The Role Advertising In A Manufacturing Organization (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Ilorin)

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The Role Advertising In A Manufacturing Organization (A Case Study Of Nigeria Bottling Company Ilorin)


The role of advertisement in a manufacturing organisation. (a case study of Nigeria bottling company Ilorin) this project work will examine the role of advertisement in manufacturing company. Using Nigeria bottling company ilorin as a case study. Advertisement of product as help to promote and enhance the production in manufacturing company, it has brought about growth am of any company that is to make profit.

This project will be divided in to five chapters as follows chapter one :- this chapter will contain general introduction, objective of the study, and the limitation and constraints of the study history background of Nigeria bottling company, definition of advertisement terms and important of advertisement in manufacturing company. Chapter two this chapter will be focused or literature renew. Chapter three:- in this chapter will contain research methodology, source of data collection, data techniques, administration of research analysis. Chapter four will focus on presentation and analysis of data chapter five will contain summary, recommendation, and conclusion.

Chapter One

1.1 Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

Advertising consists of all activities involved in presenting to a group, a non-personal, oral or visual, sponsor message regarding a product, services or idea, this message called on advertising in disseminated through one or more media and paid for the identified sponsor.

Essentially, advertising is a means of spreading information however; it will be useful to read a project as to distinguish it from other form of communication.

Advertising is further distinguished by this fact; it is employed for promotion to large audience. It is often referred to as mass selling, through the medium of television, for instance, a further important characteristic of advertising that can be maintained over the promotional effort advertising have great influence on a product.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Advertising suffer from the inability of many organization so as to get qualified and experience median through which advertising can be carried out due to financial constraints. This depth survey is desired on the slakes performance of coca-cola and beverage industries limited Lagos.

Most importantly advertising as one of the promotional tools, that as been applied in virtually and organization as most organizations are aware of crucial role played by advertising in boosting their sales volume and profitability, but the fact cannot be defined that some organization are still ignorant of the actual practice of advertising.

1.3 Objective of the Study

The study will membrane the concept of promotion of general different techniques of advertisement, used in promoting coca-cola and suggest. If necessary at the end of the study, the possibility of improving the present advertising programs me to make it more effective. The study will emphasized whether advertising is necessary or not during the period of research. That is, when the seller market prevails, the study will bring development on the technology of coca-cola company and make sure that the consumers enjoyed maximum satisfaction, through advertising in coca-cola company and it may be external or internal the aim and objectives of advertising in coca-cola company is to make assess and effort of the company work efficiency.

1.4 Importance of the Study.

The importance of the study is to know if the company is making use of the promotional mix such as advertismsnet, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity. Because for many company to prosperd,it is very necessary for their company to carryout effective promotion which is one of the controlling way of marketing management, and this is done to create the awareness of the product to the public that a particular company and its product is existing with fair price at the right time.

Fundamentally, the only purpose of advertising is to sell a product a service or an idea, sated another way that real goal of advertising is to be effective in communicating, that is the vitimater effect of advertising should modify the attitudes of the receiver of the message. These broad of goal of advertising arte better reached by setting specific objective that can be incorporated into individual advertising companies, the researcher therefore effect that management is the most especially in Nigeria blotting company plc, Lagos derive meaningful and useful information from this research work in their effort to make efficient use to advertising it boast brand new plant in various part of federation. Qualify is the key word which determined the success of the whole operating only
The best ingredients are used for making out soft drink and sophisticated washing and filling equipment have being installed at all plants. Extremely high, standard engine are used to maintain, to ensure that top quality product reach their consumers. The manufacturing process of coca-cola is based on measuring carefully. I.e combinations of sugar, water are concentrate the same standard is throughout the world.

1.5 Scope and Limitation of the Study.

The scope of this work is to assess the effort and effect of advertising on the sales of coca-cola bottling company the study of the study is limited to the rate of advertising on the sales of coca-cola with a particular reference to Nigeria bottling company plc, Ilorin the study of designed is to examined like, product of N.B.C e.g. coca-cola, sprite, fanta e.t.c the researcher desired to provide as much as materials fact as possible with respects of the topic under the number of limitation prevented him for doing so, among this limitation are as follow fiancé and time.

1.6 Historical Background of the Case Study

Coca-cola began its existence in a three-legged bass pot in the back yard of johns; pembertion on May 8, 1886, pembertion was a pharmacist trying to create a headache tonic. Pemberton took his creation to the now famous jacob’s pharmacy about 2 blocks from his home, there the syrup mixed with cold tap water and sold to ailing customer for 5 cents . as the story goes, a customer in great pain came in and ordered the syrup and the soda jerk accidentally mixed it with carbonated water instead of regular tap water, the customer loved the new drink dedaring it, delicious and refreshing.

Frank robinson, pemberton’s partner and book-keeper suggested the name coca-cola, taking each part of the name from a key ingredient in thwe product and proclaiming that the two C’S would look good in advertising. Mr robinson period “coca-cola” in the unique flowing script that is, now famous worldwide. In 1886, sales of coca-cola areraged 9 drinks per day that year, pemberton sold only 25 gallons of syrup for his effort; pumbertion grossed $ 50-00 and spent $ 73.96 on advertising.

As john pemberton’s health grew worse, he sold the company off-asa candler took sole ownership of the company by 1891 for a mere $ 2,300.00 (that included all right, including his initial investment). In 1894 coca-coal was first bottle by joseph Biedenharn, owner of the Biedenharn canfy company of vicksburgimississippi, candler believed that the bottle idea was crazy and that people would never go for it. As the popularity of coca-cola increased many initiators came onto the scene offering producst such as coca-cola so the company decided that they needed a bottle that would be easily recognize, so as not be confused with any other.

The root glass company of Terre Haute, hidiana designed the now famous, “coutonr bottle” or “hobblesirt”. Dec-25, 1923 in the year proving that the bottling idea been a great success.

Asa candlers merchandising flair helped expand the company (who them went on to becom major of Atlanta Georgia) sold thcompany to ernest woodruff and a goup of investors for $25 million and in 1923 robert woodruff (ernest eldestson) became president of the company Robert woodruffs more than six deals of leadship took the business to unrivaled height of commercial success, making coca-cola an hostitution all over the world.
At the beging of WWLL, Robert woodruff issued an order to “see to it, that everyman in uniform gets a bottle of coc-cola for 5 cents wherever he is and whaterver it cost the 1943 during world war11,S gsenhower sent a telegram requesting to additional coca-cola bottle plants overseas for outroops.S at the beginning of the war, 64 additional bottling plants has been established abroad, their presence of coca-cola did more than lifting the moral of the troops. It gave many local; people in those countries their first taste of coca-cola, panning the way for unprecedented world idea sales after the war.

The cover page on may 15, 1950 issued of time magazine feature a coca-cola advertisement ita was the first time that a consumer product had been featured on their cover that same issues also contained a detail story about coca-cola extensive distribution and franchising system. In 1981 Robert gauziest become the most successful business man in the world. Guizot had come to America from Cuba with little more than a suitancein 1985, the coca-cola company intercedes Nero formula for coke calling the product “new coke “ and them “coke11” the public demanded the original formulary back and the company soon began producing “coca-cola classic.
Today coca-cola is available in nearly 200 countries around gboba and it trademark is written in approximately 80 languages. It is one of the most recognizable Lagos in the world.

1.7 Definition of Term

The following terms are defined as used in the study.


Is concerned with the activities involved in presenting to a group, a non-personal or visual openly sponsored message regarding a product, services or ideal. According to will on d. Stanton.


This mean an industry of producing goods in large quantities in factories.


This can be describe as informing and persuading consumers toward buying habit or an awareness of the existence of a product feature.


This is the transformation of raw materials into finish goods/product.

Personal Selling:

Is an oral communication with potential buyers of a product with the intention of making sale

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

Judging from the finding in the last chapter of this project, it could be referred that Nigeria bottling company plc, Ilorin employs a lot of advertising effect as aids to the development of it sales potential and reputations. In view of the interview conduct with the sales force of Nigeria bottling company plc, they clamed the usage of advertising very often because of its positive contribution to slaes. It can thererfore be conducted that the management and staff of in company are very mindful at advertising and reconized its importan role in business as a mater of fact, the company has established advertising programme in its fullest siving on begalf of the entire organization and in all its relations with the public i.e consumers also also its was gather that from personal interview with sales, forces of the company, that the present economic problem of the country has influenced the in adequate supply of cocal – cola in some part of nation particularly in the delta are of the country.

It was also discovered that the ecomomic recession in the the country makes people to be more price concious in their chiopice of brand and that consumer are not concerned with price but also with the availability.

The company has confirmed to all advertising principles from A to 2 by advertising principles mean using television, radio, newspaper, bill board so that everybody in the soiety can easily see or hear the latest on their soft drink. All these ativities are gained towar creaating suitable atmosphere that increase sales volume and the market share of the company. Management being aware of this fact therefore encourages the use of advertisement to enhance it marketing efforts. By identifying and analysis all these advertising programmes in the scheme of activities of the organization, the research is fully conceived that those programmes really exist and are essentially designed and used to create a good atmosphere for marketing the companies’ product in Nigeria competitive soft drink).
Conclusively, advertising has a positive effect on the sales of beverages particularly cocal –cola which is the leaders in the market.

5.2 Recommendations

Based on the finding of the research topic vital and feasible recommendation are very essential in order to put to correction the loops hole fund as regard the efforts of advertising on the sales of coca – cola plc , ikeja, lagos should with their limited financial resources endeavour to encourage and continiue engaging in made a positive contribution to sales volum e and public awareness of the company and its products so that that the current buyers should be reminded of any improvement in the quality of coca – cola. It also recommended that the quality of coca- cola should be improved so that it cans conmplete fevourable with other cometitors in the soft drink market. It furter reconnended that Nigeria Bottling Company plc. Should within their limited financial resources, endeavour to have nation – wide coverage of their laked products.

Most there complain of head quarter supply coca – cola, in the market, it should have a unique significant difference from the consumers in terms of quality as well as distribution effectively – it is recommeded that the company should endeavour to reveew its advertisment programmes since consumers are very dinamic and national in their buying decision. They should maintain their present price and drage when economic situation demand for it.

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