The Role Of A Secretary In Office Administration And Management (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Finance Enugu)

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The Role Of A Secretary In Office Administration And Management (A Case Study Of Ministry Of Finance Enugu)


This topic is the role of management with particular reference to the ministry of finance, Enugu. To carry out this study effectively. Five research questions were formulated. Due to the descriptive survey nature of this work both primary and secondary sources of data collection used. Data were got from the eighteen (18) senior and forty-two (42) junior secretaries that were selected from seven departments of the ministry used for the data collected the students cluster mean statistical tools were employed.

The major findings of the study were. Those secretaries performed such roles as information processing, storage and dissemination as well as assisting their bosses in administrative and personnel matters. That there are various effort played by government in uplifting the states of secretaries in the employ. That there are various factors militating against the effective functions in the ministry.

Those secretaries are not paid enough remuneration for their roles in the organization that there are views on whether the modern facilities needed by the secretaries in the organization adequate. The researcher therefore recommended that: A board should be set up to look into the immediate problem of secretaries with a view towards resolving modern equipment or machines should be provided for these secretaries most of whom should be retained as well as allowed to attend seminar and conferences to update their knowledge.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background To The Study

Generally, the office no doubt makes an important contribution to economic and social life of any nation or society. Hence any complex industrial society would rapidly come to a stand still if the office is not there. This efficient organization must provide its management with efficient and sufficient information, planning control and financial services.

It is limit to expenditure on administrative services. If every one were engaged in office work there would be imbalances between productive activities and administration. The correct balance must be struck between the resources devoted to directly to productive activities so as to sustain rapid economic development of that nation.

Little Mill Standing ford and Appleby (1986) remarked that administration is that part of the management process concerned with the institution and carrying out of procedures by which the programme is held down and communicated the progress of activities is regulated and checked against target and plans.

Essentially the purpose of the office is to provide services of communication and records. This can be amplified under five headings as follows receiving information recording information giving information arranging information and safeguarding of asset.

Office can make only these vital contributions if there is both efficient office services by general management and department manager. (that is the production manager, the marketing manager the secretary and others).

Today the office is becoming such a complex place and more demanding that the executive finds it difficult to cope with the task. In other words she needs someone that would help her accomplish her tasks hence the need for a secretary. On the whole a secretary today is part and parcel of the executive and so is very indispensable. She is the person who assists the executive by displaying an export skill (imitative tact judgment and others) in performing her office function without close supervision by the executive. Thus she should posses the ability to relieve the executive of designated administrative detail when the need arises.

The role of a secretary in office administration and management to a large extent depends on the type of office she work in the post occupied by the boss and her qualification (s). The secretary deals with the boss staff visitors and all paper works.

This study is therefore an attempt to identify and analyze the role of a secretary in office administration management using ministry of finance, Enugu state as the reference point.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Secretaries play multiple roles in any organization. They are the life wire of establishment or business outfit. By virtue of their position and the performance of their job, there exists some imminent problem. Such problems are likely to influence the role of secretaries.

  1. Lack of respect and recognition to secretaries from employers of labour who look down on secretarial administration and regarded those who practice it as never-do-wells
  2. Inadequate modern equipment used by secretaries hinders their efficiency and effectiveness of their jobs.
  3. Secretaries are not apportioned to use or manipulate the required equipment necessary for their profession thereby making them not fit for their profession
  4. Secretaries are always regarded as a professional servant to the executive
  5. Some bosses use their secretaries as scope goat and dehumanize them

before their visitors because such bosses see the secretaries as supporting staff who he believed cannot stand on their own

1.3 Objective Of The Study

The main purpose of this study is to identify the role of a secretary in office administration and management specifically the study intends to:

  1. Find out the role of secretaries in office administration and management
  2. Ascertain the played by government in uplifting the state of secretaries in their employ
  3. Determine the factors militating enough for their roles in their organization
  4. Find out if modern facilities needed by secretaries in organization adequate.

1.4 Scope Of The Study

The study delved into the role of secretaries in office administration and management. It focus mainly on the ministry of finance Enugu.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. What are the roles of secretaries in office administration and management?
  2. To what extent have government at various tiers succeeded in uplifting the states of secretaries in their employ?
  3. What are the factors militating against the effective performance of the secretaries function in any organization
  4. To what extent have secretaries been remunerated for their role in their various organization?
  5. To what extent are the facilities needed by the secretaries in the organization adequate?

1.6 Significant Of The Study

It is only when the result of any research is effectively used that the time and resources invested on it can be justified. Thus the result of this study would be of great importance for effective discharge of secretarial functions in all the office of ministry of finance. At least all the secretaries would be recognized hence their roles.

Office administration and management is a crucial issue as no organization can function without a properly managed office. The result would extent to the public services and business houses all over the country, as the role of a secretary would be adequately known and discharge.

This study would equally be of immense benefit to those students who whish to take secretarial administration as a profession.

It is hoped that the result of this research would educate the general public as to who a secretary is and the importance attached to the profession. Equally it would educate the secretary in understanding more about herself her role prospects constraints and chosen profession.

1.7 Scope Of The Study

Geographically, the study covers the Head office of the Ministry Of Finance, which is situated at the ministry enclave in the Enugu metropolis as a case study. Contextually, the study focuses on the role of a secretary in office administration and management.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

This chapter is the last chapter of the report and its aim is to draw conclusions from the findings of the study in correlation with the literature review, objectives of the study and then make recommendations that enhance the supply chain practices in the banking industry.

5.2 Summary of the Study

The primary purpose of this study is to examine the role secretary in the administration and office management in the level of productivity at the Head office of the Ministry of Finance. Other secondary objectives guided the collection of primary data. A review of existing literature on the subject of Secretarial practices as well as productivity was presented in chapter two. This review explored important issues relating to the concept of secretary, the classification of the functions of the secretary and the secretarial productivity. Beside the secondary data, a primary data was gathered through the use of questionnaires from the sampled population selected for this study. A total of 60 respondents contributed to the findings of this study.

5.3 Finding of the study

Consistent with discussions and analysis of the primary data that were presented in chapter four of this study, the following findings are highlighted.

5.3.1 The Existence of Modern Office Equipments or Technologies

The primary data collected clearly indicate thatMinistry of finance has sufficient modern equipments. The data again showed the five major equipments present include the following;

  • Telephone equipments (Land and Mobile)
  • Personal computers
  • Filling equipments
  • Pen drives (Storage)
  • Photocopiers
5.3.2 A high Knowledge and Usage of Modern Equipments

The study used employee knowledge of equipment to conclude the level of usage. The correlation is that knowledge suggests usage. Based on this premise the study found that there is a very high knowledge among the staff about these equipments hence the usage of these equipments are significantly high. For instance, respondents’ responses on some equipment were virtually 100%, indicating frequent use. Equipments such as listed below recorded high responses.

  • Electronic calculators
  • Duplicators
  • Filling equipments
  • Telephone equipments
  • Video equipments
5.3.3 A Relationship Between The Use of Office Equipments And Productivity

The study found that there exist a correlation between the use of office equipments and the level of productivity. 86% of the respondents noted that this relationship exists.

5.3.4 Perceptions on Productivity

The study found varied perceptions among the respondents on productivity. For example,

  • The high productivity of the entire department
  • The fear of laying off due to improvements in levels of productivity

5.4 Conclusions of the Study

In line with the objectives of the study and the data gathered from chapter four, the following conclusions have been reached;

  1. The Ministry of Finance has sufficient modern office equipment and technologies
  2. There is a high level of usage of these equipments at MAE
  3. The use of modern office equipment increase productivity of secretarial staff
  4. The secretarial staff believe they are highly productive.

5.5 Recommendations

5.5.1 Consistent Monitoring and Evaluation of the Supply Chain Performance Indicators

Monitoring is the routine and systematic accumulation of information against a plan. The information might be about activities, products or services, users, or about outside factors affecting the organization or project. Evaluation on the other hand is about utilizing monitoring and other information you accumulate to make judgments about the value of any component part of an organization or its projects, products, services or benefits, or about the organization holistically. It is also about utilizing the information to make changes and ameliorations.
Organizations use monitoring and evaluation for to learn about their own activities and results, and to fortify internal plan and development and be accountable to their stakeholders. Generally, organizations undertake two types of monitoring activities to understand how the organization is performing and to identify those areas which require further attention. The two types of monitoring activities are performance monitoring and compliance monitoring.

Performance monitoring involves an in-depth analysis of a process or project, to determine whether it is efficient and efficacious. It involves developing criteria, conducting interviews and examining documentation to determine how the process or project is conducted. Additionally, Compliance monitoring and compliance auditing aim to establish whether a process or procedure is carried out in conformance with pertinent external requisites, whether set through legislation, regulations or directions.

Although there exist high levels of productivity among the secretarial staff at MAE, the business environment has become very competitive and there is no place for firms who relax on the past glory. The secretarial staff department must constantly be made to review their system to discover weaknesses that can quickly be addressed to meet customer satisfaction.

5.5.2 Continuous Staff training in the use of Modern Equipments

A learning organization where the members are continually gaining knowledge and enhancing their capabilities to aid the organization in adapting to dynamic environments and remain competitively superior over competitors . The driving force behind such an organization is its ability to effectively manage knowledge. The secretarial staff at MAE must constantly be trained to become their very best. The Ministry must invest in continuous training.

5.5.3 Continuous Investment in Modern Office Equipment and Technologies

To maintain a strong competitive advantage and customer satisfaction, the ministry be continually invest in the acquisition of the latest equipments that would enhance the productivity of its staff. For example, the study reveals a lack of video conferencing equipments, and these must be purchased to reduce travelling and promote technological advancement at MOF.

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