The Role Of Health Safety Measures In Preventing Organizational Hazard In Manufacturing Companies

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The Role Of Health Safety Measures In Preventing Organizational Hazard In Manufacturing Companies

Chapter One


1.1 Background Of The Study

Occupational health and safety (OHS) is concerned with policies and mechanisms that promote a positive work environment by safeguarding, maintaining, and encouraging the health, safety, and well-being of staff. OHS is critical to the overall development of working environments for workers as well as any person or group of people involved with employment and the work climate (WHO, 2007).As a result, OHS is an effective policy that leads significantly to growth, organizational reputation, and social change in addition to maintaining the safety and well-being of employees (Alli, 2008; Songstad, Moland, Massay & Blystad, 2012).Simply put, healthier employees are more driven, have higher job satisfaction, and contribute more to efficiency and services (Gilbreath & Karimi, 2012; Seidler et al., 2014). As a result, OHS improves the general standard of life for employees, their communities, the company, and culture, and its importance cannot be overstated.

OHS is based on the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Conventions all over the world (Alli, 2008; WHO, 2007). Works’ health and welfare issues have prompted the International Labour Organization (ILO) to establish rules and institutes for their member countries (Jensen, 2005).The conventions have standards that serve as the foundation for national OHS policies. Furthermore, national safety laws or regulations are used by organisations or agencies to develop their OHS policies or regulations (Alli, 2008). Nations and employers are required by ILO legislation to put in place policies that ensure the welfare and well-being of their employees and other persons impacted by the activities of their companies or organizations. As a United Nations (UN) body, the ILO is in charge of labor, ensuring the health and welfare of workers all over the world. In order to accomplish their goal of job health, the ILO collaborates with other UN bodies such as WHO, FAO, and UNICEF.Such national institutions, such as the United States’ Occupational Protection and Health Administration (OSHA), the National Institute of Health and Safety (NIHS), the United Kingdom’s Health and Safety Executives, and others, collaborate on workplace health, safety, and well-being topics in various countries (Cooper, 2006).

In all organisations, a national OHS program is critical for the advancement of occupational health and safety. As a result, companies adopt national programs that benefit the welfare of their employees. Furthermore, some national policies may provide agencies that act as enforcers for the policies’ execution in order to improve employees’ well-being (Annang, 2014).Organizations have a legal obligation to protect and encourage the wellbeing and well-being of their most precious assets [the worker] even when national health and safety laws do not exist, as in Nigeria (Clark, 2008). (Anderson, & Chun, 2014).OHS not only protects the worker’s and society’s personal health and safety, but it also boosts organizational image and competitiveness (Chau, et al., 2008), since a stable workforce is a prosperous workforce. Every country, including Nigeria, requires a robust national OHS policy as well as solid, well-resourced institutions to carry it out. Furthermore, organisations must take practical action to ensure the appropriate health and safety policies are in place to protect employees’ well-being. Staff, on the other hand, must protect their health and welfare by following worksite safety measures

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The workplace accidents, injuries, illnesses and diseases continue as a significant problem in manufacturing industry (Paivi Hamalainen, 2006).Every task that humanity undertakes is fraught with danger. These dangers have varying chances of causing crashes, deaths, near-misses, and diseases (Ana, & Sridhar, 2009).

The hazards and risks are as a result of worker behaviours associated with work processes, work procedures or less compliance with workplace policies or regulations (Tsai, & Salazar, 2007).Worker behaviors related to work processes, work procedures, or a lack of compliance with workplace policies or regulations are the sources of hazards and risks (Tsai, & Salazar, 2007).Workplace hazards such as unguarded equipment, improper housekeeping, exposure to hazardous chemical materials, and inadequate lighting and ventilation have put workers at risk. These issues of occupational health and safety (OHS) influence not only the worker, but also his or her family, business, and society as a whole. As a result, workplace welfare becomes more of a corporate social responsibility problem than an issue of employee worker health protection (Health and Safety Professionals Alliance, 2012).

1.3 Objective Of The Study

  1. To determine which protection and health procedures being used in the auto-mobile sector to avoid injuries.
  2. To determine the advantages of workplace wellness and health policies in the auto-mobile sector.
  3. To identify the many kinds of hazards, injuries, and accidents that may occur in the workplace.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. What protection and health procedures are being used in the auto-mobile sector to avoid injuries?
  2. What are the advantages of workplace wellness and health policies in the auto-mobile sector?
  3. What are the kinds of hazards, injuries, and accidents that may occur in the workplace?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

This research will be useful to manufacturing companies in identifying hazards and putting in place preventative steps. Furthermore, the research would be beneficial to students and researchers who would do similar research.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The scope of the study was delimited to state universities in south-eastern Nigeria due to the fact that entrepreneurship development centres are established in them.

1.7 Limitation Of Study

Due to a lack of funds, lack of research material, and a time constraint, the study’s scope was limited.

1.8 Definition Of Terms

Health Safety:

Health safety are regulations and policies aimed at preventing accidents and injuries in the workplace and in public spaces

Organizational Hazard:

Organizational hazard is a hazard experienced in the workplace.

Manufacturing Company:

A manufacturing company is a company that uses raw materials, parts, and components to assemble finished goods.

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