Roles Of Regulating Bodies In The Control Of Illegal Buildings Using Lagos As A Case Study

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Roles Of Regulating Bodies In The Control Of Illegal Buildings Using Lagos As A Case Study

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

Lagos State is a Nigerian administrative division located in the country’s south-western region. Lagos, the smallest of Nigeria’s states in terms of land, is perhaps the most economically important state in the country, as it contains Lagos, the country’s biggest urban center. Between the Nigerian Census of 2006 and a much higher figure claimed by the Lagos State Government, the actual population total is disputed (Odumosu, 1999).

According to (Aluko and Ola 2021), Lagos State is of tremendous social and economic importance, both in terms of industrial, manufacturing-related job generation and indirectly in terms of commercial, transportation, banking, housing, and insurance opportunities produced. (Odumosu, 1999) stressed that one of the most pressing issues confronting Lagos is the promotion of balanced land use, which lowers conflict, environmental damage, and leads to efficiency and sustainability leading to land shortage. This is due to the fact that urban lands in Lagos are getting increasingly limited. The fact is that metropolitan Lagos need land for a variety of activities. Land, on the other hand, is a limited resource, and as demand grows, so does the price of land thus the spring up of illegal buildings.

(Oduwaye, 2009) noticed that Illegal buildings are common occurrences in Nigeria’s Lagos State. In Lagos State alone, there are so many cases of illegal structure and building collapses. Recently, there has been a case of building collapse where casualties were recorded. This was due to the use of substandard materials, wrong architectural design and wrong siting of the structure. (Oduwaye, 2009) further reiterated that this high incidence may be due to Lagos State’s high population, rather than a weaker building process or poor physical development control. A building collapse occurs when a structure that has been completed but not occupied, completed and occupied, and under construction, tears apart without the intervention of any party or agent. According to (Itam and Archibong 2003), building collapse which is directly related to the rise in illegal building in Lagos State is a waste of financial resources; in some cases, it is a waste of human life; it is a waste of time spent on construction and clearing debris on the site after the collapse; and it is a waste of building materials.

Based on the cases encountered over the years, it was discovered that the majority of building collapses were caused by poor building materials, poor design, a faulty foundation, and poor construction methods which makes a building illegal. Illegal buildings lack building plans that have been approved by either the local or state governments (Oyedele, 2016).

As the country’s economic centre, the need for suitable housing for living and business purposes is always expanding due to the constant influx of business people and diplomats into the state. Constructing companies have cashed in high on this thereby erecting illegal structures and buildings not worthy of lasting. If this is not properly regulated by the appropriate regulating bodies, will lead to the increase of illegal structures which ultimately can lead to death (Oyedele, 2016).

According to (Ogundimu 2020),the regulatory bodies in the building industry of Lagos State such as the Ministry of of Physical planning and Urban Development, Ministry of Housing and Environment and the Lagos State Building Control Agency(LASBCA) have a huge role to play. These roles if overlooked or compromised with can be very fatal. The inspection of building works and certification of various stages of building construction, as well as the keeping of such records, are among the functions of the aforementioned regulatory bodies. Other functions include the removal of illegal and non-conforming developments, the identification and removal of distressed buildings to prevent collapse, and the insurance of Certification and Fitness for Habitation (Ogundimu 2020).

1.2 Statement of the Problem

(Oyedele, 2016) acknowledged that the rise of illegal buildings is caused by rapid territorial expansion, cultural and ethnic diversity, and noncompliance with planning standards, extensive infrastructure networks, urban poverty, global competitiveness, transportation, communication, social services, and potential for environmental degradation, urban aesthetics, energy consumption, physical planning regulation and security, and a lack of executive capability to implement appropriate laws to address the issue. Illegal buildings and badly maintained properties have caused serious harm too numerous to mention. Incidence of building collapse has been on a rapid rise which is worrisome and brings the obvious question to mind, are the regulatory bodies doing enough?

1.3 Objectives of the Study

This study seeks to primarily examine the roles of regulating bodies in the control of illegal buildings. Other objectives of this study are:

  1. The effectiveness of policies governing the building industry.
  2. The causes of illegal buildings steady rise
  3. The effect of illegal buildings or badly managed buildings on the environment
  4. The economic impacts of illegal buildings on Lagos State.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. Are the policies governing the building industry effective?
  2. What are the factors causing the rise in illegal buildings?
  3. What are the effects of illegal buildings or badly managed buildings on the environment?
  4. What are the economic impacts of illegal buildings on Lagos state?

1.5 Significance of the Study

This study will be of immense help to the society as it will let us be aware of the causes and effects of the high rise of illegal buildings. This study will also be of importance to the regulating bodies as it will point out their areas of deficiency and will help them create effective policies that will combat this rising problem. Finally, this study will serve as an existing material for future reference and further research.

1.6 Scope of the Study

This study focuses on examining the roles of regulating bodies in the control of illegal buildings. It will also find out the effects of illegal buildings on the environment, it will further look at the economic impacts of illegal buildings on Lagos state.

This study will only focus on Lagos State and will be talking mainly on illegal buildings.

1.7 Limitations of the Study

This study was done and carried out only in Lagos state and as such the results of this research cannot be used in any other part of Nigeria and the world as a whole as the reasons, causes and effects of illegal buildings differ due to geographical position, cultural belief and social tendencies.

This study is not proffering solutions or how to combat the rise of illegal buildings and constructions. This study will also only be focusing on illegal buildings and construction and this serves as a delimitation to this study.

1.8 Definition of Terms


The function or role played by a particular group, person or thing


Control by means of rules and regulations

Illegal Buildings:

Construction without a valid construction permit

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