Production Of Body Cream From Coconut Oil Using Vanilla Fragrance

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Production Of Body Cream From Coconut Oil Using Vanilla Fragrance

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

Body cream is a soft substance or thick liquid used on the skin to protect it or make it feel soft. Body creams are readily used to keep the skin soft and useful. (Oxford Advanced Dictionary; 5th edition) hundreds of thousands of types of body cream have been developed. Body creams come in form of body emollient, moisturizing cream, antiseptic cream face cream etc.

An emollient describes something that is softening or smoothing to the skin, or describes anything that is put on sunburned skin for soothing. Example of an emollient include Aloe Vera. Many ingredients have been used both in earlier times and now in the production of body cream and those may include; animal fat, olive oil, mineral oil, petroleum jelly, coconut oil, cardamom, honey, wine, vitamins alpha and beta hydroxyl acids, minerals etc and these ingredients have their respective functions in making the body soft, removing fine lines, age spots, wrinkles, dead skin cells etc.

This work will be focusing on coconut oil as a cream ingredient. Coconut oil is an edible oil extract from the kernel or meat of matured coconuts harvested from the coconut palm (cocos nucifera). It has served as the primary source of fat in the diet of millions of people for generations. It has various applications in food, medicine and industry. Coconut oil is very heat-stable, low in rancidity, lasting up to two years owing to its high saturated fat content (DGA 2010).

Researchers of skin care products have discovered the secret that skin care products contains coconut oil as part of its ingredient should be sought for especially by those who have dry skin and really want to avoid premature aging (APCC, 2011). Apart from the ingredients, fragrance have been added to these body creams to make them appealing to the buyer. Now the question is

What Is Fragrance?

A fragrance is any substance either in oily, gaseous, or liquid form out on the skin in order for one to smell nice. (Oxford Advanced Leaner’s dictionary 5th edition) so fragrances are added to a cream to improve the perfume quality of the cream in order to make it appealing to the buyers.
Fragrances added to creams can come in different forms like the rose fragrance, strawberry fragrance, apple fragrance, banana fragrance, pineapple fragrance, vanilla fragrance etc. but in this work, we will be using vanilla as the creams fragrance. Now the question is,

What Is Vanilla?

Vanilla is a substance obtained from the beans of a tropical vanilla plant, used to give flavor to sweet foods or other manufactured products, like ice cream, body cream, juice, custards etc. (Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary 5th edition). Vanilla is the only fruit-bearing member of the orchid family which have its origin from central Mexico.

Vanilla beans are grown in several distinct regions of the world. They produce vanilla beans with unique regional characteristics and attributes, each particularly suited for different use. This work will highlight on the various regions that cultivate vanilla beans, their unique regional characteristics and attribute and even the different uses which those vanilla beans are particularly suited for and their method of extractions.

Vanilla essential oil has a lovely earthy-sweet scent that brings is comfort and a sense of fulfillment. It is used in aromatherapy and in the perfume industry (Sooper Articles, 2009). So, the production of body cream involves the process of making cream either for personal use or in large quantities for commercial purposes for this production processes to be effective, the producer must take extreme care in order to make sure that the right steps or procedures are properly and carefully adhered to, the ingredients and fragrance added in the right quantity and proportion in order to achieve the desired result.

1.1 Aims Of The Work

The main aim of this work is to produce body cream from coconut oil using vanilla fragrance. This work will also examine other things like;

  1. Users of body cream
  2. Role of coconut oil and vanilla fragrance in body cream
  3. Materials and methods of extraction of coconut oil.
  4. Functions of the ingredients used in making body cream
  5. Effect of coconut and vanilla on the body.

Chapter Five

5.0 Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

This chapter focuses its attention on the summary of the whole work, the conclusion that the researcher drew from the practical work that was carried out and on the basis of the result that was gotten, and lastly what the researcher recommends in relation to the result that was gotten which she knows would be beneficial to the members of the public.

5.1 Summary

Right from chapter one down to chapter five, the researcher have been trying to bring to light the production of body cream from coconut oil using vanilla fragrance.

It was noted among other things the history of body cream, how body creams were used in the pre-history where mostly animal fats are used as creams which gave birth to the development of modern body cream were creams are manufactured using vegetable ingredients like coconut oil etc. it also went ahead to discuss the uses of body cream which include that it smoothens the skin, moisturizes the skin, reduce premature aging and wrinkles, and also serve as toners.

It also touched on types of body cream which includes, moisturizing, hand, facial, antiseptic, perfumed body creams etc and how each of them can be used. The researcher also went ahead to discuss the ingredients used in making body creams and why each of them is very important, the role of skin type on he choice of body cream which discusses the type of body cream that should be used for dry skins, oily skin, sensitive skins and those who want to reduce signs of aging on their skin.

We also discussed on the main ingredient which is coconut oil, where we talked on the history of coconut oil, health benefits of coconut oil which includes hair care, skin care, heart disease, weight loss, digestion, healing and infection etc. The compositions of coconut oil that makes it ideal as a cream ingredients.

Lastly, we looked into the fragrance that was used in the cream production, that is vanilla. There we looked into the history of vanilla, importance of vanilla in body creams and the types of vanilla with their functions. The above findings were discussed in chapter two, while chapter three discussed extensively on the methodology involved in the production of the cream; result analysis was discussed in chapter four which now lead us to this chapter five.

5.2 Conclusion

Body creams produced from coconut oil has a quick absorbing fast action for the gradual fading away of dark discoloration, smoothing away of wrinkles and intensive dehydration of dry skin. It also contains precious natural ingredients and high quality sunscreen for optimum protection against the effect of aging and environmental damage.

5.3 Recommendation

From the result gotten, the following recommendations can be made;

  1. Cream produced from coconut oil is good for the ski, as it gives it a softer, healthy and youthful glow when applied.
  2. Cream produced from coconut oil is recommended for all skin types as it has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.
  3. Considering the health benefits of coconut oil, I therefore recommend body cream produced from coconut oil to all.
  4. Companies or individuals producing body cream either for personal or commercial purposes should use coconut oil as part of their main ingredients.
  5. Before choosing any body cream, one should ensure that he or she understands the type of skin that he or she has, so as to know a suitable body cream for the person’s skin.
  6. If one has a sensitive skin, before buying any body cream, the person needs to consult a dermatologist to help in cream selection.

Therefore, if this recommendations are attended to, it will go a long way in helping each and every one of us in making the right choice of cream for our skins and the result would be that our skins would be as smooth, shiny and youthful as ever and our skin will be the envy of all that comes across us. So! Give it a trial.

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