The Role Of Financial Manager In A Manufacturing Firm

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The Role Of Financial Manager In A Manufacturing Firm


The need for the effective financial management in any business organization which has the intention to make progress, profit, to expand and to grow in size has no alternative. The need to obtain funds, wisely invest funds in a viable or profitable prefects and manager effectively and efficiently the day-to-day cash in flows and out – flows with any business organization calls for a professional with the necessary skill and experience. This study tried to highlight the role of financial manager and the study was limited to Emenite Building product (Emene) Limited. The second chapter of work will deal extensively on this work will deal extensively on the review related literatures and studies which are both local and foreign. The source of information were library, textbook, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Lectures, discussions with fellow student etc. The third chapter will deal with the methodology to be used in obtaining the data required for the were. The survey instruments will contain facts from interview method and observation of relevant documents relating to Emenite Building Product (Emene) Limited. The chapter four of this prefect will deal with the history organization and problem of the Emenites Building product (Emene) limited, the status, duties, achievement and problem of the financial manager, whether financial management is recognized as one of crucial aspects of the firms decision making and whether the role of the financial manager are fully specified and whether he is given a free hand to perform his duties rather than receiving orders and approval from above. Chapter five of this work which is the conclusion will be mainly recommendation based on findings in chapter three and four.

Chapter One


It has become a well-known fact that without money a business cannot function consequently an understanding of finance, which is the appreciation of the role of money and its ability to measure. The measure of a business is essential for good management. However, money can be likened to a lubricant, too little and the business is a wash with all types of project for using the surplus cash some of which may be good risks while others may penalized the business. Again money presents its own problems particularly when inflation sets in and as a result the purchasing power will change from time to time.

Now, the role of financial managers becomes imperative consequently, the professions is one of the professions which is still struggle to assume its place in an organizational structure with the increasing complexity in human organization of there has arises more and more.

Specialization of people in various disciplines and therefore finance must take its on position. Financial manager is an expert trained in the field of finance, and the functions include planning for acquisition of funds and utilization of such funds in ways that will maximize the efficiency of an organization. The project researcher intended to project the role of financial manager as regards manufacturing firms and as J balty puts it “an adequate funds and cash flow is essential more than this, a business cannot afford to stand still.

In any competitive field it will be essential for improvement to introduce new products and to expand”. However, despite much publications and emphasis placed on the role of financial manager in any business organizations, most of our policy makers whether in private, public and governmental establishments have not realized these vital roles and the resultant effects are stagnation and collapse of many of our business activities with the claims and counter claims by various professionals and near professional. There is establishment among many business organizations which are confronted with certain problems and which need expert advice. In this case management’s must try to recognize and consult the service of financial manager this alternative in business is to be very carefully considered before a judicious choice can be made.

1.2 Theoretical Framework

1.2.1 History Supporting Theories

The study of financial management has undergone a lot of changes since its inception as a subject of its own.
According to E.F Briham and F. Weston “during 1940s, 1950s finance was continued to be taught as descriptive institutional subjects viewed from the outside rather than from in his own view stated that at some decades ago, the scope of financial management was circumscribed to the raising of funds whenever needed and no significance was use to be attached to the day to day financial decision making and problem solving. But in the recent years the concern of the financial managers besides his traditional function of raising funds is to determine the size and technology in setting space and direction of growth and in shaping the profitability and risk complexion of the firms by selecting the best asset mix and by obtaining the optimum financing mix the functions are sum margined as:-

  1. Raising of funds to finance projects
  2. Employment of the funds raised in viable projects.
  3. Management of cash arising from this prefect
  4. The return of funds to the financing sources.
1.2.2 Source Of Information

According data provided management with essential information on the financial status of the organization necessary for its present stability and future well being. It enables the profit to be computed and a balance sheet to be competed from these it is possible to measure the effectiveness of a business and compare its potential with other investment opportunities.

Management must recognize the advantages of accounting data and the benefit derived from its utilization. They must be aware of the need to understand the information presented in accuuntry statements and also realize that annihilated evaluation of the essential financial data can make the entire difference between success and failure. Methods used in measuring an organization’s performance of progress are usually percentages and ratios which are expressed in financial terms.

1.2.3 Manufacturing Firms

The research into the role of financial manager has become necessary on that most of them are operationally inefficient and much behind in meeting the purpose for which they were established. In fact many of the manufacturing firms in our country are financially unprofitable and their performance calls for drastic review, financially, manager has a leading part to play in decision making process which determines the aspects of profitability and growth. If an industry is to improve on its efficiency, management must recognize that the financial area has an unrepentant role to play as other aspects of the business.

1.3 Statement of the Problem

1.3.1 Major Problem

This study entitled, :the role of financial manager in a manufacturing firm “ attempts to determine the extent to which the role of financial manager affects the profitability of manufacturing firms with a particular reference to emanates building product company limited (Emene)

1.3.2 Sub – Problems

The project researchers intended to fund out whether :-

  1. Emanates Building product (Emene) limited utilizes the services of financial manager ?
  2. The firm has adequate funds for its operation?
  3. The workers are being paid regularly and why.
  4. The firm meets its debts obligations?
  5. The firms return on capital employed has been improving?
  6. The firm has generally made an improvement since its inception? And to make recommendation on the way of improving the system.

1.4 Purpose of the Study

The objectives of this study are:

  1. Identity the role of financial manager in a manufacturing firm with particular reference to Emenite Building product (Emene( limited.
  2. Determine the contribution of financial manager to Emenite. Building product (Emene) limited with particular regards to ,
    1. Capital acquisition
    2. Investment decision
    3. Profitability
    4. Divided policy
    5. The general growth and to make recommendation where necessary.

1.5 Significant of the Study

This study when completed will enable the policy makers of various manufacturing and non – manufacturing firms and government establishments to re – consider their stand on the realization, acceptance and utilization of the services of financial managers.

Again the study will go a long way to removed the management that without financial manager that they cannot take financial decision and implement them successfully.

Not only will these it also project the role of financial manager towards organization effectiveness like capital structure, asset structures profitability and general growth. This study will also be of paramount umpestance to all the students in the school of business in particular and will also act as reference material to the school library.

1.6. Scope and Limitation

This study is intended to cover the system of financial control as is utilized in Emenites Building product limited Emene as it affects its operations with regards to survival expansion profitability and moreover growth, hence mathematical treatment and application of such system are not within the scope of this study. This is also limited to Emenite Building product limited Emene. The reason behind this limitation is that the researcher is a student facing both time and financial constraints. Another reason is the nature of the topic choosing, many study firms will pose some problem knowing our people’s attitude towards financial matters, being afraid of unknown consequences ranging from management incormpletence to exposure. The project researcher also in his review of elated literatures and studies made use of texts, journals, activities and other write ups. .

1.7 Definition of Terms

i. Dividend Decision:

Involve the criteria employed for the allocation of profit to dividends to shareholders and retention in the business for operation.

ii. Finance:

Is a body of fact, principles and theories dealing with the raising and using of money by individual, business etc.

iii. Investment Decision:

Include all the criteria managers in choosing among alternative investment opportunities that is the best one.

iv. Financing:

Embrace the supervision of a firms cash and other liquid holding with a view to raising additional funds when needed.

v. Control:

Includes the use of readily understood, reliable and standard techniques aimed at identifying deviation from planned objectives and ensuring efficient performance.

vi. Financial System:

Consists of institutions and markets which serve companies and individuals in financing the acquisition of capital goods and services in investing of capital and in transferring the ownership of securities.

vii. Funds:

Are sun of money available in a business organization which is generated internally or externally and which is available for business purpose.

viii. Management:

Mans controlling, directing innovating, planning, co –ordinating etc.. of activities of an organization with a view to ensuring effective and efficient performance.

ix. Financial Resources:

Includes these parts of a business resources that are in monetary terms.

x. Financial Decision:

Involves all the criteria and techniques employed by financial manager to obtain a required fund.

xi. System:

Include all the interrelated techniques and various, used in assessing the best sources of financing the best investment opportunities and in ensuring efficient allocation of profits.

xii. Capital Markets:

Include the Nigeria industrial development bank the Nigeria Building society insurance companies the stock exchange market, the national provident fund, commercial banks, individual investor etc.

Chapter Five

Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Recommendations

The problems of the effective financial management in a manufacturing company with particular reference to Emenite limited, have been identified and then it will be appropriate at this stage to make some commendations which will enhance the effective management of financial resources of any firm with particular reference to the above company.

These recommendations are as follows :-

  1. The board of directors should recognize financial management as one the most important and crucial aspects of activities within the organization. The board should also give financial manager a free – hand to exercise his professional expertise in raising funds, choosing among alternative investment opportunities and management of cash in – flow and out – flow like dividend decisions.
  2. The financial manager must be conscious of the liquidity of the firm. That is, he must ensure that the current assets total is always high enough to take care of the current liabilities or obligation and leave some margin for investment. Those should do by emphasizing cash payment from the customers and delaying payment to supplies if possible. He can also dearly some sundry, expenses, tax wags etc. to increase the cash holding of the firm to make advantage of any profitable investment opportunity.
  3. Proper accounting data must always be available to the financial manager which is the care of all the essential information on the financial status of the company.
  4. The financial manager must be an that the need to understand the information presented in accounting statement and also to realize that an articulated evaluation of the essential financial data which presents the company’s present and future well – beings can make the entire difference between success and failures.
  5. There is the need to ensure that people with the skill and expertise are employed to manager the firm’s financial resource as this is necessary as the management rely on their professional expertise in taking and implementing financial decision. This therefore, the financial managers must also realize the importance of forecasting and budgetary control which help to project the cash in – flow and out – flow of the company and guide against unforeseen circumstances like low sales high cost of production etc.
  6. To reduce this ugly situation in which the firm funds itself today, a little or total diversification of its funds to other viable prefects and business or firms can save it. The financial manager must ensure that ideas (which the company made at the early years between 1981 and 1989) would have made the company one of the most viable companies if the funds generated then were properly managed. So this recommendation is in conformity with the saying that “riches if properly managed and its man’s fault if not must be productive.
  7. The financial manager must be in course of his duty bear in mind that every benefit has its own cost or risk associated within and therefore must adequate them to ensure to provide for such cost and leave a surplus for the owners. Hence he must be conscious of the interest rates, discounts allowed by customers and other obligation’s involving costs with the firms. The financial manager should concentrate his effects in obtaining the best capital mix and taking the most profitable investment opportunity. He should be conscious of the financial risk that are involved investments.
  8. He should ensure adequate matching of long – term capital with long – term investment so as too maintain the balance sheet structure of the firm.
  9. Also the financial manager must ensure of contingencies and fixed cost .
  10. The financial manager should note the time value of money in his day to day must ensure hat funds available on generated from such sources like provision for depreciation have to be re –invested into any other prefect rather than learning it idle in the firm. The financial manger should also be aware of the financial markets with regard to their requirements and modes of operation to enable him plan for and obtain funds easily whenever needed. He must also try to estimate the life span of its fixed assets and should make provision for obsolescent.

5.2 Conclusion

The roles achievement and problem of financial manager in Emenite limited (Emene) have been studies above. The roles of the financial manager as the works accountant sees it confirm with his day to day activities there. The accounting department is a fortified one with about four qualified accountants trying to review the company, ill – health which has been existing for more than 6 years.

However, the roles as specified in the chief accountants schedule are not enough to term him a financial manager and from the observation the researcher is of the opinion that role do not recognize the norms and culture of the financial management as all the firm’s financial management as all the firm’s financial aspects are left to charces.

The financial manager must be integrated in all the policies of the firm and there is the need to educate the accounting records. The researcher is of the opinion that if the above recommendations are filly implemented and abided by the management, shareholders and the financial manager then we shall be talking of effective financial management and look forward for a healthy firm with the most profitable opportunity.

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