appreciate the reluctance among staffs due to lack of training and development in the area under study. The study will enable us to pinpoint the major constraints that are likely to prevent the firms and institution in the area.

It will not only contribute to the role of personnel management as a disciple which is concerned with staff training and development but also how best staff of firms and institutions could make themselves useful both to their industry and the country at large.

The study also could contribute to the need for continuous pursuit to training and development particularly in the new world. Where changes in the terrain of scares and technology is the talk of the town.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

The limitations to this research work include the under listed:-

  1. Inadequate finance
  2. Literacy level
  3. Attitude of those interviewed
  4. Inadequate information
  5. Lack of adequate time

The above listed are the possible limitation that could hamper this research work and makes it difficult for further research.

1.9 Definition Of Terms

For the seek of nor professionalism in this particular discipline and some further researchers, “I” dim it fit to have a conceptual definition of terms repeatedly used in the project.

i. Bureaucracy:

A term used by max Weber to describe what he called rational legal authority in which and individuals power arises from the nature of his or her position, as prescribed by the organization’s rules and procedures. It simply means a system of government in department in which the state officials controller and not the elected representatives.

ii. Induction:

The process of introducing new employee into their job i.e brief orientation.

iii. Small Scale Business:

This is the small business controls a small share of the market and therefore, constitute a little quota in the large six market i.e. infant young growing business in small unit.

iv. Deconcentration:

Is defined as the arrangement under which the central government assign responsibility for the collection of revenue and provision of services at the local level to an agency appointed by the government.

v. Decentralization:

It is defined as a process whereby power, authority is transferred from the central government to the local government or to move a large organisation away from a single administrative to other places in the country.

vi. Recruitment:

A process of employing people to work in organisation.

vii. Training:

A process providing scope for impacting of knowledge or learning.

viii. Organization:

A group of individual who are co-operating willing and effectively working for a common end or goal.

ix. Orientation:

This is a process of teaching the new employee about your company, how things are done, and the tools used in dong them.

x. Development:

This will be seen as any learning activity which is directed towards future needs rather than present needs and which is concerned more with career growth than immediate performance.

xi. Local government:

This is the lowest unit of administration or government to these laws and regulations, the communities who like in a defined geographical area with common social and political ties are subject.

xii. Job:

This is explain as a particular piece of work or task, a paid position for a regular employment a responsibility, duty or function assign to a particular person.

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