The Problems Faced By Newly Employed Secretaries In Higher Institution (A Case Study Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri)

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Project and Seminar Material for Office Technology and Management OTM

Project and Seminar Material for Office Technology and Management OTM


This research is aimed at evaluating the problems faced by beginning secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri Imo state. It focused on the effects of the job performance of secretaries with the introduction of equipments, the changes and challenges it posed on the secretaries in the institution. The result of analysis shows that secretaries in Federal Polytechnic Nekede agreed that the introduction of equipment not complete. But despite the problems, equipments have the tendency of improving the secretaries’ job performance. Conclusion was drawn based on these findings that secretaries job performance depend on their level of acquiring machines operating skills necessary for operating those equipments. The researcher therefore recommended that organizations should endeavor to train and re-train their secretaries in order to meet the changing nature of technology.

Table Of Content

Title page
Approval page
Table of contents

Chapter One

Background of the study
Statement of the study
Purpose of the study
Research Question
Significance of the study
Scope of the study
Definition of terms

Chapter Two

Review Of Related Literature
Modern machine and office equipment
Deficiency in communication and language
Strategies for improving secretary performance
Terminologies used in the organization
Deficiency in records management
Summary of literature review

Chapter Three

Research Design And methodology
Research design
Area of the study
Population of the study
Method of data collection
Method of data analysis

Chapter Four

Presentation and Analysis of data
Research Question 1
Research Question 2
Research Question 3
Discussion of findings

Chapter Five

Restatement of problem
Summary / conclusion
Appendix 11( Questionnaires)

Chapter One


Background Of The Study

In every academic pursuit, there is every tendency to experience difficulties in the cause of training pupils to student particularly in the higher institution of learning.

Going by these pressing issues, there is a lot of problem faced by beginning secretaries in federal polytechnic Nekede no matter the one chosen. The secretary would be expected to face some challenges and some of these problems are inherent to today’s institution while some include these emanating from lecturer, visitors and other staff of the institution.

According to Njoku [2005] some of the problems inherent from today’s secretaries may be inadequate equipment for production of satisfactory work.

The beginning secretaries do not understand the objective of the institution how it functions and what is expected of employees.

The tremendous innovation in office equipment in the best few decades has caused revolution changes in both the nature of work and that of the secretary’s role. Whitehead [1981]. This equipment innovation, which is mainly in the one of computer, reprographic machines, world processor etc, posed a lot of problem to the secretaries in the institution. Institution is advance with the use of all these new equipment like computer electronic typewriter, word processor, to be skillfully utilized by the secretary in any institution and organization that the goals we be achieved.

Statement Of The Problem

This is more like a question that needs answer. What gave rise to this problem are the complaint made by firms or institution of the new generation who have inexperienced secretaries as the secretary of the set-up and also firms who have ordinary typist {clerk} as secretary.

This paper is faced with the problem on how the secretaries lack skills in operating computer, electronic typewriter, photocopies etc. If they should posses the skill required of them; the modern business will reap the benefit of electronic equipment.

The use of the modern equipment to disseminate information has posed more problems of constant failure, inadequate finance to purchased these machines, lack of training and retraining, facilities to retain secretaries on the intricacies and operation of those sophisticated machines, besides; the use of office equipment my expose secretarial workers to substantial risk of loosing their job.

Purpose Of The Study

This is to ensure that for secretaries to become versatile in the operation of all modern equipment He/she must be a refined confirm secretary in the organization.

Generally, the purpose of the study is to find out what affects the beginning secretary in federal polytechnic Nekede. The purpose of this study is as follows:

  1. To determine how modern equipment affect the performance of secretary in federal polytechnic Owerri.
  2. To determine the challenges faced by secretaries with the introduction of modern equipment.
  3. To find out the challenges of equipment poses in some selected offices.

Research Question

Some research questions formulated for the purpose of this study to guide the secretaries are:

  1. How does the modern equipment affect the performance of secretaries in federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri?
  2. What challenges does equipment pose to secretaries in some offices?
  3. What are the changes that have been associated with the introduction of modern equipments?

Significance Of The Study

In the course of the write-up, majority of our new generation institution and the up-coming ones will be to capture and tackle the problems they are facing and what they are to – face ahead.

The findings of the study will benefit the civil service workers in exposing the absence of such potentialities on them.

The findings of the study will in addition enlighten the secretaries on the demand of civil service offices and industries and their expectation in terms of excellent office skills.

It will also be beneficial to secretaries in federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri to up date their skills.

Finally, secretaries will be selected by being examined so as to fit the positions applied for, so as to contribute immensely to the attainment of institution objectives.

Scope Of The Study

This study is limited to finding the problem faced by beginning secretary’s Job performance. Secretaries with the qualification of HND, B.SC or BA and above are selected due to their experience in secretarial profession.

This study also looks at the availability of the modern equipment and the problems these modern machines pose in the secretary’s performance. This also implies that the duties or functions of the secretary go beyond the typing and filling of documents.

Definition Of Terms.


Are maters involving uncertainty difficulty.


A person who works in an office working for another person or organization, dealing with letters and telephones calls, keeping records and making business arrangement.


Is the activities of making buying and selling or supplying goods or services for money.


A group of people who form a business club, etc together in order to achieve a particular aim.


The things that are needed for a particular purpose or activity.


A piece of equipment with moving parts that is designed to do a particular job. The power used to work a machine may be electricity, steam, gas etc or human power.

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