The Role Of Small Scale Business In Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Some Selected Small Scale Business In Ilorin, Kwara State)

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The Role Of Small Scale Business In Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Some Selected Small Scale Business In Ilorin, Kwara State)


The aims and objective of this project is to explain the role of small-scale business in economic growth and development in Nigeria.

The dynamic role of small-scale business as an engine of growth in developing has been recognized in discussing the topic.

Chapter one of this project will base on this topic, instruction which examines the topic, the identification of problems, objectives of the study, scope and limitations of the study, the significance of the study and the development of small-scale enterprises will be explained.

Chapter two emphasis on the literature review, the characteristics of small-scale enterprise, the roles of small-scale enterprise in promoting economic development.

The third chapter in this project will describe the research methodologies which are basically questionnaires, interview, the samples and sampling technique, the procedure for data analysis and the limitation of the methodology. It also stated the characteristic of the study population.

The fourth chapter will treat the data presentation and analysis.

The summary of findings, conclusion and adequate recommendation with suggestion for further study will be found in chapter five of the study.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

The dynamic role of small-scale business as an engine of growth in developing countries has long been recognized. It acceleration effect in achieving macro object, such as full employment, income distribution and development of local technology as well as diffusion of management skills and stimulation of indigenous entrepreneurship have been well documented in economic literature. In Nigeria, the small-scale business sub-sector has been expanding, especially since the mid-1980s following the introduction of SAP which forced many large enterprises to lay-off large proportions of their work force. The sector account for about 70% of industrial employment, chains World Bank (1995).

The thrust of this research is to review the experiences of other countries in economic growth and development through small-scale business and proffer a way forward for Nigeria.

One major lesson Nigeria has learnt is putting the private sector at the centre of growth, while the government concentrates on what t is best suited to do. Creating the right environment for business to thrive.

This should translate into faster and make stable growth.

This sector offers the best promise of sustainable economic growth to any nation because of its inherent ability to:

  1. Tap into people’s capacity for creativity and resourcefulness.
  2. Achieve higher managerial efficiency and wealth creation.
  3. Strike reasonable balance between risks and returns in virtually all cases of resource deployments.
  4. Create employment, especially at a time when the public sector in most African countries s downsizing.
  5. The wrong attitude of government business is nobody business has no place in the private sector.

1.1 Identification of Problems

I found out the Nigeria has been having the problem relating to poor standard of living of the people for the past years ago with clear observation, the economic recession that had lead to depression of growth and development is partly due to any factor, like lack of qualified personnel, modern technology etc. and also lack of effective institutional framework to promote and develop small-scale enterprises n Nigeria and inherent in consistently of government policies towards promotion and developing small-scale enterprises are attributable to poverty situation in Nigeria.

I also discovered that before the structural adjustment policy programmes of the Federal government, there has been so much unemployment to the extent that the large population so much dependent on import substitution industries which are based on a large scale.

Thus, I believe my contribution is necessary by focusing my attention to this important areas looking more promotion and development.

It is the view that dragged me to up an idea of researching on the role of small-scale enterprises in economic growth and development in Nigeria that I found out that above problem are the cases of setback in small-scale enterprises, which is adversely affecting the growth and development in Nigeria.

Challenges / Constraints of Funding Some in Nigeria

  1. Insufficient personal saving/funds resulting / one low initial promoter equity.
  2. Uncoordinated business ideas and plans.
  3. Non bankable project by entrepreneurs.
  4. Inability of the customers (SMEs) to satisfy high credit risk standards, including collateral security.
  5. Inability of banks to provide long-term funds due to mismatch between tenor of bank deposits and loans being sought.
  6. Fluctuating and prohibitive interest rate regime and
  7. Volatile exchange rate regime.

The main concern achieving sustainable development and improved living conditions for the citizens Nigeria a late starter because of excessive driving favour, various man- made disasters. A few natural disasters (in relative terms).

This makes globalization looks more like a threat than an opportunity but there s an advantage of learning from the mistakes as well as the good and tested strategies of early starters.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

The major aim of this research is to find out the major contributions of small-scale enterprises to the economic growth and development of Nigeria.

Other aims and objectives are:

  1. To investigate into the problems faced by small-scale enterprises.
  2. To determine the extent of involvement of both the government and financial institution in financing small-scale enterprise.
  3. To find out the limitations inherent towards expansion of small-scale enterprises.
  4. To suggest and recommend measures that may help in solving problems.

1.4 Scope and Limitations of the Study

The scope of small-scale enterprises is so wide that thousand of researchers cannot even cover the Kwara State talkless of Nigeria as a country.

With regards to this philosophy, I limit my studies to some selected small-scale enterprises reside in Ilorin area.
As a student talking up this expensive job, since my resources are limited, I have decided to limit y studies to small-scale enterprises in Ilorin in other to reduce cost and expenses and march-up with my financial resources. But, this is not to say I will not sight equally good example of small-scale enterprises in other locations.

1.5 Significance of the Study

If small-scale enterprises are promoted and properly financed it will accelerate the economic growth and development of Nigeria in the following ways:

  1. It will generate employment opportunities.
  2. Standard of living of people will be improved,
  3. To discover another way by which small-scale enterprises can develop an economy.
  4. The recommendation that will be given can be a source to end the problems affecting the growth and development of Nigerian economy.

The projects finding can help other students who love to do research n the area of small-scale enterprises in future (it can be used are reference).

1.6 Development of Small-Scale Enterprises

The precise data of the establishment of small-scale enterprises in Nigeria is not available, but the fact still remains that small-scale enterprises has been in existence some years back during the colonial era (pre-independence).
What led to the birth and development of small-scale enterprises then and up till now was due to the poor standard of living in Nigeria The government found out that there is poverty here and there especially in the rural area of the country, level at villages and towns is causing an inflow of rural people that suppose to care for their households at home and villages now migrate to urban area like Lagos, Kano, Ibadan etc. This migration has caused over population in all these large towns, therefore the standard of living of people has dropped. The only and best way has to check this abnormality is to establish small-scale enterprises in other to improve the standard of living of people.

However, the development of small-scale enterprises in Nigeria has an important element in the strategic point in developing Nigeria as a country, Federal Government is adopting in its efforts to industrialize the country and to build a self-reliant economy.

Chapter Five

5.1 Summary of Findings, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

It has been observed that small-scale enterprises play a major role in economic growth and development of any nation especially Nigeria, because they are the largest employment of labour, they also play other prominent roles in the area of; rural development, economic growth and industrialization, improvement in managerial and technological skill and capability increased manufactured experts, small-scale enterprise has been recognized as only and major way by which economy of any nation can be developed. Small-scale enterprises bring rapid development to the area of its operation and t the government, it also change people’s standard of living and reduce crime wave.

Small-scale enterprises involve in export of their products, which save the nation forex. Government also benefits from the tax as t yields more revenue to restructure the economy, there is a tendency that small-scale enterprises will develop to a large scale business. Though, government in the past did not recognize their significant roles in development and growth of any economy and it affects the country in many ways. It detects their growth development both in local and international markets. In recent times it has been noticed that small-scale enterprises has high industrial potentials especially those in Ilorin and its environs particularly Nigeria in general, but unfortunately they are encountering financial problems and technical experience to manage and position their goods and services in the economy especially as the value of our currency is depreciating daily which put out economy in a shabby disposition. Another problem faced by small-scale enterprises is lack of infrastructure facilities and inadequate capital because most of small-scale enterprises could not obtain money from banks.

5.2 Conclusion

Overall, the small-scale enterprises have been found to be a veritable source of employment generation. However, the accompanying increase in productivity is not commensurate with the level of employment generated.

5.3 Recommendations

The analysis so far has highlighted certain obstacles faced by small-scale enterprise in the area of non-government participation and patronages, lack of managerial skill, lack of capital etc. the difficulties can be reduced, if not totally eradicated in contributing its quota towards resuscitating our depressed economy. The following recommendations were necessary.

The Federal governments as a matter of urgency improve the poor state of the nation’s infrastructure which increases the cost of promotion in the country, which, also make the real sector uncompetitive with it counterparts in other economics where the environment is more conducive.

The banks short-term loan lending and high interest rate has been identified as one of the major problem facing small-scale enterprises in the country. Long term lending with low interest rate should be given, this will stimulate their development and promotion.

Government should set up a disciplinary panel to take legal actions against any beneficiary of bank loans or government grant who diverted the fund to social or meaningless activities.

Federal government should discourage importation and encourage exportations and should persuade the citizens to buy home goods.

Anybody that wishes to venture into small-scale business should have adequate knowledge about the business and the potential customers.

Small-scale enterprises should always cany out research plan and develop it, in order to promote their business.

5.4 Suggestion for Further Study

Anybody who wishes to carry out research on the topic, should try as much as people cover more small-scale enterprises in other to come out with adequate information and should not limit him/herself to small-scale enterprises only, the research should try to cover medium-scale enterprises. Research should not limit themselves to Kwara State.

The Role Of Small Scale Business In Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Some Selected Small Scale Business In Ilorin, Kwara State)

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The Role Of Small Scale Business In Economic Growth And Development In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Some Selected Small Scale Business In Ilorin, Kwara State)


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