The Significant Of Marketing Concept To Retailing (A Case Study Of Cadbury Nigeria Plc)

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The Significant Of Marketing Concept To Retailing (A Case Study Of Cadbury Nigeria Plc)

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

Marketing has probably been with us ever since The Serpent tented eve to consume a certain apple but it is more scientific professional form marketing is more recent.

It seems to have developed in proportion so the growth of industries in general from a simple to a more complex form of production and distribution of goods and service.

The initial stage of development was that of barter. The producer of a community supplied the consumer of it directly face to face was paid for it with another commodity which the consumer had produced in his turn.

The next major stage was that of professional production using an intermediary as distributor and employing the mechanism of money and not barter that is a retailer emerged paid and probably was dominant figure in the transaction.

Following the industrial revolution, a further stage of evolution, occurred with the development of mass production of goods and services. New factories commodities unable to produce for own requirements. Along with standard product of a standard quality with a standard name.

But this stage was probably production oriented or production domination. There came a time when mass production becomes type of product emerged in this situation, it was essential to get more distribution, more shop display better support them, the completion in this phase the company sales man become the figure, the period was sale predominated.

Is consumers incomes increased and consumer attitudes developed, great sovereignty choice emerged. Sheer availability in the store shear product display was not enough. The consumer had to be won over at a time when the consumer becomes the dominant force, the marketing concept truly emerged.

This is the phase we are in now that is to say marketing in conjunction with a variety of force from which it is inseparable.

  1. The consumer
  2. Free availability of competitive products
  3. Free choice
  4. Consumer discrimination

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The statement of the problem include; shortage of materials to produce the product, insufficient capital, inadequate manpower, problem of directing marketing effort to individual, consumer or user and used of marketing mix in the market and poor environment.

1.3 Aim and Objectives of the Study

The aim and objective of the study include:

  1. The market concept should provide good material in order to provide useful for their customer.
  2. The used of marketing mix would done accurately for the process of product in the market.
  3. The market concept must provide sufficient capital to buy material that is well used for the product.
  4. The market concept must directing marketing effort to the individual consumer.

1.4 Significant of the Study

It imperative of this stage to appreciate fully the significant of study marketing concept policy in an organization to both the manufacturing and the selling function in any company.

Therefore, it’s an important result of the use of marketing concept that corporation in organization effort is well coordinated every employer is working towards a common goal.

This individual and department each have their individual goals which are likely to produce hostilities, frictions and general ineffective organization performance. The marketing personnel have the responsibility of seeing that all employees are acting in accordance with the marketing concept.

One way of doing this is by communicating to manager of the importance concept and placing with marketing background at head of organization is helpful and this regard.

In addition, marketing personnel can act as a customer spokesman within the institution. If other personnel take actions that are not in accordance with the marketing personnel can attempt to override the action or persuade the action that they are wrong.

1.5 Limitation and Constraints of the Study

The study look only at those factors that are considered before marketing concept are used or determine in the retail marketing activities. Therefore, the researcher will not cover manufactures or producers should.

To do this a different researcher is require it should also be noted that marketing concept in the traditional retail marketing is quite different from marketing concept setting in the supermarket and should not be compared. The research will not cover anything about the purchasing about the purchasing power and consumer behaviours.

This research will be faced a number of problems first in importance are time and resources constraint which influence scope and size of this project.

Language is the second serious constraints of te study because of composition of the people that are fund in the market Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo and other minus to interpret the questionnaire is another barriers.

Since this project in finding out something dealing with money local people may not understand and can take one for tax collectors or price control agent, this refuse to guide the appropriated information needed.

Solution to the Problem

To get resources we need money and the money is being get from bank through loan and used it to buy resources to produce the product for the customer.


In order to produce quality product is to buy resources form the right time, That is why my resources at the right time in order to meet market expectation on my product.


In a market there are different language but all my customer in the market know how to speak English language, that is why I used English language to discuss with my customer.

1.6 Definition of Related Terms

Marketing Concept:

Is a consumer or orientation backed by integrated marketing aimed at generating customer satisfaction as the key to satisfy the need of customer satisfaction as the key to satisfy organization goal.

Marketing Concept:

Start with the with the firm potential customer and their needs and programme to satisfy the need of customer.


Is the marketing activities that result from mass production originally from industrial revolution.

Marketing Test:

This is used in forecasting the state of a new channel of distribution or tertiary where buyer do not plan their purchase carefully or are very erratic in carrying out their intentions or where expect are not very good guessers direct market test is desirable.

Opinion Test:

Opinion test has to do with measuring the forecasting sales plan. This is done by turning to customer, or expert dealer distributors e.t.c using group discussion method to know their aim and altitude and motive behind purchase of a product.

Intention to Buy:

This is used to know why some customer do make certain purchase. It is similar to opinion test only that it does not deal with expert, it deals with the entire customers.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

This study was intended in summarize my observation as I found in Cadbury Nigeria plc, my opinion based on analytical tools employed during the cause of this project will also be stated as I rightly think of it.

As I stated early in the second chapter of this project, a single concept without relationship with other concepts is meaningless, therefore a marketing concept in the findings of this project, the researcher discovered that the application of the marketing concept significance does not occur in marketing because marketing concept take place before production of goods and service commence, while retailing concept take place after production.

Therefore, retailing concepts are paramount to this project because of the roles the play in satisfying the need and wants of customers. It is very shops and stall nearer to the customer for the convenience purpose, therefore, the retailer are more numerous than manufacturers.

Another important finding in the project is that he retailer are more useful to consumer that the manufacturers because the retailers make goods available to the customer at appropriate time with the required quantity.

5.2 Conclusion

The following conclusions could b drawn from the findings from the significance of the marketing concept it stated that the primary purpose of the organization is to serve consumers at a profit, while the retailing concept is the anticipating of customers need and wants by the retailers.

Therefore, both concepts are interrelated exchange the anticipation of customers needs and wants and provision of wide assortment of goods for the customers to choose from in turns making profit through their satisfaction. The relationship between the two of them is that is show a shift and provides emphasis to satisfy the needs of the buyer rather than product or sales orientation which satisfies the needs of the producer or sellers.

5.3 Recommendations

The researcher work recommend to the retailer at Cadbury Nigeria Plc to make use of the marketing concept which preached the satisfaction of the customer needs and wants, rather than sales oriented in nature which is now prevail in the market, the data collected shows that retailers are profit oriented rather than consumer oriented.
Another recommendation to the retailer is the price different charges on their goods to the customers at market which believed should be abolished for normal price to prevail in the market. The retailers at the market showed from themselves into an association which would represent the interest in the society, and the association should perform the function of buying their goods collectively from the middle to save them, some cost of transportation from the place of purchase.

The functions of retailers cannot be over-emphasized in the area of the industrial growth nations and other world where to sell their product in abroad to different customers at different places. Therefore, retailers should be educated about their roles in the society because they are the last link between the producer and consumers.
Therefore, retailer should be able to interpret the date of expire product to where it was purchased informed trade in system and the retailer should not engaged themselves in selling the product that is harmful to human consumption.

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