The Problems Of Road Transportation In Edo State, Egor As A Case Study

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The Problems Of Road Transportation In Edo State, Egor As A Case Study


This project work examine the problems of road transportation in Edo State, Egor as a case study. The objective of the study includes to examine the role of road transportation. And the problems of road transportation. The method used in collecting data was the questionnaires. The method used for data analysis is the simple percentage, the mode of findings in Egor Local Government Area in Egor LGA is road transport. And the transportation problems in Egor Local Government Area include bad roads, flooding of roads, traffic road congestion should be better designed, coordinated and maintained. To curb the problem of road transportation in Egor LGA it was recommended that road.

Chapter One


1.1 Background of the Study

One of the major challenges to the economic and social well being of Nigeria in the past five years is the steady decline in the number of transport facilities nation wide resulting to road transportation problem. Nigeria is presently on the average of an imminent crisis and a state of paralysis of transportation. This is particularly manifested in the problems experienced in mass transit in rural areas as well as in urban areas. Road are very important to us. We travel from place to place along them on foot, on bicycles, by cars etc. our food and other goods come to us along roads, from the market in a near by villages, from the factories in our towns and cities or from far away countries.

The most important means of conveying passengers and goods in Nigeria is road transportation. Early roads were built in the middle east soon after the invention of wheel and internal combustion engine in about 3000BC as trade developed between towns and villages,. More roads were constructed. The Romans, Eurasians, Egyptians, Etruscans and Carthaginians were known as the earliest roads builders modern. Road construction in Nigeria is relatively a recent foot path developments were in existence before the coming of the missionaries. Some of these routes were developed as motorable roads in order to supplement the roles of railways system. There are narrower tarred roads between the towns and there are thousands of small untarred roads that join one village to another all over Nigeria. Road has become a major problem linkage between city to city. The untarred road and high rate of pole holes has caused a great damages to many values leading to lake in fares and most of the available goods carried or transported to our town. To a near by village are often expensive. In Egor LGA, the popular means of transportation is road. A lot of economic activities have been hindered due to bad road leading to shortage of vehicle, and like in fares. People find it difficult to move from one place to another even along footpaths as a result of water that has accumulated all over the place. transportation has become unbearable to the people within Egor LGA by and large, it is imperative to note that the rapid growth of our nations, the problem of urbanization, the growth of industries and our commitment to rural development are factors that call for an effective implementation of the national transportation coordination policy.

ย 1.2 The Research Problem

Over the years a lot of attention and considerable efforts have been directed at improving road transport in Nigeria as a whole but these roads having been commissioned are left uncared for with holes and cracks doting the highways. Though a lot of money has been spent to promote a smooth good road, the Nigerian factor will not allow the assigned officials to carryout such jobs until the roads become a โ€œdeath trapโ€ inspite of millions invest on the nation road over the years. This research therefore seeks to investigate the problems of road transportation.

1.3 Study Aim and Objectives

  1. To examine the problems of road transportation in the area.
  2. To examine the causes of road transportation in the area.
  3. To examine the effects of road transportation in the area.

1.4 Research Questions

  1. What are the problems of road transportation in the area?
  2. What are the causes of road transportation in the area?
  3. What are the effects of road transportation in the area?

1.5 Scope of the Study

The study was carried out on the road transportation problems in Egor L.G.A, Edo state. The focus is on problems associated with the use of road transport infrastructure by motor vehicles, motorcycles, tricycles, bicycles, carts and pedestrians.

1.6 Significance of the Study

Road transportation is one of the most important and popular means of transportation in Egor LGA. Eventually all economic activities are carried out by the use of road transport. The study therefore look into the problem of road transportation in the area, the causes, effect with a view, proffering solution to the problem of road transportation in the area.

Edo city is the administrative centre of Edo State and the third largest city in Nigeria, after Ibadan and Lagos (The Web, 2007). In terms of population, it is the second most populous city in the country after Lagos (ibid, 2009). The reason why this study is necessary is that roads in Egor L.G.A require considerable attention because of the present growth in economic, commercial and socio-political activities that are taking place within urban Edo. The roads constitute the basic infrastructure for the daily movement of people, goods and services within the metropolis.

In addition transport services within Egor L.G.A are mostly provided by motor vehicles, tricycles and motorcycles and the nature of operation of this transport modes involves conveyance of people and goods from one location to another for different purposes and sometimes result in the loss of lives and properties through accidents. It is hoped that the results obtained from this study would go along way toward assisting policy makers and planners in the state in the provision and management of urban roads in order to ensure safety and comfort on the roads of the metropolis.

1.7 Definition of Terms


This is a geographical location that comprises of territory.


Thins (not people) that are transported by rail or road.


A person who is traveling in a car, bus, train, plane or ship and who is not driving it working on it.


To travel regularly along a particular route or between two particular places.

Pot hole:

A large rough hole in the surface of the road is formed by traffic and bad weather.


Specially prepared way, publicly or privately owned between places for the use of pedestrians riders, vehicles etc.


A fixed way along which a bus train etc regularly travels or goods are regularly sent.


A mean of which goods, services and passengers are carried from one place of origin to the place of destination.


Any conveyance (usually wheeled e.g. a cart, lorry, motor-car but also a sledge) for goods or passengers or road or land.

Chapter Five

Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

5.1 Summary of Major Findings

This study analyzed the road transport problems in Egor L.G.A. The results obtained revealed that there is the development in the road network of Egor L.G.A studied over two time periods of 1990s and 2000s. And the traffic count results indicated that the number of motorcycles, tricycles and motor vehicles that are moving on the roads and converging at most of the road junctions exceeded the capacity of available lanes meant for them. The reasons for this is that the width of the lanes were not designed to carry the present volume of vehicles. In addition, trading activities, indiscriminate parking and ineffective transport planning were perceived by the majority of commuters and the personnel of road transport authorities in Egor L.G.A as part of the problems. Also illegal bus stops and violation of traffic control light by road users were ranked as very significant causes of road transport problems in Egor L.G.A.

5.2 Conclusion

Inspite of the growth which has been recorded in the road network of Egor L.G.A, there are still many problems which impede the smooth flow of traffic in the city. These problems are related to infrastructural facilities, human factors and management problems. The findings show that absence of traffic light on most of the road junctions, insufficient road width are some of the major factors contributing to traffic problems in Egor L.G.A. In addition, increasing urbanization, violation of traffic control light by road users and overlaps and conflicts among agencies responsible for implementing transport solutions are some of the human factors as well as management problems obstructing traffic problems in the study area.

5.3 Recommendations

For effective traffic flow and perfect road transportation system in Egor L.G.A, the following measures are recommended.

  1. The road transport authorities in the state should intensify traffic education and awareness campaign for private and commercial drivers and motorcycle and tricycle riders.
  2. It is suggested that more bus stops and parking spaces be provided to prevent indiscriminate parking and stopping at prohibited places, thereby causing unnecessary congestions on the narrow roads.
  3. Flyovers should be built in the metropolis without none to ease traffic congestions.
  4. There is need for the installation of more traffic light signals and roads signs in the metropolis.
  5. There is need for strong law enforcement agency in the metropolis by the appropriate authorities against illegal parkings and illegal bus stops.

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