Redeeming The Public Image Of Nigeria Police Force

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Redeeming The Public Image Of Nigeria Police Force


Redeeming the public image of Nigeria Police Force is vital to police personal output and productivity. It has been observed that police personnel were not performing well. In view of the above, the researcher set out to see how to redeem the public image of Nigeria Police Force. Well structured questionnaire among other research instruments were designed and administered by using population to 120 respondents. The objective was to elicit answers that would reveal how to redeem the public image of Nigeria Police Force. The primary sources were complemented with secondary sources. As a matter of fact, the data collected were presented, analyze and interpreted in chapter four. The following findings were made; the Nigeria police force is performing their functions very well that the idea of collecting bribery in the police station is corruption. The Nigeria police force is truly friends of the masses. That the low remuneration received by the Nigeria Police Force is responsible for their low performance; That the government should provide what the Nigeria Police Force need in carrying out their duties.

Chapter One


1.1 Background To The Study

The word Police is derived from the Greek word ‘Polis’ meaning the part of non-ecclesiastical administration having to do with safety, health and order of state. The Greek politaria, meant the act of governing and regulating the welfare, security need and order of the city-state in the interest of the public.

Nigeria Police began with a (30) thirty members consular guard formed in Lagos colonies in 1861. In 1879, a one thousand two hundred (1,200) members armed paramilitary Hausa constabulary was formed.

Before describing this system in brief, it is relevant to observe that policing and police work did not start as a paid profession. It started as a noble, incorruptible profession with considerable responsibility and distinction. It was the justice of the peace system, which corrupted the Paris constable system.

Policing is referred to as measure and practice of securing the safety of members of community as well as ensuring conformity to the NORMS and VALUES of society. The Nigeria Police function and was responsible for internal security generally for supporting the prison, immigration, and custom service and for performing military duties within or outside Nigeria as directed.

The Nigeria police indeed fallen short of these responsibility because of the obvious ethical vacuum and inability to overcome their genuine moral challenges.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

The Nigeria police force has over the years acquired a very negative image which has been a major problem to combat with, as the only force that has the enormous task of enforcing obedience of the law, prevention and detection and prevention of crime and protection of the lives and properties of the people in the country.

Overtime, the masses have come to distrust and disrespect the Nigeria police force due to some of its infamous activities; as a result, the public image of the NPF (Nigeria Police Force) has deteriorated into a negative one.

However, it is imperative for the Nigeria police force to enhance its image because the negative perception in which the public holds the police often hampers some of its activities.

This study therefore, intends to show how public relations can create a new public image for the Nigerian police force (NPF).

1.3 Purpose Of The Study

This research project is set out for the following purpose;

  1. To discuss the various principles of public relations
  2. To analyze the public image of Nigeria police force
  3. To know some media and method of use in public relations as related to the NPF
  4. To discuss extensively about the challenges facing Police Area Command department in Kogi State

1.4 Research Questions

The questions which this study attempt to answers are as follows:

  1. What do you think are the reasons why police men collect bribes in the police station or road side?
  2. Do you think the Nigeria police force are performing their functions effectively?
  3. Why have police men not been following the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria? Is it because Nigeria is corrupt?
  4. Is it the low salary received by the Nigeria Police force that is making them not to function in their duties?
  5. Is the Nigeria police force truly your friend?

1.5 Significance Of The Study

The research will highlight the masse’s perception of the police and the responsibilities of both the masses and the police to the society.

The research will be very useful to Nigeria police force as well as highlighting the problems facing the NPF

1.6 Scope And Limitations

The scope of the research project will be centred on the activities of the Nigeria police force in Kogi State, in relation to the Kogi State police command and the public and how the police command can redeem the image of the NPF. The scope does not cover the entire nation.

The project topic is limited to Kogi State. This is due to the constraints that may be faced by the researcher if he covers the activities of the NPF in the entire nation.

1.7 Definition Of Terms


This is the act of retrieving or collecting.


This is the act of been connected to ordinary people in the society in general


It is seen as a person, an organization or a product

Police Force:

An official body of people employed a state to prevent crime and keep public order.


Dishonestly pay someone to act in one’s favour


Willing to act dishonestly in return for money.


The act of interacting with people or the act of passing information.

1.8 Organization Of The Study

This research project is divided into five chapters.

Chapter one

Is the introduction of the work that is followed by the area covered; background to the study, statement of the problem, purpose of the study, significance of the study, research questions, scope/imitations of the study, definition of key concepts.

Chapter two

Is the literature review and includes public image of the Nigeria Police Force, duties of the Nigeria Police Force area command department in Kogi State, challenges of Police Area Command Department in Kogi State, public relations method employed by the Nigeria Police Force Kogi State Police Command, media and method of public relations and principles of public relations respectively.

Chapter three

Is the research methodology and includes research design, area of study, population of the study, sample of the study, description of instrument, administration and retrieval of instruments, administration of research questionnaires and method of data analysis.

Chapter four

Is the data presentation and analysis and includes data presentation, analysis of data, test of hypotheses and discussion of findings.

Chapter five

Is summary, recommendations and conclusion.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion And Recommendation

5.1 Introduction

It is important to ascertain that the objective of this study was to examine the technic of redeeming the public image of Nigeria police force.

In the preceding chapter, the relevant data collected for this study were presented, critically analyzed and appropriate interpretation given.

In this chapter, certain recommendations made which in the opinion of the researcher will be of benefits in addressing the challenges of redeeming the public image of Nigerian police force.

5.2 Summary

The police are granted enormous powers by law and the constitution to take preventive measures against the commission of all crimes in Nigeria. In this sense, the law allows them to use such reasonable force as may be necessary for the prevention of crimes. In the exercise of this authority, they have in various ways malevolently violated the rights of members of the public with impunity. This practice has earned the Nigeria police different derogatory names, hatred and constant collision with the members of the public to whom they have sworn an oath to protect. So far, it can be inferred from the data gathered in this study that the relationship between the police and the public in Nigeria is not cordial. The police are more accountable to the government rather than to the members of the public whose interest they were statutorily established to protect. In Nigeria, the public perception of the police is warped based on the misuse of powers vested in them. This misuse of powers which creates negative police image and police-public relations is manifested in police corruption and brutality which had been their regular hallmark. This position can be changed if and only if the police are reoriented towards adequate care and respect for human dignity, citizen’s fundamental rights and privileges. The police should work relentlessly towards redeeming their public image of underperforming, immodest, brutal, corrupt and predatory force.

5.3 Conclusion

The Nigerian police must work very hard to redeem their public image that had all the years been seriously vilified. The police is expected to act as an official representative of government required to work within the law. The officers‟ powers and duties are covered by statute. The fundamental duties of the police include serving the community, safeguarding lives and property, protecting the innocent, keeping the peace and ensuring the rights of all to liberty, equality and justice. They are expected to perform their duties impartially, treating all citizens equally with courtesy, consideration and dignity. The officers should never allow personal feelings, resentments or friendships to influence official conduct, always striving for universalistic ideals rather than being particularistic. Laws are to be enforced appropriately and courteously, obtaining maximum cooperation from the public. They are to conduct themselves in appearance and deportment in such a manner as to inspire confidence and respect for the position of public trust they hold. The police should never employ unnecessary force or violence and should use only such force with the greatest restraint in the discharge of their duties as is reasonable in all circumstances. While the use of force is occasionally unavoidable, every police officer should refrain from applying the unnecessary infliction of pain or suffering and should never engage in cruel, degrading or inhuman treatment of any person

5.4 Recommendations

In spite of the alluring structures and programs of NPPRD, the image of the Force has largely not resonated with the kind of police force desired by the civil populace in Nigeria: a force that eschews inappropriate use of lethal force, illegal arrest and detention, extortion, intimidation, corruption, sexual violence and extra-judicial killings. However, The following recommendations would serve as guides in the bid to re-engineer the force, slough off its undesirable image and turn it into a humane law enforcement agency that is respected, trusted and befriended by the civil populace as the protector of lives and property. In order to enhance the relationship between the police and members of the public, there need to be a shift from the present day system of intimidation through “police force” to the modern system of policing through “police service”, While the entire Nigeria Police require total and complete attitudinal change for them to regain people’s confidence, the principles of the new world paradigm of policing – community policing – is supposed to be their guide for a better society.

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