The Role Of Effective Management Information System In The Achievement Of Corporate Objectives (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Ilorin Branch)

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The Role Of Effective Management Information System In The Achievement Of Corporate Objectives (A Case Study Of Nigerian Bottling Company Ilorin Branch)

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Perhaps today one phenomenon whose existence and ability cannot be predicted with certainty and absolute knowledge in spite of its beauty as a concept is the role of effective management information system. The available state would only allow us to predict the trends of an organization operation and some degree of confidence.
To add qualities to these trends in physical sense could be attributed to two principal reasons.

Firstly, the multiplicity of variable impinging on any organization situation is so great that state would not be sufficient to predict, the precise outcomes of the multiple interrelationship would never be precise.

Secondly, what seems to be an inherent ability to human being is to override many of the influence on this behavior. The options identified and achieved among other things by seasoned management theorist like Peter Drucher, Dalton INC Farland, Fres Western and a host of others in an effective and articulate management information system is the identification of these important but multi – dimensional functions of management information systems. To two principal reasons. It is the desire to know more about it that made the researcher to choose it as the topic. Information process refers to the dissemination of knowledge, examples of organization system. Intelligence system, management information system, decision support system and administrative control system. The above are of great importance as the aid and the functioning of an organization. It is through the information system that the functioning and monitoring of organization are carried out they aid the transmission of observation.

1.2 Statement of the Research Problems

To and a skillful handling of any organization is the need for effective information system. To this effective, the questions are within the scope of the study and the study covers the reason for effective management to achieve the target aims and objectives of the business organization. Though in the study, the problem of scarce information needed greatly limited the study to certain extent. This is just because they believe that some of the information requested for is secret that they cannot be relapsed by the authority or my case study. Answer problem encountered was lack or adequate capital is which has a great deal of impact on this work. However, capital is one of the important tool towards any successive research and not adequate of it, will have a telling effect.

Lasting, among the problems faced was inadequate time, the personnel manager who was to give adequate information was such a busy officer so had little time to attend to the researcher.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The researcher study is carried on purposely to ascertain the effect or good management information system in achieving co – operate objectives. To do this, we intend to examine critically how effective management information can lead to the achievement of the organization goals and objectives goals and objectives. This research work will be on the company chosen as the case study (i.e. Nigerian Bottling Company)this research will enable the researcher to identify the problem militating against achieving cooperate objectives and also give the researchers opportunity to know how much of the renewal literature that in exists the management of effective information in manufacturing companies.

The researcher is carried out with the aim of knowing the roles played by effective management of information and how these information can effectively managed, gathered and implemented so as to achieve the target goals of organization.

1.4 Significance of the Study

Through the management information system Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, has embarked on development or new product. The company is to be conscious of the need to produce. To satisfy their needs and wants. The company satisfied their numerous customers by giving them quality product that cannot affect their health. Another effect of management information system on the company production is that it increases the companies sales volume management information system afford the company the opportunity to know the strategies, which the form can adopt to increase its sales volume. For example using the company sticker, company producer stricken to distributors retailers door with a new view to creating knowledge and likeness for their product. The company also gives samples of their products to the distribution and retailers in order to encourage them anytime they need information about their products from them. Management information system also acquaints the company with the management information or its target market. This is made possible through the study of consumers buying attitude and their purchasing power.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of the study implies areas of coverage in terms of the meaning of the concept of the industry market and time. The effects of management information in Nigerian Bottling Company Plc, is to gear up the company to embark on development now ways in which they can satisfy the consumer and cater for their wants. The consumer needs can be satisfied by providing them with goods which can not be harmful to their health under the concept of management as a unifying approach marshalling and directing the total resources of business firms towards determination and satisfaction or customers wants and need in a way planned to enhance the administrative department becomes dominant force in the business enterprises. It sets the tempo for all departments including the production and finance. The scope of study also include the consumer who make up the market it determines the number of current and potential consumers and their characteristics it determines their respective demand for acceptance of the product. The industry is not left to know whether it is a profit oriented or consumer oriented.

1.6 Limitation of the Study

All relevant departments that augment information system in the company will also be evaluated; because of time constraint and finance other limitation included untimely availability of relevant information fran the selected company. The skepticism of releasing office information was also an obtuse. However, that was eventually resolved after sometime.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

The research study is divided into five chapters chapter one deals with background statement of problems objective scope and limitation of significance historical background and definition of terms. Selective literature on subject was reviewed in chapter two vice – versa the corporate objective benefit and shortcoming of management information system.

Chapter three focuses on the research methodology method uses in collecting relevant data for sampling analyzing the data obtained.

It also traces interpretation to determine the rapidity or otherwise of the researcher’s assumption is contained in chapter four, while concluding part of the study chapter.

The summaries of the findings are as follows:

  1. That the organization cannot be effective without management information system.
  2. That the company renders other services apart from information dissemination through the information unit.
  3. That the information system helps to streamline competition in order to remain of its rival
  4. That management information system help decision making
  5. That management information system has positive impacts on company sales.

5.2 Conclusion

We can conclude that the management information system (MIS) employed by the Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) Ilorin plan his fairly okey. The responses of the employees revealed that a good information system is since que non for an effective organization wants to achieve the stated goals and objectives. In so far as the organization continues to give adequate attention to the good running of the system it will continue to be strong in the competitive market in which it finds herself.

5.3 Recommendation

To achieve its corporate objective a company need to secure a large market for itself and to achieve this, the employees need to be carried along and be made to feel that they are part of the company.
NBC Ilorin plant should take note of the following:

  1. To correct any error that occurs during information transition there should be enough time information transition so that all the condres in the organization are avered of existing model of operation with different units.
  2. The system must provide an easily varying signal about any significant future event i.e. there should be effective management system so that the desired goals might be accomplished.
  3. The service rendered by the management information unit should be on a long term basis as this is the only way this can have a positive impact on the performance of NBC Plc in the soft drink industry. Long term duration of this will ensure survival and the sustainability of the firm in a turbulent and dynamic business environment.
  4. There should be effective communication in all level of organization so as to and management control creation of categories of staff there by minimizing areas of conflict.
  5. Further the company should pre-occupy itself with investing more on training and development of staff with a view of deriving maximum benefits for this programmers’ institute in the organization
  6. There is need for NBC plc to find the means of providing adequate information to all members of staff this insures will foster services of belonging, loyalty and mutual trust.

Adequate information should be provided through company publication bulleting, news letter meeting and like implementing the above recommendation would help in no measure in assisting the company to maintain and retain its enviable position in the soft drink industry and more important in the efficient running of the organization.

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