Role Of Government In Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria

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Role Of Government In Socio-Economic Development In Nigeria


The Role 0f Local Government to socio­­-Economic Development in Nigeria particularly at the grass root level cannot be over emphasized. It is meant to make local government more effective and efficient, developing socio-economic activities, encouraging and mobilizing the local people to participate in the activities 0f local level government. The researchers used primary and secondary sources of dada collection both the questionnaire and interview were conducted with the people of the local government area. Seminar papers, textbooks, internet materials and published materials of the local government secretariat were all collected for the purpose of this study.

The major emphasis of the study as whether the creation of Kogi local government area is responsible for the increase in development and transformation in the lives of the citizens or not. Also, it tends to establish the fact that inadequate funding is responsible for the low level of socio-economic development or not in Kogi Local Government Area. Based on the research findings, it has been discovered that the creation of Kogi Local Government has not brought about increase in development and transformation in the lives of the citizen of the area. It is therefore, necessary to provide more essential services to the people; more so, adequate funding should be the major concerns and responsibility of the higher level government [federal and state government].

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background To The Study

Every government, irrespective of its ideological inclination is responsible for the socio, economic and cultural transformation of its people. As a system therefore, it goes beyond its intrinsic structural arrangements of the three arms (legislative, executive and judiciary). The functional segmentation into micro and macro levels in order to maximize efficiency in the distribution, re-distribution and regulation of the societal values.

Though, this drive has been reflected in every face of the political history of the country, the aggressive balanced development policy of the ambitions independent Nigeria was no doubt a determinant approach at ensuring bottom up transformation through responsive decentralization of national development strategies.

However, the whole idea behind the creation of local government area is basically to provide essential services and basic social amenities to the community so as to improve the living standard of the people. (Aliyu, 1971,).

This includes provision of water electricity supply, good access roads, health facilities, educational services etc.

One of the major functions expected by the local government in the country as contained in the fourth schedule of the 1979 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria is the provision of social development of various local

government areas. Today, local government as the third tier of government is not just a permanent feature in the political arrangement of the country but equally the most veritable centre for grassroots transformations.

Central government of many countries are presently relying increasingly on local government to perform services related to socio-economic development. New systems of loc government are being introduced in many countries of the third world with a view to increasing the contribution of local government to socio-economic development programs .(Enemuo, 1999.).

Local government is usually referred to as the foundation of any democratic and responsible government. It is the tier of government that is nearer to the citizens. Local government in many countries of the world are regarded as competent unit of government that can assess the needs of the dwellers; mobilizes and harness local resources with the help of local talents and support from the central government.

According to (Massoud, 1999:2), “local government is created to bring the government is created to bring the government nearer to the people. It is created to bring sense of belonging and security through effective communication between the local government and other level of government”. Local government is created to provide a favorable condition for democratic self government at the cal level and development initiatives and quality among the people. The reason for the creation of local government is to enable the local people to respond to the service and development activities in their communities an through their representative bodies and mobilizes human and material resources through the involvement and participation of the people in the programs for the development of their communities.

Currently, there is no nation in the world without a local government system, though with differences. It follows that there must be a local body conversant with the local needs and problems. This body should be created by law to provide services to the local people by means of an elected council which is served by professional officers.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Since local government is more concerned with initiation and execution of programs geared towards encouraging socio-economic development, it is therefore important to ask the following questions.

  1. Has the creation of Kogi-Local Government led to the improvement of social or essential services in the area?
  2. Has the creation of Kogi Local Government empowered the people of the area to contribute their own quote to socio-economic development?
  3. How has the activity of Kogi Local Government helped impact positively on the lives of its citizens?

1.3 Objectives Of The Study

As stated earlier, local government have been created to foster socio-economic development particularly at the grass-roots level.

The objectives of the study are to

  1. Examine ways of making local government effective and efficient in the discharge of its duties.
  2. Explore means of developing the socio-economic activities of the people at the grassroots level.
  3. Find out ways of encouraging and mobilizing the local people to participate in the activities of the local government.
  4. Proffer solutions to some of these factors that have affected the socio-economic development of the local government area in Nigeria.

1.4 Statement Of Hypothesis

HO: The creation of Kogi Local Government Area is not responsible for the increase development and transformation in the lives of the citizens of the area.

HO: That inadequate funding is not responsible for the low level of socio-economic development in Kogi local government area.

1.5 Scope And Limitations Of The Study

The scope of this study will be limited to the contribution of local government to socio-economic development with Kogi local government as the case study.

Time and financial resources are constraints in a research of this nature. The researcher also has some problems in obtaining all the required information for the study because some information is regarded as confidential. More so, lack of reliable instrument to analyze data etc.

1.6 Significance Of The Study

This research will enable Kogi local government influence positively to socio-economic development. It is equally hoped that the research study will be able to proffer recommendations that will assist in bringing about improvement in the socio-economic development to Kogi local government area.

To practitioners and researchers in the field of local government administration, the research study will thus serve as a reference material and a source of secondary data to researchers.

To the government at all levels, the study will serve as basis for the states and federal government to work towards discovering the importance of local government system as to making the local government system within their jurisdiction more viable.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

Local Government:

According to Orewa and Adewumi (1992) as a system of local communities and towns which are organized to maintain law and order; provide some limited range of social services and co-operation of the inhabitants in joint Endeavour’s towards the improvements of their condition of living.


Is a continuous process, it is multidimensional. It involves the transformation of entire economic and social system.


Means a complete change, usually. Into something with an improved appearance or usefulness.


Is a set of rules or a promise that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.


Simply means to increasing the spiritual, political, social educational, gender or economic strength of individuals. Empowerment is the process of increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform.


Is a process whereby individual get themselves involved in the activities and in the decision making of their state or country.

1.8 Organization Of The Study

This study is made of five chapters.

Chapter one:

In this chapter, the researcher discussed the background to the study, statement of the problems, objectives of the study, statement of hypothesis, significance of the study and limitations of the study and plan of the study.

Chapter two:

In this chapter, the study took a look at the literature review and the theoretical framework as related to the concept of local government and socio-economic development.

Chapter three:

In this chapter, effort was made to examine the method of data collection, population, sampling techniques and method of data analysis also the historical background of Kogi local government area, its objectives, organizations, functions and the sources of it revenue are all included.

Chapter four:

This chapter comprises of presentation and analysis personal data, and test of hypothesis and summary of the findings.

Chapter five:

This chapter concludes the study by the way of summary, conclusion and recommendation.

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