Problems Of Personnel Management In Public Organization (Institute Of Management And Technology (IMT), Enugu)

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Problems Of Personnel Management In Public Organization (Institute Of Management And Technology (IMT), Enugu)


The problems and prospects of personnel management as one may understand it have been in existence for quite a long time. It has simply been caused by some factors such as lack of adequate motivation. Lack of performance appraisal, (able of man power program, training and development. This project therefore, will serve as a remainder to the problems of personnel in the private sector which is still till this moment eating deep into the fabric of our organization. The research for the above assertion has been that the personnel does not manage the human resources effectively and it has been disastrous because the personnel department of an organization is the rock amongst all other resources. The personnel staffs of an organization should no only be constant and adequate but also should be properly motivated appraised, trained and developed. From the above mentioned reasons this research work will be a great contribution in trying to identify that areas of the private institution whose responsibility is to employ and manage the personnel and get them advised. Also it will identify the existing problems and their prospects as well as in IMT. Finally some suggestions and recommendations will be made on how best to minimized the problems of personnel management and ways to improve them.

Table of Content

  • Title page
  • Certification page
  • Dedication
  • Acknowledgement
  • Abstract
  • Table of content

Chapter One:


  • 1.1 Background of the study
  • 1.2 Statement of the problem
  • 1.3 Objectives of the study
  • 1.4 Scope of the study
  • 1.5 Research Questions
  • 1.6 Research Hypothesis
  • 1.7 Significance of the study
  • 1.8 Limitations of the study
  • 1.9 Definitions of the Study
  • References

Chapter Two:

Review of Literature

  • 2.1 Overview of Problems and Prospects
  • 2.2 Causes of Personnel Management Problem
  • 2.3 management
  • 2.4 Personnel Management / Human Resource Management
  • 2.5 Ways of Combating these Problems
  • 2.6 Problems of Personnel Management
  • 2.7 Problem of Personnel Management in Public Sector
  • 2.8 Ways of Combating these Problems
  • References

Chapter Three

Research Design and Methodology

  • 3.1 Research Design
  • 3.2 Areas of the Study
  • 3.3 Population of the Study
  • 3.4 Sample and Sampling Procedure
  • 3.5 Instruments for Data Collection
  • 3.6 Validation of the Instruments
  • 3.7 Reliability of the Instruments
  • 3.8 Methods of Data Collection
  • 3.9 Method of Data Analysis
  • References

Chapter Four

Data Presentation and Analysis

  • 4.1 Presentation of Data Analysis
  • 4.2 Testing of Hypothesis
  • 4.3 Summary of Results
  • References

Chapter Five

Discussions, Recommendation and Conclusion

  • 5.1 Discussion of Result Findings
  • 5.2 Conclusions
  • 5.3 Implication of Research Findings
  • 5.4 Recommendations
  • 5.5 Suggestions for Further Research
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

Chapter One


1.1 Background to the Study

The role that education is expected to play in a society is multi-faceted. It is expected to build the character of the learner, to get him informed about what is worthwhile, socially acceptable, desirable and purposeful about himself, his environment and society. It is also expected to make the individual worth living and worth living with (Tella 1990). Education is not only a social service, but an instrument of political socialization that informs the learner as to his privileges and basic human rights (Taiwo 1980).

According to Ogunsaju (2006), personnel management is the effective mobilization of human resources based upon appropriate recruitment, selection, training and placement of appointed staff in order to achieve the organisational set down goals and objectives. It could also be defined as the effective utilization of human resources in an organization through the management of people and related activities. In the school system, both students and personnel functions are performed by school administrators with a view to achieving the goals and objectives of the school. The objectives of school personnel management are: to plan and direct activities necessary to select and assign staffs.

The best qualified individual staff and students; to provide opportunities for the growth in service for these individuals; and to maintain good interpersonal relationships (Orubuloye 2006). The primary objective of the school system, according to Nwagwu (2008), is to ensure effective teaching – learning process. For this objective to materialize, the school management must be able to plan, organize, direct, coordinate and control the activities of the staff and students in an atmosphere devoid of persistent and unresolved conflicts.

Therefore,. Personnel functions are over emphasized which includes recruiting selecting, training, developing assimilating and remunerating employees so that the organization aims ad objectives are attained. That is why Flippo (1984) looked at personnel management as the planning organizing directing and controlling of the procurement development compensation, integration, maintenance and separation of human resources to the end so that individual, organizational and societal objectives are accomplished effectively and efficiently

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Personnel management usually go beyond demand and supply of human resources in an organization. The existing problem in this department trigger to mal-functioning of the department. There are constrains such as individual geographical and racial background, occupational, cultural, industrial differences and legal influence on employment decisions which jeopardize their objective. It is this problem that necessitate this project. The nature of the man power resources that are available has considerable influence on the degree of success that a personnel manager experience in filling job vacancies.

The composition of the labour force and it’s distribution also effect such personnel function as supervision, bring benefits, wages and salary administration and union relation. Infact, there is probably no function of personnel management that is not influenced in some manner by man power hand.

It is describable also to understand some of the changes that are taking place and their implication for personnel management.

1.3 Objectives of the Study

It is the intention of the researcher to examine the problems of personnel management in public organization focusing on Institute of Management and Technology (IMT), Enugu.

The objective of the study includes

  1. To explore the personnel Management practices in Enugu.
  2. To find out how adequate and efficient the department activities relate to the institution objective.
  3. To identify the problems of personnel management practices are.
  4. To make recommendation on how to improve the image of the instituted and so encourage the effective and efficient practices of the personnel department of the school among academic and non-academic staffs.

1.4 The Scope of the Study

This study on the problems of the personnel management is narrowed on a public sector with particular reference to IMT Enugu state. It is limited within the following departments: personnel/administration, financial/account department.

1.5 Research Questions

  1. Has there been optimum performance on the personnel management of IMT.
  2. Are there some factors responsible for low performance on the personnel department of the school?
  3. Do you think that high productivity and efficiency of the personnel department affect IMT labour turn over?
  4. Will effective and efficient practice of personnel management improve the institution as a whole?
  5. Are there factors responsible for low productivity and efficiency of the personnel department of the school?

1.6 Research Hypothesis

  1. Ho: The improvement on workers performance of the personnel department does not affect the institution positively
    Hi: The improvement on workers performance of the personnel department affects the institution positively
  2. Ho: Inadequate and mal-functioning operation of top management does not affects performance of personnel department in the institution.
    Hi: Inadequate and mal-functioning operation of top management affect the performance of personnel department in the institution.

1.7 Significance of the Study

This research study will be of great benefit to the whole enterprises both in the public and private sector. This is because the accomplishment of the objective as a personnel management is a key function in very organization which shows that the successful implementation of a development plan depends not just on the availability of financial and other capital inputs but more importantly on the adequate of trained man-power in the various occupation. Infact, the experience of most developing countries is that the shortage of skilled and executive man power could be a crucial constrains in the implementation of development projects.

It will also assist in man-power forecasting or predicting future requirement in personnel both in terms of demand ad supply. This includes thorough assessment of the requirement for specific categories of man-power in the various activity areas of the organization which would include requirement to fill position in each man-power category as envisaged in a recruitment, fore casting, assuming no drastic changes in man-power mix, constrains and also requirements for meeting “wastage” through turn over, retirement, death, and promoting from one job to another. It also require an inventory of supply of various categories of man-power from all external sources as well as through internal sources including on the job training and upgrading.

The study will also be a great significant to the personnel department to identify the functions which includes motivation, employees to perform at standard, fostering good labour management relations, man-power planning, recruitment, selection and placement.

It also ad includes: Training and development, wages and salaries, administration of transfer, promotions and lay-off, discipline and discharge. Additionally, the personnel department is also often charge with responsibility of health and safety, employees benefits and services, organizational planning personnel and behavioral research.

The economy is not forgetter, since national economy applies to individual are organization, non-organization can survive for so long or achieve its objectives efficiently without a proper knowledge of it’s strength ad weakness in terms of its staffing position.

1.8 Definition of Terms


This is the employment and application of both human and material resources to achieve the objective of an organization in the most economic way.

Personnel Management:

It is defined as the deployment and development of people within an organization so that the objective of the organization will be achieved and adapted within the changing circumstances and conditions. It deals with bringing of a person into an organization, studying his behavior in the work situation, interest and relationship both with his fellow workers and the organization.


This is that part of management whose job is the implementation ad interpretation of the policies made by top management.


It is a group of people bound together to provide to provide unity of action for the achievement of predetermined objective.


This is defined as the intended goals which spell out the scope and suggest the direction of efforts of organization


This is an incentive give in cash or in kind to an employee or group of employees geared to wards getting the best from them.


Training is defined as the organizational effort aimed at helping an employee acquire basic skill required for the efficient execution of the function for he hired.


It is the activities undertaken to expose an employee to perform additional duties and assume positions of importance in the organizational hierarchy.


It is an act that involves directing and inspecting workers and other materials resources to attain efficiency in an organization. It is also at the lower level of management.


It refers to the number of staff working or available to work in an organization.


They are rewards for performance or for consolation, it can be either cash item as salary allowances, Christmas bonus or in non cash items like car, product of the institution.


This is the scientific study of the name and development of society and social behaviour.


This is the science of study of the mind and how it functions or mental characteristics of person or group.


This is the science or principles of the production distribution and consumption of goods especially with regards to cost or it is a condition of a country as regards to its wealth


It is the force that increase the rate of development of a process.

Chapter Five

Discussions, Recommendation and Conclusion

The research work have succeeded in finding out some personnel problems it is now necessary to state some of the findings for modernization. The concept of modernization and economic development of resources around both explicit and implicit value judgment of the personnel towards the use of this ingenuity and resources to fashion what a better society for it’s self and others alike.

5.1 Discussion of Result / Findings

The following were found by the researcher as the problems of personnel management in IMT.

Effect of Lack of Performance Evaluation:

The effect of lack of performance of personnel evaluation have a lot of influence on the working condition of personnel. Performance evaluation is not an end in itself, rather it is a mean to an end. The end is to help the employee know his weaknesses and strength and help the employer make some basic decision on how to distribute organizational favours and where this has lacked, the personnel has failed to put forth much efforts towards the attainment of organizational goal.

Effect of Lack of Employee Training and Development

The management gas failed to identify the importance of employee training and development which are at the heart of employee’s utilization productivity, commitment, motivation, and growth. Many employee have failed in an organization because their for training and development was not identified and provided for as an indispensable of management function.

Effect of Lack of Man-Power Planning

This was seen as one of the problems that is hampering or hindering the effective performance of the personnel as the IMT.

Lack of man-power planning has one of the major problem controlling management in any organization. The perennial question that exporter often ask is whether we should design the job to suit the individual or get individual to fit in to a job position. Before this question is answered, it is to observed that one of the function of management is to determined it’s man-power needs. The process by which management attempts to provide for it’s human resources to accomplish it’s task is called man-power planning or employment planning and if this fact is not identified , the problem will ever continue to exist in an organization (IMT)

Effect of Lack of Motivational Incentives

This is another problem militating against personnel management in the private sector. This problem of motivating workers to perform assigned tasks to meet or surpass predetermined standards. ,motivation is the energizing force that includes or compels and maintains behavior. Human behavior is goal motivated. It is goal directed. It negative re-enforcement is gotten from a task instead of motivation, this desire to continue depreciates and as well lower personnel productivity at work

5.2 Conclusions

Having gone a long way in making a good research project, it is now time to conclude it. We have seen what some another writes and others have written and said as regards to this project topic the problems and prospects of personnel management in the private sector with particular reference to IMT institution Enugu.

From the above, we can draw a conclusion that this problem of personnel have been in existence for guide a long time, but the main thing is that people were illiterate and ignorant it’s existence on employee’ productivity and performance moreover, the researcher found out that it’s used as the only of IMT management to employ qualified employees or personnel in to the authority but it’s effect will be over when all the recommended remedial solutions get implemented.

5.3 Implications of the Findins

This research work has educational implication on the researcher since it has evaluated the researcher in under standing the meaning or research methodology.

It has also help in the determination of the effective and efficient development of business enterprise by it ability to find out that all depends on the human resources and that motivation of this human research is a personnel major responsibility.

Furthermore, this research will help those wishing to take a study on problems and prospects of personnel management with emphasis on the private sector and it will increase their understanding of the subject matter under the study.

5.4 Recommendations

The recommendation below, if properly addressed will go a long way to solving and over coming the problems of personnel management in IMT.

  1. Owners should start motivating their personnel. Owners of IMT should recognize the motivation of workers as one of their major responsibility. My view of motivation is that it is anything that stimulates people to act to achieve in a better way any stated objective. Motivation is not just restricted to physical tangible thing like money, but extends to intangible psychological factors. Nobody can list all the factors related to motivation, what motivates is also affected by the seriation, the inner drive, the need and objectives or goals of people. Those things that we bring into work to the best of their ability can be classified as motivational tools. Also, an environment has to be created in which people employee find opportunities for personal growth and satisfaction.
  2. The personnel staff should be effectively managed. This means that the management of the personnel should entail every management concept and components towards achieving over all objectives. The practice of this management will not only improve the work performance but also increase their productivity.
  3. In order to have a broader perspective of what the problems are in the field personnel managers should familiarizes them selves with the view of finding from researcher studies conducted by pother companies, research organization and individual scholars. Wherever it is feasible, personnel qualified members of their own staff to engage in research that will be of value to the institution as well as studies on the forces such as influencing economic, polities, social and psychological force surrounding on the personnel department should be done by executives managers and supervisors in order that they may be in a position to act intelligently with regards to the institution as its employees.
  4. The training and development of personnel in private sector cannot be over emphasized. Qualified man-power in the social, political, and economic development of any nation can hardly over stated. No nation is known to have attained or sustained high level of economic growth and development without ample supply of qualified man-power out of all factors, that unlock the forces of economic growth and development, a country’s human resources is the most vital without which all other factors have to wait. Owners of private sector should set up many institutions in the country.  The nation man-power board is responsible for the percent appraisal of requirement for man-power in all occupations and the development of measures for in service training of employed man-power both in the public and private sectors. The administrative staff collage of Nigeria (ASCON) was established provide diverse training facilities for senior man-power managers of there economy while the center for management development (CMD) have been established for man-power development. Owners should create avenues for workers who cannot be opportune to attend the above named management institutions to do so at federal and state owned universities either on part time or full time basis, that is self development for them selves as well as for the organization for future greater productivity.
  5. The personnel manager as any other manager must make use of all available data and try to predict what the future of his field will be like in order that he may not only be prepare for the future but may contribute to sharpening it’s future. Finally, with some assurance that when all the above recommended remedial solutions go into actual practice, we will se that the problems of personnel in our establishment will be a thing of the past.

5.5 Suggestions for Further Research

More research is being recommended so this topic, mostly in the area of bossing employee training and development, motivation, performance evaluation and management. It will be interest to find out more on the relationship between cow performance of employee and discontentment.

However, a lot may be revealed if further investigation are made, and why workers in private sectors seem more motivated than their counterpart in the public sector.

Further research could be done to find out if graduates from a particular institutions or from a particular geographical location turn better workers or personnel.

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