The Repair Of A Damaged Air Conditioner

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The Repair Of A Damaged Air Conditioner


This project is basically on the repair of a damaged air conditioner. It is intended to provide a break through in the restoration of any damaged air conditioner and thereby curtail the huge expenses incurred in the replacement of the entire unit.

This report covers an introduction into what an air conditioner is all about, itโ€™s historical background and working principle. A view on the installation techniques and the maintenance application are also contained in this report. The actual repairs undertaken were analysed and the economic cost of the repairs were equally specified.

After the repairs and changing of some damaged components, the system was tested and found to be functional again thereby satisfying the objective of the project.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Air Conditioner

An air conditioner system is an assembly of various components which operate in a controlled manner to produce a specified condition of the air within a space or building.

To produce complete air conditioning, a system must heat, humidify, cool, dehumidify ventilate, filter and circulate air within the conditioned space all for the comfort of the user.

Air conditioner has a wide range of capacities for rooms of various sizes. It has been common to rate units in tons but a better method is by BTU (British Thermal Unit). A small capacity air conditioner may be 5500 BTU and a larger one 15,000 BTU. It can also be rated by horse power, which describes the power needed to drive electric component and not cooling capacity. The capacity required is determined by size of space to be cooled, the building installation, direction of window to sun or shade, heat source in the room (from a gadget0 and the normal occupancy.

The electric voltage required is normally between 115 โ€“ 230 volts.

1.2 Historical Background

The roots of air conditioning as we know today, are in refrigeration. T he elements of an air conditioning system were well known before the first complete system was built in 1902. Before now, fans and refrigeration had been invented, ice had been used for cooling for centuries and there had been duct work for central heating.

The first systematized approach to control indoor atmosphere was made by Willis Carrier, a 25 year old engineer for a Buffals N.Y. heating firm. The problem was that hot humid summer air was causing faulty reproduction of four colour illustrations for a litographic form in Brooklyn. N.Y. Carriers machine combined cooling and humidity control for summer and heating and humidifying for winter. He used fans to blow the hot humid air over coils of cold water piped from ammonia frigeration machine. He worked out the proper amount of cold coil surface needed and required temperature and air conditioning.

In 1906 Stawart Grammer applied it in 1911 Carriersโ€™ rational psychometric formula, set forth the data necessary to design relationship between moisture content and temperature, and enabled engineers to calculate the requirement for air conditioner. The development of lightweight formed coiling coils made possible a more effective heat transfer surface from the warm air to the refrigerating coils. Gas refrigerants were considered dangerous for small installation until the first toxic refrigerant, feron was invented. It made possible installation of home air conditioning units and room air conditioner.

Chapter Five

5.0 Recommendation

It could be deduced from the repair and maintenance work carried out on the air conditioner that its problem was as a result of lack of maintenance.

The breakdown of the air conditioner parts and components of the air conditioner lead to its abandonment. The equipment or unit would have been prevented from breakdown if the system of planned maintenance has been observed

There should be a routine maintenance to protect and increase the life span of the air conditioner. This will in general rectify the effect of normal wear in the compressor. The department in this type of project since it consumes a lot of money accomplish the assigned job.

Our predecessors in their recommendation the previous years pointed out that the department should rehabilitate and refurnish the refrigeration and air conditioning workshop with tools and equipments that will enable such projects in the school premise. WE therefore urge the management to do something about that urgently.

5.1 Conclusion

This project has been written to assist engineers who are new to air conditioning maintenance in the analysis and how to carryout the maintenance work.

The project further shows that maintenance is very important in the tendency of purchasing new unit and contractors pf plant may benefit from the information in this write up.

Finally, the project has helped to educate us in the procedure as well as techniques of defecting faults and how to carry out repair works on a faulty air conditioner.

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