Refurbishing Of Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio

Project and Seminar Material for Mechanical Engineering ME

Refurbishing Of Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio


This project is concerned write the identification of those defects that are found in most of the drawing tables in the Mechanical Engineering drawing studio.

The report investigates the possible ways through which the mentioned above can be brought back to normal standard for usage ins the department.

Defects comes up due to inability to renovate and also inability of proper usage.

There may be scratches over the table top, breakage in the legs joining or even breakages in the joints found before the tabletop. Before renovating, the location of the symptom and the kind of materials involved are put into consideration.

At the end of the every defect, the renovation of that actual defect is discussed in this project.

Chapter One


The term refurbishing has been defined in many ways by many experts from both building, and furniture perspective.

The oxford advance learners dictionary definition of refurbishing is the widely and a generally accepted definition of refurbishing.

It defines refurbishing as the work embark or undertaken in order to clean and decorate a room, building or in order to make it more attractive and more useful. This simply means a programme transformation of a particular place or thing at a point in time.

The drawing studio requires special consideration to preserve the original studio nature after it has deteriorated, and repair work at different period must be considered when the new defects are first discovered, when this is being considered recently, it can serve as a remedy towards breakage of tables and the deterioration of the studio.

These may be wrongly diagnosed, consequently, the remedies for refurbishing prescribed the drawing studio may fall and further experience and investigation leads to effective remedies or maintenance strategies.

Refurbishing is sub divided into three types and these are

1. Life style refurbishing:

This involves improving a home and a way of life. It might involve building a sunroom for pleasure or converting unused attic space into living quarters to meet ones changing needs.

2. Retroit Projects Refurbishing:

This usually focuses on home shells or mechanical systems such as

  • Upgrading an insulation system
  • Putting on new siding
  • Replacing a furnace

3. Maintenance and Repair Refurbishing:

This project the investment found in a house, workshop, or a room through activities such as:

  • Repair of furniture
  • Caulking windows
  • Reshingling roofs
  • Replacing equestronughs

Aim of the Project

The basic aim of this project is to identify the importance of refurbishing in our institutions of higher learning, and also to know the correct types to be used at any point in time.

Objective of the Project

The objectives of the project are as follow

  1. To know the importance or refurbishing
  2. To improve the understanding rate of the users of the project, by making them feel comfortable whenever there are in the drawing studio.
  3. To help bring back to the departmental acceptance of the standard of the drawing studio.

Scope of the Study

This project “Refurbishing of the Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio.

This project is further limited to the Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio, which might equally serve as a case study. And because of this, we will only consider here, the refurbishing of the Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio.

Chapter Eight

8.0 Recommendation

Since refurbishing industry is not honing or thriving after the oil glut in Nigeria. Refurbishing culture should be in built into the society at large and professionals in the industry in particular.

Following this fact, we recommend the following

  1. The government should set up a committee or an organization that will always look into the renovation problems in our studios. This committee should comprise of the technically and professionally skilled specialists, that knows the job of refurbishing. The body should ensure that both the qualities standard, and services standard of equipments in the studios are maintained more especially in the institution of higher learning like: that of the Mechanical Engineering Drawing Studio.
  2. The institutions of higher learning should have or trained body that goes on routine inspection on how some equipment in the institutions are used, and also enact strict laws to discourage student from damaging equipments in the institutions.
  3. Since refurbishing is not all that easy, maintenance should be carried out from time to time to avoid refurbishing.

8.1 Conclusion

In conclusion, the drawing tables are made to serve the students and improve the academic standard at the school.
Continual refurbishing of the drawing studio will prolong the life span of the equipments in the studio. Since the institution doesn’t have a refurbishing department, rather maintenance department therefore, the service of the maintenance manager should be called for at the seen of any damaged part of the studio as early as possible for “A stitch in time save nine”. The ignorance of minor defects like:

Cracks in table, flaking of paint on the wall unmanned loose table tops should not be neglected but, be corrected or mended at once because with time, it might cause a great damage in the studio.

Most of the damages of equipment that are found in our institution today is mostly caused by the lukewarm attitude of the school management as well as the maintenance department.

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