Problem Associated With Small Scale Poultry Farms Of Ovia North East Local Government Area Of Edo State

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Problem Associated With Small Scale Poultry Farms Of Ovia North East Local Government Area Of Edo State

Chapter One


In Nigeria as well as in other developed countries of the world. Animal protein food contributes between 1-15 grams daily total food. However in Colben school farm Ekiadolor, poultry keeping of domestic fowl) generally follows sustenance or small scale. Poultry farm with the innovation of scientist endeavors have introduced that large number of people still depend upon small scale poultry production for their supply of eggs and poultry meal and rear mostly few numbers of foreign breeds of fowl.

Although foreign breeds are prolific, they have good meat parts and are used for scientific investigation they have three (3) main disadvantages.

  1. High initial capital of intentions.
  2. Laying of still egg shell could be easily damage.
  3. Low resistance to disease attack.

The major reason is that the government and the school offices, building is more essential to them and financed by the government mainly benefiting students involves in the theoretical fields than the students involved in theories and practical work the school head take side of the education part without taking consideration of the side of the practical work of the students under vocational study and malnutrition of the animals.

Some other problems known to small scale poultry production operation in Nigeria include scarcity and cost of feeds disease and parasite lack of training and experience of the people (farmers) in animals his boundary the absence of infrastructure and necessities supply the need input for their production, processing and distributing lack of water, poor feeding and other management problems.

Among the management problem is he delicate nature of chicks breeding, the amount of profit made in poultry production depends primarily on good management critical in chicks rearing because poor handling during the brooding stage affects the subsequently performance of birds.

Statement of the Problem

The frequent folding up of poultry farms, low production and small numbers of birds kept in various farms has necessitated the writing of this work.

The question often asked includes:

  1. Why are most of the small scale poultry farm stagnant?
  2. Is it as a result of poor management skill?
  3. Is there no money for the farmers to operate within?
  4. Is there no money for the farmers to operate with?
  5. Are there no Vetinary officers to help the farmer?

Objective of the Study

  1. To highlight the problem associated with small scale poultry in colben school farm.
  2. Make some recommendation on how these problems could be solved so that poultry production could be more profitable.
  3. To provide a basic for future research on this topic and will also be useful to students who have interest in small scale poultry business.

Significance of the Study

  1. On completion of this study. It is contemplated that the research finding would help in Colben School Ekiadolor of Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State.
  2. The justification of the study would be seen from the point of view of the fact that the research finding would help in advising and counseling of people hoping to take poultry farm farming either as a small scale or full scale business venture.
  3. It will also serve as reference materials for further finding it will also be useful to government in identifying areas where poultry farmers in the local government area or the school poultry farm can be assisted in order to increase production.

Invies of the Study

  1. Scale limitation pattern and considering constraints and
  2. Limited research at disposal of the research, the study will concentrate on small scale poultry farm location in various school farms, most especially Colben school farm in Ovia North East Local Government Area.

Chapter Five

Discussion On Findings, Conclusion, Limitation of Study Educational Implications of the Study, Recommendations and Suggestions for Further Research

Discussion on Finding

From the data analysis is table 1, 2, 3 and 4. It is clear that lack of capital is one of the problems hindering the growth of poultry industry in Colben school farm of Ovia north east local government area of Edo state.
From table 1: 80% of the respondents agreed to this due to the fact that majority of the poultry farmers do not receive any assistance from the government as such most of the poultry farmers depend on their own personal savings.

Another problems faced by the poultry industry is the problem of disease and parasites.

This could be seen from the results of the analysis done in table 2, which shows that 40% of the poultry farmers has coccidiosis disease 10%had lice and mite and 20% had fowl pos typhoid while 10% had egg picking disease in their farms? These farmers believes that if government can increase the number of extension staff who could be disseminating information to them as well as re-educating them on poultry issues/ increase in the number of veterinary officers In the area as well as providing more the incidence of disease and parasitic problem is drastically reduced in the area.

Analysis in table 2: revealed that 20% of the farmers had disease out break frequently, hence disease and parasites are among problem facing poultry farming in colben school farm of Ovia North East Local Government Area. Farmers are the problem of inadequate extension staff and veterinary officers.

Analysis in table 4 shows that 80% the extension and veterinary staff are inadequate. 20% indicated that they are poorly adequate, while 80% said that they are adequate. As a result many of the poultry farmers in the local government area do not see the need of inviting extension workers to their farm because they are inadequate.
High cost of feeds are and lack of feeding problems facing poultry farming insufficient and imbalanced feeds affect the growth and laying capacity of poultry. From the analysis in table 4. 12% of the respondents agreed that they encounter shortage of water, 60% agreed that they encounter shortage of water, 60% agreed that they encounter both high cost of feeds and shortage of feeds, these farmers believe that the government can help to reduce high cost of feeding and shortage of feed by proving raw material and granting of license in the importation of feed to make it to be in abundance and these problem of high cost, shortage of feeds will be reduced. Another problem faced by the poultry farmers is the condition attached to the grant of loan by the federal and state government bank. The condition makes it difficult for farmers to apply for these loans. Analysis in table 4 revealed that 80% of the poultry farmers financed their poultry project by them selves, 12 get loans from commercial bank 6% got loan from agricultural banks and 10% got government grant subsidies. Te farmers suggested that actual poultry farmer should be meant to show their live stock project before these loans can be made available to farmers.

Educational Implication of the Study

This will help the farmers in the area of study to solve these problems of rarely poultry in colben school farm and in ovia north east local government area. This study will be of great help to the poultry farmers to develop more interest in poultry farming.

This study will also help as increasing the number of poultry farmers in the area. Thereby helping to increase the net protein intakes of the individual per meal per day.


The research discovered so many problems in the finding of the research. The writer therefore makes the following recommendation;

  1. Government should make efforts to provide for the poultry farmers in colben school farm and poultry farmers in Ovia north east local government area to solve the problems of capital, farmers should be meant to show their poultry farms before these loans can be given can be given to them in order that non poultry farmers and work their way through for the grant of these loans.
  2. Extension officers should be provided in these area to monitor the effective use of these loans, the government should recruit and train more of the workers; preferable these work could be recruited from the graduates of college of agriculture.
  3. Feed, drugs and other necessary equipment like feeders should be provided for farmers at subsidies rate.
  4. Veterinary officers should be encouraged to work in the local government area, good sanitary condition should be practiced in order to check the outbreak of disease and parasites.
  5. 5. Roads and other infrastructure should be provided, as this will encourage both the extension workers and the veterinary officers.
  6. 6. the solution to the problems of poultry faring is to encourage peasant farmers to farm visible benefit of number economics and technical facilities as this will not be only improve their income also ensure a better future.
  7. 7. There is an urgent need to establish poultry breeding centers suitably located throughout the state. These breeding centers should the machinery for gathering the analyzing and interpreting data on the performance of local or uneducated poultry farmers should be advanced on proper house management and adequate use of veterinary services.
  8. 8. The government should carry out anti illiteracy campaigns in many part of the state through ministry of agriculture and national resource the poultry farm should not only be taught how read and write but also to create demand for the farm product.
  9. 9. The government should carry out poultry exhibition and ministry of trades industries and cooperative and invite poultry farmers in participate

Limitation of the Study

This study was design to investigate the problem of rearing of poultry in colben school farm of Ovia North East Local Government Area of Edo State.

In conducting the research, the researcher encountered some problems include some poultry farmers were reluctant to fill the questionnaires, some farms were not use to some of terms poultry as the research has put mote time in explaining they terms they are not familiar with, the researcher also encounter serious financial problems in transporting herself to the local government area in collecting relevant data and other essential material used in this study,


From the data collected and the analysis worked out, the following conclusion can be made;

  1. That poultry farmer after experiencing outbreak of disease and parasite in their farms.
  2. That poultry farmer’s lack adequate capital for expansion and maintenance.
  3. That extension workers and veterinary officers and inadequate.
  4. That there is high cost of feeds and lack of feed, drugs and equipment are too expensive for the farmers.
  5. That farmer finds it difficult to get grant loans from the federal state banks.

The above mentioned problem not withstanding poultry farming in the school farm and in the local government area have had a remarkable progress. This is as a result of the poultry farmer’s ability to put in efficient management and capital couple with the introduction of exotic breeds

Although some poultry farmers in Ovia North East Local Government Area Have folded up owing to the economic predicament in the country today while the remaining self sustained poultry farmers have the threatened to wind up. If high cost of feed, drugs and other chemicals do not go down to the reach of poor poultry farmers and bank on importation of raw materials for feeds skills to operate and importation of day old chicks.

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