Problems And Solution On Production And Processing Of Cassava In Ovia North East Local Government Area Of Edo State

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Problems And Solution On Production And Processing Of Cassava In Ovia North East Local Government Area Of Edo State


This study deals with the production and processing with special reference to Ovia North East Local Government Area of Benin City Centres for the purpose of this investigation two (2) study centres were randomly selected a questionnaire made up of eighteen (18) items was constructed with assistance of my supervisor and administrated. Finally it was discovered that the problems of cassava production and processing are not hydra-headed but are easily uneatable with the recommendations made by the researchers.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of Study

cassava is a staple food crop, which is mostly grown all southern part of Nigeria timothy as well as in the middle belt and mainly also originate in brazil or central America, the root tuber are processed into several forms of food lie garri, fufu or tapica flow.

The cassava is treated in thus project in this project reveal its levels of production and processing through the tuber root. They are rich in food stuff to man. The leaves are also used as vegetables in soups, while the peels are feeds to live stock and also the tuber are rich source of carbohydrate they are also found to contain some vitamins such as vitamin c and a well as some trace of phosphorous and iron.

The plant is woody and may grow up to the height of 1m to 4m depending on the variety. The main stems and the branches contain knoblike scar, which are the point of leaf attachment, many people both men and women have engage themselves in trading with cassava processed one way or the other.

And there are two types of cassava, differentiated by the prussic content (hydrocyanic acid contained in the tuber).

  1. The sweet cassava:- this contain low level of poisonous prussic in the flesh of the tuber with high concentration in the peels
  2. The bitter cassava: – this contain high amount of prussic acid in the flesh of the tuber with lower concentration in peels.

But the farmers are able to cultivated or process them. Today (mamhot Escalante does not exist in the state spread plant important not exist in the mostly area)

1.2 Statement of Problems

This study is to investigate various techniques of method of producing and processing cassava in Nigeria and also considers the various stages ranging from planting of stem cutting to the harvesting and finally processing of the products.

There are many problems encountered by both rural and urban farmers in relation to the production processing and storage of both the products and the implements.

  1. Limited stem cutting i.e. Planting material
  2. Inadequate land due to land tenure systems
  3.  Use of crude implements like cutlass, hoe etc
  4. Pest and disease

1.3 Objectives

Objectives of this project are:

  1. To examine the problems
  2. To find out the solution to some of the problems’
  3. To investigate the production and utilization of cassava in south part of Nigeria and also identify the different forms in which cassava are processed into its various finished products like processing the cassava to garri or fufu e.t.c as a food for human consumption.

1.4 Significance of the Project

  1. The research study will be useful to those who are engaged directly or indirectly in the production and processing of cassava in south part of Nigeria in particular and the country as large
  2. The study is designed to look into hoe the production of the farm in southern. Cassava can enhance the well being of the people in this local government area and also mankind
  3. It will serve to encourage the farmers in the study area who take cassava production and processing as their last hope in life.
  4. The study is hoped to motivate the farmers to go into fulltime cassava production in the area.
  5. It is hoped that at the end of this project, the work will be able to expose and brings to the best, production and processing cassava in south part in Ovia Local Government Area.

1.5 Scope of Study

The study is aimed at providing a detailed knowledge and understanding of the operations, function and performance involved in the production and processing of cassava in southern part of Nigeria with the view of providing useful suggestion to ease the problems of this aspects of agricultural development in Nigeria.

It is directly geared towards the application of production and processing concept.

1.6 Hypothesis

Some question to be tackled in the course of study has been raised as follows?

  1. Is any decline in the production and processing in different area of the local government area?
  2. What are the problems facing cassava production and processing in the area.
  3. What are the effect of cassava production in the local government area

1.7 Definition of Terms


The process of growing or making food, goods or materials, especially large quantities


Means the used to making the production in order to serve as food for human consumption


A type of flour made from the thick parts of tropical plant.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Summary

This study investigated the production and processing in Ovia-North Local government area of Edo state grow cassava themselves and in most case garri on the other hand, most consumers consume the product because of the awareness of the nutrient importance, a source of carbohydrate which provide energy. The study goes to show that table in product day and time.

Lastly the study goes further to explain why the farmers cultivated cassava in their forms due to its economic importance and growing importance of the product, due to the fact that it serves as energy giving food and the prominence given to it by the government in power.

5.2 Conclusion

However the processing of cassava product has been a problem to the farmer and the consumer due to lack of awareness of the various ways farmer can process their cassava hence the need to educate them on cassava processing and the area of cassava production derived from cassava production.

From the data collected one can proffers that the people of Ovia North Local Government Area of Edo State are largely dependant on cassava production for their live hood.

Having educated the farmer and consumer of cassava production of the various forms away cassava can be processed into the garri, tapioca starch and fufu e.t.c one can safely say that life will be better for the people of the area

5.3 Recommendation

However, if the needs to solve the problem highlighted in the processing chapter the following specific recommendation are made:-

  1. The necessary farm input for the production of cassava should be provided
  2. The farmers should be properly motivated and encourage through provision of loans
  3. Farmers should be educated on the various forms and ways cassava can be consumed
  4. There should be a system put in place where by farmer can get access to land easily and weak at low cost

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