The Role Of Public Administration In The Development Of Nigeria (A Case Of Ngor Okpala)

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The Role Of Public Administration In The Development Of Nigeria (A Case Of Ngor Okpala)


The role of Public Administration in a nation is one of the issues that cannot be over-emphasized because of its significant role it plays to move the nation forward and grow in the face of challenging condition. Base on the need for nations to achieve their objectives (development), the researcher decided to conducted exclusive research study on the topic: The role of public administration in the marriage development of Nigeria as a tool for an effective and efficient management system to achieve development of a nation like Nigeria and with a particular reference to Ngor Okpala Local Government Area Imo State.

The objective of this study is to show the importance of public administration in achieving development in Nigeria. In chapter two, the researcher reviewed he literature of some eminent scholars that are related to the topic under study with references. In chapter three, the researcher discussed on the research methodology in which the various methods applied in conducting the research and discussed the method of data collection, the sample percentages method, the random sampling and data analysis techniques were use on selecting the decisions of corporations.

In chapter four the researcher analyzed and interpreted the responses of the respondents by using the tabular form for easy understanding and interpretation. Finally, in chapter five, the researcher summarizes her findings and conclusion, recommendation and suggestions.

Table Of Contents

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title page
  • Approval page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of contents

Chapter One


  • 1.1 Background of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of problems
  • 1.3 Objectives of the study
  • 1.4 Research questions
  • 1.5 Significance of the study
  • 1.6 Scope of the study
  • 1.7 Limitations of the study
  • 1.8 Definition of terms

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Introduction
  • 2.2 Efficiency of management of human and material resources.
  • 2.3 Betterment of the welfare of masses
  • 2.4 Maximum audition (auditing) to enhance accountability
  • 2.5 Parameter for economic planning
  • 2.6 Improvement towards people’s standard of living
  • Preference

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Design and Methodology

  • 3.1 Introduction
  • 3.2 Research design
  • 3.3 Sources/Methods of data collection
  • 3.4 Population and sample size
  • 3.5 Sample technique
  • 3.6 Validity and reliability of measuring instrument
  • 3.7 Method of date analysis

Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation and Analysis of Date

  • 4.1 Introduction
  • 4.2 Presentation of data
  • 4.3 Analysis of data
  • 4.4 Interpretation of results (s)

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Summary of findings
  • 5.3 Conclusion
  • 5.4 Recommendations
  • References
  • Appendix.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of The Study

At this time like this when nations increasingly depend on administration for the development of their economics, the role of administration has become increasingly important. In this circumstance and to life with the needs of man, for this role of public administration in development of Nigeria as such, a fund of factual knowledge, and techniques are presented here in.

To our way of thinking, the distinguishing contribution of an administrator is the ability to work effectively with others and to help them contribute individually and to work effectively as a group in performing a collective task. “Generally” the distinguishing role of public administration is to provide leadership in getting done of the work required for the development of Nigeria.

This calls for, among other things, ability to think and act responsibly, to perceive and respond to environmental realities to understand, human feelings and thoughts and organizational relationships, to express in words and action, purpose and values that are meaningful to the development of Nigeria and a capacity on his own part to work with satisfaction within the country. We conceive administration as being confronted with and as being part of a constantly changing situation, situations which although they may resemble others in generic ways, are always unique in their particularities.

It is based on this important note that the topic: the role of public administration a tool for effective, efficient development in Nigeria’ with particular reference to Ngor Okpala Local Government Area Imo State.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The administration of most countries in the world today having been facing the problem of not knowing how they could achieve the objectives of their nation in face of the changing world, so that development can take place.

This problem, which has keep many countries stagnant due to lack of administration as effective means of development is which the researcher aimed at solving. Furthermore the researcher noted some certain factors that can hinder or restricted development of nation or public co-operation: such as : poor management and corruption in Nigeria: we poorly managed. Worst of it, there is a lot of embezzlement, squander man’s and nepotism. Public corporations funds re misused.

Secondly, poor staffing: There is lack of experienced and qualified staff in the public corporation. This lead to poor planning and mismanagement of human and material resources of a nation.

Thirdly, financial problem: public corporation do not have adequate money that will be used in carrying out most of their project and programmes. The employee will also embezzle the small money they have.

Public administration and its significant rile in Nigeria proffers solution as administrative tools or tools and requirement for effective development, policy planning: In the first place. A plan can be viewed as a set of highly articulated techniques, strategies and goals designed to solve social, political or economic problems of a nation for any government cooperation, organization that adopts planning as an integral part of its operation is a progressive administration. Planning as a administration, stimulate administrative initiative and create ad administrative milden of predictability.

Another is leadership as administrative tool in this view effective leadership is important in good administration be it as oil company, a school or any type of organization. Many corporation and nations are drifting because of poor leadership. This is why corporations, organization pump in million of naira per year into leadership trading of managers and educative.

The researcher also noted budget as an administrative tool; Budget outs together plans of anticipated revenue and a proposal on how to expand it. It caries along with it, a schedule of the activities to be undertaken within the period and means of financing such activities. When the activities to be carried out are matched with anticipated revenue, the provide a tool, which will be helpful in the execution of the function and services of the organization, be it government or private.

A budget is the most important simple document relating to the social and economic affaires of the people.
Budgeting especially in the case of public finance is the determination of how the country’s scarce resources can best be served by the diversion of scarce resources, through taxation and other method, from private to public use and by the allocation of those resources among various government uses.

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

The objective of this study by the researcher is to show the role of public administration in the development of Nigeria.

1.4 Research Questions

The research work was an attempt to focus attention on the possible questions that help the public administrators to carry out their functions effectively, the possible research questions are:

  1. Does the role of public administration enhance the development of Nigeria.
  2. How does the concept of “delegated legislation” empower the ministry to make and enforce law.
  3. Does poor leadership affects the administration negatively or positively in organization or society.
  4. How does budget plays a role in the case of public finance to determine how the country’s scarce resource can best be served.
  5. Is stability one of the major role of public administration in the face of political neutrality.

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The significance of this study is that it will enable practicing organizations, nations to know the significant role of public administration plays in achieving efficient development of a nation.

Secondly, if well enable management students to know the processes of public administration and is significant role if plays in achieving the objectives of the organization.

Thirdly, it will enable public policy makers to provide guidelines for the achievement establishment or institutions.

Fourthly, it will enable the general readers to know the process of administration and its significant role it plays in achieving the objectives of an organization.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The scope of the research project work is on Ngor Okpala Local Government Area Imo State. The role of public administration in the development efforts of Ngor Okpala people for the researcher to carry out this research work.

1.7 Limitations Of The Study

This research project work is limited with a number of factors, ranging from inefficient finance to absorb materials relevant for this research to four round the vast area of Ngor Okpala. Disappointment on the side of respondents in keeping to appointment space and time on the side of the research to examine all development efforts in the villages of Ngor Okpala. However, all this limitations did not affect the qualities o the researchers as it was able to see the light of the day.

1.8 Definition Of Terms


Is an instrument for achieving an objective.


The efficient utilization of the human, material and financial resources of an organization to achieve their objectives.


The ability to achieve a result with minimum input.


A plan of action to achieve an objective.


Can be defined as “the conditions responsible for variation in the integrity, quality, and direction of ongoing behavior. Administration: is the organization and use of men and materials to accomplish a purpose by (Nigro)

Policy Making:

Is the process of developing an effective policy.


Is the core of every administration and its inadequacy becomes a cog in the wheel for speedy economic transformation.


Can be defined as developing in broad outlines the accomplish the objectives of the organization.


Is a financial plan of operation for a specified period of time.


Is the instrument through which the state puts its plan into action OR process by which people are been governed.


Is an administrative concept OR administration tool with which the achievement of organizational goals is calculated.

Public Administration:

Is the implementation of the state policies and laws by civil and public servants.


Can be defines as gradual process of changing, socially, economically and political otherwise.


Is a conclusion to long deliberations.


Is the most powerful force entrusted to man.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

The main purpose of this study is to discover the role of public administration in the development of Nigeria, a case study of Ngor Okpala Local Government Imo State.

With this in mind, this study was divided into five (5) chapters with each chapter being organized in different headings and sub-headings.

Chapter one of this research work includes the background of study, objectives of the study, definition of terms and closes with the scope problem and limitations of the study.

Chapter two (2) deals with the review of related works and literature with the people view in order to provide background to the study. Here, the achievement and projects executed through the administration of the traditional political institutions in nation building in Nigeria were featured.

Also the legislative, judicial and executive (administrative) roles of the traditional political institutions were examined.

The third chapter of the academic work centers on the research methodology and design of the study. Also the procedures and instruments for study were discussed.

The fourth and the last chapter covers the presentation and analysis of the collected date.

5.2 Summary of Findings

The researcher’s findings are summarized and highlighted in the following principal findings from the study.

  1. Traditional political institutions contribute immensely in the national income increase also in the provision of education and infrastructure all geared efforts towards nation building in Nigeria.
  2. Education and other social enlightenment campaigns are carried and also sponsor for the political orientation and socialization of the people on the basis of the contemporary political culture.
  3. Generally, traditional political institutions initiate execute some projects and also mobilizes the local, human and material resources in order to maximize their welfare and nation building.

5.3 Conclusion

Based on the findings of this study, as recorded in the chapters, to know the significant role of public administration in the development of Nigeria with a particular reference to Ngor Okpala Local Government Area Imo State. Base on the findings: the role of institutionalized functions of the traditional political instructions.

The traditional institution have achieve immensely in the provision of social amenities and infrastructure facilities and this have the effect of promoting the people of Ngor Okpala and the nation at large.

Secondly, was an effective traditional political institution enhances a quantitative development in the side of peaceful co-existence of the people in the security of life and property and in building the nation

Thirdly, the political classes enhance the efficient mobilization and co-ordination of the local human and non-human endowments in the attainment of the betterments in the nation. However, despite all the difficulties encountered by the researcher in the course of study, one must say that the exercise has been an interesting one, very educative and revealing to practicing administration, managers, students of Public and Business Administration and Management, governments, industrialists, and individuals on the role of public administration should be a great use for development. But in all men are not angels; or angels governing men, and of the same time public administration should be functional to guard against the evil of tyranny and dictation operation of the political class.

It is because of this that Aristotle said and quotes. (Government) the state should not be ruled by man but by law “for this the definition of the roles and functions of the implementation power of public administration should not be treated with a wave of the hand. Any regime wants to achieve the end of law and order in Nigeria.

Also believe the Nigeria is not yet democratic polity, but is still trudging or the part of transition. The government of the day does not give public administration a breeding space in the scheme the things.

One philosopher sap “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely in the society he power of the political class is absolute that the anonymity of the administrators is beyond extremity.

Rather they should work in harmony to enhance a good separation of powers and the constitutional checks and balances.

I then write in favor of constitutionalism and the grand principle of the rule of law. So that the functional roles of public administration as contained in this academic work will not just be mere proposals and paper works but a guide to realization of the common good of the common man in Nigeria, or come the dawn of the republic of Biafra which I know one day shall come to pass, because I am involved.

5.4 Recommendation

Based on the findings of the study the following recommendations were made.

  1. Traditional political instruction should not relent in their efforts in the provision of some amenities and infrastructure that fosters development and nation building attitudes.
  2. Private individuals and organizations should emulate the work of the traditional political institutions, while the government and related governmental agencies to give supportive efforts for building of the nation.
  3. The efforts and role of the institutionalized functions of the traditional political institutions should be recognized by the government in order to motivate the.
  4. Finally, distinguishing the contribution of administrators managers of government bodies to ensure the ability to work effectively with others and to help them contribution individually and to work effectively as a group in performing a collective task.

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