The Role Of Learning And Development On Staff Programme In Public Service Performance

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration

Project and Seminar material for Public Administration


This project focused on the role of training and efficient staff Development Programme. Oyo state secretariat Ibadan was selected as case study.

This study aims at contributing toward improvement of public servant. It also the aim of this project is help in reveals the entire problem faced by public servant and a profitable solution to the problem.

In doing this, structured questionnaire was used and it covers the aspect of the hypothesis and the response were then interpreted, analysed and relevant one used, to test our question, with chi-square used to determine our hypotheses.

On analyzing the gathered data through various finding certain conclusion and suggestionwere drawn. It was particularly suggested that there is a need for government to support the establishment of training and development to contribute active quota to the development of nations readers here by encourage to study this report for detail.

Chapter One


1.0 Background To The Study

For an organization to achieve its pre-determined goals and objectives, there is need to recognized and identify its human resources management as well as planning for their development so as to quicken their job performances towards accomplishment of organization task.

Nowadays most members of staffare deficient in their job performance arising from limited skill and knowledge about their job.

Staff training and development has been tipped to be capable of increasing human resources knowledge and skill which further enhance their efficiency in job production since human resources of an organization is essential and irreplaceable for effective and efficient results, there should be adequately trained and retrained.

Manpower in public sector organization and elsewhere refers to the employees or staff who are placed into various offices with several duties and activities their activities should coordinated by the management. The more training experience or programmes of the employees of public sector the better for the job performance of the organization.

It’s noteworthy to state that public organization should be verbalize that the process of staff training and Development is a continuous one. However money spent on the training and development of employees is money well invested.

Training scheme for all categories of employees are vital for any organization that want to stay in a competitive world.

Presently, staff of government ministry need constant training and re­training in order to be able to cope with complex international system. Aside with regard to management of ministry, there is not enough managerial skills at the moment and most organization are engaged in management training written Nigeria and abroad.

Arising from the above prompt the researcher to develop interest in the problem of study having severally familiarized to the importance of staff training and development on the effective performance of public servants.

1.1 Statement Of The Problem

Most of management of public sector organization have been criticized for regarding training as being too expensive and take little or no effort at sponsoring their staff for any training program me. In long-term such organization may tag behind as a result of poor job pertinence and low productivity and resultant effect of poor attainment of organizational targets.

Employees of public organization should be assisted to grow into more responsibility by systematic training and development. Staff of who are well trained will be confident to carry out the responsibilities of the job. Such employees perform the task with enthusiasm and their job performance increases.

Essentially, the effort of the public organization at ensuring effective staff training and development are confronting several problems such as poor budgetary allocation for staff training and development, inadequate in service training facilities poor interest of some public servants to go for out of service training programmes, inadequate interest of some political office Holden and top carrier offer to sponsor people for out-of-service training programmes just to mention a few.

Inadequate staff training and development has led to several negative outcomes such as poor job performance low motivation of staff liability of staff to adopt modern electronic gadgets low managerial capacity. Poor execution of public job. Inefficient performance of organization low productivity and host of others.

The interest of the researchers at the problem of the study can be supported by the critical statement that says “The higher the level staff training and development the better the job performance of the organization. This research work is poised at examining the impact of staff training on effective performance of public organization with ministry of establishment as the special case study.

1.2 Purpose And Significance Of The Study

This research work is purposeful and goal oriented following are aims and objectives of the study.

  1. To evaluate the nature of staff training and development in civil service
  2. To point positive effects of effective staff training and development of the job performance of civil servants.
  3. To offer suggestive on ways of improving the staff training and development in civil servants.

This research work is essentially significant for the development of public sector, organization intern of increasing their awareness to the indispensability of staff training and development on raising the effective performance of public servant in job situation. Management of ministry of establishment and training Oyo State other tend to benefit a lot of idea about the ways of improving the level of staff training and development.

1.3 Research Hypotheses

Hypothesis One
  • Ho: There is no relationship between effective staff training and improved job performance
  • Hoi: There is a relationship between effective staff training and improved job performance
Hypothesis Two
  • Ho: There is no relationship between sponsor of staff for training programme and motivation of employees
  • Hoi: There is a relationship between the sponsor of for training programme and inactivation of employee.
Hypothesis Three
  • Ho: There is no correction between adequate staff training and effective operation of public services
  • Hoi: There is a correction between adequate staff training and effective operation of public service.

1.4 Scope Of The Study

This study will cover on the positive influence of staff training and development on improving the job performance of public organization in Oyo State ministry Establishment and training Oyo State. As such, statement of problem having in mind the objective of study as equal stated.

1.5 Limitation Of The Study

There are several factors that hinder the effort researcher on the process of carrying out the researcher work. A few of anticipated problems are:

1. Time constraint:

Since the researchers are part time student with service of other primary assignment at the place of work, they cannot have enough time necessary for carrying out full-fledged research work.

2. Financial constraints:

This researchers lacks enough financial resources to sponsor full-fledged research work.

3. Data collection constraints:

Researcher may find it very difficult to get all the needed research work released from the official ministry of establishment and training Oyo State.

4. Others

Inability to retrieve all the administered question names can affect the data analysis of the study.

1.6 Background Of The Case Study Oyo State

Oyo State of Nigeria covers a total land mass of 27,249 square kilometers. The state is bounded by Ogun Sate in the south and by Kwara State in the North. The State is bounded by part of Ogun State and Benin republic in the west and the Osun state in the East.

The pace setter state is made up of 33 local governments comprising mainly the people of the Yoruba ethnic group who speak Yoruba language. Like all other Yorubas they are descendents of Oduduwa there by originating from lIe-lfe. They are rich in culture and has a lot of strong belief in the Kingship as a means of unit. This is resealed in the extended family system of the people. Other people of different ethnic background live and work in Ibadan some of the people are represented in the following percentage. Edos 85, 2.1%, Hausa 0.7%, Ebiras 0.2%, Urobos 0.2% while the Efiks, Ijaws, Itsekiri, Ibibios in each constitutes 0.2% each. None Nigerians from West Africa and those from Asian, European and Americans stocks constitutes 0.3% of Oyo state population.

Oyo state is one of the urbanized states in Nigeria with Ibadan as a capital which is reputed to be the largest indigenous city in African. South of the Sahara. Besides Ibadan, there are four other big towns Ogbomosho, Oyo town, Iseyin and Igbo Ora; Okeho, Lalupon and Ilero.

The present Oyo state of Nigeria forms the Nucleus of the former western region of Nigeria of which Ibadan was the capital. It was also western state. 1963 creation of mid-western region made up of today’s Delta State was created from the western region the 1976 state creation exercise gave birth to Ogun and Ondo State in 1991 Osun and Ife/Ijesha Division of Oyo State were carved out to make Osun State of Nigeria. That is how present Oyo State came into being. Ibadan which has been capital right from the western regions days, remains a place which all people from new state hub around.

The Government And Administration Of Ovo State

The Executive Governor is the head of the government of the state. He is assisted by the deputy Government, Secretary of the State Government Head of service, Commissioners, permanent secretaries, able civil servants who are also responsible for the day to day activities in the running of the affairs of the state.

The presently 10 ministries each run by a honorable commissioner the day to day administration is done by the civil servants co-ordinated by the secretaries. The 10 ministries in Oyo state are finance. Budget and planning works and transport, information. Youth sport and culture education, Health, Agriculture, Natural resources and Rural Development, commence industries cooperative and tourism, justice local government and chieftaincy matter woman affairs and social development.


The Oyo state government has interested in promoting industrialization in the state. The government is interested in promoting small scale industries that do not require heavy technology.

Industrial Estates are being established in all towns, work is already completed at the Ogbomosho industrial, on which about.

Million Has Been Spent

In order to promote rapid industrialization of the state and commercialization of the tower the small scale industries credit scheme Graduate industrial self-employment scheme Risk fund and industrial fund were established.

Mineral resources are available in the state we have marble at Igbeti, clay arid Kaolin at ado Awaye, Aquamarine at Olode and Igbojaiye/Oliki.


The median organization in Ibadan provides people of the state with information therefore supplementary and completing the effort of the Oyo State ministry of information in making the people to be aware of Government activities and programmes.

Among these organizations are the BCOS Radio/TV, FREN, NTA, Galaxy Television, Daily Times, Daily Sketch, Nigerian Tribune, The Vanguard, The Punch, Telescope, Oyo Echo, Tele Magazine, Ibadan mail and host of others.


Tourism is as old as Nigeria itself. The Yoruba have always engaged in peaceful interaction with others people all over the world. They are essentially on trade matters, traveling for other cultural religion, education or historical reasons.

The Oyo state tourism board is responsible for the Tourism industry in the state. There are also local government tourism committee which exists in 33 local government in Oyo state. A great achievement on the part of the board is expected as the Oyo state government has come to rescue of the board by its determination to equip the board with adequate fund andmachinery required to meet the challenges of the new millennium.

Ministry Of Establishment

Ministry of establishment is one of the ten ministry of Oyo state government headed by honourable commissioner.

Aims of the ministry are:

  1. To promote job satisfaction, efficiency and industrial harmony within the civil services:
  2. To ascertain and co-ordinate the personnel needs of the various ministry/department
  3. To ensure correct interpretation and enforcement of government policies on the grading posts and conditions of services for the various categories of the staff in the state level services
  4. To improve the efficiency of officers in the state public services through regular staff development programmes and their development in accordance with needs and qualifications;
  5. To ensure that officers who leave the services under pension able circumstance continue to be rewarded for their past services through the prompt payment of their benefits.
  6. To effect periodical review of the grading of post in all sectors of the public service of the state in order to ensure equity and consistency of treatment in matters of remigration.
  7. To assist in the development and installation of new administrative procedure required as a result of government results oriented management philosophy.
  8. To maintain a compressive and detailed data bank of all unemployed in Oyo state.
  9. To co-ordinate all poverty eradication efforts in Oyo state.
  10. To monitor all poverty eradication activities of Oyo State government.
  11. To source for job placement for the unemployment in industry, Agriculture and mining.
The Activities Of Oyo State Government

Section 1 of Oyo state edict stipulate some certain function of Oyo state government i.e what is been expected from the state government to pre vide such as law making, maintenance of law and order, protection of live and property, to administer justice, provision of social amenities, provision of employment, economic function, politician function, maintain, external relation.

The major activities of Oyo state government is provision of social service it the duties of the Oyo state government to provide social services little provision of social amenities such as good roads, electricity, pipe born water, hospital etc. To the people or for the citizen, or for the people especially form the taxes the citizen pay.

However, good road is the major example also provision of employment is the major activities which is been examine by the ministry of establishment and training poverty alleviation, total number of people being employed through ministry of establishment and training and poverty alleviation to other ministry increase rapidly as per 1999 to 2008 and from 2003 till date show the structural change or rapid change in the history of Oyo state also alleviation programme being created through the ministry establishment and training and alleviation programs to cater for the people and to increase the standard of living in every way by providing employment and empowerment through the ministry.

Administration Of The Activities

The administration of activities stated from the state government and delegate it to the honorable commissioner which is political head of the ministries from the commissioner to the permanent secretary to the Director from the director to the necessary quarter which is management of service from management of service to the lower cache in ministries and the feedback is been given back to the government.

Organisation Chart And Structure:

Available in the complete material

1.7 Definition Of Major Terms

1. Administration:

It is defined as process of formulating and executing the policy in order to achieve the predetermined objectives of the organization

2. Caliber:

It refers to the knowledge acquired and performance level of employees.

3. Effectiveness:

It is used to denote the ability of achieving the organizational goals.

4. Efficiency:

This means achieving organizational goals and objectives dearest minimum cost and time

5. Job Analysis:

It is a process of determining the task skills, ability and responsibilities of a job.

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