The Roles And Responsibilities Of Human Resources Department In A Manufacturing Firm (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Ilorin)

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The Roles And Responsibilities Of Human Resources Department In A Manufacturing Firm (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Plc Ilorin)


This study is classified into five chapters. This will include:

  • Chapter one; it will contain the presentation of the general insight into the main issue, that is, introduction, aims and objectives of the study, scope of the study, significance of the study, limitation of the study, definition of terms.
  • Chapter two; will contain the review of general texts, review of relevant projects, appraisal of review, hypothesis formulating.
  • Chapter three; will be devoted to research population and sample, research design, data collection instrument, administration of research and method of data collection.
  • Chapter four; will deal with data presentation and analysis.
  • Chapter five; is the concluding section of the study i.e. summary, conclusion and recommendation.

Chapter One

Background to the Study

1.1 Introduction

Any organization be it private or government establishment is established to achieve a specific objective.
Achieving the objective requires effective management. An organization does not exist in a vacum; it makes use of both human and materials resources to achieve set objectives and goals. Adequate uses of the available resources leads to efficiently performance. It is not, until recently that managers in organizations began to realize the importance of the human element in the achievement of set goals and objectives. The common elements in every organization remain the people. They initiate the objectives, ideals and ideas of motivations and the accomplishment for which organization are praised. People remain the most viable resources in an organization without them, organization cannot exist.

Personnel management is assuring an ever increasing role in the management of both private and public enterprises. Management of both types of enterprises are becoming more aware of the importance of human resources management in an organization.

Management of both type of enterprises are becoming more aware of the importance of human resources management in an organization.

The word management could be defined as a way of getting things done through people. It is also define as total utilization of resources in order to achieve pre – determined organizational objectives. Thus, management is used to designate other group of function or personnel who carry them out. It is therefore, act of planning, organizing, staffing, coordinating and directing the activities of workers to the end, that result could be attainable. More so, any organization whether profit or non – profit oriented requires good management in order to function well. Any person who oversees a firm is known as a manager, and it is his responsibility to ensure that every workers contribute to the development of the organization. To achieve this, he has to understand his workers well in terms of their social, emotional and physical needs.

Any organization that fails to achieve it’s aims often blames the management. Hence, the management may be accused of lack of initiative gross mis-management and all inaptitude in the firm.

According, to Peter Drucker, “rarely, if ever has a new basis institution or new leading groups, a new central functions emerged as fast as management since the turn of the century”. And according to apply ( 1963), if management means getting things through others men then, management is nothing more than personnel management. The success of in business regardless of ones employing company , will depend to a great extent upon ones success in personnel . public personnel management :Longman contemporary dictionary of English defines public personnel as ordinary people who do not belong to government or have any special position in society. Public personnel therefore means, management of people working in a public or management of public human resources as distinct from the public financial resources. Personnel management talks about getting the caliber of men ,rights number of men at the right time and at the right place for the achievement of present and future organizational goals. The increasing attention accorded to personnel management of any organization influences real wealth of such organization. Personnel management is therefore, everything about the human component in an organization. It should be noted that it is the employees who determines what to produce( goods and services), the quality that may be require by the users, the mix of the differences, varieties of raw materials needed, when to sell and at what price. The limitation of idea about what to do , then how to do it, when and why it must be done is an executive decision of human element in any society or country. The discovery of mineral potentials, cultivation of hybrid crops, resources into yielding crops are few examples of what people can say without missing words, that is, no activities can either start or be developed without man. The importance of human resource in any organization can therefore not be over emphasized. The success or failure of any organization largely depend on the effectiveness and efficiency of human resources. Personnel management is inevitable in an organization

1.2 Aims and Objectives

The aims and objective of the personnel department in organization can not be over-emphasized, because through the obligation of the personnel department we know what role each of the organization human element is. Thus, the managing directors of a company and his co- executive, directors, engineers, production mangers, accountants, sales managers and supervisors are all involved in personnel management. Personnel management play a great role in the development of any business firm due to provision of adequate data which is very essential for the improvement of an organization, under these objectives, we should consider the key factors which is very important for any organization in order to achieve its aims and objective.

These basic aims and objective of the study can be seen as the creation and maintenance of level of moral, which evokes the full contribution of every employee in the organization to ensure maximum operational efficiency in the firm. Not until recent the managers in the business organization realize the importance of human elements in the achievement of set goals and objectives, further too much emphasis and attentive were focused on the material resources while less is paid to the personnel who utilize them.

However, there is now a shift in attention from material resource to human resource among new managers, because of all the resource available in any organization human resources the most important, most valuable, yet most complicated, least understood and most difficult to predict. This invariably led to the create and distinction of the human resources or otherwise known as the personnel department from the other department
in the business establishment or organization general.

1.3 Scope of the Study

The study intend to discuss the personnel department in the light of its distinction from other organization department and the roles its plays in the effectiveness and growth of the manufacturing firm taking the Nigeria Bottling company plc, Ilorin as a case study.

1.4 Significance of the Study

The purpose of studying the role of the personnel department in a manufacturing firm is to know how effective personnel management is in an organization that is, a manufacturing firm like the Nigeria botting company plc, Ilorin plant. It will also examine the authenticity of personnel process whether they can be praticalized
or mere theoretical and unrealistic, like the recruitment, selection, and placement process, wages and salaries administration, employee, welfare, job design, motivational and leadership concepts, training and development.
Despite the crucial role of these personnel process, some managers often overlook some of this process which is in turn affect the organization adversely at the long run.

1.5 Limitation of the Study

The study will focus only on the duties and the obligations of the personnel department and its function as its relates to the manufacturing firm called Nigeria bottling company plc, Ilorin plant. For reason ranging from limited time to financial constraints, only this plant shall be studied, For interview, department like production and the engineering department may also be selected for consideration.

1.6 Definition of Terms


Achieving harmony of individual and group efforts towards the accomplishment of group purpose and objectives.


A distinct area, division or branch of an enterprise over which the manager has authority for the performance of specific activities and results.


The ends towards which activities is aimed i.e., the end points of every planning.


Establishing and intentional structure of role for people to fill an organization.


Selection missions and objectives and the strategies, policies, programs and procedures for achieving them, decision making, the selection of a course of action from among alternatives.


Filling and keeping filled position in the organization structure with competent people. This is done through

  • Identifying work force requirement
  • Inventorying the people available
  • Recruiting
  • Selecting candidates for position
  • Placing candidates
  • Promoting and appraising
  • Training and development

Can be define as the act of getting things done through people. It can also be define as the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, accomplish effectively selected aims.


It can be define as something that you feel you have to do because it is your moral or legal responsibility.


The state of being forced to do something because it is your duty, or because of a law.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Findings

A number of interesting finding were made during the process of carrying out this research work. These findings were generated from the response of subject sampled coupled with the analysis of their responses making use of the interview method.

During the process of interview almost all the respondents agreed that the exigency of the personnel development in the Nigeria Bottling Company plc Ilorin cannot be over emphasized considering its importance both to the employee and community at large and as it helps efficiency which in turn increases the firms productivity.
Also, the respondent agreed that the adoption of the role of personnel function in the NBC has gone a long way in removing unnecessary ambiguity of instruction, ensure appropriate placement without biases of any kind lilies in the quality control and decimation of the market information adequately.

It is also remarkable that almost all the roles and functions of the personnel department will promote adequate information exchange across each level in the organization.

Finally, it is worth nothing that the roles played by the personnel departments has helped to bring about the implementation of management by objectives in the Nigeria Bottling Company plc, Ilorin plant, and there by boosting productivity.

5.2 Recommendations

It is therefore suggested that the management of business organization especially manufacturing, firm should display more of human relations than formal relationship among their staffs.

The prevailing superiority complex and position egocentrism in business organization especially manufacturing firm should also be minimized without loosing their authority.

The management of manufacturing firms cannot afford to stifle or continuously suppress the feelings of their staff especially the junior workers, therefore the use of check-list or suggestion boxes should be encourage for proper implementation of management by objectives.

As long as human being are believed to be social animals who will be willing to go extra miles for any additional benefit, incentive package should therefore be given to serve as a motivational tool and thereby reducing the prevailing high labor turn-over.

5.3 Conclusion

This research attempt to study and examine the role of personnel department in a manufacturing firm.
The Nigerian Bottling Company plc,an Ilorin based subsidiary of the bottler of the most famous soft drink “coca-cola” was taken as a case study. The research examine the importance of human resources management and the needs for a department in the firm to oversee those functions.

Apply (1963) says “if management means getting things done through people, then management is no other thing but personnel management.

All other fields of management; the financial management, the production management, the marketing management, the Engineering department, the transport section etc cannot exist without the roles and functions of the personnel management being implemented.

In conclusion, no matter how materially buoyant and financially solvent any firm or business organization could be, irrespective of what might be their technological advancement, there is no organization that can exist without human being, which shows the essence of personnel in every organization management aspect.

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