Promotion: A Marketing Tools In A Competitive Marketing Environment In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigerian, Plc)

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Promotion: A Marketing Tools In A Competitive Marketing Environment In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigerian, Plc)

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

Aggressive Promotion as the Instrument Of Competitive in the Market

The need for promotion is based on the fact that in a marketing environment, strong competition is becoming the order of the day for marketers to attain corporate objectives of consumer satisfaction at a profit. According to Kotle (1997), Marketing can be defined as managerial or corporate activities that identity the needs and wants of consumer at organization goals. An adequate promotional objective must be set and rigorously pursued for sound performance.

Any firm existence depends majorly on the ability to manage its environment, in the face of strong competition and one of the major instruments being used which is the outstanding strategy which cannot be undermined.

The promotion can come as a result of situational analysis of the competitive environment, competitive advantages of firms targets and advance and communication medium.

The promotional method used and extend of promotion is essential to this study, therefore it intends to examine the different promotions and promotional strategies that can be used to attain this objectives.

The function of Unilever Nigeria Plc as the case study of the proposed study would be examined with a view to identifying the latest development and the present competitions that is going on among them and its problems and recommending ways of solving these problems.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The problems this study intends to solve are the problems of irregularity and inconsistence in promotional activities such as over pricing in promotional activities, environment issues in competitive market.

This study will pin-point uncontrollable and controllable factors that affect the promotional tool in marketing environment.

Finally the improper counter-attack of the language used in promotion by other competitors in carryout their promotional activity will be analysis by this study.

1.3 Aims and Objective of the Study

A company may have the best designed product, the most system of distribution and the fairest price, but the company’s product will not sell If the customers are not aware of its existence.

Hence, promotion is a critical element in any marketing strategy, since proper promotion sustains the other controllable variable:

The impact of promotion in a firm is what the study seeks to portray in the use of Unilever Nig Plc respectively in the face of strong competition in line of markets.

This study intends to identify the problems and limitations of effective promotions in the face of competitions in the market.

This study also seeks to know the different competition that is going on in the market and ways of application of promotion and the right time to adopt a particular promotions and the target audience at the market.

This study hopes to cover the various promotional approaches that the firm can adopt in a competitive marketing environment.

So as to achieve a significant result in al the promotional activities.

Additionally, this study also focused in promotional activities like communication. The major promotional objectives are to inform, persuade and to effect the potential consumer knowledge and attitudes about a product in the face of aggressive promotions.

The study finally will make recommendation which if implemented will go a long way in providing the functions of promotions in a competitive marketing environment.

1.4 The Significance of Marketing

Marketing is very important to the success of business since it contributes greatly to the growth of organization. Production and distribution depends largely in market.

Marketing covers advertising, promotion, publications, personal-selling and sales. It is the process of introducing and promoting the products of Unilever and facilitates intention purchase of the product by consumer.

The goals of marketing is to make the product or services widely known and recognized to the market, marketers must be creative in the marketing activities in the competitive market of nature business getting the products noticed and accepted by the potential buyers.

There are various types of marketing approach this are personal selling, face to face contacts, radio broadcast e.t.c.
Marketing helps to boost product sales apart from public awareness about company products and services it helps to boost sales and revenue growth.

The following are the importance of marketing to an organization:

  • Marketing builds company reputation
  • Marketers aims to create brand name recognition and products recalls.
  • Marketing facilitate buying intention of the consumer purchase
  • Marketing builds an understanding relation between customer and organization
To The Society

The society comprises both controllable and uncontrollable factors. Controllable factors are internal elements and uncontrollable factors are competitors, customers, government, weather and forces, all these factors are determinant to the success of an organization.

Society is always very sensitive in response to certain products because they believe in purchase power.

Promotion drive facilitates purchase intention of society to patronize the product.

Vulnerability of environment needs constant promotion to facilitate the customer purchase.

The following are importance of society.

  1. It will help the society to know newly introduced product
  2. It will increase their knowledge about uses of product.
  3. It will allow the society to differentiate the competitors product.
  4. It will educates the buyers about new product.
  5. It will also be an incentives opportunity of getting free and at discount rate.
The Significance to Researcher
  1. The writer will benefit from the project because it will be an exposure and the writer will know promotion programmes.
  2. It will also improved students skills and knowledge about promotional activities.
  3. It will improve student practically aside class room work.
The Significance to Case Study

This research will be importance to the company Unilever Nig Plc in the following ways.

  1. It will increase the profit margin of the company
  2. It will increase the growth and stability of market share
  3. It will allow the company to demonstrates its new products to the customers and potential buyers
  4. It will improve the production and sales volumes of the company products
  5. It helps the company to keep relationship with existing customers and new customers.
  6. It helps the company to know the grievances about already used product and improve on the complains
  7. It will helps the company to modify a products and introduce new ones.

1.5 Scope of the Study

The scope of this study is promotion: A useful marketing tool in a competitive market environment in Nigeria, Unilever Nigeria Plc, RC 113, 1, billings way. Oregun, Lagos state Nigerian was used as a case study which would give more information about the usefulness of promotion in a competitive market.

The case study Unilever Nig Plc situated in Lagos in industrial area of Oregun Lagos and the information would be needed in this research work would be gathered within the area of Oregun Lagos state from the period of February to July 2011.

1.6 Limitations and Constraints

This study is focused on the promotion: a useful marketing tool in a competitive market environment in Nigeria Unilever Nig Plc as a case study.

However, the limitations of the study is as follows:

Firstly, financial hardship was seriously experienced during the execution of the project. In fact, the research was fully responsible for the sponsorship of the project.

Also, the attitude of the executive of Unilever Nigeria Plc was not encouraging. In fact, the manager deliberately withheld the necessary information relating to the fact and figure needed and such information mighty be used during the research work.

Perhaps, the managers failed to released the full details of promotional budget allocated for promotion program due to what he called confidential document to the company and restriction he order in getting to meet some staff.
Finally, with these limitations, the researcher has been able to judiciously use the information at it’s disposal for the production of his final project work.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusions and Recommendation

5.1 Summary of Findings

This study has dealt with the activities and operation of promotion as a tools in used in a competitive marketing environment with an emphasis on Unilever Nigeria Plc. The introduction to the research, promotional activities employed by Unilever, Unilever products, factors determine the choice of promotional tools, the Historical background, the importance of promotion in a competitive marketing environment and the problems facing promotional tools.

However, it was found out throughout discussions that the company (Unilever) efforts yielded reasonable success in the face to strong competition from other companies that produce close substitute of Unilever products e.g PZ. These negligible achievement add to the identification and analysis of the possible problems facing the company in its bid to maintain the lead in the face of strong competition.

Apart from making available adequate fund, the promotional budget of the company should be assessed and revised.

An intensive advertising and sales promotion selling. The company should seek to increase the market shares by means of increased quality and quantity of Unilever products.

The company can capitalize on a relable resources and strength of financial capability to enhance effective promotion immediate response to consumerism should be encourage since the success and failure of any product depends on the consumer acceptance of the products

The promotional pricing strategy is a strong factor in promotion and should be adopted. Efficiency control measures could make strong impact on promotion.

Moreover, choice of promotional tools should be analyzed adequately to choose appropriate tool for company products and also weaknesses of other competitors should be considered to strengthen their relationship with customers.

Lastly, all the above explanation should be employed properly for adequate efficiency and effectiveness in a competitive marketing environment.

5.2 Conclusions

This study shows that Unilever Nigeria Plc, employed sales promotion tool as a promotional strategy to capture prospective buyers and this increased its market shares, improves profitability of the company through increase in sales. Sales promotion would allow the company to recognize and know what customer needs.

Based on the summary of report enumerated above one can say that promotion as a marketing tool in the competitive market environment. Unilever Nigeria Plc effectively utilized the promotional strategy, even through a good number of respondents testified that promotional strategy helped in maximization of profit in an organization. It was also discovered in the study that all components of the promotional mix complement the effort one another towards overcoming competitive market environment.

Also it was been discovered that out of the whole marketing mix, promotion stand out because it makes the organization to relate with the target consumers. The findings made at this company will be helpful for Unilever Nigeria Plc to be able to compact with the competitive market environment and fully understand the importance of promotion.

5.3 Recommendation

Consequently, it is evident that there were lapses in the firms promotional activities, especially in the face of growing competition in the marketing environment.

However, to accept that nothing could be done to improve the efficiency of firms in a competitive marketing environment is a gospel of despair.

Therefore, the following suggestions are made through which the overall performance of the firms promotional activities could be improved considerably.

I. The Promotional Budget

Management decision on how much to allocate to promotion to be shared be based on objective and task method. This method is a preference to avoid fluctuations on budget appropriations. The fixed percentage of past sales profit making budget of availability of funds.

II. Choice of Promotions

The choice of promotional tools should strictly depends on products characteristics nature of market, available for general economics outlook and product life cycle.

III. Efficiency Control Measures

This involves the examination of the efficient employment of marketing tools by a firm. The efficiency of sale forces, advertising, sales promotion and distribution is properly involved.

Promotion: A Marketing Tools In A Competitive Marketing Environment In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigerian, Plc)

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Promotion: A Marketing Tools In A Competitive Marketing Environment In Nigeria (A Case Study Of Unilever Nigerian, Plc)


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