Staff Motivation And Its Impacts On Achieving Increased Productivity In An Organization

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Staff Motivation And Its Impacts On Achieving Increased Productivity In An Organization


The investigation on staff motivation and its impacts on achieving increased productivity in an organization with particular reference to Guaranty Trust Bank Ogui Enugu was intended to investigate method used for by the said organization in motivating their worker which leads to increase in productivity in the organization.

In conducting the research, the researcher made use of two research instrument, the questionnaire and oral interview.

These were among management and the staff of the said organization.

In analyzing the data, it was revealed that among other things, that Guaranty Trust Bank has sufficient motivational values such as granting of loans, house allowance, car allowance to staff, loan promotion of staff etc which motivates workers to perform effectively and efficiently

Also the researcher observed that promotion exercise is something to be desired. This is done with taking merit criteria into consideration. It was discovered during the course of the study that workers were given due responsibility in order to carry out their assignment / task . in order to carry out their assigned

In conclusion, some of the following measures were recommended,

  1. Management of organization should continue to identify the needs of the employee from time to time
  2. They should abide by the system of monitoring workers attitude and behaviour in their various organizations.
  3. Areas of frustration to employees have to be removed by the employee
  4. All workers should be rewarded always or good performance

Chapter One

General Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

According to Burkus & Green (2008), motivation is derived from the word “motivate”, which means to move, push or influence to proceed for fulfilling a want (Kalmillah et al, 2001). Bartol and Martin (2002) describe motivation as a power that strengthens behaviour, gives route to behaviour and triggers the tendency to continue (Farhad et al, 2011). This explanation identifies that in order to attain assured targets, individuals must have satisfactory energetic and be clear about their destination. Every organization and business wants to be successful and have a desire to get constant progress. The context of this era is highly competitive and organizations regardless of size, technology and market focus are facing employee retention challenges. To overcome these restraints, a strong and positive relationship and bordering should be created and maintained between employee and their organization. For the purpose of achieving effective productivity, organizations design different strategies to increase high level of productivity through motivation (Okafor & Tentrige 2010). A very few organizations believe that the human personnel and employees of any organization are its main assets which can lead them to success or if not focused well, to decline unless and until the employees of any organization are satisfied with it, and are motivated for tasks fulfillment and goals achievement and encouraged, none of the organization can progress or achieve success.

Employee motivation is one of the policies of managers to increase effectual job management amongst employee in organization (Shadere et al 2009). A motivated employees is responsive of the definite goals and objectives. He/she must achieve, therefore, he/she directs his efforts in that decision. Rutherford (1990) reported that motivation formulates an organization more successful because provoked employees are constantly looking for improved practice to do a work, so it is essential for organization to persuade motivation of their employees (Kalimullah et al, 2010) getting employees to do their best work even in a serious circumstances, is one of the employees most stable and greasy challenges and this can be made possible through motivating them.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Motivation is one of the tools of enhancing employee’s efficient performance both in public and private organizations. And organization that wants to succeed must put in place an efficient and effective motivation tools for the achievements of incredible productivity in an organization.

However, there have been complaining about the nature of motivation in an organization. Is this a problem? What could be responsible for this? What are the motivation strategies in organization to what extent are these strategies relevant to employee performance? What factors contribute to motivation complain over the years? What impact has ecological factors on staff motivation in organization? These and many more questions are what the work will seek to provide answers to.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The main objective is to assess the impact of motivation in productivity in an organization. Specific objectives are:

  1. To identify various strategies used in motivation of staff in an organization for increased productivity.
  2. To assess the impact of these strategies towards increased productivity.
  3. To examine the problems confronting motivational strategies application in an organization for increased productivity.
  4. To make suggestion on how to improve motivation towards higher level of productivity in an organization.

1.4 Research Question

Based on the above stated objectives the following research questions are raised to guide the study.

  1. What are the strategies used in organization concerning staff motivation?
  2. Does these strategies impact on staff productivity?
  3. What are the problems confronting motivational strategies application in an organization?
  4. Is there any suggestion on how to improve motivation towards higher level of productivity in an organization?

1.5 Research Hypothesis

The following hypotheses are formulated based on the research questions raised.

  1. Ho: There is no significant relationship between strategies used in the organization concerning staff motivation and its impact on productivity.
    Hi: There is significant relationship between strategies used in the organization concerning staff motivation and its impact on productivity.
  2. Ho: There is no significant relationship between Strategies impact on workers’ productivity in an organization
    Hi: There is significant relationship between strategies impact on worker’s productivity in an organization.
  3. Ho: There is no significant relationship between Problems confronting motivational strategies application and increased productivity.
    Hi: There is significant relationship between problems confronting motivational strategies application in an organization.
  4. Ho: There is no significant relationship between Suggestions on how to improve motivation towards higher level of productivity in an organization
    Hi: There is significant relationship between suggestions on how to improve motivation towards high level of productivity in an organization.

1.6 Significance of the Study

It is investigated that at the completion of this research the findings may be of immense benefits to the following:

The Private Organization:

This study could enable the incumbent management team to discover certain efficiency buried in previous years performance

The Sun Centre:

Study enables the organization to identify factors that can lead to the success or failure of the Sun Centre and any organization which attributes to staff motivation.

Other Researchers in similar Discipline:

It may be of help to other researcher within and outside the institution of private organization in the Sum centre, even about this level of higher National diploma; another researcher might use the study as a source of reference when conducting a research in similar problem of related filled.

1.7 Scope and Limitation of the Study

The research is restricted and confirmed within the research to staff motivation and its impact on achieving increased productivity in an organization.

However, this study has obvious limitations. One of such limitations, limited time and in adequate finance to carry out the study. Another is that the researcher conducted this study coupled with other academic activities.

1.8 Definition of Terms


This is an essential ingredient to good staff. Motivation is derived from the word motive and is a desire operation on a person’s will and causing that person to act. This definition which is conceptual in nature, which tries to condition us to believe that motivation, is an internal process, which makes people to act in a particular way for one reason on the mother which must be given importance to him or her. Sabastine (2013).

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendation

5.0 Introduction

In this chapter, an attempt was made to present and interpret the obtained results based on the data collected. It was found that concern was the motivational factor that mattered most, to the majority of the respondents used for the study. Familiarity was rated second generally for most of the respondents. It was rated over concern in some cases.

5.1 Summary of Findings

The study however revealed the fact that incentives as driving force did not carry as much weight as concern and driving force in terms of affecting the approach to work of the respondents. The study sought to show the effect of the above stated variables on the behaviour of the workers in GT Bank. In so doing, this study took a close look at the organization and its performance in terms of the stated objectives. In particular, the study examined the effects of adequate incentives and motivational factors other than money in the effective functioning of the organization and offers suggestions for improvement. Management come and go, but the workers remains and in fact remains always the continuing link and force.

5.2 Conclusion and Recommendations

This study revealed that the workers motivational processes in GT Bank have undergone tremendous change since the organization was established. The seeming loss of one of the most cherished and envied hallmarks of the organization job security and the uncertainties about wages and salaries would appear to have greatly affected the workers morale everywhere in Ghana. Under such a condition, workers cannot give their best and expected return or output from the job. The management would now need to take an urgent step to look into the problem if the employee is to achieve her stated objectives.

Immediate steps should be taken by management to make workers re-establish confidence in the new administrative system so as to restore or raise the morale of the employee. The level of commitment required of the workers calls for more incentives and other motivational solution. And based on the findings of this study, the following suggestions are offered for the future motivation of employees: –

  1. In disciplining officers, the sure processes should be followed and the officers should be given a hearing and opportunity to defend any accusations of wrong doing;
  2. There should be more consultation between the board and the managers on one hand, and the managers and the workers on the other. The use of the internal memo as the channel of resolving crisis or communicating grievances with the staff by the line managers should be discontinued;
  3. Staff development to enhance productivity and promote self fulfillment should be encouraged as a matter of deliberate policy;
  4. There should be a review of the reporting system and reporting staff should be inducted in the act of reporting to make the grading in the reports more uniform;
  5. There should be a searchlight on the leadership style in the organization and efforts should be made to promote only productive and effective workers. If this is to be achieved, appointment to leadership positions in the organization should weigh more towards capability of the staff that have attained the basic conditions, rather than on brotherly relationship or god father;
  6. The CEO of Guarantee Bank should establish an adequate motivational unit in the bank whose main function will be to monitor and promote morale boosting activities in the bank. Such a Unit should carry out studies on the welfare of the workers compare to similar organisation, and make available their findings a data for planning and implementation of reward system in the GT Bank;
  7. In deploying workers or assigning responsibilities to them, cognizance should be taken of their expertise, strengths or weaknesses so as to make the job meaningful for the staff and at the same time same enable them achieve greater productivity;
  8. Efforts should also be geared at work enrichment for the staff in the various cadres, and more opportunity for decision-making should be given to supervisors.
  9. There is need to fish out talents for reward to serve as incentive to them, and create an aspiration for others to aim at
  10. The management should strive at introducing staff bus; cafeteria building so as to provide better and suitable relax environment, and create a work climate that can promote efficiency and productivity.

Finally, it is believed that if the management makes positive effort at implementing these suggestions, ‘the company will regain its cherished traditions and boost productivity. The self-esteem will be heightened and the workers will work with a strong sense of mission and dedication to duty so that they can effectively assist in the management of our scarce resources for the attainment of organizational‘s policies, objectives and programmes.

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