The Relevance Of Government Regulations And Marketing Of Food And Drug Products In Nigeria

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Project and Seminar Material for Marketing

Project and Seminar Material for Marketing


This topic “the Relevance of government Regulations on marketing of food and drugs products in Nigeria” was conducted to investigate the extent of relationship between government laws and the marketing performance of the Abllat pharmaceutical industry. However, to achieve the goal of the study, the quasi-experimental research design was used to study 35 dealers of Aballat pharmaceutical products were the primary data was collected from respondents using the questionnaire in order to obtain first time information.

After a crified analysis of data collected, the hypothesis were test using the analysis of chi-square with the aid of statistical products and service solution package and the following were the findings that:Government laws contribute significantly to the marketing of food and product. Indicate further that judiciary and moderating factors (ie technology, competition and consumerist) have an inverse relationship on the marketing performance of food and drug products. Based on the findings of this study, the following were recommended.

Dealers should comply with government laws to enhance their performance. They should not comply but their should be evidence that shows total compliance to government laws through actions of NAFDAC and soul. They should frequently improved on the quality product and service they render towards the public.

Table Of Contents

Title page
Approval page
Table of Content

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background of study
1.2 Background History of the firm
1.3 Statement of the problem
1.4 Objectives of the study
1.5 Research question
1.6 Statement of hypothesis
1.7 Significance of the study
1.7 Scope/delimitation of the study
1.8 Limitations of the study
1.9 Definition of terms

Chapter Two

1.0 Review of related literature
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Origin of laws
2.3 Types of Nigeria law
2.4 Function of laws
2.5 Local system in Nigeria
2.6 Legislative, judiciary and regulatory areas:
2.7 Nigeria laws and business practices
2.8 Regulatory bodies
2.9 Marketing defined

Chapter Three

2.0 Research methodology
2.1 Area of coverage
2.2 Research design
2.3 Sources of data
2.4 Population of the study.
3.5 Determination of sample size
3.6 description of data analysis technique

Chapter Four

3.0 presentation, interpretation and analysis of data
4.1 Introduction
4.2 presentation of data and analysis of data
4.3 Test of hypothesis

Chapter Five

Summary, conclusion and recommendation
5.1 Summary of findings
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

Chapter One

4.0 Introduction

4.1 Background Of The Study

Law is one the most important and dynamic forces in the market place. Therefore, a market that ignores its regulatory law is either myiopic or arrogant. The involvement of government in business dates back to colonial era, when colonial agent in Nigeria enacted law in Britain of executives.

During that period, the colonial power legislated for and regulated the economic activities of Nigeria, particularly on the product and marketing of major product namely, cocoa, tuber, palm product, groundnuts etc. At that time these were the major source of foreign exchange for the colony. The colonial master (Britain) therefore gave Nigeria an orientation which made government involvement in conduct of business activities inevitable. Nigeria produced the goods but the colonial government through the marketing board was responsible of such marketing board was responsible for such marketing board was responsible of such marketing was responsible for such marketing activated and pricing, branding and grading etc.

During the colonial era, pharmaceutical product were produced abroad and imported by government for use in its hospitals.

After independence a significance number of Nigeria acquired qualification in biology, chemistry, micro biology and medieme etc.

Some of them became involved in the marketing of pharmaceutical. The trend of government regulations on key aspect of marketing in Nigeria was also applied to food and drug products became of their sensitive nature.

The 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria recognizes the involvement of government in business in general. On 12 April 2001, the Federal Government appointed Prof. Dora Akunyili as the Director General of the national Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) still 22nd January 2009, when director general of the national Agency for food and drug administration and control to review the law setting up the agency to make it more effective in curbing the menace of fake drugs.

Under the leadership of Prof. Dora Akunyili fake and harmful drugs and food worths over N5 billion were destroyed. Ruler off, NAFDAC has become one of the barameter for measuring the success of the Obasanjo administration. The achievement of the agency under the dynamics leadership of Prof. Dora Akunyili is outstanding and encouraging.
NAFDAC as well as consumer protection council, is now a house hold name, as their drug and wholesome processed food has scrutinize regulated product manufactured, expiry dates, for future improvement in the practice of marketing, truth in lending, packaging, advertising, substantiation, warranted classification, labeling, product information and the host of others issues that captured the attention of the public and manufacturers of regular product are now aware of the need to have their product registered, before distribution, with sustained tampo current activities embarked upon by the agency, all these views would be reduced to the batest minimum level and ultimately eradicated.

4.2 Background History Of Aballat Nigeria Limited

Aballat Nigeria limited is located at N0. 12 Ajayi, prims Bus/stop, Behind mat-oil filing station Ikekun-Ijegun Road, P.O Box 22622 Ikeja, Lagos state. Nigeria. E-mail

Abllat Nigeria limited, is an indigeneous manufacturer of natural green medicine. The company began operation in 1999, as consulting centre where natural medicines were used in the treatment of certain aiment in consonance with NAFDAC. Regulations which require that all herbal pharmaceutical companies should register their product with the agency, the company initiated registration of herbal products which were eventually registered in 2003. Among the products that were registered is Yoyo Bitter 200ml, with NAFDAC registration number 0453462. presently, the company has a total twenty one products registered with NAFDAC.

Yoyo cleanser bitters is very good for fitness and vitality. It works to promote relaxation thereby improving overall health and well being, keeping your blood pressure regulated. Test was conducted by Amelna’s organic limited, 19 Ladipo, Plowole Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos on 5th of November, 2003 and it showed that the product was sterile and microbiologically fit foe human consumption.

In April 2009, another test was conducted in the faulty of pharmacy, department of pharmaceuties technology, university of Lagos, shows that there was no observable injury in the liver, kidney, heart, Brain, Eyes.
Since its introduction into the Nigeria drug market, it has received wide acceptance and usage by the general populace.


To be the number one indigenous pharmaceutical company in Nigeria, the best in Africa and tops 5 in the world.


To assert our medical heritage as a pharmacy innovation in providing medical and natural therapy to solving global health problems.


To create and foster a healthy living among all people by producing a health improving plytotheropy medical for longevity.

Abllat Nigeria limited is making in the pharmaceutical industry with the effect of food and drug products in Nigeria. Also with the following awards and certificates, worthiness to its credit such as;

  1. Chamber of commerce and industry award for the best innovate local manufacturers of the year 2009 in Nigeria.
  2. 2008, Golden award of the Nigeria nursing association
  3. 2008, Ikeja city award for the best brand of the year.
  4. 2099, Golden award as an effectiveness to both and life care formula improving the essence and quality of life for millions of families nationwide.
  5. 2010, Nigeria medical association (NIMA) Golden Jubilee official bitter, April, 2010.
  6. September, 2010, city people award for the best herbal cleanser drug of the year to mention but a few.
    Abllat Nigeria limited company has produced many products and have spread in so many places such as Owerri, Aba, Port-Harcourt, Benin etc.

1.3 Statement Of The Problem

During the last decade, the marketing functions of business have been under continuous attack by external forces, consumer advocates applied pressure then subsequently, legislative bodies at the federal, state and local government leads all in the interest of their constituencies marketing practice, unlike any other functions of business, has been the focus for much public criticism and often when consumers feel disappointed by business practice they look forward to government.

However, over the years the most frequency criticism in the Nigeria economy is the food and drug industry. Due to its sensitive and increative nature, a lot of a ill-practice have been going on for a while whish has touched into the main and/or death of many innocent consumers despite the presence of regulatory bodies. As a result, these has continually been an outray by consumers, corporate bodies, medical practioners and the public government agencies or regulation is not enough to check the ill practice of business but the judicious enforcement is established laws to the latter is necessary.

As such, this study is concerned on investigating, how government laws (formulation, interpretation and enforcement) affect the marketing of food and drugs product in Imo state. Furthermore, the study will address the following issues;

  • Do the content of laws formulated by the legislative arm of government at the federal, state and local level address the marketing of food and drug products in Imo state as well as Nigeria as a whole?
  • Are the laws effectively interpreted by the judicial arm of government to the understanding of its public (consumers, suppliers, distribution, corporate bodies, producers, regulatory and enforcement agencies etc)
    To what extent has government regulatory agencies enforced these laws to ensure compliance and security of lives?

1.4 Objectives Of The Study

The study has its main objectives in investigating how government regulations affects the marketing of food and drugs products in Owerri, Imo state the following specific objective will be determined.

1. To find out whether the content of the laws formulated by the legislative area of government effectively improves the marketing of food and drug products.

2. To know how effectively the laws are being interpreted to the understanding of the Nigeria public by the judicial arm of government.

3. To understand the extent to which government agencies (CPC, NAFDAC) its laws and ensure complete compliance of its laws by the Nigeria public.

4. To determine whether/how moderating factors (Technology, competition, competition, consumerist factors) interfere in the relationship between government regulations and the marketing performance of pharmaceuticals.

1.5 Research Question

1. Of what relevance id government regulation to the marketing of food and drug product?

2. Do the content of the laws formulated by the legislative arms effectively improve the marketing performance of pharmaceuticals dealers?

3. How effectively are the laws interpreted by the judicial arm, to the understanding of the Nigeria public?

4. To what extent do government agencies (CPC, Soul and NAFDAC) ensure complete compliance of government laws by the Nigeria public?

5. How often are government hut up graded to redress current marketing practices in the pharmaceutical?

6. Do moderating factors (Technology, competition consumerist) interfere in the relationship between government regulation and the marketing performance of pharmaceuticals?

1.6 Statement Of Hypothesis

1. H0:Government regulations do not contribute significantly to the marketing of food and drug products in Imo State.

2. H0:Evidence of compliance of regulatory requirement does not contribute significantly to the marketing food and drugs products.

3. H0:Moderating factors (Technology, competition consumerist) do not interface in the relationship between government regulations laws and the marketing performance of pharmaceutical products in Nigeria.

1.7 Significance Of The Study

This study is of immense importance a it is conducted to expose the relevance as well as benefits of government regulation

1. The finding and recommendation of this study will enlighten the pharmaceutical industry, consumers, corporate bodies, consumerist, government agencies etc, About the strength and/or weakness of government laws and the opportunities of threats to gain or that may be fall blefaucters.

2. To study will also be useful to student and researchers who have been interest in this area for further study.

3. It will help legislative arm to formulate policies that will meet the need of the public (consumer) more adequately.

4. To research study will offer an opportunity for the pharmaceutical dealers and consumer to be incorporated in the discussion of government regulation of food and drug products.

5. The research study will afford government regulatory to put in place new guideline, standard operating procedure for effectively regulation and control.

Finally, the findings will enable Abllat Nigeria limited, to solve their sales problems and correct whatever or are still making in line with their business operations.

1.8 Scope Of The Study

Scope of the study is defined with the context of the research topic. The relevance of government regulations on marketing of food and drugs in Nigeria with special reference to the salesmen of Abllaty Nigeria Limited.

1.9 Limitation Of The Study

In the course of this study, certain problems were encountered;

1. the was a constraint and the researcher would have done more of there was the available

2. Information that was documented was not easy to come by because of its scarcity and the conservative and exploitative tendency of the holders.

3. Unco-operative attitude of respondents is one of the greatest energy of research work in a developing country like Nigeria.

1.10 Definition Of Terms


This is a thing that is regularly so that you can improve your skill and become very official at it. Also, it is more of action than theory.


This any group of association that has an actual or potential interest in or import on a company ability of achieving its objectives.


Bodies responsible for law making procedures as specified in constitution.


they are responsible for interpretation of law and follows law procedures as specified.


Authorities to product companies from unfair competition and practices, protest consumers from unfair business practices as well as interest of society from unbridle business behaviour.


Present from happening or from doing things and forestall problem.

Food and drugs:

This is a thing that people or animal eat while drug and illegal substance that some people smoke or inject for physical and mental effect it has.


A situation which makes problem, often one in which you have to make a very different choice between thing of equal importance.


The knowledge of how to accomplish tasks and good. It can also be described as the means of achieving something.

Moderating factors:

There are unaviable that interface or moderate in the relationship between government regulations and marketing performance.


This is the study of the forces involved in movement. It is also a force that stimulate change.

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