The Problems And Prospects Of Management Information System (MIS) In Organization (A Case Study Of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri)

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Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM

Project and Seminar Material for Business Administration and Management BAM


With gratitude to God for giving me the privilege and knowledge to pass through the higher National diploma (HND).

This research work is dedicated to almighty God, the king of kings and Lord of Lords, the given of life and wisdom. For the greater favors shown to me and my family during my higher National Diploma (HND).


I give honor and glory to the almighty God for giving me the privilege, strength, wisdoms and ability to research on this topic and produce this project.

My special regards goes to my supervisor Dr.IwuekeObiwna .C. for his immerse contribution towards the success of this project.

I am also thankful to my HND and all the lecturers in the department of Business administration and management for their immeasurable guidance through the duration of the work and to all my course mates. My special regards goes to my parents Mr. and Mrs. EFEOTU ALICE. I say thank you for your advice and encouragement.

I will not forget to say a very big thanks to my sister ONOME MATTHEW for her financial and moral support throughout my academic including my brothers and my friends who stand by me to see that this project is successful.

I say thank you all for your help in one way or the other. May God bless each and every one of your in Jesus Name Amen.


This research work is focused the problem and prospect of management information system (MIS) in organization (a case of study of federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri). The study used survey design technique, the population of the study consisted of 100 worker which YaroYammer formula were used to determine while used to determine the sample size which were 171. Both primary and secondary source of data were uses to collect the information. The researcher questionnaire analyzed using simple percentage.

And the hypothesis were tested with chi-square at (2) percentage level of significance. The major finding of the study were that the operation of management information system were based on the analysis of data collected from the different questionnaire administered to management supervisor clerks and ether in the companies.

The conclusion was that it is necessary to complete information disturbs the planning, control and decision-making and makes it in effective as scientifically and practically. The researcher recommended that problem and prospects of management information system in organization is to achieve goals.

Table Of Contents

  • Tittle page i
  • Approval page ii
  • Dedication iii
  • Acknowledgment iv
  • Abstract v
  • Table of contents vi

Chapter One

  • 1.0 Introduction 1
  • 1.1 Background of the study 1
  • 1.2 Statement of the problem 5
  • 1.3 Purpose of the study 6
  • 1.4 Research question 6
  • 1.5 Research hypothesis 7
  • 1.6 Scope of the study 8
  • 1.7 Limitation of the study 8
  • 1.8 Significance of the study 9
  • 1.9 Definition of terms 11

Chapter Two

  • 2.0 Literature Review 12
  • 2.1 Introduction 12
  • 2.2 Conceptual framework 14
  • 2.3 Theoretical framework 15
  • 2.4 Empirical framework 20
  • 2.5 Researcher’s position 27

Chapter Three

  • 3.0 Research Methodology 29
  • 3.1 Introduction 29
  • 3.2 Research Design 29
  • 3.3 Source/Method of data collection 30
  • 3.4 Population and sample size 31
  • 3.5 Sample Techniques 33
  • 3.6 Instrument for data collection 33
  • 3.7 Validity and Reliability of measuring instrument 34
  • 3.8 Method of data analysis 35

Chapter Four

  • 4.0 Presentation and Data Analysis 37
  • 4.1 Introduction 37
  • 4.2 Presentation of data 37
  • 4.3 Test of hypothesis 37
  • 4.1.1 Test of hypothesis I 45
  • 4.1.2 Test of hypothesis II 48
  • 4.5 Interpretation of data 51

Chapter Five

  • 5.0 Summary, Conclusion And Recommendations 53
  • 5.1 Introduction 53
  • 5.2 Summary of findings 53
  • 5.3 Conclusion 54
  • 5.3 Recommendations 55
  • References 58
  • Appendix 60
  • Questionnaire 61

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background Of Study

During the growth of competitive global environment, there is considerable pressure on most organization to make their operation, tactical and strategic processes more efficient and effective. An information system (15) is groups of component which can increase competitiveness and gain better information for decision making therefore the various organizations have chosen to apply this group of components to association. Consequently, the organization decide to implement information system in order to improve the effectiveness and efficiently of the organization. Information systems have become a major function area of business administration. The system nowadays plays a vital role in thee-business and e-commerce operations, enterprise collaboration and management, and strategic success of the business.

The current era is called information and communication ear as many studies are conducted regarding the collection, processing and transferring information.

Planning and control are not separable. To fulfill the planning and control process in each organization, various data should be collected from inside and outside of the organization and be transferred to the system doing information processing via the communication channel. The information processing should be as the system can present the necessary, timely and adequate information for decision making and present to the decision markers. As having unnecessary information leads into the immersing of the manager in information and his confusion and continuance of the activities of some of the activities disturbs the organization. Incomplete information disturbs the planning, control and decision making and makes it ineffective as scientifically and practically.

The current management in encountering the complexities of the decision found that the manual irrelevant system based on the importance given to the required data and present them a appropriate time. Most of the managers are faced with data or a lot information experiences without any effect for them in decision making, planning, organization and correct control in the organization.

The gap between the fixed information systems and varied organization structure namely in dynamic organization are anther fundamental problem leading into the information weakness. As any change in organization structure created some change in the jobs, responsibilities, power, management hierarchy, etc. and the change created the new information or needs as the existing information fixed system don’t have the require information and the require change should be made for them.

The dependent factors cause that the organization are faced with problems of the information crisis but sometime they don’t know anything about the problem. The elimination of the mentioned problems and providing the management access to the require, complete, flexible information depends upon providing a complete set of the system and mach-anions and the system is called the management information.

Management information system is a formal method of making available to management that accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision-making process and enable the industry’s planning, control and operational function to be carried out effectively.

The system makes provision for information on the past, present and projected future and a relevant event inside and outside the business industry. Information is as industrial system in a business industry and management solution based on information technology to a challenge posed by the environment. Management information system provides a major business solution to challenges and problems created in the business environment.

Therefore to be management information system literate as opposed to computer literate. A manager must understand the broader business management and information technology dimensions of system and their power to provide workable solution to the business challenges.

1.2 Statement Of The Problem

Management information system is an organization system whereby management gathers and uses information sourced from various means (electronically and otherwise) to enable them make good decision in the management of business.

In this 21th century, a lot of management information system is computer-based which requires electricity supply to keep the system on and steady. Many of information system is faced with some problem, these problem become even more for management when the issue of an enterprise wide information system is in focus. Also there is always an implementation problem after the conceptualization of organizational information system. Therefore management information system of an organization is associated with the following problem.

  1. Management information system implementation.
  2. The loss of management control over system.
  3. The need to carefully manage organization change.
  4. The need to ensuring network reliability and management.

It is therefore the intention of the research to examine the extent to which the enumerated problem has affected the management information system in the business sector.

1.3 Purpose Of Study

The main purpose of the study is to investigate the role of management information system on organizations performance. The specific objectives include

  1. To ascertain the role of management information system in decision making.
  2. To determine the management information system processes.
  3. To determine the relationship between management information system and controls of activities.

1.4 Research Of Questions

  1. What is the relationship between management information system and organization performance?
  2. How does management information system affect decision-making?
  3. What are the processes involved in management information system?
  4. How does management information system affect control mechanism?

1.5 Research Hypotheses

Ho1: There is no significant relationship between managementinformation systems and performance of employees.
HA1: There is no significant relationship between management information system and performance of employees.

Ho2: Management information system does not have significant relationship to decision-making.
HA2: Management information has help significant relationship to decision-making.

1.6 Scope Of The Study

The study on the role management information system (MIS) in the performance of focuses on federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri.

1.7 Limitation Of The Study

The scope of this study has been limited by some factors. These factors are referred to as limiting factors.
They are as follows:-

1. Finance:-

There is nothing to take place without finance (money). Money is very important element in this study; hence this study is partially dependent on money for any research work to be done. For example traveling from one place to another for data collection, contribution of questionnaire and other efforts made in search of factors and figures. All these cannot effectively be carried out without a financial bank-up.

2. Time:-

It is a true saying that time waits for nobody and it is not a friend to anybody. The time frame given to carry out this study limited the research from going deeper and far away data collection.

3. Date:-

This is the brain box of everything’s without data there will be as research work, the inadequate data keeping record and the attitude of some officers of firms to disclose the available one to the research stands as a discouragement to the research work. For example, I went to one of the commercial banks in Owerri, they told me to meet the person who will given me the information I needed, I meet man and he told to go and look for a person/somebody that knows me in the bank to give me what I needed. This happened to other people that went to some small scale business ventures. I think this does not facilitate a research work.

1.8 Significant Of The Study

Information is what makes the objective of a system realistic. The following are the significance of the study.

  1. The study is provide information to management to support planning, controlling and decision making activities.
  2. The study is provide expose the problem of management information.
  3. The study is designed to proffer solution to system of management information system.
  4. This is academic study formulated to investigate the influence of the management information system on the performance of organization.
  5. The study explain how every financial institution use its own way of generating collecting, processing, sorting, retrieving and using of data.
  6. Finally the study is an academic assignment designed to serve as part of the requirement for the award of Higher National Diploma (HND) in business Administration and Management Technology of Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri.

1.9 Definition Of Terms

System (Mis):-

Methods of making available to management the accurate and timely information necessary to facilitate the decision making process and enablethe organization’s planning control and operational function to enable the management take effective decision at short notice on the future of the business.

Information System:-

A group of component which can increase competitiveness and gin better information for decision making.


A social unit of people that is structure managed to meet a need or to pursue collective goals. All organization have a management structure that determines relationship between the different activities and the members, and subdivides and assigns roles, responsibilities, and authority to carry out different tasks. Organizations are open system they affect and are affected by their environment.


Businesses and organization is the function the co-ordinates the effort of people to accomplish goals and objective by using available resource efficiently and effectively.


An apparent probability of advancement, success, looking forward.

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