Social Consequences Of Broken Homes On The Academic Performance Of Children: A Case Study Of Iguekhiho Community In Ovia South West Local Government Area Of Edo State

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Social Consequences Of Broken Homes On The Academic Performance Of Children: A Case Study Of Iguekhiho Community In Ovia South West Local Government Area Of Edo State


This research work was carried out in order to find out the effect of broken homes on the academic performance of a child. Some social and academic maladjustment, which are likely to affect a child’s performance in school, were identified, coupled with three hypotheses to test and proven them. The instrument used in the collection of data was questionnaires which consisted of twenty (20) question sub headed under four sections. Parents in Iguelahia community area of Edo state was selected and a total number of 50 parents were used which formed representative and sample for the study. The statistics methods used in the analysis of the data was simple percentages. It was discovered that children from broken homes perform badly than children from stable and happy homes. Furthermore, the findings proved that children from monogamous homes perform better in schools than their counterparts from polygamous homes. The study proffered suggestions to alleviate the identified problems.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Man exist in society where education is one of the important process in the transmission of knowledge, skills, ideas and values in order for them to become useful to themselves and the society. It is accepted that a child’s background has a powerful effects on the life.

An African maxim says that “a child who is cared for, loved and who is aware that his parents are interested in him and his academic performance will strive to work hard so as to please his parent based on the aforementioned the time after school would be judiciously spent in diligent study and doing some assignments and home work instead of loitering or playing with friends.

The study shows that there are many factors, which affects a child’s academic performance in school, such as the cultural and economic environment in which the child is nurtured. Examples are sex (gender), ethnicity and religious background.

The rate of broken homes are increasing unprecedented, consequently and it is necessary for the psychologist and teacher to find out the relationship between houses and academic achievement of the concern children.

Parent (1970); homes are a dwelling place we want on to say that it is also a place of natural shelter from rain, sun and cold which is the season. The other point he stressed on was security and care while we concluded by the fact that it provide a place for happy family life with room and equipment for preparing and eating means for recreation.
When a student imagines his home a “Vacuum Can” Which exposes him or her to same problems in the environment.

In some societies in Nigeria and other Parents of African such children are regarded as neglected.
ISAKE and others (1984), mother are considered as the backbones or major providers of programme of services to individual child.

Based on the needs and understanding of his environment. They said children from broken home feel very sad when they lack the carrying, affection, security and concern for lovely home.

Those children are supposed to enjoy. Such children tend to develop a kind of inferiority complex, and aggression, hostility, reserved and isolated among their pear groups. They said when children are not secured and not enjoying the love and parental up bringing, it will affect the cognitive loved of the children, thereby affecting their academic achievement.

However, as the home became as insecurity, place, the children are respond by developing tension, prostration and aggression and anger and hatred toward on or both parents because of their behaviour, that lead to separation and also broken homes could causes the children to feel isolation and humpies.

Yusuf (1981), reveal that 60 – 70% of backward students of primary Schools in Jere Government Area, are those children from broken homes, some of them are rerunning errant, while some of them do not have adequate school material that will help them study.

Hence, there are frustrated and psychologically disturbed, when they are in classroom as a result they cannot do well in the school activities.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The importance of education cannot be over emphasized. The problems in this research are that education has a tremendous impact on ones life. Therefore, the home is the primary source of education for a child. Every child has he or her own home background. The study digs into how the home background affect he students academic performance

The statement of the problem is therefore stated thus, to what limit do broken homes causes by separation divorce or death of parents affect children or student academic achievement. The children social life could also be affected because they became a problem to their society juvenile delinquency, introvert, behavioural disorder etc. that is a sociological deficiency.

The study investigated the extend lack of parental are affection an security plus discipline affects student academic achievement of students in Iguelahia community Area.

1.3 Aims of the Study

The purpose of this is to investigate into the home background and students academic performance with comparative studies on whether children from broken home perform well academically

The objectives of the study are:-

  1. To determine the number of pupils of students from broken home in the selected primary school in Iguelahia community Area.
  2. To determine whether actually broken homes have any effect on children, students or pupils academic achievement.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. Does lack of parental care, affection and love affect students academic achievement in school?.
  2. Does lack of Parental security affect pupils or students?
  3. Does lack of parental discipline of affect student academic achievement?

1.5 Hypothesis

The following hypothesis will be tested.

  1. Broken marriage has become an every day occurrence in the society.
  2. There is a correlation between the child’s/parents relationship and the students performance in school.
  3. Most children are being brought up by single parents rather than both parents.

1.6 Significance of the Study

Education is of vital importance to the individual as well as to the nation. Therefore the home background of a child dictates the progress of an individual in a learning situation. To this end this study aims to some extent see how this affect a child in his academic achievement through the study will only be restricted to Primary to Primary School e.g Mafoni Galtimari Primary School in Iguelahia community Area.

The findings may likely be applicable to other part of the state and also the country at large. Thus, with the introduction new national policy of education (U.B.E).

The investigation will be an effective tool in the hands of guidance and counseling personnel’s and also psychologist.

It would also be relevant to teachers in order to help their students despite the problem in the study will also attempt to some extent suggested some hopeful advice and counseling to people who may like to apply them to their marital life situation.

1.6 Scope of the Study

The study covers Iguelahia community Area as a case study on the effect of broken homes on student academic achievement.

The study is limited to some selected Primary School in Iguelahia community Area examples of selected primary Schools are:-

  • Old Maiduguri Primary School
  • Goni Kachallari Primary School.
  • Muna Koreri Primary School.
  • Shehu Sanda Kyarimi Primary School.
  • Gambori III Primary School.

1.7 Definition of Terms


A young person from birth to the age of full physical development; a boy or girl

Broken Homes:

A home where the marriage is unstable and has become a failure.

Academic Performance:

The scores an individual obtain in a class test or examination based on his learning experience in school.


This is the legal union of a man and woman to become husband and wife


A young person in the process of developing from a child into an adult i.e. roughly between the age of 13 and 17.

Broken Homes:

Broken homes in this with parental being separated as a result of death divorce and willful but temporally staying apart.

Academic Achievement

Here it refers to how well or how poorly a child can perform in the school.


This is place where people live together as a family.


This is an illegal dissolution of marriage.

Juvinal Deliquency:

This is a wrong doing by Young person.

Behavioural Class Order:

This is a situation where an individual abnormal character such as stealing, fishing, aggressiveness toward other hostile etc

Chapter Five

Summary Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

This research work studied the effects of broken home on student’s academic achievement in Iguelahia community Area.

The work was organized into five chapters.

  • Chapter one presented the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research question, relevance the study, scope of the study and operational definition of terms.
  • Chapter two also presented the review of related literatures by some researchers and educational covering the theoretical framework and nature of broken homes, and it relation to achievements, implication of divorce of academic achievement, broken home implication to the teachers in school setting, summary of literature review and uniqueness of the study.
  • Chapter three comprises of research design, population and sample research instruments, procedure for data collection and method of data analysis.
  • Chapter four also consist of presentation and analysis of data discussion of results.
  • Chapter five covered summary, conclusion, recommendation and suggestions for further studies.

5.2 Conclusion

The study conclude that, most of the respondents are not staying with their parents. They perform below expectation due to the, lack of security care and discipline in school are not been paid.

The study further concluded that some of the factors which causes psychological effects on students academic achievement as a result of broken home, are lack of care security and discipline.

5.3 Recommendation

The following are the broken stated recommendation of the study:-

  1. The government should create academic and counseling units in schools with adequate found, while students from broken homes should be given proper guidance and counseling concerning their psychological needs and social problems towards their studies for appropriate discipline.
  2. More learning materials should be provided to the students from broken homes by their parents and guidance for effective learning
  3. Proper monitoring, security and discipline should be given to the students by their guidance and single parents.
  4. Government should found or create sufficient orphanage homes and finance them so that they will take care of broken homes.
  5. Religious scholars should offer to parents on dangers of broken homes and their effect on academic performance.
  6. Principal and teachers should monitor the affairs of students from broken homes and counsel them from time to time in their schools.

5.4 Suggestion for Further Studies

More studies should be taken on the influence of broken homes on student’s academic achievements.

On the other parts of the country, since this research was only limited on Iguelahia community Area.

A study to be undertaken on the comparative analysis of broken homes students and normal students and their academic performance

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a broken home affect a child’s academic performance?

Broken homes could cause the children to feel isolation and humpies, hence, they are frustrated and psychologically disturbed even when they are in classroom. As a result, they cannot do well in the school activities. If Parental relationship plays a very important role in determining the academic performance of their children in school.

How do broken homes affect child personality formation and socialization?

Home play very significant role in child personality formation and socialization, broken homes are identified as one of the factor that undermined the socialization process at home, which consequently affect the performance of student.

What are the objectives of the broken home study?

The objectives of the study were to: identify the causes broken home, find out how broken home affect children, ascertain the impact of broken homes on the academic achievement of female students and valuate measures would the government take in reducing cases of broken homes.

How does a broken marriage affect students’ academic performance?

The study findings showed that broken marriages contribute a lot to student’s poor academic performance, psychological problems academic performance and delinquent behavior among students.

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