Public Relation As A Strategy For Maximizing Profit In An Organization

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

An organization, reputation, profitability and even its continued existence can depend on the degree to which its targeted publics support its goals and policies. Public relation specialists serve as advocates for business, non profit associations, universities, hospital and other organizations,

They build and maintain positive relationship with the publics. As managers realize the growing importance of good public relations to the success of their organization, they increasingly rely on public relations specialists for advice on the strategies and policies of such programmes.

Management Function Of Public Relations.

Public relation is the management function that identifies, establishes and maintains mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and the various publics on whom is success or failures depends.

Furthermore, the important element of public relation are to acquaint the client with the public perception of the client and to effect these perceptions by focusing curtailing, amplifying or augmenting information about the client as it is conveyed to the publics. Public relations encompass a variety of marketing activities that strengthen organizations credibility image and develop goodwill. There are usually targeted directly to audience, such at speaker, special events, newsletters and annual reports. Public relation involve communicating who you are, what you to why you do it and how you make a difference. Public relation is essentially concerned with communication between people, and on organization and within and between organizations.

Interestingly, public relation personnel keep management informed of changes in the opinion of various public like employees, stakeholders, customers, suppliers, dealers, community and government. The professionals counsel management as to the impact of any action or lack of action on the behaviour of the target audience. Once on organizational decision has been made, the public relations person has the responsibility of community their information to the public using meted that foster understanding, consent and desired behaviour for example, the introduction of a new predict requires public relations planning and skills.

In this case, the successful public relations practitioner is a specialist in communication arts and persuasion. The work involves various functions including programming analyzing problem and opportunities, defining goals, determining the publics activities. Writing and editing materials such at media release, speeches, stakeholders reports product information and employees publication, placing information in the most advantageous way organizing special event such as media functions, award programmes, exhibits and displays, setting up face to face communication including the preparation and delivery of speech providing research and evaluation using interviews, reference material and various survey techniques and managing resources by planning budgeting and recruiting and training of staff to attain there objectives.

The real tasks of public relation in the business Africa’s large market as well as the world’s 6th largest oil producer and the 10th most populated nation worldwide will be sought for market by multinational firms, especially in the restaurants. Its in this regard that a popular fast food restaurant known as Mr. Bigg’s restaurant came to limelight.

According to Awolabi “2004) Mr. Bigg’s as one of the biggest Nigeria fast food industries came into the market in 1985 when the United African company (UAC) launched the Mr. Bigg’s brand. The fast food restaurant brought a change to Nigerian fast food market. Awolabi (2004) Mr. Bigg’s was like fast food revolution, an idea that was long overdue, this made some Nigerian’s to embark the brand whole heartedly.

Accordingly to steward (1996) “successfully implementation customers referent strategies are a point of competitive advantage which means that the customer should of ways be treated as being and should boost the heart of the operates of every businesses. Also Ogunsanya (2001) states that customers service in the Nigerian fast food restaurant context is a bit different from what is in western countries where customer services have already move on the stage of relationship management with companies introducing several loyalty schemes to attract and retain their customers.

To determine the level of some restaurant in regard to how they relate with their customers, Awolabi (2004) states that “almost every Nigeria fast food restaurant uses doormen and women and their main job is to open the door for customers and give them welcoming smile”

On the other hand some of the doormen have abused their duties by converting the front door to begging world may focus on corporate interest on those of marketing products or services or image creation or defence against attack.

Business Sector And Public Relations

Many business sectors in Nigeria including the Kaduna Mr. Biggs restaurant have no public relations department. As a result of this, they may be confused if crisis occur. According to Nkwocha (1999) crisis is any event, issue, occurrence or situation which constituted a significant breach in the natural order of things and products a disruptive force that can destroy an organization”

Also Pacheva (2001) sees crisis as “a period of heightened uncertainty that increases the used to plan and a point in time which external and internal pressures change objectives and operational practices of an organization” the following are some of the types of crisis that can be obtainable in an organization, poisonous chemical leakages mass retrenchment, and ban on essential raw material, financial crisis. Unfavourable government policy and regulation, industrial accident.

Public relation should be see as a management function that tackled any unforeseen problem that faces an organization. Daniel (2001) crisis management, investor relation and community relation are some of the specialist that exists within the field of public relations.

A fundamental technique used in public relations is to identify the target audience and tailor every manage to appeal to that audience. One would have thought that Nigeria, with an estimated population of about 140 million people and esteemed position as manager.

Nworah (1997) testified to this notion by saying “it is now usual to see the door men beg and sometimes harass a customer to give them money which is caused by their rude attitude that can sometime be unfriendly.

Healthy Meal

The trend of growing fast food restaurant is the introduction of healthier meal menu. This decision was influenced by the outcry from government official and members of the public over the worsening situation of obesity, which is attributed to the fatty food served in most restaurant (Nworah 1997)

Furthermore, it has been observed that there are a lot of fast industries in Nigeria that attract customers and Mr. Bigg’s brand if one of the biggest establishments. Whenever and wherever meant is made to the restaurant, it becomes a household name to many people irrespective of age, sex educational status and nationality.

In this aspect, despite Mr. Bigg’s does not have public relation department, it uses public relations strategies to persuade its customers, acceptance, loyalty and patronage. Marketing uses public relations concepts, principles and varieties of techniques in profit maximization. Public relations, builds protect, protect an organizations, credibility image and good will.

Additionally, some of the competitive weapons of Nigeria fast food restaurant includes taste, variety, class, sensation, visibility and availability of parking space.

1.1 Statement Of The Problem

Kaduna and Zaria Branches of Mr. Bigg’s are increasing in popularity and rapidly making progress, yet they do not have public relation unit of their own, but uses certain strategies to keep up with their success.

These research work is therefore aimed at finding out the public relation strategies used by these restaurant to attract customers and maximize profit.

1.2 Objectives Of The Study

The general objectives is to find out how Mr. Bigg’s restaurant are succeeding while the specific objective.

  1. To determine the organizations relation with their external public such as customers and communicates
  2. To also determine the extent of the positive internal relationship in the organization
  3. To find out the segment of the public whom the food is meant for
  4. To find out why people patronize Mr. Bigg’s
  5. To know whether the restaurant have both local and international dishes.
  6. To find out whether people will continue to be patronizing Mr. Bigg’s.

Finally, to determine the public relation techniques and tools used in attracting and retaining old and new customers.

1.3 Statement Of Hypothesis

Ho: A proper use of public relations concepts, principles, techniques and tools by an organizations will help in the attraction of more customers and profit maximization.

Ho: The adequate use of public relations concepts by Mr. Bigg’s will not continue to enable the restaurant excel in all fronts.

1.4 Background Of The Study

First of all, the Mr. Bigg’s restaurant will be in position to ascertain their weakness and strengths from this research output.

Also, other competitive restaurant in Nigeria and abroad will also see this research work as useful in order to make some adjustments. Furthermore, shareholders, policy makes, economist, psychologist, sociologist, lecturers and student of public relations, entrepreneurs customers and government will benefit from this research work.

1.5 Background Of The Study

The growing need to satisfy customers need in a highly competitive market is increasing. Nowadays, notably large firms, like NNPC, Coca-cola, strive for public relations, even small scale enterprises play an active role in ensuring public acceptance. Public acceptance will in turn produce maximum return in a biz sector.

Therefore, the research is justified because companies no longer rely on product standard and highly product benefit but strive to create favourable atmosphere and good image in order to stand out in the highly competitive market.

In this case, the use of various public relations strategies such as community relations customer relation employee relation investor relation become the order of the day in gaining high return on investment (profit). Also, this study is justified because research is cardinal to the individuals, biz organizations and government.

Thus fast food restaurants, due to the nature of their research on how to please customers vis-à-vis profit maximization need to know various public relations strategies in order to meet their goals.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

Mr. Bigg’s restaurant are abolished all over Nigeria with various branches in almost every part of the state including defender capital territory (FCT) Abuja, due to this wideness, the researchers is unable to cover the entire country. They decided to limit their self to Zariah Kaduna branches of the organization.

The research is designed to examine the staff and customers of the restaurant. The findings may how ever not be applicable to every branch of Mr. Bigg’s establishment due to differences in environment setting and situation.

1.7 Definition Of Terms

1. Brand:

Hart and Stapleton (1981) “Brand is a established product name, wholly of a proprietary nature and usually listed within the register of products”.

2. A business:

Johnson and Zandoi ( 2004) business is an organization that generates profits, usually for its owners.

3. Profit:

Wallancet Flynn (1984) “profit is the result of more money coming in from the sale of the product or service than all the costs related to it.

4. Strategy:

Wallance & Flynned (1984) “strategy is a plan for reaching certain targets over period of time”

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