Problems Of Acquisition Of Material And Services To Users In Special Libraries In Nigeria

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Problems Of Acquisition Of Material And Services To Users In Special Libraries In Nigeria


This is a research on problems of acquisition of materials and services to users in special libraries in Nigeria. A case study of Imo State House of Assembly. Questionnaires were used in getting the relevant information needed for the research. The responses from the questionnaires were analyzed to arrive at conclusion. The study revealed that library and information services provide reference and research support to the general assembly and its staff and legislatives information to the public.

The research further studied the factors hindering the availability of information to the legislature. Recommendations were made based on the finding on ways and means of solving the problems and to make a way on effectiveness of the problems of acquisition of materials and services to users special libraries in Imo State house of assembly.

Chapter One

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Background of Study

The concept of information is variedly understood, defined, used, applied and managed by different authors, writers and scholars, but all titles towards the achievement of an aim, objective or goal. But for the purpose of this frame topic, it is geared to the legislature via the library.

Waiting in his introducing remarks oparaku (2011) professionally defines an ideas library therefore, is a collection or selection of books accompanied a machinery for their exploitation operated by people trained in the necessary techniques. He informed further that in modern times, a library must also be taken to include in its resources material other than books such as periodicals, illustrations, films, records, types etc. (AVM) in addition the library must indicate or provide methods of reaching resources of information which cannot be provided from any of the graphic or other recorded sources.

Relatedly, library of congress located just east of the United States capital, is one of the largest and most valuable research libraries in the word. It has more than 12 million books and pamphlets and millions of charts manuscripts, maps, musical compositions, engravings, lithographs and other items. The world book encyclopedia of value 12,1976 inform that the library owns the united states collection of incunabula (books printed before 1501) they represent the earliest product of printing press, which are invented about three thousand (3000) of them, known as the vollber collection, were brought in 1930 at a cost of $ 11/2million.

1.2 Historical Background of Imo House Of Assembly

Imo State was on of the seven newly created states by the federal military government on February 3, 1976. The constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria, 1979, made provision for the establishment of a house of assembly in each state.

The constitution also provided that a state house of assembly shall consist of democratically elected members three times the total number of seats which of representatives in compliance such stipulations, the Imo State house of assembly consist of 90 elected numbers in the second republic.

In accordance with a proclamation by the federal military government the Imo State house of assembly as well as other state October 1999. Of the 90 pioneer members of the state house of assembly four resigned to take up other appointments in the executive arm of the state and the federal government while are died in active service thus creating five seats (house of assembly Imo State Nigeria brochure August 1980).

Contemporarily, if is understandably therefore that when the military shoots into the control of government, being a non-representative government, if takes away the soul of democracy the legislature.

Before 1985 and 1999, when the military, which is a dictatorship, kept a vice-like gripe an power in Nigeria, it scrapped the legislature in that period the legislative structure, tradition and practice atrophied and indeed were almost extinct from the fourth republic (Preface) cover 1999, if writers to assert to the return of democracy in 1999 was therefore a new beginning, a self rediscovery for the legislature in Nigeria.

The house is headed by the speaker on the legislative arm while by the clerk/permanent secretary.

1.3 Statement of Problem

As I have definition-ally established earlier on in the course of the development of this project, modern library set up, especially the “special Library in which the legislature is best with some problem. Accordingly, Justifiably, these problem range from poor budgetary government funding, poor accommodation, unqualified and at times in sufficient staff, poor motivation, administrative and corporate interference and intervention, inordinate ambition of the library attendant to get rich quick by not passing through them poor information network, lack of communication and office fools, lack of innovation and inventiveness or creativity, lack of expansion, obsolete and outdated library stock, lack of training and refraining and library rules and regulation are known inhibiting problems for library and information services especially legislature of Imo State.

1.4 Objective of the Study

The study seeks to:

  1. Asses the Library and information services to the Imo State legislature.
  2. Determine the extend of government funding of the legislature.
  3. Examine roles played by the workers in the library and other departments on information services to the legislature.
  4. Determine or ascertain whether information rendered to the legislature is applied and used by the legislators.
  5. Proffer suggestion, solutions and accommodations why necessary.

1.5 Research Hypothesis

At the end of literature review, the following hypotheses were for mutated and fasted, the mill hypothesis.

  1. Poor information services are caused by library and information services unit of the legislature.
  2. Lack of consistent and organic platform of information dissemination brings about in effectiveness and inefficiency in the state legislation

1.6 Limitation of the Study

In every sphere of human activities, these are bound to be some constraints which fend to militate against the achievement of a predetermined objectives and goals. Accordingly, the researcher was faced with problems of finance, in the course of writing this project. The time frame for the project was also a threatening one; it was too short, in view of the fact of final year preogramme.

The issue of transport fares, as you are highly aware or the present cost and standard of living in the country because of distance for a student disturbed the project, but in any way, God saw us through of thro and fro to legislature (House of Assembly).

1.7 Scope of the Study

The study emphasizes the legislature. The legislature process is a widened are that fouches all aspects of human endearours for purposes of simplicity and orderly presentation of the work in the study, the researcher will the whole legislature aim of government in Imo State, which is the cradle of law making process.

1.8 Significance of the Study

There is need for humorous working relationship between the workers and legislatures (in the Legislature) as a veritable tool for a fair legislature the state in order to realize the dividends of democracy.

It is also significant that it will add to the existing literature on library and information services in the process of law making in Imo State in particular and Nigeria in general.

Finally, much has been said on process of law making or conditions in which bills are presented and approved off.

Chapter Five

Conclusion and Recommendation

5.1 Conclusion

Effective library services are crucial to the attainment of good service delivery and availability of library materials and services for use in human societies. These services bridge the gap between the government and the governed. There is an urgent need for effective library services which will serve as lubricants in ensuring good administration. The presence of challenges such as poor funding, insufficient qualified manpower, inadequate support from parent institutions, weak and ineffective legislations as well as lack of interest by library users could hamper the realization of effectiveness and efficiency in Nigerian society.

5.2 Recommendations

The following recommendations were made in order to curb the challenges affecting acquisition of library materials and services to users in Special libraries in Nigeria;

  1. Special libraries in Nigeria should ensure that the various services which they offer to their users are at the highest level of satisfaction in order to bring about the desired good administration and delivery in Nigeria.
  2. Special libraries in Nigeria should endeavour to tailor their services towards the specific needs of the Nigerian populace.
  3. Adequate funding should be provided to special libraries in Nigeria by all tiers of government as this will curb the problem of insufficient funding for effective library services for good administration and delivery.
  4. Qualified personnel should be recruited into special libraries in order to bring about good administration and delivery in Nigeria.
  5. The Nigerian government should legislate on fundamental library issues bordering on good administration and delivery so as to give the expected dividend to the entire populace.
  6. Finally, special libraries in Nigeria should embark on public enlightenment programmes on services available in their domain in order to acquaint people on the availability of these services.

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