The Significance Of Advertising To Business Organizations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nig. Plc Oregun, Lagos State)

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The Significance Of Advertising To Business Organizations In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nig. Plc Oregun, Lagos State)


I am writing this project in attempt to investigate on the significance of advertising to business organizations, emphasis on Unilever Nigeria plc, Apapa. In accomplishing the purpose of the study, the followings shall be looked into:

  • In chapter one, we shall look into background of the study, statement of problem, aims and objectives of the study, research questions, significance and need of the study, limitation and delimitation as well as definition of key terms.
  • Chapter two deals with literature review “definition of advertising, historical background, types of advertising, aims and objectives of advertising, developing an advertising campaign, advertising media and importance of advertising.
  • Chapter three deals with research methodology research design, which are population and sample size, source of data, method of collection, data analysis and validity and reliability of instrument.
  • Chapter four deals with presentation analysis and interpretation of data. It involves presenting data collected, analyze those data and make use of it.
  • Chapter five contains summary of findings, conclusion and recommendations. This project work will be prepared in a way that all will be useful for business organizations and academicians.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

Promotional activities have contributed greatly to the creation of affluent society. In promoting a promotional strategy, management commonly use three (3) basic forms of promotion: personal selling, advertisement and sales promotion.

Advertisements and promotions are essential features of our distribution system in business organizations being the fact that production is not complete until it gets to the final consumers. The success of every business depends on the promotion of patronage received from the public.

Most personal selling efforts consist of the following seven steps: prospective, pre-approach, presentation, trail close, answering objectives and close personal selling which is the oral presentation in a conversation or meeting more prospective buyers for the purpose of making sales. Sales promotion is identified as those marketing activities other than personal selling, advertisement and publicity. Personal selling includes: display show, exhibition, demonstration and various other non recovering selling effort. In most firms, advertisement and sales promotion are used primarily to reinforce the personal selling efforts

Creative advertisement is a field in which noticeable progress has been made since the emergence of the modern business with the industrial revolution of the 19th century, time has changed, buyers and sellers are now more sophisticated and intelligent. There is a closer relationship between the two parties i.e. buyers and seller relationship. There is choice and more aggressive competition. Advertising agency is an organization equipped to undertake all phases of the preparation and execution of the advertisement campaign which includes: writing, copy creating at work, selecting and making contacts with media houses.

1.2 Statement of Problems

Unilever Nigeria plc like any other business organization has its own problems, particularly in the area of advertisement. Some of the problems include:

1. Transportation:

This is one of the problems faced by unilever Nigeria plc. This is the movement of the product from the production point to the final consumers across the nation.

2. Communication:

The problem of communication is usually faced by consumers because sometimes they may want to get some vital information about a particular product which may not be possible due to the wide gap between them i.e. the producers and the consumers.

3. Distribution:

The problem of distribution process i.e. from the producer-wholesalers-retailer tends to increase the prices of goods and the final consumers will pay more than those consumers nearer to the depot or production point.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The principal objective of this research work is to assess the importance of effective advertising in the business organization with particular reference to unilever Nigeria plc. Oregun. The project aims at accomplishing the followings.

  1. To inform potential customers and users of the existence of product or services and the benefit they can bestow on the purchaser.
  2. To influence the potential buyer and users of the given product that the benefit that would be derived from the product is greater and more superior to that of other competitors
  3. To remind established users and buyers of their continual existence and the improvement of the product and services.
  4. To regain their lost customers.

1.4 Research Questions

There are various problematic questions that bothered the mind of the researcher which she intends to provide relevant answers to:

Therefore, those following questions are listed in relation to the topic

  1. What are the roles of advertisement in a business organization?
  2. Does advertisement really affects business activities?
  3. How effective are the medium used in advertising?
  4. Can advertising be used to rescue in dying business?
  5. Does advertisement really promote business activities?

1.5 Significance and Need of the Study

The study is of benefit to researcher, business organization and individuals that are interested in knowing more about advertisement in the following ways.

  1. To the researcher, it is partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in marketing department of the Kwara state polytechnic, Ilorin.
  2. To the business organization, its serves as a tool to enlighten and to bring to the awareness of prospective and potential customers, the existence of a particular product or the introduction of a new product in the market.
  3. Through advertisement, users of particular product and potential users know more about the uses and importance and benefits they can derive from a particular product that has been advertised.
  4. This will help to change or correct wrong orientation about advertising that, it affect sale in deceitful way, to some extent, this error and wrong mentality would be erased.
  5. Study will also be of immense benefit to the library and other researchers who might want to research into the significance of advertising.

1.6 Limitation and Delimitations

Some of the limitations of the project topic are:

  1. Adequate time, when carrying out a research work is a factor which hinders the conduct of the research work. There as limited time of the researcher to visit other libraries and make more consultation for the research work.
  2. Financial constraints: lack of finance did not permit a large scope and more comprehensive research work, some other organizations could not be visited for additional information in order to know their view on the significance of advertising to business organizations.
  3. Lack of enough research material in the library also limited the scope, also lack of current textbook which is necessary for this research work.
  4. The reference organization did not give me maximum cooperation because they felt the research work was sponsored by a competitor who wants to identify their weakness in advertising strategy.

Due to insufficient time, the research has to restrict its study or limit of study to unilever Nigeria Plc, Oregun branch for generalization in other unilever Nigeria Plc in Nigeria

1.7 Definitions of Terms

This has to do with operational definition of some key concepts and ambiguous terms used in this research work. Terms that are unique, strategy that are technical in nature are also explained in this section of the work. The purpose of definition of terms is to achieve a good understanding of expression contain in this report in order to avoid misinterpretation.

The followings are some of the key concepts used in this research work.

1. Advertising:

It is any paid form of non-personal presentation and promotion by an identified sponsor

2. Campaign:

This is a form of coordinated ideas or a coordinated promotion of ideas aimed at achieving a predetermined single goal or objectives.

3. Media:

This is the means through which an idea or information can be conveyed to an individual or group of individuals.

4. Salesman:

This is somebody employed to sell his employer’s product.

5. Motivation:

This is a situation whereby an employer is ready and willing to work in order to increase productivity without being forced to do so.

6. Personal Selling:

This is the process of promoting a product that involves direct contact between the sales person and the customer. It involves dancing, singing, persuasion, demonstration to encourage people to buy their product on the spot.

Chapter Five

Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Findings

On the basis of the analysis done on the significance of advertising to the business organization, the following are the summaries of the researcher findings.

As a result of the research, it was found out that the highest numbers of respondents which are nine (9), are those who has work with the organization within six to ten (6-10) years. The customer with the highest level of patronage is eight (8) which lies between six to ten (6-10) years.

It was confirmed by all the respondents who are staff of the company that the organization advertises its products.
The result of the findings also indicates the majority of the company customers are regular users of the company’s product and the highest number of them who got to know the company’s product through jingle advertising, who claim to be satisfied with the company’s products and its price are of the opinion that the company need to improve in the area of its customer relation.

More so, from the response gotten from the staff, it was revealed that the advertising medium used by the organization is very effective and this has a very high impact on the sales volume in which majority of the staff respondents said it can also be used to rescue a dying business.

5.2 Conclusion

The conclusion here is based on the result of the analysis and interpretation of the data collected.

The research work discussed the significance of advertising to business organization and it has been discovered that advertising has a lot to contribute to the success of business organization.

The importance of advertising to business organization is an issue that should not be overlooked by any business organization who will like to remain relevant in business environment.

Through the findings done by the researcher, it has been discovered that even if a business organization finds itself in an ailing environment, it can still survive with the aid of effective medium of advertising.

Consequently, it was observed that a successful advertising increase sales, which in turn result to large quantity being produced and a corresponding profit level.

5.2 Recommendation

From the finding that has been carried out by the researcher on which the above conclusion was drawn, it was found out that the major significance of advertising to business organizations is to help in achieving its stated objectives.

Therefore, a business organization must try to get advertised.

Hence, based on the findings, the researcher wishes to make the following recommendations. The recommendation in which no doubt would be useful to both academic and business organizations and also to those who are interested in knowing more about advertising and its significance.

  1. A business organization should be encouraged to adopt advertising policy which the company can work towards in order for it to accomplish more of its objectives.
  2. Adoption of an advertising policy will not be enough if the right medium of advertising is not used. Therefore, in selecting an advertising media, the company should select the most appropriate and effective medium of advertising for instance, it was found out that the use of bill board will be more effective in reaching some customers in the rural areas.
  3. It is worthy of note here that a business organization when advertising its products should endeavor not to trick or deceive its customer on the product, on either the quality, quantity or the price of product especially in terms of promises of bonus and trade discounts.
  4. More also, the government should put in place a measure to regulate the activities of advertising agencies in order to protect the interest of customers.

Finally, it will be the joy of the researcher if business organizations will digest the benefit attached to advertising and take advantage of it for the betterment of their company’s performance in order to accomplish their various aims and objectives.

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