The Need For Quality Control In A Manufacturing Organization (A Case Study Of Global Soap And Detergent Ilorin)

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The Need For Quality Control In A Manufacturing Organization (A Case Study Of Global Soap And Detergent Ilorin)


It might be patient for the purpose of given the subject a vivid understanding on the need for quality control in a manufacturing organization .

  • The chapter one of this project comprises of the general introduction , historical background of the organization chart , showing the department and position statement scope and the limitation of the study as well as the definition of term in the project .
  • Chapter two emphasized on the literature review of the project, the need for quality control, contribution of quality control, and also the store system that will be used in quality control as well as the general principle of quality control.
  • Chapter three emphasized on the gathering of information about the project [i.e research methodology], it will also involve the instrument of tools used in the research processing, and also the research population and sample size as well as the research method size will be included.
  • Chapter four comprises of definition of how quality contribution of quality inspection concept of quality and ultimately the method of rating vendors for equality.
  • The last chapter (five) will contain the analysis of various problems in the organization and necessary recommendation and conclusion in then drawn from the project.

Table of Contents

Preliminary Page(s)

  • Title Page
  • Declaration
  • Approval
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of Content

Chapter One

1.0 General Introduction

  • 1.1 Background of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of the problems
  • 1.3 Scope and limitation of the studies
  • 1.4 Objective of the studies
  • 1.5 Historical background of the Global soap and detergent
  • 1.6 The definition of the related term

Chapter Two

2.0 Literature Review

  • 2.1 Definition of quality control
  • 2.2 Why is need for quality control
  • 2.3 General principle of quality control
  • 2.4 Contribution of quality control
  • 2.5 Store system in quality control
  • 2.6 ABC analysis in control

Chapter Three

3.0 Research Methodology

  • 3.1 Instrument of tools used
  • 3.2 Research population and sample size
  • 3.3 Sampling production employed
  • 3.4 Research method size

Chapter Four

4.0 Presentation and Analysis of Data

  • 4.1 Analysis of Data
  • 4.2 Test of Hypothesis
  • 4.3 Organization structure of global soap and detergent
  • 4.4 Quality control of global soap and detergent

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

  • 5.1 Summary
  • 5.2 Recommendations
  • 5.3 Conclusion
  • 5.4 References

Chapter One

1.0 General Introduction

1.1 Background of the Study

It is Important at the outset of this study to know exactly what quality control is i.e it is a degree of excellent fitness and elative nature. This is the definition most people have in mind when they think quality people believe generally that “ HIGH QUALITY “ is something desirable in itself. Quality is an intricate concept the word is often used to mean superior quality. When we speak of quality merchandise we are not referring it price as the main selling feature and advertisement when mentioned in industrial and purchase quality has in entirely meaning.

Quality is related to suitability and cost (not price) but quality could be low as well as high the right quality may not be the best in the market. Quality meaning in purchasing is related to the function send ultimate cost.

Purchasing executive is in excellent position to contribute to that portion of their company is profits that originate in the area of quality. This is because they can bring about there important types of knowledge, their knowledge of the materials, they bought their knowledge or market or economic change their knowledge of source of supply.

It concept of quality as ordained above could in term be derived into a number of constrains such as finish. Strength design material manufacture and so on and the scale of excellent could be draw up for this in such a way that we can analyses the quality of given it may score well is some respect and badly in other. It may be in incapable of measurement; the researcher is interested in this topic because quality is very biologics business.

1.2 Statement of General Problem

Quality control is very important function in every organization effective for formal and efficient material management, but some problem to develop, where the practice is non existence.

Poor and inefficient quality profit less than the rate of organization, this affect the production profit less the rate of organization growth. Also, there is a general believe that no one can inject quality including the process of design stage of a product but the problem encountered in building quality and also they do not make proper provision for a separate quality control standard, this including the method of rating vendors for quality. The research will look into some of the problem and way of solving the problems.

1.3 Scope and Limitation of the Study

This researcher is restricted to the Global soap and Detergent and related product situated at Ilorin, Kwara State. This research work will cover the following benefit of quality; determination of quality, inspection concept of quality selection of vendor for quality and also method of rating vendor for quality. The limitation is mainly environmental program which are:

Attitudes of the Respondent;

While some of the respondent to oral interviews were very cooperative and made the research Job samples, other were uncooperative such uncooperative attitude range from failure to keep dates with researcher or out right refusal to grant answer to question the respondent would not be willing to discuss some area of their organization on the excuse that it was secret or vital to the company’s existence.

Language Barriers:

The reason is faced with the problem of language, most especially during the direct oral interview carried out among some workers in the company of study.

Lack of Finance

Like everybody else the economic condition seriously affects the researcher and to visit ot travel out to some other neighboring town to conduct oral interview with related companies was drastically reduce.


Also time was one of the limitations that late resumption data and incessant instability in Nigeria as a whole had pit short the span of the academic session in Kwara State Polytechnic affected the researcher because the researcher also had the class work load to contain at the same time with the project work load.

1.4 Objectives of the Study

The motive behind this research is in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma in Purchasing and Supply Institute of financial and Management Studies, Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, Kwara State. The general specific objective of this research work include

  1. Acknowledge the need for quality control in a manufacturing organization.
  2. The study aims at identifying the basic problem confronting the quality control department in a manufacturing organization.
  3. To identify the basic at quality in a manufacturing process.
  4. To determine the selection of vendor for quality and also ascertain the method of rating vendor for quality.

1.5 Historical Background of Global Soap And Detergent.

Global soap and detergent industry limited is a ember of Doyin group of companies the industry was sited along asa-dam road Ilorin kwara state it’s the first indigenous soap and detergent manufacturing company of Nigeria .
The company was incorporated on 8th October 1986 by the federal government of Nigeria render commence and industry 1985, all the plant were received into the site and the process of installation started immediately then followed by commissioning of the industry this owned by an experience industrialist Dr. Samuel Adedoyin who has for many years been champion indigenous technology background integration and the use of local raw material in Nigeria.

Global soap and detergent industry was established response to the case of the Kwara state government in industrializing Kwara state. Despite the economic down turn at that time. the factory metamorphosed from is one detergent factory and pioneer staff strength of 40 in 1985 to conglomerate of seven factories in 1994 with a strong believe in self reliance and resourcefulness sourcing about 40% of it material locally

This is one way by which global soap and detergent industry has been contributing significantly to the country economic rehabilitation and industrial revolution.


The company has consistency pared up with the existing multinational detergent manufacturing companies in a health competition toward enhancing the growth of the Nigeria economy operating through the under.

Detergent plant10 tons  1hours200g. bold,(10kg,5g, 2kg, 1kg,wash rite  g10kg, 5kg,2kg,1kg) ad super deal 200kg
Source of  plantI ton /dayHi cleans  sources  in play  and consistence
Soap plant2tone /dayToiler soap (vogue   grand  /undary soap  Hi  cleans bold )
Sulphoration plant1tone  /daySulphoric and  (raw materials for the  production  of soap  and detergent
Glycerin evaporation1.0 tone/day99% glycerin (raw material  for product pharmaceutical and  cosmetics )
Detergent  bar10 tone /dayDetergent bar
soap silicate plant10 tone /daySilicate (raw materials for  production   of  detergent  and soap )

Beside the infrastructural enhanced of Kwara state Global soap and Detergent industries limited existence have provide grand for some business tutors etc.

The company is blessed with the most modern technology available and the plants are able manned by quality personnel.

Presenting the strength of about one thousand workers is different grade of skilled semiskilled and unskilled.

Environmental Sanitation

The company gives priority to unstructured safety and good house keeping house hold wastes are periodically little by sanitary inspector from the Kwara state environment protection agency (lwara) this generation refer to the state.
Further more they company as have efficient treatment plant constructed to standard and for liquid waste treatment and purification

As part of his cardinal objective programmed and conduct award wining good house keeping factory inspection.
The various machineries industries limited house in built machines e.g. Scrubber cyclones flyers etc. to fighata environment pollution at source.

Despite the depressing economic situation of the nation the company had made a tremendous progess in her production expansion programme

This is in line with one of company’s objective of meeting the increasing demand of their good quality product.
First among these is the completing and commissioning of the crude stone / hour glycerin evaporation plant between December 1990 and January 1991 this is the instillation and commissioning and additional 0.1 ton 1 hour soap pckingplant mazzon plant luncing production on mazzon plant waste fully on solving by may 1991.

Along side with mazzon plant was burnt stones capacity soap middle storage side which is of double advantages in increasing production capacity of the soap plant . All the installation and commissioning of the said plant and sales were carried out by the staff of global and detergent industries limited without the help of any foreign export.
Another expansion programme also embanked upon in 1991 is the construction of multi- Naira 200 matric tones H20 storage and 250 Matric ton Alkone storage tank for sulphonaltion . plant all the tank 48m x 40m finished ware house which was commissioned in October 1991 the construction of the ware house which was commissioned in October 1991 the construction of the warehouse has helped to a large extent increasing the country’s production.


The affair of the company are managed under leadership in Mr. omolola Olabayo who is the executive director , member of the management team also include a list of manager who are head of various department .

  1. Personnel and administrative department
  2. Account department
  3. Production department
  4. Sales marketing department
  5. Audit department
  6. Purchasing department
  7. Laboratory/quality control and maintenance technical department.

1.6 Definition of Related Terms


This is the process of reducing the member of namely to a controllable workable minimum


This is the decision of the items in the sufficient detail to ensure s that it will be suitable in all respect for the purpose for which it is intended.

Quality Control:

This is the process where by goods service are examined to ensure that they confirm with the predetermined standard.


This means the examination of income material for quality.


In store management, it means the various of material in store good and be raw material component, part work –in progress finished good and so on depending on the organization.

Quality Control:



This is refer as the s building where material are kept until they are recurred by the users.

Raw Materials:

These are basic materials which undergo change through manufacturing process for example cola, lead, copper, rubber, cocoa and so on.


An items said to be obsolescent when it is going out of use but yet completely unsuitable.


This is a management function concerned with measuring performance against set standard and correcting derivable in order to achieve the set goal.


This involve the collection s of s data and it is an important aspect of research.

Chapter Five

Summary, Recommendation and Conclusion

5.1 Summary

He main task of this set out at the beginning of this page is to identify the need for quality control in manufacturing organization with a special reference to the global soap and detergent Ilorin.

Quality control is concern with the establishment of quality standard on manufacturing input and output the method used input and output the method used in achieveing them .

Quality control objective are preventive and recormended quality check during the manufacturing process my uncover derviation that can be connected which qualify check for the finished product are pure remedial;

The vitimate goal of course is to reduce the number of detective of finished product to a favourable minimum .To establish standard tolerance are the limit of variable.

As set by the manufacture tolerance must satisfy the requirement that customers will impose on finish goods . standard promote inter change ability and simplifies purchasing

5.2 Recommendation

Despite the fact that global soap and detergent company is a big company, is also expediency some problem in which , the following are recommended for their performance so as to bate to achieve their goal and objectives
Contribution to knowledge is the result of many research work and such recommendation in this chapter will serve as my contribution to wasting fact on the subject of this research poor and inefficiency quality control system. This problem arises form inability to rain staff some of the staff in charge of quality control are not competent and who does not have enough control are not competent and who does not have enough experience and training on the area, the research strong ly recommend s to the company to empty the staff that have undergone training also the unqualified one should be trained so as to increase their efficiency and or them to be able to carry out their function properly.

Lack of sufficient fund

This is creating much problem generally in the smooth running of the business like money to purchase raw material in bulk including to money required for administrative running , the researcher is strongly imploring the chairman and chief executive the company to increase the efficiently of the company

By doing this it will increase their rate production also huge profit will be made .

Poor orgnisation

The purchasing and store should be allowed to carry out their function without interference of other departments or manager in the organization and to allow them carry or perform their responsibility properly , the researchers strongly recommend units from other department like the material management department, so as to perform their function separately

5.3 Conclusion

From the research conducted so far, the researcher would like to conducted the quality control activities and problems observed in the company is hot vey far from the usual system and problem witnesses elsewhere in other organization , it can be orgued that the organization has benefited partially from their product

Some of the product of source derive their original from among other sources material required for the production of their goals . the objective and continuous development of quality control technique are designed to contribute profit to the company. As such research should always be conducted at all time by the staff as purchasing and store department or the user department or it can be carried out especially the people who are called the quality control officer without the fear of contraction

We’re undoubtedly sure that if the above recommendation are strictly to and put into practice, it will lead to improvement in the quality control activities of the organization

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