Radio Listenership Pattern Among Market Women In Abeokuta, Ogun State

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Radio Listenership Pattern Among Market Women In Abeokuta, Ogun State


This project has been written to help the reader or students especially students of mass communication to have a better understanding on the rate of Radio listenership pattern among market women. The project shall be in five major chapters, opening with introduction, background of the study, statement of the problem, importance of the study, scope of the study, limitation of the study and the term of the study. The second chapter shed light on broadcast media in Nigeria. Radio as a medium, impact of radio short explanation on market and listenership pattern patterns, uses and gratifications theory and others. Chapter three focuses on research methodology, primary sources, questionnaire, secondary sources, and data collection instrument, method of data analysis as well as sample size. The fourth chapter deals with presentation and analysis of data demography of respondents responses and analysis. Discussion of findings as well as summary, conclusion, recommendation and bibliography will be identified in the last chapter which is chapter five

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

John Witz, a famous scholar in mass communication described this subject as comprising institution and techniques by which specialized group of people empty technological devices it disseminate symbolic content to a large heterogeneous and widely dispersed audience.

Another school of thought says, it is a process in which communication make use of mechanical media to disseminate information rapidly and continuous to arose intended meaning to a large diverse audience in an attempt to influence them in a variety of ways.

Charles Wright in his own account says,mass communication is a special kind of social communication involving distinctive operative conditions. Primarily among which are; nature of the audience, subject of communication and the experience of the communication” Mass communication, can simply be classified under three (3) categories. We have the T.V and radio production, public relation section and print medium. But this study basically dealt with radio listenership pattern among market women. Radio is one of the most ubiquitous, the most effective and cheapest medium of mass communication available to man. This provided opportunity for men to understand both his immediate and distant environment. Through radio, message or information are received by means of electromagnetic waves hence, the British call it wireless. Music, codes and other communication signals through the waves to any part of the world. With the use of radio, we can communicate across space see and distant points. Like any electronic media radio broadcasting involves;

PROCESSES: The first is production of programs, the second is transmission and the third stage is reception. Unlike watching T.V, reading a newspaper, radio listening is usually done by one person alone, it is a personal one-on-one medium and it is also mobile. As a matter of fact, it is generally undisputable that daily and weekly reach of radio exceed other media by market women. In addition, radio bring sense of intimacy and personal involvement between the presenter and the listeners. The audience of radio are limited only to the elite in the society, it also includes the transporters, the house wives, market women and so on. As women constitute a reasonable number of the entire populace, their role in sustainable development cannot be over emphasized. Their resources have been properly mobilized and channels in order to achieve the desired goals. The women are noted for being custodians of the future. Nowadays different classes of women exist in Nigeria, the position of women determine how they relate to their various environment one cannot compare the contribution of the less privilege women in the society to the privilege ones. Unlike the olden days where women are regarded as cooks, now, women are also in the top position. They as well participate in politics. They get first-hand information from the mass media by listening to radio watching T.V and reading newspapers and magazines.

Consequently, the rate at which the women listen to radio nowadays cannot be underestimated in which they participate in programs mostly the phone-in programs, which affect topical issues in the society. They also love listening to informative programs.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

This is the study of the effect of broadcast media on the society with particular emphasis on “Radio Listenership Pattern among market women. The rate at which market women listen to radio has been on the decline this is as a result of inefficient way of disseminating information to the market women.

Market women in Ilorin metropolis however, had encountered this problem where their goods and services is not well patronized in a larger market, as a result of ineffective publicity. As it has been observed that broadcast has help in the upliftment if information in a given society. In the course of the study. It will help the public to receive information, write-ups, and presentation and gather facts from the society, people committees and individual at large.

Therefore, the study will look at Radio Listenership pattern among Market Women using OjaOdan Market, Oru and Ota women, and Shagamu Market as case studies.

1.3 Research Questions

  1. Is broadcast media essential to the market women?
  2. How radio broadcasting served the market women?
  3. Do market women engage in radio listening and advertisement?
  4. Is radio the fastest mode of disseminating of information to the market women in Abeokuta metropolis?

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The aim of the research work is to determine radio listenershipamong market women in Abeokuta.

  1. To show how broadcast media is a medium by which information is disseminated to market women in Ilorin metropolis.
  2. It highlights the role of broadcast media to women
  3. It highlights how broadcast media services market women interest.
  4. To show the public that broadcast is essential to the market women.
  5. Relating the effect of broadcast media on the market women.

1.5 Significance of the Study

The finding of the research work will assist radio planners in designing programs to attain maximum message effectiveness among market women.

However, this study will show the duties of broadcast media on the market own, it will examine how broadcast bring dissemination of information to Oja Odanmarket women in Abeokuta and Ota and Oru market women.

1.6 Scope of the Study

In this case of carving out of this research the study shall focus majorly on the radio listenership pattern among market women in Ilorin metropolis.

Furthermore, the activities of broadcast media with a paicu1ar reference to the case study shall be discussed too.

1.7 Limitation to the Study

A number of limitation or constraints could be described to the study, either in the course of the data collection on the analysis and scope of the research.

The first limitation impose by the scope of the study, in that the study focused mainly on controllable broadcasting organization and used this mainly as the causal factors of the noticeable trend is the sales volume.

These second limitation is that the broadcasting was studied in isolation an all observation were thus made disregard to what obtains in the entire Nigeria industries.

Finally, the delimitation posed by the dealt indigene listenership pattern test which are often promised on experiences in less complex environment and highly developed economic, with little relevance in some instances to the Nigeria situation and making it difficult in such instances to make very accurate inferences and deduction on market women.

1.8 Definition of Terms


Radio is a piece of equipment used for listening to programmes that are broadcast to the public. It is a process of sending and receiving message through the air using “ELECTROMAGNETIC” waves. Radio is on electronic device that uses electromagnetic magnetic waves for the transmission of messages, information communication and it possess some attributes which place it upon the television broadcasting. The radio broadcast also involves the communication process i.e. SMCR. In radio broadcasting, there are several methods of categorizing a radio station. Its broadcasting band can assist one to know whether it is an A.M, F.M or S.W.

Market Women:

These are people that display goods for sale in a market. These are the people who interpretation for these activities and try to co-ordinate them. In other hand market women getting the right good at the right quantities and qualities to the right people in the right places and at the right time.


This is a term that is well understood be media practitioners as those people who are exposed to media message.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

In the cause of this research work, the following findings evolved, it was discovered that high percentage of Oja Odan and Shagamu market women own a radio set in their shops and this enables them to listen to interesting programs and sometimes listen to news on radio. Meanwhile, some market women consider radio set in shop as a side distraction and they believe that while in shop one should be much concern with hour business while some also giver other reason for their irregularities in listening to radio. Also the percentage of women that has radio in Oja Odani is more that of Shagamu.

From findings, it is clear that market women devote greater part of their time to listen to radio programmes while in shop and at home. Even those that do not own a radio set usually see people around that have and that do always tune it to their hearing thereby giving them the opportunity of listening to programmes both in shop and later at home. And there are certain programme which motivate them to listen to radio at a particular hour of the day such as entertainment programme like “Iriri Aye”, Feyikogbon among others.

Furthermore, it is very glaring that the two market respondents prefer a particular station that other simply because some station are easily accessible while some have variety of programme format which appealto them and also because the station reception is always clear and good.

In the findings, it was also discovered that a high percentage of market women prefer entertainment programme especially IRIRI AYE which is a popular entertainment programme in every station. Also market women do listen to news in order to know the latest information concerning them and their environment and they prefer news in Yoruba.

5.2 Conclusion

From the findings, we can conclude that programmes or messages targeted at women can easily reach them through entertainment programmes on radio. From the findings as well, it was also seen that a greater percentages of women love listening to radio programmes.

5.3 Recommendation

Based on the finding of this research work, it is recommended that radio programme planners, advertisers, development planners, corporate bodies and government agencies should reach women in these markets by packaging their message(s) in local languages for their understanding.

In addition, it will also be recommended that informative and educative message(s) should be introduced into the entertainment from which the market women would have learnt lessons form such programmes rather than listening to only laugh-it-off programmes.

Finally, health agency like World Health Organization (WHO) can get market women educated on health issues through radio. Example are: Family planning, child health, health talk like cancer of the breast and the lungs, campaign on HIV/AIDS and lots more.

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