The Significance Of Branding To Effective Marketing Of The Tobacco Products In Nigeria (A Case Study Of International Tobacco I.T.C.)

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The Significance Of Branding To Effective Marketing Of The Tobacco Products In Nigeria (A Case Study Of International Tobacco I.T.C.)


This study researched into significance of branding to effective marketing in Nigeria for market penetration. It examined the significance of branding to effective market penetration. The study wet further to evaluate the poor quality branding exercise on the market penetration and its effect on the organizations concerned. marketing on previously formulated hypothesis. The study discovered that effective marketing of consumer product determines the level of sales as opposed to the tentative. Hypotheses. It was concluded that branding helps stimulate demand for products.

Table of Content

  • Title Page
  • Certification
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

  • 1.1 Background of the Study
  • 1.2 Statement of Problems of the Study
  • 1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study
  • 1.4 Significance of the Study
  • 1.5. Scope of the study
  • 1.6. Limitation and Constraints to the Study

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Definition of Marketing
  • 2.2 Marketing Mix and Variables
  • 2.3 Function of Marketing
  • 2.4 Marketing Philosophies
  • 2.5 Concept of Branding
  • 2.7 Types of Branding
  • 2.8 Appraisal of Branding Strategies
  • 2.9 Significance of Branding to Alternative

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology

  • 3.1 Research Design
  • 3.2 Definition of Population
  • 3.3 Data Collection Method
  • 3.4 Data Presentation and Analysis Techniques

Chapter Four

4.0 Data Presentation and Analysis

  • 4.1 Brief History of Case Study
  • 4.2 Data Presentation and Analysis
  • 4.3 Data Analysis
  • 4.4 Test of Hypothesis

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

  • 5.1 Summary of Report
  • 5.2 Conclusion
  • 5.3 Recommendations
  • References

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

A brand is a name, word, make term, letter, device or some combination that is used by manufacturer or some combination that is used by merchants to identify their goods and services and to distinguish them from those of competitions.

Branding plays a vital role in product quality that it’s important cannot be over emphasized.

A product without branding or means of identification or means of differentiating it from that of its competitive production has very little or no stand in a competitive market.

The first decision is whether a company or its deals should even put a brand name on specific products, producers and middle men sold cases without any supplier identification. The earliest signs of branding were in the efforts of medical guides to require craftsman to put trademark of their craftsman to protect the consumer against inferior quality by allowing producer to be traced

In the United States, the earliest brand promotes were the patient medicine manufacturers growth in branding occurred after the civil war with the growth of national firms and national advertising medical. Some of the early brands are still with us. Such as “Brodens condemned milk, quaker oats, Vaseline and wory soap.

Interest in branding has been so dramatic that today in the united state, hardly anything is sole branded salt is packaged indisfunctive manufactures contained oranges are stamped with growers name, common nuts and bolts are packages cellelopiance with a distributors labels and various parts of automobile a spark plugs, tyres, filters carry visible brand name different from the names of automobile. Ever chickens hell recently been branded successfully.

1.1 Background of the Study

Therefore companies brand names should not be treated lightly but as an integral re – enforcement of the product concept, it is the duties of the companies to build a unique brand name that will eventually become identified with the generic product. It is worth recognizing at this stage that many companies fail because they do not brand their product to differentiate them from the others sometimes the pressure for branding came out from the distribution or ultimate buyers or consumer.

Distributor may want brand name as means of marking the product easier to handle identifying suppliers, holding production to contain quality standard and increasing buyers preference.

Ultimate buyer want brand names to help them identify the product they want. The brand names to help them identify the product they want. The brand name has informational value to buy without it they could not have shop in modern supermarket with a whole lot of different product.

Through product differentiation and branding seller develop a customer by loyally some companies organized their operation around the various brand. For example P.2. Industries Lever Brothers Nigeria Limited and A.J. Steward have separate divisions organized for products. As individual manage is place in change of each products or brand.

The national behind brand and product management is that, it is desirable to have a single person coordinating the planning and strategy for a product, rather than having numerous individual managers, the various marketing activities for many products under a brand manage system, there is a tendency for each brand manager to fail to see the total picture and demand more company resources than his or her product should receive still the brand management method of organization retains the major advantages of designating a specific individual as being responsible for coordinating the total marketing strategy for a product. This selection of brand is not a casual process. Names convey images that can help or hunt a product.

Benson, white London, brown London, sm. Rothmans, convey executing and favorable images. The desirable qualities of brand name include.

  1. To avoid infringement and to provide a distinctive identification of product, such as “benson”
  2. Suggestion of benefit so as to increase the products appeal such as “Rothmans”
  3. Easy to pronounce, spell recognize and remember to aid repeat purchases such as SM. While London benson, etc.
  4. Suggestive of desirable product qualities such as aspen, marboro, Rothmans

Being destructive is especially important in naming a completely products, because the brand name may become almost spononymous with the generic title of the product.

  1. Good brand name meets two important requirement
  2. Maximum promotability
  3. Minimum risk or loss of ownership right

1.2 Statement of Problems Of The Study

Branding is the practice of identifying a product or line of products by a special name or symbol to organization corporate image.

  1. To highlight the problems faced by organization in the choice of brand.
  2. It may be costly for dealer to develop the demand for the brand
  3. Distributors assumed the risk and cost of carrying inventory because they are usually required to buy in large quantities.
  4. To discovers whether distributor brand will often compete directly with a manufacturer brand
  5. To explain buyer good – will to a product is describe to the distributor, and buyer loyally to the distributor, not to the manufacturer
  6. To suggest something about the products characteristics or benefit
  7. Purchased as a result of deceptive brand identified and them corrected so that he could make a repeat purchases?

1.3 Aims and Objectives of the Study

The aim of this study is to evaluate the significance of branding to effective marketing.

  • To assist buyers in the identification of specific products they like or do not like.
  • To facilitate the purchases of items that satisfy individual needs.
  • To and buyers in evaluating the quality of products because brand symbolizers a certain quality level to a purchaser.
  • To brand psychological rewards to the buyer of the branded product line a brand may have a considerable status associated with it

Secondly, to know the extent to which brand as a promotional strategy has really helloed, the manufacturer and the middle man in marketing their product.

Thirdly, this study will afford manufacturer the economic justification for branding product, Also the different methods that can be sued to distinguished a product from another will be enlighten on why consumers are loyal to specific product and not other.

Finally, the aims and objectives of the study lead to a source acknowledge for students who are studying business are in particular marketing to why companies brand their product. It will also be of great assistance to potential manufacturers in future. This is because branding can make the difference between success and failure of profit and loss of the organization.

1.4 Significance of the Study

By branding the product, a procedure or distribution topic to develop among consumers position and confidence attitude towards his product. That will give it a market position supervisor to that held by unidentified product, they may be willing product.

Even when consumers will not pay more, if consumers preference can be developed ,dealer may be induced to handle the product for smaller margins.

In competing with there branded product. The owner of a particular brand feels that he secures the good with arising from satisfaction with product. Through branding, the owner hopes to make his product special so that customers not only will request it specifically, built will refuse to accept substitute. Through branding, the branded development habitual use of his product to the extent that selection of the brand become routine his position is then insulted because competitor have to break the habit pattern in order to have opportunity to send to his customers branding also permits the owner of the brand to give brand preference to other product organized as a line or family of product marketed under the same brand. This makes line extension and the introduction of new product easier.

It may also reduced promotional cost because part of this benefit from any advertising is gamed by all products marketing under the same brand name in the light of the above reason, I am interesting in studying the significance of branding to effective marketing of the tobacco product s in Nigeria.

1.7. Scope of the Study

This scope of the study is designed to make research on branding and know how it has helped the manufacture in his products effectiveness in its marketing undertaking as well as the consumers. The study was concentrated an a manufacturing company sited in Ilorin. It was intended to know how the manufacturer use branding to persuade consumers and society in general. The principal scope of the study include the identification of the problem that the manufacturer will encounter when he is trying to use branding as a means of marketing his branded product and the kind of relationship that exists as a t the particular period and the objectives of the study which will be eminent to the researcher.

1.8. Limitation and Constraints to the Study

In the course of carrying this project, worth allot of constraints were encountered among which are non response by some respondents, lack of cooperation form some of the customer, financial constrain and lack of time.

Firstly, this difficult for the researcher to distribute the questionnaire to all the customers that patronize international tobacco company in Ilorin, out of the questionnaires distributed some were not returned.

Secondly, lack of cooperation was experienced from the customers. They were complaining of their time been wasted. Also some of the company’s staff in getting out information as they were termed “official secrets” hence, This not easily to get necessary in department information that could help the researcher to make predictions after they must have been worked upon. The financial position of the researcher and the cost of research materials impinge on the extent of the investigation. More so, the time allowed to carryout the research work is too short. In spite of all the above mentioned construes the researcher still comment same respondents for their useful suggestion and constructive criticism.

Finally , branding is excessively expensive on most of our products, this brand special design made on such products is costly. The aspect of selecting a good brand name is very difficult mostly to the marketing management .

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Report

During the process of carrying out this project, a lot of facts were discovered by the researcher which can benefit to cigarette producers if given adequate attention. The significance of branding cannot be schemed out in the process of promotion a product. It was shown that most consumers based their preference on brand name while price and quality are less considered in this respect.

However, customer still claimed factors such as quality, price, brand name and quality of the product do not always propel them to make purchases, but the availability of such product in the nearest market or shop customers recognition and identification of products greatly aided by brand name, symbol and colour which were in greater percentage of customer opinion although few still identify he product through information from friends and relatives.

Branding is necessary in the manufacturing companies for sound achievement of their objectives when not given the proper attention, this may have contain disrupts in the marketing of the product. Branding has becomes very essential in the manufacturing companies whereby in many exclusive theories. These companies the research finding show that consumer Are brand loyal and unbranded product difficult to promote because they are not easily identifiable. The brand becomes an important attributes in itself. It is a focal point around which other product attributed can be grouped to form a clear product images without which the company’s cannot make profit.

Branding can provide benefit to both buyers and seller. Brand and buyers by identifying specific products that they like and do not like which in turn facilitates purchases of item that satisfy individual needs.

Without brand, products could not be assured that what they purchase was the preferred item. A brand also assist buyer in evaluating the quality of product especially when a person lacks the ability to judge product characteristics.

5.2 Conclusion

The significance of branding to effective marketing of the tobacco products in Nigeria is now a great importance, customers can easily recognized their favourite products by brand name also preference and repeat purchase habits are formed through the aid of product branding.

Conclusively, branding is the ingredient that would have to be included in the marketing strategies of the management of companies in order to spice up other promotional tools in promoting sales.

5.3. Recommendations

Consequently upon my findings, the following recommendations are considered suitable for successful branding of a company product. Companies should ensure easy identification of their product through effective branding. If the table, mark or any other branding tool is inconspicuous them much of the brand prestige value is lost, brand identification will not only attract or comment a customer to a product but will equally stimulate repeat purchases.

The product quality being offered should be the best for the price in the market being secured consistent availability of such product is necessary when customer are brand loyal, they express continuous availability of such product, their choice of market brand promotion will more successful if customer are assured of frequent supplier. Brand name should be promote often enough for customer to be familiar and easily to identify of the objective is to develop brand loyalty, such a name should be unique, suggest product quality, benefit uses etc. St. Morris, Benson. Target.

Effort should be made to monitor products preferences continuously through research and development, the marketing implication of this is that error could be identified in no time and efforts of limitation” which could have ruined the reputation of the brand, be put under control through legal action. If this is not done the reputation of the brand and the company are likely to be ruined.

However, there responsible for their programme should have the proper skill and the diligent enough because poor branding can lead to the failure of company’s marketing objective

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