Role Of Medical Libraries For Medical Personnels (A Case Study Of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri)

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Project and Seminar Material for Library and Information Science

Project and Seminar Material for Library and Information Science


The study is on role of medical libraries for medical personnels. The process of data collection for study was guided by seven objectives and research questions formulated for the study.

The objectives of the study are:

– To find the role of medical libraries in federal medical Centre Owerri.

– To know how medical personnels in FMC seek their information.

– To ascertain whether the role of medical libraries for medical personnels in FMC are satisfied.

– To highlight the reaction medical personnels in FMC their role of medical libraries are satisfied.

– To identify the problems that militates against the satisfaction of the role medical libraries for medical personnels in FMC.

– To proffer solutions to identified problems.

The survey research design was adopted while carrying out the study with questionnaires used as instrument for data collection in presenting and analyzing the data. Frequency percentage tables were used.

The findings of the study revealed that medical personnels in FMC preterit general information on medical personnels as their role of medical libraries. The study also revealed that majority medical personnels in FMC consult books as their information sources.

Table Of Content

Title page
Approval page
Table of content

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Historical Background of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri
1.3 Statement of the problem
1.4 Objective of the study
1.5 Research questions
1.6 Scope of study
1.7 Significance of the study
1.8 Limitation of the study
1.9 Operational definition of terms

Chapter Two

2.1 Concept and value of information
2.2 Medical library collection
2.3 Role of medical libraries for medical personnels
2.4 Satisfaction of medical personnels role In medical libraries
2.5 Medical libraries for medical personnels
2.6 Factions in satisfying information needs of medical personnels

Chapter Three

Research methodology
3.1 Research design
3.2 Population of study
3.3 Sample size and techniques
3.4 Instrument for data collection
3.5 The questionnaire
3.6 Procedure for data collection
3.7 Method of data collection

Chapter Four

Data presentation and analysis
4.0 Introduction
4.1 Distribution and return of questionnaire
4.2 Background information on respondents
4.3 The second aspect of the bio-data of Respondent was concerned with the finding Out the rank of the respondents
4.4 Department of respondents
4.5 Area of specification of the respondents
4.6 To ascertain the role of medical libraries For medical personnels in FMC
4.7 To know the use of library by medical Personnels in FMC Owerri
4.8 To known how the medical personnels in FMC seek their information
4.9 To ascertain whether the information in Medical personnels in FMC Owerri are Satisfied
4.10 To know the reaction medical personnels In FMC Owerri for the role of medical libraries Are satisfied
4.11 To identify the problems that militate Against the satisfaction of the role of medical Libraries for medical personnels in FMC Owerri
4.12 To proffer solutions to the identified Problems

Chapter Five

5.0 Introduction
5.1 Summary of findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendations

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

Medical personnels are an integral part of healthcare team. They have a direct impact on the quality of patients care by taking appropriate care of a patient.

Medical personnel work closely with patients and consumers who are seeking authoritative health information. Medical personnels often serves on the faculty of health care and biomedical degree programs where they teach healthcare providers how to access and evaluate information and contribute expertise on a variety of topics. Medical personnel also may serve on University where they can have an impact on development of new treatment, products and services.

Information is a new role of medical libraries for medical personnels are experts with training in both information science and clinical science. They are retrieve and synthesize information and work in clinic research settings.
Medical personnels are employed anywhere health information is needed.

They employment settings include hospitals, academic health centers and clinics etc.

In the Nigerian health sector, there is an urgent improve library resources and managerial effectiveness. Medical libraries are established to meet health information needs. These cover a broad area of life. Medical information professionals must consider the role they play in society and their impact on that society. De Gennaro (2009) predicted correctly that, there is the need to evaluate medical libraries, because in no distant time, the excellent and usefulness of a library will be measure not only by the state and quality of its collections, but also by the range of resources that its staff are able to deliver to users by conventional and electronic means from a growing variety of services.

In the fifth century, Western European concepts of medical personnels were first practiced by catholic monks who provided for the sick and the ill during the Dark Ages of Europe.

During 17th Century Europe, medical personnels healthcare has provided by men and women for serving life.
In 1853, TheodweFlicdner set up a hospital where he employed medical personnels, many people where impressed with this facilities and because of it the British institution of medical personnels sisters where set up to standard.
In addition to healthcare services, medical personnels conduct research and are often active in patient advocacy activities. Majority of medical personnels today tend to narrow our mind on one basic function knowing some of the medical personnels jobs and their categories.

These categories are as follows:

  • Midwives
  • Registered medical personnels
  • Orthopedic medical personnels
  • Psychiatric and mental health medical personnels.

Medical personnels productions are capable of diagnosing and controlling chronic illness and disease by themselves. Their clinical and academic experience is what allows them to do this. In all these various activities and functions medical personnels needs a great deal of information’s to perform efficiently. Their accessibility of information broadens their horizon and makes them to excel and become more knowledge.

The American Library Association (ALA) Glossary of library and information science (2010) defines information as all facts, idea and imaginative works of mind which have been communicated, recorded, published and distributed formally in any format.

According to Bert and Melackhem (2010) information is the life blood of modern organization; information is a routinely needed to control day-to-day operations.

Role of medical libraries for medical personnels is as the provision of adequate and current Information. Medical personal needs a guideverily of health information to meet up to their clinical educational. Healthcareprofessional prefer to obtain information from resources that are convenient easy to use and reliable. in developing countries, there is often a nervily of reliable information on healthcare and providers may found it difficult to deal with whatever data available HansMichael (1995).

Other reports however indicate an underutilization of the available medical personal textbook use and minimal reliance on print journals. DorathyWeyer (2012).In as much as Kar Patrick (2002) has identified some sources of information to medical personal. Medical (2014-2004) asserts that medical personal do not only need information on healthcare of professional matters but also on social- economy, political and educational matters. Medical personals needs information on ways of improving on their academics, joss vacancies public examination bodies and information on personal health according to Moalic, all these call for sourcing of information from a variety of information resources the medical personals seeking for this variety of information also formed the reasons for seeking out information but how far are these role of medical libraries to meet or satisfied.Ejioja (2001) opines hardly has the role of medical libraries of a people been met by the library as an information institution or any other information organization. These are the lopsided collection development materials and inadequate staffing for organization of library material and often talked about paucity of fund, but then all these are general observations.
Time situation of the role of medical libraries for medical personnels of federal medical centre library Owerri calls for an independent empirical study. This is because the situation of role of medical libraries seeking behavior, satisfaction and problems as enumerated by Kar Patrick (2014). Moalic (2014) and Ejioja (2001) have not been particularly ascertained at the time library hence the essence of this study is to fill in and bridge the information gap.

1.2 Historical Background Of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri

The Federal Medical Centre owerri is a territory Health institution structured mainly into two broad arms of clinical and non-clinical division. Its responsibility is primarily the provision of advance surgical and medical care to patients, as well as part grade waste and internship training programmes.

The evolution and development of the institution began in the year 1903 by the colonial masters. At the period the hospital has three wards. Maternity, male and female wards which also admitted children, other available facilities at the hospital in 1903 include a theater, and a general out-patient department. Then the medical staffs of the hospital were one doctor general practitioner and few medical personnels. The hospital known as shell-daily hospital was handed over to the government of Eastern Nigeria in late fifties and renamed Okpara Medical Personnel home after the premiership of D.M.I.

Okpara following the handover, further development took place. These include provision of gynecological/obstetric ward while the old shell-daily hospital complex become the anti-natal clinic and administration block.
In 1976, the hospital was transformed into a divisional hospital and later turned into a general hospital following the creation of Imo State.

During this period, a modern outpatient department with six new wards of pharmacy department, infant welfare clinic, a matrimony and chest unit.This further expansion brought the bed complement of the general hospital to four hundred and one beds in eleven wards.

Then on the 1st January, 1995, the status and functions of the general hospital Owerri changed with its takeover by the federal government as a special hospital and renamed it the federal medical centre, Owerri. The responsibility of the centre includes the provision of advanced and specialized medical and surgical services to patients.
It also provides for research and training, diagnoses disease, treat and rehabilitates the patients. They recognize the patients need for independence privacy and awareness in intelligent application of the diagnostic and preventive measure to individual patient needs.

1.3 Statement Of The Problem

Information is a natural resources that is important to the existence and progress of professions. Libraries are the specialized institutions that provide these services in conjunction with the media of mass communication. It has been observed that medical personnels need information and this they could source from a variety of source for a variety of reasons. It has been equally observed that these roles of medical libraries are hardly satisfied as a result of some problems which range from obsolete and inadequate collection to paucity of fund.

All these are general observations that cannot whole and entire to be applied to the role of medical libraries for medical personnels at time.

Therefore, this intends to ascertain all these in an empirically investigation solution would be proffered to the identified problems.

1.4 Objectives Of The Study

  1. To find the role of medical libraries for medical personnels in FMC.
  2. To identify the sources of information to the medical personnels in FMC.
  3. To know how the medical personnels in FMC seek their information.
  4. To ascertain whether the role of medical libraries for medical personnels in time are satisfied.
  5. To highlight, the reaction medical personnels in FMC when their role of medical libraries are satisfied.
  6. To identified the problems that militate against the satisfaction of the role of medical personnels in FMC
  7. To proffer solutions to the identified problems.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. What are the roles of medical libraries for medical personnels in FMC?
  2. What are the sources of information to the medical personnels in FMC?
  3. How do medical personnels in FMC seek their information?
  4. Are the role of medical libraries for medical personnel in FMC satisfied?
  5. What is the reaction medical personnels in FMC when their role of medical libraries is satisfied?
  6. What are the problems that hinder the satisfaction of the role of medical libraries for medical personnels in FMC?
  7. What are the solutions to identified problem?

1.6 Scope Of Study

This research is restricted on the role of medical libraries and the major personnels in Nigeria hospitals with particular reference to the situation in Federal Medical Centre, Owerri (FMC).

1.7 Significance Of The Study

The researcher was carrying out this research work made the following significance. The funding of medical libraries for medical personnel is very essential because it is the major element in the library’s capacity.
That there is inadequate financial provision to satisfy the needs of the medical library for medical personnels.

1.8 Limitation Of The Study

The researcher has decided to limit the study of this research project to Federal Medical Centre, Owerri to the medical personnels working in the federal medical centre Owerri, precisely.

This study was therefore limited to find out the role of medical library for the medical personnels.
The ideal situation would have been to study a much wider area and a larger number of practicing health professional to enhance the reliability of the data and to make generalization more appropriate. But other to financial constraint the research work was limited to the Federal Medical Centre,Owerri.

1.9 Operational Definition Of Terms

Medical library:This is a type of library that is affiliated to medical institution. Disseminate books, journals, conference papers and other materials containing medical information.

According to UNESCO, a library is an organized collection of published books any audio-visual materials and the services of a staff able to provide and interpret such materials as are required to meet the informational, education or recreational needs of the users.

According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary, funding is money for a particular purpose, the act of providing money for such a purpose.

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