Staff Motivation As A Tool For Effective Management In An Organization (A Case Study Of Ilorin West Local Government Council)

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Staff Motivation As A Tool For Effective Management In An Organization (A Case Study Of Ilorin West Local Government Council)

Chapter One

1.0 General Introduction

Every organization needs staff motivation in order to acquire or achieve their aims and objectives.

1.1. Introduction

An organization can be explain or defined as an entity of human and non-human resources which have been joined together to achieve a desired or predetermined or set organizational objective.

The organization in this sense will be characterized by pattern of human and material relationships, status, job responsibilities, rewards and rights that will either help or obstruct the achievement of corporate goals. It is reasonably certain that each member of the organization will have personal objectives tangential to those of the organization as a whole entity. To ensure effective and efficient management, there must be motivation.
Moreover, a clever policy maybe, attainment of organizational goals may be elusive if the implementation is to be handled by a set of disgruntled and indignant workers. Therefore, the need for a good and proper management of the available human resources of an organization cannot be over emphasized in the attainment of improved and high productive.

Then what really motivate workers? If in an organization there is no apparent rationality underlying compensation and reward chances that the organization may not achieve high productivity, but where the situation is favorable very pleasant result would be recorded. Behavioral Scientists like Fredrick Taylor (the propounder of the theory of scientific management) have been acclaimed for propounding theories one of which sees human beings as been economically motivated. Moreover, other writers like Maslow, Herzberg, MC Gregory and so on whose work would be examined later, have proved that apart from financial incentives and increased pay, there are other motivational factors.

Motivation of staff play a full role in the achievement of organizational objectives has been one of the most difficult tasks that confront managers and administrators of organization. The success of a manager solely rest on how effective and efficient which he is responsible and this effectiveness can be measured by the organizational efficiency and accomplishment of corporate goals which in turn depends on the level of mobilization of human resources available within the set up organization.

1.2. Statement of the Problem

The problems that staffs face in organizations or the factors that can be prime demotivators/ demoralizers are:-

  1. Under Assignment: The unskilled job assigned to skilled persons causing frustration.
  2. Buck mastership (expression coined by Parkinson):- Superior avoiding hard work themselves and passing on the same to their subordinates and finding faults.
  3. Cover Assignment: Good worker being overloaded to the extent that he feeds being exploited.
  4. Coercive type of supervision: Manipulative, divide and rule policy, making promises but not keeping them, encouraging groupism, etc.

All this factors are the factors that demotivate staffs in any organization. Its stand as an obstructor to the achievement of goals in organizations.

1.3. Purpose / Objectives of the Study

The purpose of this is mainly to detect the factor that could motivate the performance of the workers for effective management of any organization and of Ilorin west local government council.

This study will also attempt at identifying those factor that can modify or change the behaviour of the staff in terms of arousement of interest and inducement towards optimum performance and effective management. It is hoped that results obtainable independently from worker will assist management to make necessary adjustment in their existing policies to enhance staff motivation.

Therefore, the effects of the following factors on employee’s performance will be examined.

  1. Job contentment
  2. Monetary incentives
  3. Promotion prospects
  4. Training
  5. Welfare services
  6. Work environment

Apart from its specific importance of Ilorin west local government council, this study could also afford other government parastatals the opportunity of re-evaluating their existing policies within a view to build motivational factors into their welfare programmes in order to enhance individual and organization effectiveness.

1.4. Significance of the Study

This study is to afford the government parastatals the opportunity of re-evaluating their existing policies with a view to build motivational factors into their well being plans in order to enhance individual and most especially the effectiveness of the organization. There are some basic importances or significance that will be discussed in order to elaborate this study.

These are the following significance;

  1. To elaborate how effective tool is staff motivation to every organization.
  2. To expatiate on what motivate the workers in every organizations (both government parastatals and private sectors).
  3. To enlighten or to gives more understanding on what motivation is.
  4. To discover what motivate workers in any organization.

1.5. Research of the Methodology

The research methodology used in data collection involves the two major methods commonly found for this type of study. They are the primary method which involves the administration of oral interviews and questionnaire on respondents. The other method used entails the consultation of books, journals and other records from the libraries and government.

1.6. Scope and Limitation of the Study

The study covers both senior and junior staff of various grades and cadres in different disciplines as found within the council setup.

Also, selected relevant theories of motivation appropriate to the study have carefully considered.

1.7. Organization of the Study

This particular study is divided into five (5) chapters and these chapters are arranged as follows:-

The first chapter is the general introduction of the study which contains the statement of the problem, the purpose, scope and objective of the study others are methodology used, organization and definition of likely terms.

Chapter two deals with literature review. It involves the definition of motivation, the framework, the current trends in thinking and the summary of the chapter.

Chapter three deals with methodology on its own, the research methods used in the study. It involves the sample and population of the analysis and the research problems.

However the fourth chapter deals with data presentation where by brief history of the case study, presentation of data, analysis of data, testing of hypothesis will be analyze critically.

Lastly chapter five summarizes the whole work by a way of conclusion, recommendation and bibliography.

1.8. Definition of Terms


Reason for doing something.


Be the motive of, find a motive or incentive to, act as an incentive.


Managing or being managed. It is the achievement of organizational objectives through leadership.


Staff of secretaries of a large organization.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Recommendation and Conclusions

5.1 Summary of Findings

This research work as analyze more on the tools for effective management in an organization most especially in the local government council. It also made emphasis on motivation and examine it critically how it is a tool for an effective management.

This finding also briefs the history of the case study (Ilorin west local government). It also state the limitation in which the new researcher can face through their finds, it also recommend some effective tools for management and most especially the local government management or council.

This research work also appraise the staff and analyze more factors in which the staff can be motivated in an organization management.

5.2 Recommendation

Having analyzed and examined the findings through the data collected, the following could be used to further improve the efficiency and productivity of the workers of the local government council.

First and foremost, the personnel management department need no further embark on an aggression improvement of general welfare and working conditions of the staff of the local government council. This is not to say that management has been failing in its duties towards the staff, but it will still be greatly improved to meet the general expectation and needs of the workers.

Consequently, the management can still use the following methods to further create a mutually conducive atmosphere within which workers performance can successfully lead to achievement of organizational goals and objectives.

There should be a review of financial incentives policy on which various types of allowances could be introduced in addition to the existing ones in order to further motivate the workers. There is no doubt that the present earnings of the workers could not adequately sustain them, of course, the general feelings among the workers is that their earnings in the present day economic situation is not commensurate with the services they rendered, and that as such they could not adequately meet their basic physiological needs.

As a result of this, as the economic situation improves, it is suggested that more liberal granting of loans should be adopted by the council to motivate the workers also vehicle, housing or contingency loan.

Apart from this, promotion should continue to be used strictly on the principle of merit performance or other justifiable criteria which must be made known to the workers and should be adhered to. This is important because a hardworking worker obviously expects to be appropriately rewarded with promotion if this morale is not to be dampened. However, promotion should not be based on sentiments or other extraneous factors.

Also, the quality of the present welfare and recreational services and facilities enhance productivity. Delays and inadequacies in providing such services should be checked and new innovations made where necessary. Work environment should be well taken care of and required the necessary materials provided to allow for improved and higher performance.

Finally, it is suggested that there should be a forum at which both the general workers and the management staff would have the opportunity of interacting at least once in a year for better understanding and improvement social relationship.

This can have a far reaching position of physiological effects on the workers, especially when some forms of prices go along with such ceremony or programme. It will go a long way in giving sense of belonging in the organization.

5.3 Conclusion

Motivation is a management tool which is the key to effectiveness in any management and if it is well applied, will also go a long way in improving efficiency and output of workers.

From the research, the various techniques used to motivate the workers in the local government have been discovered. On the whole, it has been found that workers will be greatly motivated in a working environment where good communication and adequate information is given on the job, entrusting the responsibility on workers, training facilities, steady promotion and good salary structure are enjoyed. In short, workers will not function effectively if the above mentioned are inadequate.

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